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Fruzo review 2021

Fruzo review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 6%
Reply rate 91%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 30-34
Profiles 498 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The app has both the social network and the cam-to-cam chat feature, thus making it perfect for meeting people from any place around the globe.
  • You may add any person you like as a friend, and you may write to him/her a text privately. The site makes it easier to remain connected with different people.
  • You will get notified whenever people write you a text, so you can never miss anything new.
  • The download speed is high.
  • If you don’t like Instagram, you will love the Fruzo service since it offers everything that Instagram provides, minus the negatives.
  • The platform awards a three days trial period allowing you enough time to test all its offers. It is possible to get a partner before the test duration is over. So, you might never have to get a premium membership.
  • The website features a clean and up to date appearance.
  • The site can be enjoyed both on desktop and portable devices.
  • Syncing with Facebook prevents fraud.
  • The service reviews are very confusing. There are many five stars and many 1-star ratings on App Store. Such an evaluation is not standard. Real ratings are often more balanced.
  • The engagement on this platform is less than most dating services.
  • The video communication feature might fail at times.
  • To register, you must sync your account to Facebook.
  • The service bans members from accessing its features, and one has to pay to remove the ban.

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What the Fruzo website does

If you get fed up with the old dating services, the Fruzo review will introduce you to a new, fresh platform. The new site focuses on individuals that need serious marriage partners. Once you register, you will meet like-minded people willing to interact with you. The enthusiasm behind the marketing and development of the new service is exciting. If you wish to know if this new site is changing how online relationships work, you will find out from Fruzo review.

You will read about the platform members, the registration process, security, privacy, payment, and more.

What the Fruzo website does

Is Fruzo website legit?

The dating service is legit. It was created in 2016 by Bridgestone International Group. The creators designed it as an alternative to Instagram. Since creation, the website has been growing, and more features get added to improve the service.

The website is a unique dating platform that combines social media and a video chatting feature. There are thousands of singles on the platform searching for romantic partners. The members are from several places around the globe. The site offers all the usual dating and video chat features, which allows you to see other people.

Is Fruzo website legit?

Website users

This section of the Fruzo review will tell you about the site membership. The people who like joining this website are those looking for serious marriage partners. So, if you just want a casual relationship or wish to have fun, this will not be the right site to use.

The site has more than one million users every month. The connections that got made through the service so far are over five hundred million. You can search for a match using filters like age, city, country, gender, or keyword.

Website users

Site sexual orientation

Whether you are straight, gay, or bisexual, you can join this site.


You have to be above 18 years old to join the website. The average age of the users is 27 years. The females make up 45 percent of the site population, and the males make up 55 percent.

Registering on the site

The process of registering on the Fruzo website is straightforward. It is possible to register in less than fifteen minutes. To begin, you must link to a Facebook account. The service respects people’s privacy, so do not worry about your Facebook friends finding out you’re using a dating website. The platform will never post anything on people’s Facebook pages. And like other similar platforms, Fruzo needs Facebook to verify that all members registering are real. The website can also get your basic details to fill in your profile information.

When registering, you must write something about yourself and the person you want. This implies that the website will ask you to indicate your gender and the gender of the individual you need. After that, you must enter an email address and form your password. Here you will also have to come up with a username. Many things can get said about a good username, but in short, ensure it is descriptive and exciting. A perfect username should contain descriptive words and a tone that tells other people something about you.

Next, you must fill in other details such as location and age. That is how easy it is to register on the Fruzo site. And since you now have the login details, you can log in and begin searching for a partner.

Registering on the site

Profile creation

After registering, log into the website to get started. As mentioned earlier, this service is for people who want serious partners for marriage. So, you must provide some personal information on your profile to help you find the right match.

Building a profile on the Fruzo website is tiresome, but you should put up with it. In the end, you will be happy you took the time to create your profile because you will get matched with the most suitable partners through it.

The most significant part of creating a dating profile is responding to questions. The site asks you questions that allow its algorithm to know you better to recommend perfect matches. If you want more people to visit your profile and send you messages and likes, you must make your profile attractive.

Ensuring to provide as much information as you can on your profile shows other Fruzo members that you are serious about what you want. You will also want other people to have a detailed profile. Detailed profiles offer enough information to determine if they are your match or not. If you come across an empty profile, you will probably not want to contact the owner, and of course, you won’t like the same thing happening to you. So, make yourself stand out by building a detailed profile.

Profile creation


Now that you are a registered Fruzo website member and have created a profile, the next thing is to look for matches and communicate with them. Connecting and sending messages to other people can be fun. Almost all dating services these days offer the basic messaging feature. On this site also, you can send messages to anyone you like using the messaging feature.

Fruzo review must also talk about the video chat feature. With this feature, you will see the person you are communicating with, and that person will see you too. Through video chatting, people know each other better on the site.


The dating platform

The dating service can get accessed through the computer browser or the iOS and Android apps.

Desktop site

The desktop website has a clean, modern look. You will never encounter any technical issues when using the site. Everything on the website is neat, and you can access all the features through the home page. Also, the features you find on the desktop version are the same as those on the mobile app.

Mobile app

The Fruzo app is available for both Android and iOS users. The app gets downloaded for free, and it gives users a fantastic experience. It is convenient to use an app, but you can still access the service via your mobile browser if you do not want to download it. The site features are the same in both the app and the mobile site. And whether you decide to use a mobile device or a PC, you will get the same experience. The only difference is that with mobile devices, you can enjoy the service on the go.

Mobile app

Design and functionality

The Fruzo website has a simple design. The site is not congested, and it has a modern look. The site’s theme color is blue, unlike most dating websites that use red because this is the color that represents love. Other sites use green color, which is a bit calmer, thereby calming down users’ emotions. Green color won’t suit a mainstream dating website like Fruzo. Generally, this is a good dating platform. You will not encounter issues when using either the app or a desktop site.

All the site features can get accessed through the homepage. The text is also clear, making it easy to find what you want. Whether searching for a match, adding people to your friend list, or sending messages, the site loads very fast. Other activities that you can also do quickly are using the video chat feature and making payment. You will be able to do anything you like on the site comfortably and anonymously.

Fruzo Cost

Once you sign up on the website, you will receive 30 days free trial period. If you would like to use the service after your trial period is over, you must subscribe.

The subscription charges are as below.

  • One week: 11.99 USD.
  • One month: 29.99 USD.
  • Three months: 49.99 USD.

The website also charges some fees when it bans users. If you get banned for any reason, be ready to pay 10.99 USD to continue using the service. The platform charges users to prevent them from engaging in malicious activities.

Fruzo Cost

The Fruzo service allows users to enjoy all its features without paying for 30 days. Once you join, you qualify for 30 days trial offer. Some of the services the users will enjoy are below.

  • Registering using either a desktop or a phone application.
  • Building a profile.
  • Utilizing the video communication feature.
  • Filtering people per country.
  • Writing and receiving texts.
  • Looking for partners using location, age, sex, or marital status.
  • Seeing other members’ pictures.
  • Adding people as friends.
  • Interacting with people anonymously.

You will enjoy all the offers covered in this Fruzo review without paying anything for thirty days. After the thirty days are over, you should upgrade if you wish to keep using the service. There are 1-week, 1-month, and 3-months payment plans. Choose the duration that you are comfortable with to go on enjoying the platform offers. The payment will get auto-renewed unless you cancel your membership.

Making payment

The process of making a payment is not complicated. You only need to link a credit card. Your financial details are kept safe. This service temporarily collects financial data, and it encrypts it, rendering it impossible to read. So, you do not need to worry about the safety of your financial details.

Payment options

The payment gets made through the credit card. Note that payment gets auto-renewed unless you cancel your subscription. You cannot cancel an active subscription, but you can never get back the unused money if you do.

Safety and security features

The Fruzo service employs robust physical and technical safety measures to keep users’ data safe. The information you give this service will never be lost, altered, or accessed by unauthorized people.

The platform additionally encourages users to report malicious acts. The site requires users to connect to their Facebook accounts when registering to ensure they are real. Facebook syncing does not, however, eliminate fake users from the site. A person can be real but join the site with bad intentions. Anyone found engaging in illegal activities on the site gets banned from using the service. So, reporting people who engage in malicious activities protects not only you but also other site members.

The Fruzo website also has an excellent support team. Should you encounter any issues on the site, you can contact the customer support team. The team comprises experienced people who work around the clock to ensure every person using the service does not encounter any issue.

Is this dating website a scam?

There are no scams on this website. The service is one of the best platforms that help people meet perfect matches through video chatting. Other dating services are carbon copies of each other, and they only allow users to view photos, search for partners, and send messages. The lack of a video chat feature in other dating platforms increases the probability of bots, fake profiles, and scammers. But with the website video chat option, you will see your match, which gives you a feeling of a real date.

Special website features

Besides the video chat feature, other features on the Fruzo review are similar to those in other dating sites.


The site has a primary searching feature that lets you look for a match using filters such as gender, age, location, and relationship status. The website also allows members to upload several photos on profiles. You can view people’s pictures and decide if you want to interact with them or not.

Social network

This feature allows you to add other users as friends and get their updates. Just like on social media platforms like Instagram, you can connect with strangers and see what they share on their profiles.

Video communication

Video communication is a unique function of the Fruzo service. The feature allows you to see the individual you are communicating with, and that person can also see you. The website presents you with several people broadcasting live using their webcams. You may access the video communication feature with the webcam off, but expect to keep getting reminders about turning it on so that you may talk to other users.

The Fruzo dating site also keeps updating its services from time to time. The service keeps growing and developing, and more users keep joining each time. So, expect more features, and this platform is likely to become the most prominent social network on the web.


As seen from the Fruzo review, this is a simple dating website that combines social media and a video communication feature. Even if the platform will not surprise you with anything unique, it is a legit dating place. Most dating services these days are fake or full of scammers. This one, however, ensures that only real users join through verifying them using Facebook accounts. The video communication feature also helps members know whether they are interacting with real people. The Fruzo website is a perfect platform for socializing. The service allows people to join and communicate with anyone they like through the camera. Users can also form friend lists and follow the people they want on the site. The site attempts to be original by allowing people to connect just like in social networking services, and it allows non-matches to communicate. You may additionally use the search function to find someone who meets your requirements. Another fantastic thing is that the Fruzo online service is available both on desktop and portable gadgets.

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