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Ardent Review 2021

Ardent Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 86%
Beauty 87%
Popular age 23-25
Profiles 1.800.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The website applies an Advanced AI algorithm to perform accurate matchmaking.
  • The safety measures of Ardent are strict and keeps all your private information secure.
  • It is impossible to access the dating site on your desktop because access to the site can only be done through the mobile application.
  • It has a very user-friendly app. Therefore, even if you are a beginner in online dating, you will not come across any difficulty in comprehending the function of Ardent.
  • In case you are trying to find serious relationships, you will find many people on this website with a similar mindset.
  • As Ardent had just been launched in 2017, the user base of this dating site is comparatively smaller than its alternative dating platforms.
  • Due to the narrow user base, you will also not find many users’ reviews to get an idea about the website’s first-hand experience.
  • The registration process of this website is usually longer than its alternative website. It can take up to 15 minutes or more to complete the procedure.

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What Is This Trendy Dating App Ardent?

Ardent Review 2020

The Ardent review article focuses on the functions of the dating site established by Calcavia in 2017. The dating platform is only available as an application in Google Play. If you are looking for a serious relationship or casual dating, this site will not disappoint you. The website provides you with all the essential features that are expected from an ideal dating platform. It also takes care of your private information and helps to keep them secure. Here, in this Ardent review, all the crucial sides of the site will be discussed so that every beginner can get the overall idea about the whereabouts of this dating site.

The most significant part of the Ardent review is this dating site’s function. The working procedure of this app is almost identical to contemporary dating sites. It is based on an advanced algorithm that helps you find partners according to individual preferences, characteristics, and physical appearances. You don’t have to worry about searching for matches because they will be offered to you on a plate of silver. It is also supported by all Android devices so that users don’t find any difficulty accessing the site. Also, the user experience is smooth enough due to the absence of glitches and lags. Ardent has a mobile application that can be downloaded on your Android device from Google Play Store. The app is the only medium for accession.

Is It Legit To Use Ardent?

Ardent uses an advanced AI algorithm that works efficiently to find out your correct partner. Besides the AI algorithm, there is also the procedure of Match Index to receive your ideal matches. Every user will be offered algorithm based matches regularly, and also; you can use different search filters for finding your right partner. Due to the usage of developed technologies, the matchmaking process is accurate and legit. Also, the users are mostly for serious relationships, so you do not have to worry about fake members. It is best to try out the dating app on your own and decide for yourself.

Structure Of Members On This Platform

The majority of members on the website are trying to find committed relationships. However, there are also a few people who want to have a casual dating experience. In case you are just looking for hookups, then this dating website is not suitable for you. If you make a serious attempt to find a long term relationship, then you may succeed on the site. Most members on this dating site belong to the US. Unlike other online dating platforms, the number of female members on Ardent is higher than male members. Though the user base of this website is not as big as its alternative sites, the members come from diverse backgrounds. There are people from different religious backgrounds, races, and ethnicities because the website dos not perform any religious or racial discrimination. As people on this dating site are keener towards serious relationships, the profiles contain adequate information about the user.

Sexual Preference Of Users

Ardent Review 2020

Mostly, the members on this dating site are straight. However, there is no restriction in joining the website based on sexual orientation. Gays & lesbians, bi-sexuals, and transexuals are also welcome on this platform to experience online dating.

Age Distribution Of Members

The minimum age to register on Ardent is 18 years. Being popular among young people, the majority of members on this dating platform belong to the age group between 20 to 25 years.

The Procedure Of Registration And Login Information

The procedure of signing up on Ardent is straightforward and does not involve any unnecessary steps. The duration of the whole process is 15 minutes or more.

First, you need to enter the sign-in page where you will be asked to put information about your ender and also the genders of your sanctioned matches.

In the next step, you need to create a distinct username and secure password so that your account is not hacked. The username and password are also vital information to log in to your Ardent account anytime after the sign-up procedure is complete. Also, you will need an active email address to

Your username plays a significant role on the platform as it is the primary way to identify you on Ardent. Your username will make your first impression on other members. Therefore, you should be careful while choosing your username. The username should reflect your personality traits and characteristics. An appropriate username will help you to attract more members.

After the previous steps are done, you need to include your personal information, such as location and age. Once you are done with the part of filling up personal data, your sign up process is mostly over, and you are all set to begin your journey of online dating.

How Can A User Create His Or Her Profile On This Platform?

Ardent Review 2020

Once the sign-up procedure is over, you can go on creating your profile on the website. Your profile is your space on the site. Therefore you should try to make your profile as detailed as possible. A detailed profile with photographs will increase your reliability among other members. Your attractive profile page will help you to get more relevant matches. The dating profile includes information like username, location, age gender, and preference for partners. According to this Ardent review, creating a profile on this site is much easier than other dating sites because it uses a bunch of relevant questions to understand how your compatible partner will be. The items will be about your interests, hobbies, ideas, and likings.

The website’s artificial intelligence algorithm looks for your matches according to your answers to the given questions. Therefore, it is essential to provide the answers to your inquiries to get the perfect matches. Also, you should remember to add photographs to your profile so that your fellow members get a clear idea of your physical appearance.

How To Communicate With Other Members?

The artificial intelligence algorithm of this platform will help you to find matches according to your answers to the given questions on your profile. The questions based on interests will help the algorithm to develop your matching index. In contrast, the personality-related questions will help build the base of your relationship after the matching process is done. Apart from the Al algorithm, the advanced search filters are also there to assist you in discovering suitable partners. After two users exchange likes among themselves, a match is created.

You can communicate with your matches through the chat feature. Besides text messages, here are video and voice chat options to build a more robust connection with your fellow members. The app will notify you if your matches are online so that you can start the chatting procedure.

Mediums Of Using Ardent

Ardent is a dating platform that can be downloaded on Google Play. The dating platform can only be accessed through mobile phones, and there is no website for desktop.

Web Version Of The Platform

Despite being a free dating site, Ardent does not have a boring layout. Instead, the website is decorated stylishly to attract the attention of young people. The Ardent dating website uses two primary colors, white and pink, to create an eye-soothing color contrast. The dating site contains a sufficient amount of features. Also, the elements are arranged logically so that the users can easily navigate them. Even if you are a beginner in online dating, you will not find it difficult to understand its application menu’s usage due to its uncomplicated layout. The dating site can only be accessed through the mobile application.

The mobile application is the only way to get into the Ardent dating site. You can access the mobile application only if you are an Android user. Android users can install the app from Google Play Store. iPhone users cannot access the app due to its unavailability on Apple Play Store.

Design Of The Dating Website

Ardent Review 2020

All the features are neatly organized, and therefore, you can use them with ease. The color combination of white and pink also creates a good impact on the user’s eyes. Ardent is the perfect dating platform for busy people or do not have access to the desktop.

Sailing Through The Website

The artificial intelligence algorithm of the site will then try to find your matches according to your answers to the given questions. The questions based on interests will help the algorithm to develop your matching index. In contrast, the personality-related questions will help build the base of your relationship after the matching process is done.

Besides the regularly served matches to you, you can search for your fellow members according to different types of parameters such as location, age, hobbies, lifestyle, etc. If you can find your ideal match in your nearby area, then it becomes more convenient to make a perfect relationship for you. As the website is quite user-friendly, you will be able to use the search filters quite easily.

Also, if you are browsing through the website for different features, you will not be disappointed because of the website’s smooth navigation process.

Cost Of Membership Packages On Ardent

According to this Ardent review, The most significant plus point of this dating site is that the website and the mobile application are free to use. There is no additional or hidden cost involved for the usage of this dating site. You just need to sign up with relevant information and complete your profile to become a member of the website.

The dating site contains advertisements, and the cost is obtained from those displayed ads. There is no procedure through which the user can disable those ads. However, the ads do not interrupt your user’s experience. Still, it is always better to have an ad-free dating site.

Comparison Between Paid And Free Membership

Ardent Review 2020

As discussed earlier in this Ardent review, there is no distinction between paid and free membership. All the features on this website come at no cost. It is a fact that Ardent is a free website. The price of the dating site is retrieved from the exhibited ads. Every member on this website is offered the same features.

The features that you can enjoy as a member include-

  1. You can create your account on Ardent after completing the sign-up process.
  2. After the sign-up process is done, the user can include and edit information on his or her user’s profile.
  3. Also, a user can answer those personality and interest-based questions to help the site’s algorithm for finding the right matches.
  4. To make your profile more attractive, you can add photographs to the photo gallery of your profile.
  5. A member of the Ardent dating site can get, send, and read messages to communicate with other members.
  6. You can use the match index to receive the correct matches on Ardent.
  7. Members can help the feature called “Match Foreshow” to get a preview of their potential matches.

Procedure For Making A Payment

As Ardent is a free website, you do not have to pay any subscription-free to use the features of this website. So, there is no payment procedure for submitting your cost of membership on the Ardent dating site.

Various Payment Systems Of The Platform

As mentioned above, this dating platform is open to everybody without any fee. You do not need to make any payments to enjoy services on this website.

How Are The Safety Measures Of This Site?

Ardent Review 2020

This platform’s well-described safety policy is given on the mobile application to inform the members about the rules of this dating platform. The users are also offered options like blocking and reporting to control the activity of abusive users. If the user comes across an uncomfortable situation on the site, he or she can report the authority about the issues through the email address of Ardent.

Email Address: info@altum.io

Your data and messages go through encryption so that any third party cannot access private information. The safety measures of this dating site look after the privacy of every member carefully.

Are There Scam Members On This Website?

Since it is primarily a dating platform for serious relationships, the number of fake members on this platform is lesser than that of other dating sites. It has been three years since Ardent’s creation, and it is continuously growing as a reliable dating site for finding long-term relationships. As it is a free dating platform, there can be a few fake or scam members. Therefore, it is wise to block or report these types of abusive users. So, Ardent is a reliable dating platform to find a suitable partner.

Unique Features Of This Dating Site

Ardent Review 2020

Despite being a free website, there is no lack of advanced features on this dating website. This platform offers you all the essential features that you need to have for having a wholesome experience of virtual dating. So, now, this Ardent review will highlight the distinct characteristics of this dating site.

The unique features of Ardent include:

  1. Match Foreshow: This feature helps you to have a look at your nearby matches. If you like in any of these given matches, then you can send your interest to the other member.
  2. Personality Questions: This is a set of questions about your personality that you need to fill up. Your answers to these questions will help the AI algorithm of Ardent to decide your matches. So, you should be honest while answering these questions.
  3. Interest Questions: Interest Questions are questions that the users need to answer while creating their profiles. The answers to these questions will support Ardent’s artificial intelligence algorithm to find your compatible partner with similar interests. Therefore, it is crucial to answering these questions with complete clarity.
  4. Match Index: Besides the artificial intelligence algorithm to perform the matchmaking process, there is also another procedure for matchmaking on Ardent. It is a different type of algorithm that is based on the analysis of the user’s face. The result of this analysis will be applied to calculate the match index. Using this match index, you can also find out how many mutual interests you have on this platform. The more you involve yourself in conversion with other members, the more your match index will increase. To improve your overall match index, you need to add good photographs and chat with other members.
  5. Photo Gallery: Photo Gallery contains all your photographs on this site. You should give importance to the photo gallery and include good quality photographs to increase the number of mutual interests and received messages. Your pictures determine the rate of your success on this dating app.

Final Note

Ardent Review 2020

The Ardent review article has attempted to cover all the significant aspects of this dating site. Since its foundation in 2017, this website has been a growing dating platform with a considerable user base in the United States. It is a modern dating platform that can only be accessed through your android devices. It is a perfect dating site for busy working professionals and students. It is one of the most reliable free dating websites that comes with adequate features and safety policies. So, to summarize this review, it can be said that Ardent will offer you good results in your search for long term relationships.

Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
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