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HER Review 2021

HER Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 86%
Popular age 23-24
Profiles 1.600.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • HER introduce amazing free features for all members
  • Members can join the site as a couple or single
  • Identity verification through Facebook login
  • The user interface is intuitive
  • HER has a robust matching algorithm
  • The iPhone version is sluggish
  • Membership is automatically renewed but could be terminated at any time.

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What Is HER?

HER Review 2020

HER is the pioneer of lesbian dating apps. It was previously known as Dattch, which means “date caught.” It was released in the year 2013 but rebranded as HER in 2015. This HER review will disclose all the facts about why this service claims to be the most popular dating platform among lesbians? If you want to know all the facts, read this HER review to get answers to your questions.

What sets apart HER from all other lesbian dating sites? The evidence that it was created by a queer woman specifically for queer women.

If you are looking for a lesbian hookup app, then HER is not what you need. It has an open approach but with the goal of long-term commitment. The aim is to enable queer women to build a strong relationship within the community. At present, the site claims to have millions of members in the United States alone.

Users always have to face different issues when dating online. Many lesbian dating apps are a scam, but HER gains popularity for its flawless structure and system. It’s considered as the pioneer of the lesbian community for many good reasons. Empowering queer women is the central focus, and all the needs of ladies are taken into consideration seriously.

If you belong to the queer community or know someone, they will tell you that before HER, the lesbian dating sites or apps were missing some vital features. Most of the regular dating platforms are designed for the gay community and have minimal to none tools for queer or lesbians. However, HER changed the online dating world by creating a portal for women to meet women without any restrictions or judgments.

Is HER Legit or Scam?

HER Review 2020

The HER review, all the testimonies, and a massive user base reveal that the site has a legal status. No scam reports or abundant fake profile alerts have been reported so far.


HER is an exclusive dating app that gives its members access to numerous features to communicate. The main purpose is to provide a platform for like-minded people to connect. Members can arrange casual hookups, long-term relationships, friendship, or meeting a pen pal. The developers mainly focus on online dating, which is why HER attracts such a large lesbian population. One more purpose of HER is to establish a community concept among members.

You can find women worldwide and know what they are doing in terms of social activities, entertainment, and dating. Members post upcoming lesbian or bisexual events and invite others to join. It’s a lively section of the dating service that creates a genuine and robust community feel.

Sexual Orientation

HER is a lesbian, queer, and bisexual dating app. All members are mostly lesbian; however, you may find queer and bisexuals, too.

Age Distribution

HER Review 2020

HER is a fantastic service, all with a huge member base. You may find people of all age groups, but mostly, active users are between the range of 25 to 34. Some newbies, curious about the lesbian world, fall in the younger category of 18-24.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

This HER review shows that the registration or login process is simple and straightforward. There are no extended forms or questionnaires to become a member of the community.

How to Install HER?

  • To download the app, the first step is to open the App Store for iOS devices and Play Store for any Android device.
  • Type HER in the search bar and click Search.
  • Press the Install button.
  • You have successfully installed HER on your device.

The best part is that HER allows users to register through their Facebook or Instagram profiles. It’s a fast process that does not require any information to provide. Most importantly, it’s an excellent security measure. It’s easy to identify the authenticity of a person through their previously created account. A few complaints were filed that HER rejected women’s pages that resemble males or have masculine features.

Click on the preferred option. If you want your Facebook account to be linked, choose the Facebook login. If your Instagram is much more interesting, go for it.

Once your profile is connected with the HER dating app, it will automatically import your profile photo, date of birth, and name to be visible on the HER dating app. Like many other dating sites, registration is free of cost. The only stipulation is to install it from the respective virtual stores.

Profile Creation

HER Review 2020

According to the HER review, it’s clear that a profile includes:

  • Name
  • Age
  • Height
  • Gender
  • Sexual identity

All these qualities are displayed on your page, mostly imported from your Instagram or FB accounts. The gender options for members are as follows:

  • Woman
  • Trans from female to male
  • Nonbinary
  • Gender
  • Intersex
  • Gender fluid
  • Two-spirit

HER gives an option of 8 pictures. It’s a great way to know someone from different perspectives. You can add photos and text or caption to let others know what you are up to. The app also shows your geographical distance from the users and showcases your first name only.

You can add a brief biography to give an idea about your personality. Describe your hobbies and profession. What you like and what you are yearning for your partner. There is also the Fun Fact category where you can fill in information about your relationship status, lifestyle, political preferences, religion, diet, animal, and family preferences.


HER Review 2020

This HER review clearly states that the dating app offers an exciting interaction offer. After registering, you will encounter many new profiles. The swiping function is similar to those of Tinder: if you like someone — swipe right, if you don’t like a profile — swipe left to reject. Apart from swiping, you can also see the distance and age of members.

If someone likes your page, you are notified. To like others, click on the heart icon, and they will be notified as well. A mutual like means you are a match. You can start a conversation and send photos to each other.

Premium subscribers can see who is interested in them. Standard members can only see pictures and names but not the profiles of people who liked them. Free users can send unlimited messages but only to mutual matches and friends. They cannot search for partners for free. Only matched profiles are available to them.


Being a high-quality dating service, HER has come up with a desktop version and an application. You can switch between the two options without compromising your dating experience.

Desktop Version

It’s clear from the HER review that this product is operable on mobiles and tablets. However, the site also has a desktop version that can be accessed on the desktop or in a mobile browser. The website’s purpose is to deliver information about the service, answer FAQs, and describe terms of service and privacy policies. The attractive section of the site is its blog called WeAreHER.

The blog is full of articles related to using the HER app. You find information on different trending features and lesbian lifestyles. If you are a newbie to the lesbian community, the blog will be a great place to satisfy your curiosity.


HER is famous for its classy, sleek design and easy navigation. The homepage has five primary buttons, namely:

  • Meet
  • Community
  • Chats
  • Feed
  • NotificationsProfile

You can swipe left and right to like or reject members in the Meet section. If you want to see the messages from your matches and friends, click on the Chat section. To see the recent happening inside the community, visit the Feed block. The notification includes all the alerts from members. The Profile section comprises all the personal info about a member.

Design and Usability

HER Review 2020

This HER review has revealed that the site has a classy and sleek design with a modern interface. The supporting website has colorful pictures and catchy captions that grasp the audience’s attention. The HER app itself is simple to navigate and user-friendly. All the features are arranged neatly without any mess, making it easy for every user to locate.

HER is a modern dating app with intuitive design and user-friendly navigation to provide an outstanding dating experience. It’s easy to switch from one feature to another in minutes. You may experience some lagging from time to time, but it’s a mere trifle and does not interrupt the overall performance.

HER Costs and Prices

HER offers free and premium features to its members. Free users can enjoy unlimited messages and other cool tools. However, to get the best experience, it is recommended to go for the premium membership. The latter is called HER Premium, which comes in one, six, and twelve-month subscription.

Cost Structure:

  • A one-month subscription costs 14.99 USD
  • Six months cost 10.00 USD per month and 59.99 USD in total
  • Twelve months cost 7.50 USD per month and 89.99 USD in total

HER Review 2020

HER standard members can enjoy

  • Creating an impressive profile
  • Viewing pages of other people
  • Messages
  • Notifications
  • Swiping feature in the Meet section
  • Commenting on posts in the Feed section

HER Premium Features


The mix is an exclusive premium perk. It’s an advanced filter tool that allows premium members to find partners with specific preferences. You can use multiple parameters to look for the ideal match, whereas standard visitors can only search by age and distance.

Online Now

Premium members have a privilege to see who’s online. You can check the online status of people and strike a conversation if their profile seems interesting.

Who Liked Me

Members can like other profiles on HER, but only premium subscribers have access to those who liked them. Standard participants are notified that someone is interested in their page, but they cannot see who that person is.

Change Location

Premium members can avail of the change location feature, which comes handy during traveling. Change your location and meet women in your area for a casual hookup or a relationship.

Read Receipt

Premium users have access to the receipt status as well. They can see if other people read the messages or not.

Infinite Swipes

As a premium member, you have an unlimited swiping number. You can swipe as much as you want without any restrictions. You can also undo the action if you accidentally rejected a profile.

How to Pay

HER Premium is automatically renewed on expiration. To change the setting, go to the billing option and turn off the auto-renewal option. Once you terminate your subscription, you will be able to use the remaining days of the membership.

Payment Systems

Premium subscribers can only pay through credit cards and mobile phones. HER doesn’t accept other payment methods.

Safety & Security

HER Review 2020

HER prioritizes its members’ safety and privacy. Facebook or Instagram login are sure ways to identify whether a page is a scam or not. Moreover, the extensive FAQ section answers almost all the general queries of the users. The privacy button ensures that HER doesn’t use one’s personal data. There is a push button that can confirm your choice.

HER provides safety guidelines on online dating. The customer service team is helpful and showcases satisfactory results. You can directly contact them by sending an email with your questions.


One of the worst nightmares for an online dating app or site user is scammers or fakers. HER makes sure none of these get through the safety net, which lowers the chances of scammers roaming around. The testimonies and positive feedback are a surefire way to confirm that the site’s profiles are real, and members have found relationships worth their while.

Special Features

Here are some special features that make HER unique in the dating world.


Members have an option to choose different groups suggested in the app. Some of them are:

  • Strong and Single
  • 40+
  • Pets and Animals
  • Travelers
  • In a Relationship

You can post different messages in the feed and read other people’s words as well. It is an excellent addition to the app to keep its members entertained.


There are lots of events happening around you. HER keeps you informed of all the facts and allows you to participate. It’s a promising way to meet new acquaintances and mingle with like-minded women.


You can use various filters to find the ideal match for yourself. The filters include age and distance for standard members. However, premium subscribers can avail of many other parameters, such as religion, profession, lifestyle, physical appearance, etc.

Blocked Profiles

HER gives priority to its members’ security and provides them with an option to block any annoying person from future contact. You can easily block any rule-breaker on HER.

Push Notifications

In this section, you can choose whether you want to receive notifications about messages or matches. You can turn them off if needed.


HER is an international lesbian dating app. It’s accessible in English, Spanish, and French at the moment.


HER Review 2020

The LGBTQ+ community is frowned at by the straight society, and the straight-oriented dating industry always judges the LGBTQ+ dating sites. HER caters to the needs of minorities. The purpose is to arrange a dating platform for lesbian people to connect with like-minded women without any societal judgments. If you are a lesbian or queer looking for long-term relationships, casual friendships, or hookups, HER is the best virtual place on the market.

Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
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