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Alt.com Review in 2021

Alt.com Review in 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 25-26
Profiles 1.400.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • One of the largest members-based dating sites for adults;
  • Extremely niched;
  • No need to pay to join, and connect with other members;
  • Extensive search filters available;
  • Giant database.
  • Too many restrictions, and limitations in a free account;
  • There are plenty of fake profiles reported;
  • Signing up involves completing tons of questions;
  • Highly NSFW;
  • Response rate can below.

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What is Alt.com in a nutshell?

Alt.com Review in 2020

Alt.com is an adult dating site mainly aimed at someone who wants to take sexual experiences in a new height. This site gives sexually adventures such as erotic, fetish, and bondage. This in-depth review covers everything from benefits, doubts, reputation, and its main website features.

Alt.com is an online dating website that connects people who want to get involved in BDSM, bondage, erotic sex, fetishes, kinks, and alternative lifestyles. Generally, the site commonly is used by adults.

The site was created to cater to anyone of various ages, whether you are still curious or want to engage, and meet the other members. This site is the perfect website for individuals who want to try new and alternative sexual relationships. Users can watch videos of each of the sex types.

Is Alt.com legit or scam?

This site review can tell you that it’s a legit website. The website provides some updated information about the site, including its address, emails, and phone numbers.

Their headquarters are based in California and the UK. The company is registered 20 years ago. There are also no threats of viruses on the website. Therefore, there is no reason to say this website is a scam.

What are members on this site

As of 2020, the site has over 2 million members across the globe. Around 415,000 of the total members live in the USA. There are 80,000 active users each week.

Sexual Orientation

It is an open and general dating site. It can be used by users of any sexual orientation, as this information will be asked when you first register as a member.

Age Distribution

The website claims that all of its users are older than 18, considering it is highly mature and sexual content. However, this site review knows that users can use different aliases, so it is unclear how they verify this age requirement. According to the profiles, the most active members are aged around 25-34 years old.

Sign-up & Login Info

Alt.com Review in 2020

It’s quite simple to sign up. You can access the site, and explore as a guest, so you don’t have to register as a member. But you won’t be able to use the features before you sign up. So, how easy is the process? It’s not hard at all.

You will see a sign-up window on the website that will require you to enter your email address. It has to be a valid email because you will need to confirm it for verification.

When you sign up, you should write a brief description of yourself and your interests for other users to see. The site even has tips and guidance for writing a compelling bio. It’s also worth noting that the site doesn’t just accept single people.

You can sign up as a couple, and a group, too. Logging in is straightforward; you will only need your username and password.

Profile creation

The site review shows that while signing up is quick and easy, creating a profile is more complicated. You need to complete all the questionnaires in your profile to be able to fully access the features. You will be asked what kind of sexual relationship you are looking for. You also have to fill in more personal details. It includes your race, age, sexual orientation, marital status, body measurements, blood type, BDSM role, and even experience level.

The profiles on this dating site are designed to be in-depth and thorough. If you are a male, you will also be asked to add your endowment length, width, and circumcision details. Your profile will also display your personality type, testimonials, friends, compatibility, and other fun information.

A unique section of the profile also includes the purity test. It is a test that you can take to determine how ‘naughty’ or ‘pure’ you are. Such a detailed profile aims profile is to make find a connection and relationship in this dating site much more accessible and successful.


Alt.com Review in 2020

Alt.com review understands that there are several ways for you to contact other users on this dating site.

The site has a feature that allows you to add other members interested in a special ‘Hotlist.’ You can even chat with live models without any additional charges. Moreover, it’s possible to use your filter options and search only for other online members, while the advanced filter lets you search for members who are close to your location.

Lastly, the site has various chat rooms that you can join to communicate with the other users.

One downside that many users have complained about is the lows response rate in this site. They claim that the website does nothing to ensure that users can’t simply send spam messages to dozens of users, and leave without further notice.

Platform for use

This site has two versions of the platform, which are a desktop and an application. You can surf the website with a PC or laptop. But if there is no laptop beside you, use a mobile app to surf anytime. You can always have a choice to choose.


The original version of the site is designed for use via desktop. Although the site boasts an array of unique features discussed in detail later in this site review, it may not always be a good thing. The site has so many features, and they are often packed into a page, making the user interface seem full and busy. It can feel even more clunky if you are accessing the site on mobile.


The site is operated by the FriendFinder network, the same company that found BigChurch, and AdultFriendFinder. As a result, they all have only one single app.

You can install this app on your mobile phones from iTunes for iPhone users, or Play Store for Android users.

You can use the same features on the app as the desktop version. The app also allows you to purchase and pay for directly through it.

Design and Usability

Alt.com Review in 2020

There are only three major colors used by the site. While the background is a solid black, the fonts can be either white or yellow. As has been stated in the previous section, this dark background can seem unappealing to most people, although few users have found it appropriate for the dating site.

The font itself has a decent and proper size, so that the text used in the profiles, and articles are highly readable. It is a plus point for usability. Despite some user complaints of the dark background, the brighter fonts provide a nice contrast, and reading the words isn’t a problem.

Some of the pages are not formatted correctly. Constant pop-ups, and videos that seem to be randomly embedded also cause the site to feel unprofessional, and messy.

While the site has many ads, they are usually related to the content of this site, including adult videos and profile enhancing tools.

Navigation on this dating site is straightforward. The review finds that it is easy to navigate and use the site.

Alt.com Cost and Prices

The costs of this dating site range from 0 to hundreds of dollars, depending on the type of subscription. Besides the free account, there are two types of paid memberships that are available. Silver and Gold have different prices, so you can choose which one best fits your needs.

You can choose to pay for a 1-month subscription, 3 or 12. Of course, the longer it is, the cheaper the price will be for each month.

The price to be a Silver member is $22.94 per month, $41.37 per two months, and $123.51 per three months. Meanwhile, for a Gold membership, you have to pay $34.44 for a month, $68.97 for two, and $185.26 for three months.

A good thing about this site is that you can start with a free account. However, as the review has stated before, it will only grant you very restricted access. With a free account, you can’t send any messages, read messages you received, or send ‘flirts.’ It also doesn’t let you view another user’s profile completely, so some detailed information will be hidden.

On the other hand, a paid subscription can give you more of what the website offers. For example, you can chat with other users. If you have a Silver subscription, you can contact new users. With a Gold subscription, you can instantly connect with them. You can read messages and gift virtual presents for other users.

You will also be able to watch live broadcasts as well as videos from other users. While Gold users can access all videos and contents uploaded on the site, Silver users can only watch some videos and read some articles. However, you still have to pay to watch adult videos per minute.

Gold users get the first access to new users, and they will appear in the top results of a search. Silver users have the same benefits, but after Gold users. Other users can also see if you are a Gold or Silver member, depending on their membership level.

Both paid memberships allow access to 24/7 live support from customer service. Free members can also contact support for any questions and help. But the team usually prioritizes paying users over the non-paying ones. If timely support is essential to you when you feel cheated by other users, then having a paid account might be a good idea.

How to pay

Alt.com Review in 2020

If you want to join a paid membership, this site gives some options. Choose one of the most straightforward payment for you.

Payment Systems

The payment process is relatively simple. There are various options you can choose from that will cater to your preferred method of payment.

Like most other dating sites, you can pay using a debit or credit card that supports Visa and Mastercard via online, fax, or mail. The site can also accept cheque Ukash, money orders, Discover, and Diners Club as well as payments through SMS.

Safe & Security

How safe and secure is Alt.com exactly?

It turns out that there are no outright displays of scams or any proof that the website condones frauds and fake profiles. This dating website also uses the Friend Finder Network Inc. (FNN) security system and claims that it is highly protected. However, for personal safety and security reasons, you still need to be smart when you use it.

Although the review shows that this is not the safest dating site, it is quite good. As long as you follow the rules and are wary, you should be fine.


Alt.com Review in 2020

It is essential to acknowledge that, like any other site, it is not 100% free of scams. There have been many cases of fake profiles and scams. Some of the scammers will ask for your information and use it for other purposes.

A scammer has been reported to create 23 fake profiles, all using the same age, photos, and profile information. A user claims that his repeated reports to the support team have been ignored. It may be part of the risk of using a dating site with millions of registered users.

One piece of advice to avoid being scammed is to read and learn from other people’s experiences. Also, do not share your confidential info with anyone.

Special Features

This site review believes that one of this site has unique features: its specific search and filterability. You can search for other users by various filters. For instance, you can only opt for those who have just recently joined the site, those who are online at the same time, or those who are located nearby. There is also an advanced search feature so that you can search for users based on country, age, BDSM preferences, kink interests, and other requirements.

The next one is the ‘Hot or Not’ feature. It is specifically designed to help you find the best match. You will see photos of different users from across the dating site, and you can rate if you find each of them hot or not.

The astrological feature is perfect for those who believe that zodiac signs play a role in incompatibility. It shows your zodiac, Chinese animal zodiac, your biorhythmic sexual chart, and how compatible you are with a particular user.

Blings are another unique feature of the Alt.com review. Blings refer to small icons that you can create and use in your profile. You can also use it for blog posts or articles to make them more attractive. You can also grab other users’ blings and use them. This feature allows you to showcase your personality.

Lastly, there is the testimonial feature. Testimonials are kind of like a review that users leave for one another. You can describe what qualities you like in a particular user, and they will do the same for you. It is a way to build trust among the community, and for new users to see what others think about you.


Alt.com Review in 2020

This site has both pros and cons listed above. It is certainly one of the most popular adult dating sites with millions of members around the world. But it also has several drawbacks and a major issue with scams. It is likewise found in any other online dating site.

It is up to you to decide whether or not you think Alt.com is right for you. The site has tens of thousands of active members alone who are into all sorts of BDSM, and kinks. If these are the things you’re interested in, you can try with a free account and see how it goes. Of course, your actions on the site will be limited, but you can always upgrade to a paid membership once you find that you enjoy it.

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