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Hiki Review 2021

Hiki Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 87%
Popular age 24-28
Profiles 1.600.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Responsive support team;
  • The Hiki app is compatible with Android and iOS;
  • Designed for the autistic community specifically;
  • A board of specialists works on improving the app regularly;
  • Well-developed features adjusted to the needs of people with different sexual orientations.
  • A limited set of features.

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What Is Hiki?

Hiki Review 2020

It is not a traditional dating service as you know it. Hiki is a unique website that serves as a platform for like-minded people with the same pains and aches of life with Autism. It is not as rare as one would think. Autism is a widespread neurological disorder that has many signs and symptoms. Hence, people find it hard to meet singles that understand the hardships of life with Autism. This Hiki review looks into the strategy the platform employs to smooth the dating process for people on the spectrum. It also analyzes the innovative approach and its effectiveness. The site was launched by Jamil Karriem, whose sibling struggled to get a friend and lover for some time. The Hiki review explores Jamil’s idea and its effectiveness.

Since dating sites, in most cases, look at gaining profit, they prefer to engage a broad audience. It obviously brings more paying users. The idea of creating a niche website for the Autism community has not been acknowledged as profitable. Nevertheless, it was a personal matter for Jamil since he has a sibling suffering from something that can be fixed easily.

For sure, the work on the website had to be scrupulous and skeptical. Hiki is a platform for the audience with special needs, so it requires thinking outside the box. The creators found a perfect solution and approached the issue responsibly. As a result, the board consists of two people with Autism and educational experts who have tons of experience in working with the disorder. It resulted in a well-structured website.

Is Hiki Legit or Scam?

Hiki is a tool for people with special needs to find partners for communication, friendship, and relationships. Considering the audience, safety measures require the highest level of responsibility. Since it is not a business idea but a personal project, the owner has invested in its security. This Hiki review of policies, tips, and strategies shows that the platform is not a scam.

The users signing up with the site agree that they have Autism disorder and also give their consent to the processing of their personal information. It is vital to read the rules of conduct to avoid being banned. There are specific categories of content that are not allowed, like explicit photos and expressing the views that offend any other member. The media and many critics acknowledge the app. Hence, Hiki has excellent credentials.


Hiki Review 2020

The Hiki review of the member base shows millions of users. According to the stats on Autism disorder in the USA, one in 59 children is born with it. The target audience of the app is large. Hiki has been released recently, so it is still on the way to global popularity. It is currently making its way through North and South America.

Sexual Orientation

Hiki is a friendly app, and it accepts all users. All the representatives of the LGBT community are welcome.

Age Distribution

Joining Hiki is only allowed if a user reached a legal age of 18 y.o. Currently, the app is actively used by people of 18-25 y.o. Since the autism spectrum encompasses many disorders, not all users are willing to join the app since they are not sure whether they can handle it properly. Younger generations are brave about it since they struggle from a lack of socializing, and Hiki is a common way for them to meet people. The older generation is not much represented for now.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

To sign up with Hiki, one needs to download it from the App Store or Google Play Store. Then, you need to indicate your email and create a password. For safety sake, the app encourages members to pick a username or hide the last name.

Hiki sends notifications related to the services but does not share the email address with any third party. It is safe to use your email to register with Hiki.

Profile Creation

Hiki Review 2020

Since Hiki is an app, the profile is standard for this type of platform. It has a photo that takes most of the page, age, gender, birthday information. The user is asked to provide a short personality description, but as practice shows, applications usually have profiles filled with photos, not text.

Depending on your preference, the page can contain any information you like. The site checks the photos to verify whether the person is not fake.


The Hiki review of chatting options shows novelty. As the founder claims, the app aims at connecting people but not purely for romantic relationships. Hence, swiping has options to like a person romantically or as a friend. As soon as the profiles are matched, they can start communication in a chat. The recent update allows members to upload gifs from your device.


Hiki Review 2020

The platform is created for people with special needs, so its design meets the requirements. It has a simple set of features that can be used intuitively. It should be noted that the developers are in the process of fixing the bugs and improving the functionality. They take into account user feedback and requests. Hence, you are more than welcome to add yours. The comments from members can be found in the online store. Besides, there are regular updates announced in the App Store and Google Play.


The desktop version of Hiki works as an informational window. It has links to download the app for Android and iOS. It also has all the vital information about the functioning of the site. One can subscribe to the updates or contact the customer support from the website directly.

You are welcome to go to your social networks, like Facebook, and get in touch with the Hiki team. They respond within a couple of minutes. They can be contacted via mobile and desktop versions. Any questions or problems the user has will be sorted immediately. The Facebook page also announces events and improvements. Hiki is more than a platform; it is a social project that works to facilitate better conditions for autistic people dating and communicating.


The mobile application has been acknowledged to be a better platform for modern generations. It has faster speed and personalized content. It also simplifies the process of registration and communication. Besides, there are push notifications that improve its efficiency.

Hiki was designed as a mobile app that should be easy and quick to use regardless of a person’s location (which can be changed, by the way). You can travel and select the place you are going to. The matches will be updated in a second, and you are welcome to browse them. It is a free option. Besides, the mobile application is protected. The layers of protection allow people to feel safe talking to their matches. All the profiles are going through regular checks, and there is a team of moderators responsible for the content on the site as well. All security measures inspire hope and confidence. The Autistic community feedback so far is amazing.

Design and Usability

Hiki Review 2020

The Hiki review of features shows a standard set that most dating services possess. The app is well-designed and constantly improved. The history of updates shows regular bug fixes and updates. Based on the survey from the users, the founders try to improve the performance. For example, as a safety measure, the last name of the user is hidden. Functions like posting comments and posts were added as well.

Hiki offers to approach your profile creatively. You can customize the page and add a lot of things to make it brighter. The content should not violate the rules, though. Hence, the moderators will be responsible for checking it.

Hiki is also an educational and entertainment resource for the Autistic community. You can find podcasts, games, links to the articles, and other materials to read. Besides, there are events arranged for the Hiki community, giving you a chance to find new people and meet them face to face.

The layout of the app is simple. The top menu has communication, search, and profile options. The user can update photos and edit the information via the profile section.

All the features are placed and activated easily for people not to waste much time and effort on learning how to navigate the website.

Hiki Costs and Prices

Hiki Review 2020

Hiki does not charge you for registration or download. It offers certain bundles to boost your profile and visibility to other users. However, it is free of charge. The paid accounts were introduced with the aim to decrease the risk of hackers and scammers getting on. The Autistic community is a vulnerable category of users. The scammers and people who are not very polite are often targeting them. Hence, the payment process was optimized to prevent hackers from benefiting from innocent members.

If you decide to get an account upgrade of any kind, you will be charged instantly. Check the account setting to see if the subscription is set to renew itself on expiration or not. In most cases, it is set for renewal by default. With the free account, your capabilities on Hiki are enough to socialize and find matches. The paid profile gives you more protection, though. In case you want to be sure that only premium subscribers can contact you, it is better to get the account upgrade.

How to Pay

Hiki Review 2020

When you pay via Hiki, the transaction is handled by an external payment system, and Hiki doesn’t impose additional commissions. However, consider the taxes depending on your place of residence, as well as the commission of your payment system.

Payment Methods

It is not obligatory to purchase any goods or upgrades for your Hiki profile. However, the payment options are diverse in case you do need some. Since it is an app, you can pay via the mobile payment system, whether it is iOS or Google Pay, etc. In case your payment method is something else, contact them to find out how the payment works. You can connect the credit card to Hiki and pay via the website directly — it is a safe and transparent option. In that case, address Hiki for a refund or other billing questions. If you have more inquiries about the payment, contact the support via the site, mobile app, or Facebook.

Safety & Security

The Hiki review of recommendations on safe dating shows more than a set of standard tips. The founders cooperate with the board consisting of experts in Autism and inclusive education to provide safe and comfortable conditions for the members. With the special needs in mind, the site gives options to establish a friendship. There is no pressure to enter romantic relationships or any relationships at all.

Although the account can be owned and used by one person at a time, it is impossible for a relative or mentor to monitor Hiki’s activity. However, the founders claim to check the messages for keywords and intrusions of malicious sources. The system signals about the messages encouraging to log out and take the conversation somewhere else or meet in person right away.

Besides, there are rules of meeting offline. First of all, depending on the disorder’s severity, the person might want to take a friend or relative to the first meeting. It should be arranged in a public place, and family members should have all the information about that user. In case he/she does not want to share the information about the identity and meet in a public place, it is better to remain in communication online or terminate it. When it comes to online dating, one should not be afraid to lose contact with someone if personal security is questioned.


Hiki Review 2020

Online hazards are not rare, and whether the app is well protected or not, they require common sense. The technical specifications of the app show that it is a protected space. However, the chances of encountering a scam still exist. On the positive, with Hiki, these hazards are minimized.

All the concerns users might have can be sent over to the founders’ team, and they conduct weekly meetings discussing them with the board. Since Hiki is entirely new, there are still many improvements to come, and users are welcome to join with their recommendations.

Besides, scammers always target the categories of members who are considered vulnerable. So, be aware of those, and you will be able to avoid them. It should be noted that Hiki is promoting healthy communication. For that purpose, there are many articles, rules, and educational materials on the app and Facebook page.

Hiki keeps taking over the market and has been awarded a number of titles for being a convenient and comfortable place for people with Autism. It got the funding and the needed shark-tank to improve the app and make it one of the best existing services.

Special Features

Hiki Swipe: Hiki could not reproduce identical features of Tinder like other apps did. The needs of the audience require different things. So, the swiping tool as we know it was transformed. The candidate’s photo is on the screen, and three options are available at the bottom: to establish romantic relationships, the other one means friendship, and the third one is dislike. The recent addition also allows members to look through skipped pages.

The traditional feature of posting photos is improved with the chance to sign them. You can post the image with a description of it and encourage the comments. It is another way to start conversations with people. You can either post a photo, ask a question with it, or comment on someone else’s pics. The comments will not be filtered unless they contain some negative keywords. If you get a negative comment, you can complain about it to the moderators.


Hiki Review 2020

The autistic community lacks the platforms for socializing. People become victims of online scams daily, and when it comes to the members with Autism, the situation is dire. These people are already in a vulnerable category, and there is no need for them to be subjected to more dangers. Besides, they often feel like traditional platforms do not care about them. So, registering with a source that excludes the chances of being stigmatized and discriminated against is a life-saving opportunity.

This Hiki review examined the vital tools of the app. Its introduction attracted a lot of attention, and it was featured in news and media as a life-changing app for the community with Autism. Indeed, niche services are abundant, but not when it comes to Autism.

Hiki is easy to download and install. The registration procedure is clear and quick; the design is typical for a dating application. However, users benefit from increased safety measures and carefully selected membership pools. There are approximately seventy million people with Autism in the world, and they are all potential users of Hiki. So, as the user base is growing, the founders also develop new features and extend the team of employees who maintain Hiki’s flawless functioning.

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