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Three Day Rule review – The Most Effective Site to Meet Singles

Three Day Rule review – The Most Effective Site to Meet Singles
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Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 75%
Beauty 88%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 890.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Exclusive dating platform
  • Innovative matching approaches
  • LGBTQ+ community-friendly
  • Eye-pleasing layout
  • Easy navigation
  • Effective online dating
  • Welcomes people of all sexual fetishes
  • Strong security measures
  • Doesn’t have a mobile app
  • Rather confusing matchmaking approaches
  • Expensive

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How Does Three Day Rule Work?

If the regular dating websites seem a bit boring for you and ineffective, it’s just a time to read this Three Day Rule review. This is an exclusive platform that delivers first-class services for the users. The distinctive feature of the brand is that they focus mainly on offline dates rather than online chatting. Apart from having personally vetted matches, they have an expertized team that works with potential matches. Want to learn more about this community? Read on this Three Day Rule review in order not to miss any detail.

Since the platform boasts a first-class team of experts, they do their best to know what type of person you are in order to organize the best dating experience possible. The skillful phychologists try to understand your lifestyle, interests, and accomplishments. They test your matches in the same way that we recognize you: face to face.

The site boasts an impressive user database. Incredible singles join their database on a daily basis. The participants send their friends, and the platform is actively engaged in the selection of the right people. From social media events to yoga, their assistants are picking matches in the real world. These are real people with real desires and life.

Another strong point of the website that you won’t find in any Three Day Rule review is that this brand collaborates with the most prominent dating platforms. This is the only matchmaking company that has a dependable partnership with other brands. That means a lot to users. Thus, you are going to have higher chances to find singles who are registered in different networks.

Does the Three Day Rule Operate Legally?

The Three Day Rule is just the right place if you are looking for a reliable and reputable platform. The platform offers a healthy environment for those who are on the lookout for serious dating in real life. With this in mind, they achieve all the necessary documentation to operate all around the world and deliver the best services. Apart from the essential certificates, they have a highly trained team to work with clients that are skilled enough and have a degree in the physiological sphere to deliver a high-quality experience to all the members regardless of their age, financial status, and occupation.

Members Info

Members Info

Three Day Rule has a massive database of users who are looking for their perfect partners. Since the membership is anonymous, the platform doesn’t specify how many users there are in their database. However, they claim that the majority of members are from the USA, Mexico, Europe, and The UK. Of course, you can find numerous individuals from Asian countries if you are all about exotic beauty or values.

The population of males-females is almost equal. This means everyone, regardless of their sexual orientation, has virtually the same chances to find their perfect match.

Since the platform is highly reputable and expensive, only those who are looking for serious dates are registered there. Each member specifies enough info for other users to understand whether she or he is their perfect match.

Sexual Preferences

Three Day Rule welcomes people literally of all sexual preferences. Whether you are a straight person or man who prefers men as well, you will definitely find someone to your taste. Even if you hesitate to choose, the expertise managers will choose the perfect match for you as soon as possible. You will need to specify your sexual preferences during the process of registration. Leave the rest for the professionals. Those who belong to the LGBTQ+ community can also join to the site as such individuals will have the personal matchmakers to cater to their special needs.

The Average Age

The age distribution is an important aspect to mention in this Three Day Rule review. The platform welcomes people regardless of your age. The only essential rule you should meet is that you should be more than 18 years old to register on the platform. The average age of users registered on the site is 30 years. However, you can find here people belonging to any age category. Whether you are in your early twentieth or you are a more experienced person, professional matchmakers will help you find the partner of your desired age.

How to Sign Up?

How to Sign Up?

If you are ready to meet someone amazing, it’s just the time to sign up for the platform. This Three Day Rule review will help you do it within several minutes effectively.

At the top menu, you will see the button Get Started. Click it to initiate the process of registration. Now you are going to create your profile. Follow these guidelines, I make your registration process as straightforward as possible:

  1. Enter your first and last name.
  2. Specify your sexual orientation. There are such options as:
  • Man seeking a woman
  • Woman seeking a man
  • Woman seeking a man
  • Woman seeking a woman
  • Man interested in both male and female
  • Woman interested in both male and female
  • Transgender man
  • Transgender woman
  • Other
  1. Specify your date of birth
  2. Enter your zip code
  3. Reveal your occupation
  4. Select the amount of your income
  5. Specify how did you hear about the platform
  6. Enter your email address

As long as you provide all the necessary info, you will need to click Get started. Now it’s just the time to upgrade your profile to let the system understand who exactly you are looking for.

Profile Quality

Profile Quality

Since it is a professional platform, it requires the profiles of the users to be well-detailed. This is necessary to make sure the users’ profiles are real and provide the best possible matchmaking results. You will need to specify such info as your real name, gender, occupation, income, interests, and your expectations concerning the partner.

This doesn’t mean all the info will be revealed to the rest of the users. The data you provide will be carefully reviewed by the skillful specialist to help you find the perfect partner. You will just need to tell your preferences, and the professionals will do the rest.

Three Day Rule is a more individual form of organizing dates. Here the main thing is quality than quantity. Starting from the interview with the client to organizing first dates, working with their matchmakers will bring your dating experience to the whole new level.

Of course, you have created a well-detailed account and think it will be displayed to the users. Not at all! There are no profiles shown to the other users, just for matchmakers who will work with your identity. You don’t need to always scroll down the pages in the hope of finding your perfect match. The experts’ intuition and technology will do it for you.

Communication Approaches

The communication approaches on the platform are literary unique. Find out more about them in this Three Day Rule review. The website gathers data about the participant not only via completing the profile but also on informal face-to-dace dates. If you are a new member who has serious intentions about finding the perfect match, you will be assigned to meet with your personal consultant for coffee.

This is necessary for the matchmaker to know more about the participant as well as understand his or her preferences and expectations. As a member, you should answer the questions about your upbringing, ex-partners, where you see yourself in the nearest future, what you are seeking in a relationship, how many children you would like to have, etc. Your meeting with the Three Day Rule expert can be compared with the friend meeting, but they are digging deep, so be ready to get all your secrets revealed.

Is the Website User-Friendly?

Is the Website User-Friendly?

Since the Three Day Rule is a premium service, it’s evident that it will have a user-oriented approach. However, the website has a more informative character rather than a functional one. Here you can learn everything about the service, the methods they work, and even more. You can read the blog and the stories of success. Get inspired by the positive and romantic atmosphere on the platform and decide whether you want to remain a non-paid user or wish to have a personal matchmaker to make all your romantic dreams come true.

Unfortunately, the Three Day Rule didn’t release the mobile application. You don’t need the one at all since the website doesn’t have any entertaining and communicative features. All you need is just to register and get in touch with the matchmaker. You can do it using the mobile browser since the platform is fully optimized for smartphones or tablets. Navigation via the browser is straightforward, so you don’t need to perform extra taps to reach the desired section.

Desktop Version

The desktop version is the only functional version of the platform. Here you can create your profile and do the physiological test. You can also read how the service works, discover who the founders and matchmakers of Three Day Rule, and read testimonials and explore the events the platform organizes. You can also follow the platform on various social media platforms to always keep up with the latest news.

Layout and Usability

Three Day Rule has a premium-looking layout that is pleasing to the eye. All the sections are well-structured, so you won’t have any trouble finding the necessary one. The site has pretty large and readable fonts and appealing icons. Everything is designed so that the users feel like they are VIP clients.

The usability of the platform amazes with its simplicity. Even if you are a total newbie in the dating world, you will efficiently deal with the platform’s main functions. The brand boasts first-class customer support, so you can always get in touch with the manager if you have some issues.

How to Navigate the Website?

The navigation of the site is straightforward. You can quickly reach any section you want. The pages are loading fast as well. If you are a busy individual, you won’t need to wait long to perform the necessary task. Additionally, the site is somewhat responsive and has high performance. Everything is done for the users’ convenience.

Layout and Usability

Three Day Rule Subscription

It is absolutely free of charge to join the platform and appear in the database of singles. For this, you will just need to complete the straightforward form and wait until you are matched with the paid member.

Those who are all about finding their soulmate with the help of professional assistance, you should avail of the paid membership. Two membership plans will allow you to get the most of the platform. This Three Day Rule review outlines them in detail.

  • If you opt for the 3-month subscription for $5,000, you will get 4-6 guaranteed matches within this period.
  • Those who want to explore the full potential of such a dating type can buy the subscription for six months, which costs $7,500. In this case, the platform guarantees to organize 6-12 matches within this period effectively.

As a bonus, you will get an opportunity to work with professional photographers and have two training sessions related to successful dating. Additionally, the platform offers dating strategy services in the form of a one-hour conversation via Skype. If you want to purchase more sessions, you should pay some extra charges.

Features for Standard and Premium Members

If you decided to remain free membership on Three Day Rule, you could use such features:

  • Free registration
  • Blog and forums
  • Appear in the database of users and wait for your potential partner
  • Participate in the upcoming events

Those who don’t want to wait but are all about finding their soulmate and are ready to pay can benefit from such perks:

  • Face to face conversation with the personal assistant
  • Dating strategy services
  • Professional support 24/7
  • Advanced technologies to find possible matches
  • Professional help during the first date
  • Coaching during real life and online sessions
  • After-dating feedback
How to Make a Payment?

How to Make a Payment?

To make a payment, you will need to choose one of the suitable methods. After that, the system will redirect you to the separate page where you will need to specify all the necessary billing info (depending on the method you opt for). Submit your data and wait till the money is withdrawn from your bank account.

Payment Methods

Three Day Rule offers just two ways to make a payment. You can do it using your credit/debit card or PayPal account. The transaction will be displayed in your billing sentence, so you can review it if necessary.

Can the Website Guarantee Safety?

Can the Website Guarantee Safety?

Three Day Rule can completely guarantee the safety of the users. Real professionals thoroughly check all the clients, so the community includes people only with serious intentions. Moreover, when you go for the first meeting, your manager will follow you to ensure you are safe and satisfied. You can also read dating safety tips on the website. Besides, the Three Day Rule provides live sessions concerning dating safety.

Does the Website Contain Scammers?

The website doesn’t contain scammers since it has high costs, and the scammer won’t pay so much to convince a fraud. All people registered on the platform have serious intentions, so you may not worry that you will be cheated.

Distinctive Features

Distinctive Features

Three Day Rule is an exclusive site with numerous distinctive features. Learn all of them to understand what to expect from the platform.

  • Private Profiles. Your profile will be hidden from the audience. Only the team of the platform can see it. This ensures your privacy on the website.
  • In-person meetings with the matchmaker. Once you purchase a membership, you will be assigned for the meeting with your personal assistant to discuss the details of your dating journey.
  • Innovative technologies. Advanced matchmaking algorithms, face recognition technologies, all of this will bring your dating life to the whole next level.
  • Dating tips and coaching. As a member, you will have constant support from the team. Participate in the online Skype sessions and follow the helpful tips to make your dates even more successful.
Bottom Line

Bottom Line

This Three Day Rule review touches upon the peculiarities and pitfalls of the prominent dating platform. Although the website’s services are impressively expensive, it delivers top-notch dating experience and guarantees 100% matches. Here, you won’t need to spend your valuable time on searching and communicating with a person and organizing a meeting. The professional matchmakers will do it for you—all you need to complete a profile and wait for the first date.

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