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DAF Review: Is It Legit?

DAF Review: Is It Legit?
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 860,000
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Visit rate 9.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • DAF's dating site is easy to use and navigate.
  • The site has several exceptional communication and interaction features.
  • Registering for membership is straightforward.
  • The Promote Me feature helps in highlighting your profile.
  • Users are protected from scam.
  • Search filters are professional.
  • With a comprehensive profile, you are likely to get several matches.
  • Most users are inactive.
  • DAF can only be accessed on iOS.
  • The security policies require enforcement.

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What is DAF?

DAF is a dating platform that was launched in 2017 by Tuba Kara. From the DAF review, you can tell that it is one of the best dating applications that allows users to flirt, interact, and develop relationships. Individuals looking for serious and long-term relationships are likely to find using the app a viable option. Unlike other dating websites, this app has several unique features. To know how the app works, costs, and other features, it would be best to read the DAF review.

The dating platform was established in 2016 but launched in 2017. Since its launch, it has proven to attract multiple following. At least 29 languages have been integrated on this particular platform. Users across the globe can be found on the app. The app is owned by Dakyz, a renowned company for mobile development and the creation of mobile applications. The software and application development company has established several apps that have provided a worldwide interaction and connectivity platform.

What is DAF

Is DAF Legit or Scam?

It would be best to find out if a dating app is legit or scam. From the DAF review, you can tell that the app has multiple following of genuine users. Most profiles are real with members that you can interact with and establish relationships with. Finding a partner is easy, provided you give comprehensive information. Besides, the chances of you getting a reply are significant.

What Members Can You Find on This Site

Most members are from around the globe. The app is not limited to particular regions. You can connect with thousands of people from different continents on the platform, including people from all races. Most users are within Canada, the United States, Australia, United Kingdom, and South Africa. The majority of the users are from the USA.

DAF What Members Can You Find on This Site

How About the Sexual Orientation

From the DAF review, you can establish that most of the site offers single men and women a platform to find serious relationships. Unlike other dating platforms, DAF is focused on male-female oriented relationships. By this, people interested in other sexual orientations (LGBTQ) would have to look for other channels.

Age Distribution

Users on this platform are of considerable age. The youngest users are of age 18. On average, most users are between ages 25 to 35. You can also find users above 50 years.

How do you Sign-Up? Is the Process Easy?

The sign-up process is straightforward and seamless. Within ten minutes, you will have finished signing up. If you want to get started on the platform, the DAF review will highlight the process to get an idea of where to start. Below is a procedural simplified registration process.

  • From the App Store, download the DAF App.
  • Click the registration button if you are accessing the app for the first time.
  • Regular users can click the sign-in button to access the platform.
  • To proceed with the registration process, provide your details, including the people you are interested in finding.
  • You can also get compatible with multiple users and profiles with similar information.
  • You will then provide a valid email address. A verification link will be sent to the email for you to confirm your membership.
  • You will then create a user’s ID and password that you will be using to access most of the app’s features.

Noteworthy, when signing-up, new users have to be keen with precise details to facilitate ease of use. Such include:

  • A valid email address where DAF’s emails can be sent
  • A password that you can always remember
  • If you forget your password, contact the DAF support team to help you reset a new one. There are also instructions on the application that can help you reset a new password.
  • A comprehensive profile that also states clearly the members you are interested in help in filtering compatible matches. Such details include age, location, language, preferences, interests, race, and sexual orientation.

With a complete profile, you can easily browse through the list of members and try out your luck. For a user to log-in, you will be required to provide your username and password.

DAF How do you Sign-Up?

Creating Your Profile

Creating a profile takes at least ten minutes. However, you must be at least 18 years to sign up for membership. On the sign-up page, you have to identify your gender, create a unique user name, enter a password, and input your email address.

If you are looking into signing up, it would be best to spend a little more time filling the necessary details. You must also give your real name and create a unique username for identification. A great username depicts your personality and describes you.

How do You Find Matches? What of Interaction?

It would be interesting to find out how you can connect with other users. The main communication channel is availed through an internal messenger. Users can bookmark several profiles and initiate communication with them.

Filter matches are a result of a particular criterion with a particular algorithm. If none of the results are impressive, you can ignore and keep browsing. However, finding an ideal match is subject to your profile details as it helps in deciding people you could be interested in meeting.

Also, you can search for members with particular details. For instance, you can search members in a particular region, users within specific age, language, occupation, salary, and sexual preferences.

You can browse new members, view who bookmarked or winked at you, check who showed interest in you, and other actions on your profile. The search and messaging functions are straightforward and similar to other dating sites.

Exploring the Platform

Like other dating sites, DAF is a platform where single ladies and men can interact and develop relationships. Users can search, browse, and view other members using particular features. You can also communicate with others through the internal messaging feature.

Impressively, you get instant feedback from other members, reducing the possibilities of not finding someone to chat and flirt with. DAF users are usually notified via email about vital features and things to look out for when on the app. If the notifications are overwhelming, you can change your settings to only receive crucial information or nothing at all.

Desktop Version

Unfortunately, you can only access DAF on the phone impressively. The platform is straightforward, with each feature indicated separately. You can easily navigate and switch to a particular icon without facing difficulties. On the downside, there is a lot that needs to be developed to enhance a seamless interaction process.

Mobile application

This application has a straightforward interface for iOS users, with its features uniquely highlighted. The unique algorithm makes finding compatible matches easy. Interacting with other users is pretty simple and straightforward.

Design and Usability: Is it Easy to Use?

There are a lot of features that facilitate connection. Navigating and searching for other members on the app is straightforward. For instance, you can search members within a particular location, age, profession, children, and any information that can help you search for potential soul mates.

DAF has other features search as Fast Hook, Winks, and Explore Matches that help users in customizing their search for other members. Users can also have comprehensive information on their profiles to aid in finding potential matches.

Users can also view photos of other members and rate them by giving thumbs up. Notably, you can include photos from Facebook by linking your DAF profile with the Facebook profile.

Impressively, DAF does not limit its users to a particular number of messages you receive and send. As such, users can make the most out of this and interact with multiple users all day.

DAF Design and Usability

Is the Site Easy to Navigate?

Navigating DAF is pretty simple and straightforward. All the functions and features have been highlighted so users can locate the function they need to use. You can tell that DAF is a user-friendly dating platform.

DAF Review: Costs and Prices

A subscription plan increases the chances of users getting the best out of this dating platform. This platform is quite costly compared to dating platforms within the same range. DAF membership packages vary daily. The pricing plans include:

  • 0.67 USD per day for six months
  • 0.83 USD per day for three months
  • 1.4 USD per day for one month

Mostly, the longer the subscription plan, the less costly it gets. The subscription can be renewed automatically when the subscription plan expires. Premium members will always be notified when the subscription plan is about to expire. You will receive a notification within 24 hours.

Advantages of Paid Vs. Free Access

A free subscription limits users to the features they can access to the preferred features, such as initiating a conversation. The free access period usually lasts up to one week. With a free membership, users can:

  • Create a profile
  • Search compatible members
  • Browse and view several user-profiles
  • Review photos

A free-access user might experience a lot of inconveniences. In a way, it prevents you from using the site seamlessly and straightforwardly. Members with free access have to grapple with several issues, such as many scammers, fake user-profiles, and constant ads.

On the other hand, a paid subscription increases the chances of accessing most of DAF’s features. With a subscription plan, users can:

  • Receive, view, reply, and send messages
  • View comments
  • Browse profiles
  • See who viewed your profile
  • Use the ‘Promote Me’ feature

Is it Easy to Pay?

After the free trial period elapses, you will need to pay to continue enjoying DAF’s services. Payment can be made through a credit account or mobile money services. You can select the various subscription plans, submit your details, and deduct the amount for the specified period.

What are the Methods of Payment?

Conveniently, users can pay through various systems. Mainly, you can pay through:

  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • Debit card
  • Mobile services

Is DAF Safe and Secure?

The DAF review can establish that the platform has several safety and security policies. Users are protected by a set of rules (terms of the agreement, which users agree to adhere to). Members who violate these policies cease to be users of the platform since their profiles get suspended.

Users must notify the support team of any misconduct, violation, and aggression of the policies. You can be sure that your safety and security are a priority to the DAF technical team.

Also, the help and support system is reliable. You can always reach out via email at any time of the day. When you share your concerns, DAF’s admin will contact you and help you resolve it.

If you wish to deactivate your membership on this platform, you can do that effortlessly. On your profile, go to settings and click the ‘delete my account’ feature. For users who wish to use DAF’s platform, later on, the ideal option is deactivating your account. This way, you can reactivate your account and use it any time you feel like it. If you chose to delete your account, you would lose your membership permanently. If you have doubts about using the platform in the future, it would be best to deactivate your profile.

Since DAF is a professional dating site, all users’ information is safe, making it secure. The support team will not use your vital information against you. Your data is encrypted and only meant to be used to enhance your usability on the platform. Users are always encouraged not to share sensitive information with strangers. You can also trust your instincts if you sense something fishy, especially when sensitive details are requested.

Does DAF Have Scam?

Finding scam on dating platforms is significant. Members can also find scammers on DAF. However, to reduce the chances of getting scam, it would be best to upgrade to premium membership. It can be done by subscribing to a membership policy.

What Special Features Does DAF Have?

Multiple features have been incorporated on DAF’s platform to get the best while searching for a prospective soul mate. The features ensure that you get a seamless browsing experience, enabling you to spend less time and make the most out of it. Here are some of the exceptional features users would love when using the DAF app.

  • A unique search algorithm facilitates your search results to correctly filter users that are compatible with you. With this feature, users can easily find the ideal partner in the shortest time possible.
  • Internal messenger- when you find someone who excites you, you can quickly hook up with him or her in the internal messenger. This way, you can be sure to interact with someone without limit.
  • The favorite section- from the search results, a user can bookmark their profiles. You can easily view them later on since you have their profiles on the favorite list.
  • A networking platform- the DAF app’s impressive feature is that it provides a socializing platform. You can interact with multiple users, flirt, and exchange pleasantries, all the same platform. It may become like your second Facebook.
  • Video and voice chats- besides internal messenger, the video and voice features allow users to interact exceptionally. This way, you get to hear or see the person you are interested in via voice notes and video recordings.
  • View who is online- if you are bored and are looking for someone to interact wit, you can always use it. Without a doubt, you will find multiple users to connect with.
  • Block feature- dating platforms can have users who irritate or portray aggressive behavior. Fortunately, with the block feature, you can quickly end the connection with such aggressive users.
  • Advanced search feature- you might not like the filter results availed to you by DAF’s algorithm. With the advanced search feature, you can customize your search to filter a particular criterion.
  • Promote me – this feature works conveniently for users who wish their profile to be highlighted. In a way, it places your profile among the top searches. With this, other users can easily see your profile, increasing your chances of finding a partner.
  • Fast Hook, Winks, and Explore Matches features have a list of users you may be interested in. You can add as many users as possible to these lists and interact with them when you like.
  • Add several photos- users have the freedom to include several photos on their profile. You can also browse, view, and rate multiple photos. It would be best to select a clear photo of you.
  • Endless messaging- unlike other dating platforms, DAF does not limit its users to messages they can send per day. It implies that you can connect with anyone without worrying about exhausting the number of messages you have to send.


Arguably, DAF is an excellent dating platform for lonely and single individuals. Users can easily interact with other people and find ideal partners since everyone on the platform intends to find a soul mate. You will be impressed by its design, usability, and chances of finding a long-term relationship. There have been success stories of people who found their compatible matches on this app.

The unique features incorporated on this app make it user friendly. Besides dating, you can use it as a social networking platform, allowing you to flirt with other users. The only thing that may not impress you about this platform is that it does not have a website, implying that you have to be an iOS user to access and use it. From the DAF review, you can be sure to try your luck out.

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