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Chatroulette Review 2021

Chatroulette Review 2021
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Reply rate 85%
Beauty 80%
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Pros and Cons

  • The Chatroulette platform allows us to chat anonymously so that the identity of each user is fully secured.
  • All users can meet male, female, transgender, couples as partners of communication on Chatroulette.
  • Chatroulette is an all-inclusive platform where the interests of the LGBTQ community are well-considered.
  • Partners of communication can exchange their personal information once Chatroulette has given them a chance to meet online.
  • The safety rules of Chatroulette prohibit users from displaying any illegal activities, from advertising or exploiting children.
  • Safety on the Chatroulette website is assured that each user can report any type of abuse or violation that might occur during chat sessions.
  • The platform is free of charge and available for any user throughout the world.
  • Because Chatroulette allows its users to share private information, once that information has been shared, the service bears no responsibility in regard to its safety.
  • A particular number of clicks that allows change users on Chatroulette is limited, and cannot be upgraded.
  • Chatroulette platform is often in the development stage, which allows it to be perfected, but users can experience some bugs.

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Chatroulette in a Nutshell

Chatroulette is one of the eldest social meeting platforms on the Internet. Chatroulette review lets one examine how the website allows its user to contact each other anonymously. Any user can visit its web page without any special registration procedure, and start meeting new people on Chatroulette. Those are only users who choose what does their partner sees: the picture of themselves or any other image. Having considered Chatroulette review, one must say that service is available from both: phone and computer, as it has two different versions – a desktop version and a mobile version. The service allows its users to have a filtered and unfiltered versions, were filtered and unfiltered contents are available. Filtered content on Chatroulette prohibits its users from displaying adult or sexual subject matter, whereas an unfiltered one is where nudity and sexual content is allowed.

Chatroulette in a Nutshell

How Justifiable Is the Service

Chatroulette is free of charge for any user, and there is no particular option of a paid membership. For this reason, many users can question the service in terms of the safety of their data and their privacy as well. Because users do not need to pay to use the Chatroulette service, they do not risk losing their money and become victims of a scam. Each user is able to use Chatroulette service safely, while also adhering to the main safety rules. This way, yes, Chatroulette is a legit social meeting platform that functions online since 2009. At any time, every user can leave the chat, not having lost anything, because Chatroulette is anonymous and free of charge.

Who Can Use Chatroulette Online Video Chatting Platform

Chatroulette review allows us to see that it is an anonymous website. No partner of an online chat meeting can access the location of their companion. Even Chatroulette service itself does not ask its users to enable location, so it does not identify its users’ geographic area. Every user uses the Chatroulette service only one at a time, while also being able to communicate with one partner only. With this, all users that become partners of online meetings can share their communication via chat. Nonetheless, the service does not allow its users to see the location of their partners. For this reason, the location of each user remains a private data that is well secured on Chatroulette.

Inclusivity of Sex and Gender

Chatroulette is an inclusive online platform that allows its users to be able to choose the sex and gender of their partners. This way, the Chatroulette platform allows the LGBTQ community to be a full representative of the Chatroulette service. Indeed, every user can put in their gender and sexual orientation while also putting in their match’s preferences. With this, a person of any sexual orientation can meet anyone of the same gender. Of course, it is possible to meet every possible gender and sex option to increase the personal chances of a perfect match.

What Age Does a User Has to Be, to Use the Platform

Following the main rules and the official policy of the Chatroulette service, children are not allowed to be displayed on the online meeting chats. There is no need to go through a particular registration process for a user at the Chatroulette website. However, abuse of rules is always reported. For this reason, the Chatroulette service is utterly reliant on the loyalty of its users, where the policy of mutual support and understanding is employed. At this point, the Chatroulette website is utterly operated with the responsibility of its users. No children allowed, which means that people who use the Chatroulette website must be over 18 years old.

What Age Does a User Has to Be, to Use the Platform

the Steps of Registration and Signing Up

In Chatroulette review one must mention that it does not require any particular procedure of signing up. Any internet user with a microphone and a camera can open the website by typing in its address and meeting new people. The service is completely anonymous, which is why the partners of the online chats do not know the location, name, or any other personal data of their companions. On Chatroulette, chatting is based on the blind trust of Chatroulette users, whereas they are secured from being scammed because they do not share any personal information. Chatroulette does not require any log in information from its users, which is why every consumer of the service must act at their discretion.

How to Create a Personal Profile

Considering the Chatroulette service’s anonymous nature, its website does not collect any personal data from its users. For this reason, there is no particular need to create any type of profile at Chatroulette. Every user is granted a right to use Chatroulette services by only giving the service a personal IP address. Everything else is done anonymously. All users can also cover their identity by turning off their cameras, muting their microphones, and wearing masks. This way, not needing to register or create a personal profile at Chatroulette, all users are protected, because they do not share any personal data.

Communication and Contact

In the earlier versions of Chatroulette, users have been able to chat instantaneously, without enabling their microphones to communicate. The current version of the Chatroulette website does not present any chat box for users to text. So, users find their random communication partners by clicking the “play” button, and then switching partners by pressing “next.” Each user at Chatroulette can also report one’s partner in case they violate the official rules. It appears to be a useful feature of the Chatroulette service that users can use to hide their video or mute their microphone. This way, people can communicate with gestures in case they have speaking or hearing disabilities. Chatroulette users can also communicate via voice if they do not want to have themselves seen by their partners. Be that as it may, messaging on Chatroulette is simple, while its users talk to each other in a manner that reminiscents real-life meetings. On the whole, on Chatroulette, people randomly meet their partners, voluntarily switching to the next partner if they are dissatisfied with ongoing communication.

Communication and Contact

Which Platforms Are Eligible to Use Chatroulette

Chatroulette is available in a desktop version of its services in any browser when used on a computer or a phone. There is also a mobile version of Chatroulette service, which does not differ significantly from a desktop one.

How Does a Desktop Version Differ from Other Ones

The desktop version of the Chatroulette website is its main form of functioning. There is a mobile version of its browser page. However, it does not differ much from a home computer one. So, the Chatroulette service’s homepage in its desktop version is the main page available for its users. Besides its homepage, there is also the “Rules & Information” page that redirects all users to the information about allowed and prohibited content, as well as the main safety policy regulations. In terms of the Chatroulette homepage design, there are two main windows, where a user can see personal video content and that of one’s partner. In the partner’s window, a couple of navigation buttons allow us to report a user in case of a rules violation and switch to the next user. The Chatroulette desktop version’s home page also contains their logo and social media buttons that redirect a user to Chatroulette Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.

How Is the Mobile Version Different from a Desktop One

There is no mobile application of Chatroulette services for mobile phones. Nonetheless, there is a mobile version of their website. The mobile version does not differ significantly from the desktop version of its website. The mobile version of the Chatroulette website contains the same essential features as its desktop version does. There are two windows in which all users chat. In Chatroulette’s mobile version, all users can switch to another user, report abuse, and violate policy. Yet, in the mobile version of Chatroulette website, one can switch to a different camera in their phone, so that partners can share their views besides their faces. Sharing the views is also a feature that takes Chatroulette users more towards privacy, whereas this is how they can hide their identity. Still, judging from the view, there is a risk that other users can determine their partners’ locations. For this reason, every user must act in regard to their own discretion.

How Is the Mobile Version Different from a Desktop One

How User-Friendly Is the Design

The main page of Chatroulette that is also their homepage, is rather very simple to use. The Chatroulette online video chatting platform’s user interface has two main windows where random users can meet and chat using their cameras and microphones. There is no possibility to chat using text in the current version of the Chatroulette website. However, it has been present in previous versions. Considering Chatroulette review as the source of its description, it comes to be apparent that there is no Chatroulette application, there is no need to log in and share personal data. With this, every user can feel secured while being able to chat with other users anonymously. Some users can call Chatroulette’s design even too simple to use, whereas it also allows the kids to take part in live chats without any particular efforts. There is no need for special training to start chatting on Chatroulette. Every person who has a phone or computer with Internet access can open the Chatroulette page, and start chatting with other people in seconds. A user needs to know how to filter an adult and sexual content, which is available in preferences before a person can start chatting at Chatroulette.

How Complicated Is the Website Navigation

Chatroulette is very easily navigated from a phone or a computer. Chatroulette review allows us to say that it can be used on any available browsers. There is no application. However, each user can easily access Chatroulette from any device. The main navigation features include switching between partners until a person can find a perfect partner to chat with. Navigation buttons also include the possibility of reporting a user, which automatically makes a person switch to another partner. Before chatting begins, users can put in their preferences concerning the filtered and unfiltered versions of clicking. The filtered ones allow no adult and sexual content, while the unfiltered ones allow people to see a mature subject matter. At any time, each user can put in their gender, so that other users would know who they are dealing with. Besides reporting other users and switching partners, people can also navigate the Chatroulette website in their window, where they can mute themselves or choose to hide their video. Additional features allow the website users to like partners, without them knowing, so that they can save their conversation in case it is interrupted.

Is Chatroulette Affordable Financially

Chatroulette service is fully free of charge, and there is no paid membership of any kind. There is no need to sign up or log in, which means that users do not need to share their data. The service is fully anonymous, which is why the paid memberships would make no sense. People are free to share their data and information only at their discretion. This way, any person who has internet access and a proper device can access the Chatroulette page from anywhere in the world without a need to share their data and provide and payment information. Being free of charge, Chatroulette service is based utterly on the trust and loyalty of its users.

Comparison on Paid Membership vs Free Use

In the process of Chatroulette review one is able to point out that an access to Chatroulette is fully free, and there is no paid membership. Thus, there is no apparent possibility of comparing the services in terms of the features that would have been accessible from different tariff plans. Yes, a number of clicks are limited in case a user switches to another user too often. However, there is no chance of adding any extra features with a paid membership. So, the absence of a paid membership could be considered a con. However, it also protects users from sharing their data with the Chatroulette service. So, an absence of the paid membership protects customers and endows them with the right to privacy. Without a paid membership, all users of Chatroulette can remain anonymous and save their right for privacy.

Comparison on Paid Membership vs Free Use

What Are the Main Payment Processing Methods

Chatroulette service is a fully free platform that has no paid membership. Free use of Chatroulette online video chatting service allows its users to maintain their privacy and anonymity.

Types of Payment

Chatroulette does not accept any type of payment, so its users cannot process their payment in order to use the platform. Chatroulette is a fully free online chatting service.

Protection of User Privacy

Considering that Chatroulette does not require logging in and signing up and that its services are fully free, its users do not need to share private data. An only private matter that is shared with the service is an IP address of a device used to access Chatroulette. Otherwise, users do not need to provide any personal data, including payment information, location, and even their names. The Chatroulette service is totally free and completely anonymous, which is why the safety and security of all users is well assured.

How Can a User Be Assured of Legitimacy of the Service

An only possible scam on the Chatroulette website is that partners who other users meet could not be the ones whom they seem to represent. However, that is a level of risk that Chatroulette users are willing to take once they decide to remain anonymous using the Chatroulette online video chat platform. There is no risk of any fraudulence because users do not provide their payment information or geographical location, as they choose to remain anonymous. The sharing of personal information is possible at user’s’ discretion once they decide to do so with their partners. Yet, any voluntarily shared information is not protected by the Chatroulette platform.

How Can a User Be Assured of Legitimacy of the Service

How the Service Distinguishes Itself on the Background of Its Opponents

One of the main special features that many users of Chatroulette seem to not be aware of is that they can “like” their partners with a special button. “Liking” their partners would allow Chatroulette users to return to an ongoing conversation in case it could be interrupted. At the same time, a partner on another side would not be aware of being “liked.” Other features include “reporting” users, switching to the next partner, hiding personal video, and muting microphone.

What Can Be Said in Sum

Chatroulette review has allowed us to see that it is a free service which is available to anyone free of any anywhere around the world. There is no need for users to log in or sign up, as well as they do not need to share their data of any kind. Chatroulette service is anonymous unless its users decide to share their data with partners, but in that case, the service does not bear any kind of responsibility. Chatroulette allows the intergender connections in particular, which is why it is an LGBTQ-friendly service. There is no payment service available because there is no paid membership on the Chatroulette website. With this, Chatroulette main function as an online video chatting platform is to allow people to meet random partners throughout the world and have conversations. One of the most valuable merits of the service is that all users can choose filtered and unfiltered content on Chatroulette, where adult content is prohibited and allowed, respectively.

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