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AirG Review 2021

AirG Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 94%
Popular age 18-25
Profiles 2 900 000
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Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The design is very good, unusual, and stylish. Modern people will like it for sure.
  • AirG offers various methods of payment for premium features, which will be convenient for every country.
  • Online chat customer care is available.
  • A browser analog is not provided.
  • You will not be able to upload your photo from your gallery when signing up. You will have to take a shot without the possibility to edit it or apply a filter.
  • There are a lot of irrelevant offers of cybersex that are a scam.
  • The search system’s convenience is dubious.

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What Is AirG?

This airG review will analyze a dating service provided by airG Worldwide Coöperatie U.A. The company belongs to Frederick Ghahramani and Vincent Yen, the founders of a large social network. They had their first app launched back in 2000. This means they have substantial experience in creating quality content and services. AirG is only a part of a large number of applications and platforms offered by the company. The organization works not only on the dating application but also on several services related to recreation and entertainment. Starting as a company of 3 members from Canada in 2000, airG has grown into a large firm with numerous offices in Canada, the Middle East, Latin America, and Southern Europe. The founders and their team are engaged in the development of various software startups to date. The airG review will have a look at the dating platform provided by the company.

AirG chat is presented by the creators as an “on-the-go chat & IM network” that is compatible with more than 1000 kinds of mobile devices. One may want to see if this network is indeed as good as they say it. According to multiple reviews, a lot of the users are not satisfied with the services airG chat provides. As such, the feedback on Apple Store is mostly negative, with the average rating 3,8. This rating is a sign of a not quality application. However, the dating platform has a bit higher rating on Google Play, namely, 4,0. Nevertheless, despite a relatively good rate on Google Play, if to look closely at the commentaries, you will see that most of them are negative, too.

But the airG company claims the dating service to be a great and engaging community and promises to give you the top quality experience. To whom should you believe? The answer is not clear. That is why a detailed analysis for the airG review was conducted. As such, the basic advantages and disadvantages of this dating service will be outlined. Moreover, the simplicity of registration here and what information should be provided in your profile will be checked. The quality of the members visiting the platform will be reviewed, as well. This article will also analyze and inform you about the prices and premium membership offered by airG. Next, unique features and other interesting things the company provides will be reviewed. Overall, this analysis will show whether airG is a scam or can be considered a viable site to help you decide to join it. Are you interested? Keep reading this article!

What Is AirG?

Is AirG legit or scam?

Nothing on airG gives us a sign that this is a scam. The platform seems fully legit and provides sincere and honest information regarding its services. The creators provide a detailed Privacy Policy that you can read any moment. Moreover, there are Terms of Use, which give the reader a full understanding of the dating service. All payments are SSL protected, and you will not have to worry about your credit data’s safety. Therefore, airG has a clear and comprehensive policy regarding its attitude to its members. It seems that there is nothing to worry about.

What members on this site

Since the application is supported in various countries, airG is used worldwide. Sure, if you are from a smaller country, there will be fewer users in comparison to, say, Canada or the United States of America. However, a good advantage of the platform is that it is international. This means that you will have opportunities to contact people from all over the globe regardless of their place of residence. This is a good point since local apps usually offer people near you, eliminating the possibility of meeting someone outside the country. Thus, airG may be viewed as an interesting community to find a foreign partner for chatting, virtual sex, casual dating, and serious relationships.

Sexual orientation

From what is seen on the platform, it can be assumed that this dating service is rather tolerant of sexual minorities. Yes, some heterosexual individuals want to have communication with people of the opposite sex. However, the application is developed conveniently for homosexual people, such as gays and lesbians, as well. Therefore, anyone has chances to find their better half here without dependence on gender and sexual preferences. Still, this airG review notices one minor disadvantage about the platform. It does not give you to choose your sex if you are a transgender person. You will have to choose between female and male sexes.

Age Distribution

Though the airG application is developed for younger people, you can find many people who are over 40. Thus, here, anyone can encounter an individual who will meet all their requirements, age included. However, any user joining the platform must be at least 18 years old. This obligation is necessary to protect children and teenagers from adult content often present on the platform.

Age Distribution

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

A detailed analysis of the registration will be provided here. First, after you download the app, you will be suggested to log in. Since you are not registered, skip this and click “sign up.” You will be offered to sign up via either your Facebook account or the form provided in the airG app. The procedure of registration via Facebook is simple, so let us not take much time reviewing it. As this airG review shoes, it is more interesting to analyze how you register with the help of the form. First, you need to create a unique username and a reliable password. Then you should click “Sign Up.” But before hitting the button, you should make sure that you have read the Terms and Conditions and agreed to them.

Next, you will be required to prove that you are more than 18 years old. To do this, you will need to provide your date of birth. This is almost it! The last thing you will need is to upload a photo of your own. This is when problems come. It is sad to know that you are not allowed to upload a picture from your gallery. Well, there is such an option, but it simply does not work. Therefore, you will have to take a photo right from the app without editing it or applying filters. However, after this step, the registration process is over. The next step is to fill your profile.

Profile creation

After the signing up process, it is desirable to fill your profile with information to make it more attractive to other members. As such, you can type in a short status that will be shown to others. You can also add a short description of yourself. Moreover, this is the right time to state your gender and interests. Important information, such as your country, language, ethnicity, marital status, and some data on your appearance is not required but desirable. You will be able to provide facts about your occupation, salary, habits, religious and political views. You will have the opportunity to state who you seek here, a man or a woman.


You have several options regarding how to contact a person. First, you can write a comment on their page. However, you should be aware of the fact that anyone will be able to see your comment. Next, you can send him or her a friend invitation with a short text. And the last and most popular variant is airmailing. Airmail is a private message that will be shown only to a user whom you send it.


Platform for use

This airG review includes information about the desktop and mobile versions of the platform, their efficiency, and user-friendliness.


AirG does not offer its members a browser version of the application. This is extremely inconvenient if you want to visit the platform from your PC or laptop. However, there is a special life hack on how to access airG from these devices. It is very complicated and will require you to follow multiple steps before you finally will be able to do this. Therefore, the absence of the browser version is viewed as a disadvantage.


The main way you can explore airG is via the application. It is very modern and interestingly developed. However, it often features slow operation and bugs. Thus, its user-friendliness is dubious.

Design and Usability

Below you will see the main facts about the usability of airG, the design, and the comfort of the navigation processes. As such, it can be sincerely said that the design is A+. It is greatly made and deserves attention even of the most demanding user. Orange colors dominate over the others and combine neatly with light tints of the font. The background is plain and attractive, with come contrasting pictures in some sections. Overall, only positive words can be said about the design.

However, the right impression of the design is somewhat spoiled by navigation. As such, you can choose to seek people from Latvia, but you cannot select them to speak Latvian. For example, if you are from this country, you can select it as your living place. But you will not be able to choose Latvian as your language. You will have to choose Lithuanian, English, or something else. Next, most of the profiles are private. This is hugely inconvenient since you will have to add a person to your friend list to see their profile contents. The first drawback is that you will have to wait until they accept your invitation, and no one knows when it will happen or will it happen at all. And what if you do not like what you see there? You will have to delete this person from your friends. This is such a mess.

Navigation site

AirG Costs and Prices

The paid membership on airG is called VIP. If you want to purchase a premium account and receive VIP status, you can do it in two ways. First, a daily subscription is possible on this platform. As such, buying a daily membership, you will pay 0.50 USD per day. However, there is a more beneficial option. You can buy a monthly membership that will cost you only 7.99 USD per month. This way, the sum of money that you will spend on the application will be quite low. Therefore, it is advised to purchase a monthly membership to save some money. No other type of subscription for a more extended period is offered by airG.

In short, any user can go VIP-free and still enjoy all the basic features of the platform. As the airG review evidences, there are not many differences between a regular and a VIP account. As such, if you are a premium member, you will have the opportunity to get rid of advertisements, check who visited your profile and receive photo effects to make your pictures more attractive. You will also get some additional gifts and emoticons, as well as a VIP badge near your name, but this is all the differences. Messaging, searching, and filling your profile is free, so you must not pay money to use these features.

How to pay

If you decide that you need a VIP profile, paying for it will take only a few steps. Make sure your country supports paying for VIP. You will see a respective link on your home page. You should hit this link and see the options on how you can purchase a VIP account. Choose the one that suits you best and follow the instructions provided.

Payment systems

There are numerous methods of payment for ariG services. To be honest, this platform is one of the most convenient in terms of payment options. You can pay with your credit card, PayPal, Boost, Virgin, Metro PCS, OPTUS, T-Mobile, Cricket, and many other services.

Payment systems

Safety & Security

The developers of airG seem to have proper care about the safety of their users. They offer reliable protection from your credit card’s money theft and provide you with useful advice about how to avoid scammers. They promise not to disclose your data to third parties without necessity, such as law order requests or similar issues. Overall, the security on airG seems to be at a high level.


Unfortunately, there are lots of fake profiles that will offer you cybersex if you follow suspicious links. What is worse, you can encounter such individuals who will talk nicely to you simply to take your money. Therefore, you have to be extremely careful with people on this platform and report any unpleasant behavior to the support team.

Special Features

Chat rooms, airmails, and forums are the main special features of airG that will help you find an interesting person you may want to spend some time. Below these features will be reviewed more attentively.

Forum. This is a space where you can create your topic for discussion and ask questions if you have any. Here you can express your opinion about a subject and see what other people think about it. Moreover, you can read topics of other members on airG and comment on their thoughts.

Airmails. These are the private messages with the help of which you can start personal communication. This is the most common way of communication on airG.

Chat rooms. Here you will be able to talk to several people at once. The conversations are usually held in real-time.



AirG is popular among the younger population from different countries. The application provides interesting features, demonstrates the outstanding design, but lacks efficiency in operation and navigation. Some of the profiles are fakes and scams. However, the application is cheap and can be used for free effectively. There are both advantages and disadvantages. As you can see from this airG review, it may be worth trying!

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