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BeeTalk Review 2021

BeeTalk Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 74%
Popular age 25-30
Profiles 6 000 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Affordable to all users;
  • Free of annoying advertisements;
  • Well-developed nearby search features;
  • Rich set of search filters.
  • No PC version.

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What is BeeTalk

Unlike most of the successful dating apps, BeeTalk is not born in the USA. It comes from Singapore, and the main office is in Thailand. As one can conclude, the primary audience of the site is Asia. However, the mix of features the app combines and the fact that it is free brought it to the headlines in the USA and Europe as well. BeeTalk review follows the path the app went through to become known and acknowledged. It is now available in the most popular app stores of the globe, and millions of users download it. It is also called the main rival of Snapchat, which is impressive. The rumor has it that the app is targeted by Facebook and other media giants who seek to acquire the idea to prevent competition. BeeTalk review establishes the service’s opinion by trying out the features and assessing it from the average user.

The founders claim that they aimed at combining the best features that modern dating apps have to create a hybrid. It is still unclear whether the site offers long-term relationships or quick hookups. Most probably, it will depend on users. So far, the features app acquired are useful for communication and especially, the sensitive adult talk. It borrowed some bright features that enabled safe sexting and enhanced them a bit. It is an obvious borrowing from Snapchat.

The speed with which BeeTalk is taking the dating world by the storm is impressive. Whether for the sake of competition or with the user in mind, it seems to have plenty of luxurious features that websites usually charge for. The question is how good the technical side of things works since all the complicated features start glitching with the increasing amount of users. It is up to the tech team of the app to continue not only improvement but the maintenance of the service, which probably takes a lot of time.

BeeTalk review identified that the platform operates on the international market. Hence the entire legal site corresponds to international law. The app is available in the trusted platforms like Apple store and is not involved in any suspicious activity. Hence, the service is legit to use in any country in the world you are in.

Note that since the app is not paid software and it is looking to expand, so it asks for contacts in your social networks and mobile. The app has all the actions described in the privacy agreement, so it is not involved in any illegal activities.

What is BeeTalk

What members on this site

BeeTalk review of members shows about fifty million users registered with the app. The USA member presence is not in the majority since the motherland of the app in Asia. Malaysia, Thailand, Japan are represented more than any other country. There is a portion of users from Europe and South America as well. The site can brag with high daily activity.

Sexual Orientation

BeeTalk accepts all types of sexuality. The prevailing number of users is heterosexual and homosexual males. About 60% of users on the site are heterosexual. The site does not have an option for couples or groups at the moment.

Age Distribution

It is an app designed for the younger generation, mostly. It has a lot of cutting-edge features that younger and open-minded generations are willing to use. The average age of the member is 21 y.o. About 60 % of users are people under 35 y.o.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

BeeTalk registration requires a mobile phone number. After downloading the app, the user needs to fill in the number and receive the code to verify it. This is a way to make sure that one person holds one account only.

There is an option to connect your existing account on Facebook. Note that the app will ask for access to your contacts since it is looking for more users. If you want to be private about your use of dating apps, then it is not the best idea to tie it with any social media. Another trick that Another trick that BeeTalk review identified is that on the registration stage, the app asks to access the contacts in your device. It is not compulsory, so untick the box if you do not wish to share it.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

Profile creation

BeeTalk review of profile qualities identified that about 70% of profiles are filled in with the descriptions. However, it is not the main thing about the app. The photo and gallery uploaded matter most on the site. A couple of things in the profile require attention. First of all, the username can be modified only once, so make sure to get one you won’t regret later. The purpose of a username is to hide your real name and protect your privacy. It is recommended not to take that step for granted and think of a proper one on the stage of registration.

BeeTalk allows video introduction that will be accessed by all users. In general, visuals play a vital role in the app. Most communicative functions are based on exchanging visuals, not just text messages. Note that all users see the photos and videos. In case you want to send something private or more open, do it in direct messages rather than your account.

The profile layout is standard, with small introductions. It is similar to Tinder and Instagram profiles. The user has followers and following columns, description (‘About me’ and Hobbies’), photo, and status.


BeeTalk review identified a lot of interesting tools for interaction that work on a free of charge basis. The users can go to a chatroom or private messages. To find the chatroom, the site uses location. The same applies to the features like Flip and Radar.

If the user turns on the Whisper mode, the messages get erased right after the receiver opens them. Any kind of content can be sent via this mode, including videos, voice messages, and pictures.

To have a call or chat with another user, they need to be in your contacts. So, after using the search options, the users need to connect. By connecting, they express the mutual desire to communicate.


Platform for use

BeeTalk review of updates shows that the developers are actively working on improving the platform. For example, the latest added feature is hashtags for the videos. The platform is modern and stylish.


There is no desktop version of the site.

Since the app is developed with the best dating practices in mind, it is densely packed with features. The user knows how to use every feature, but the names are not recognizable from the first glance. The menu contains five options, and unless the user clicks on them, the names are hidden, and only the icon is visible. The application is available for Android and iOS. It was initially launched on Android.

Design and Usability

The app’s logo is a bee, and the app is designed in yellow, white, and black colors. The layout is neat, and there is no irrelevant information displayed.

The app contains the menu with the five main functions. They are My Profile, Look Around, Discover, Video, and Chat. The look around section includes Radar and Flip features. So, it takes a little exploring to get to know the app.

Navigation Site

BeeTalk Costs and Prices

The search for this review has shown that the app is entirely free and does not contain any hidden fees.

Since there are no payments included, all the users get the same experience and number of features.

How to pay

There is no need to think about any algorithm of making payment as the app does not require doing one.

Payment Systems

It’s safe to assume that if the app ever wants your money, it will let you pay with your phone.

Safety & Security

BeeTalk aims at connecting people and lets them socialize before they take it to the next level. The platform is for everyone who has various reasons not to go out and meet people in bars or clubs. It is an app that protects the personality and gives people a chance to open up before they meet.

Judging from the information the app collects about the user, there is not much danger of losing any important details. The site does not require any billing details or identity proof. This should be a flag for you. In case any user asks for the card or any questions regarding the payment, it is a reason to suspect a scam since BeeTalk has nothing to do with the payments. Any kind of charity donations or fees should not appear in your conversations with other users.

The app is connected to the phone number, but the data is hidden and used for internal purposes only. So, avoid sharing that information on the site. With the privacy protection in mind, the usernames were created, and all users are recommended to stick to them.

BeeTalk does not deal with the adult content and pornography, so if any mentions are displayed on the public profile, the moderators will delete them. Every user has to provide the photo, and the profiles are checked continuously for discrepancies. Note that uploading a random picture of a celebrity to your profile is impersonating. The images you upload should belong to you.

Safety & Security


Since the app does not charge users for the services, one would expect some advertising. However, the site does not let any third-party intervention. The app does not attack users with pop-up ads that distract them and contain inappropriate and irrelevant information. The service is secure as long as the user remains personal details private.

Since there is no paid service at the app, there is no risk of having your billing information stolen. The only data collected by the app is your GPS and IP. These are vital stats that BeeTalk collects to work on the services and find the matches since it is a location-based app.

Special Features

Whisper. It is a very convenient option for the admirers of sexting and sending naughty messages. It makes the message disappear after it is open. The feature is borrowed from Snapchat.

Radar. Similarly to how the actual radar works, the app scans the area around you to find the matches.

Flip. It is an option that works similarly to Tinder swiping. You are given a candidate and option to like or dislike. If you both like each other, you will be added to contact lists.

Stickers and Doodle. To spice up the conversations, the users can exchange the drawings and stickers. These items can also disappear if the Whisper mode is on.



When a new app comes to the market, the critics tend to treat it with suspicion. For the user, new apps have a lot of benefits. First of all, they always come with discounts and welcome bonuses. In the case of BeeTalk, it comes for free. It currently has a huge user base on the Asian market and is expanding to the global market. If you are in dire need of a hookup here and now, maybe BeeTalk will struggle to provide you a lot of candidates in your location. However, if you are traveling for business or pleasure to Asia or any other country, it is your ultimate solution. It does not cost anything to register and give it a try. It is probably the most luring thing about the app. BeeTalk is not eating in your pocket, and even if you do not meet in person right away, you can enjoy pansexual online dating for free.

If you have doubts about the app, check out the movie that advertises the services on YouTube. Everything that founders invested in the app seem to be of a high-quality, even commercials. To be fair, there are no reasons not to give BeeTalk a try.

Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
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