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Grindr vs. Scruff: What Should to Choose?

Grindr vs. Scruff: What Should to Choose?

Even though the modern market offers a rich array of dating websites and apps, signing up over random platforms might not give you a full bunch of services you need. Finding a dating community with a massive database of users may considerably increase your chances to find your soulmate. Thus, your romantic dreams could just be a click or tap away from you with the help of innovative technologies. Widely-recognized dating platforms like Grindr vs Scruff can bring your dating journey to a whole new level. Both sites are intended for individuals who are on the lookout for homosexual relationships. Although these products are different, they have unique and useful features that will help you find your potential match. A comprehensive Scruff vs Grindr review will help you choose the winner in their rivalry and derive the best benefit from your dating adventure.

Summary table:

Grindr Pros: Scruff Pros:
  • Popular and reliable dating community for gays, bi, and transgender people
  • A huge database of members
  • A few artificially-created accounts
  • You can use online users and how far they are from your location
  • Full-featured functionality regardless of the plan you choose
  • Well-elaborated matchmaking algorithm
  • Exclusive live chat for VIP members
  • Intuitive mobile app
Grindr Cons: Scruff Cons:
  • Occasional crashes in the mobile app
  • Pop-up ads
  • The majority of useful features are hidden behind the paid subscription
  • The system matches the users only based on their location
  • Fewer searching options compared to Grindr
  • Challenging to find users across small towns and cities

Grindr vs Scruff: Quality of Matches

Grindr offers match suggestions are based on location, age, preferences, and other features. At the same time, Grindr allows you to search for matches only by location. That is a huge drawback for those who live in small towns and cities. What makes Grindr stand out in the Scruff vs Grindr battle is the ability to link your social media account with your profile on the dating platform. This significantly increases the authenticity of your profile and engages more users. For its part, Scruff offers a well-elaborated matching system emulated from the popular apps. Just swipe left to match with a user and swipe right to ignore. In terms of simplicity, Scruff offers more opportunities for its members.

Winner: Scruff

Country Availability

Grindr has a relatively large user pool which includes 27 million users from all over the globe. This means you can come across people with different nationalities, believes, traditions and ethnicities. The majority of registered users are from the USA (about 6 million) and the UK (1,8 million). Also, you can meet users from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, etc. Compared to Grindr, Scruff has a smaller user database that includes over 15 million members, which is still a large number. All of them are friendly and active, so you will definitely find your perfect match within your location.

Winner: Grindr

Reputation: Grindr vs Scruff

Either Scruff or Grindr has a high level of user engagement, which means a good reputation. Scruff has excellent security measures and decent privacy options. Although Grindr also boasts numerous positive aspects, it features some security issues and even has been singled out in a data leak scandal. Even though it has numerous newcomers, now fewer people want to entrust their dating fortune to this platform.

Winner: Scruff

Sign-up Process

The first thing you need to do when registering on Scruff is to provide your location. It is possible to navigate the site and browse the profiles even if you aren’t a member of a platform. Thus, you can test a website and decide whether it works for you. To sign up for the platform, you will need to provide your email address, password, and birthday. Any other details are optional. It is possible to update the location once in 24 hours. The platform doesn’t require profile verification as well.

The signup process on Grindr is intuitive and straightforward. The system will approve your picture in seconds if it doesn’t violate the platform’s terms and conditions. You can register either by using your Facebook account or specifying your email address. The site doesn’t require email verification, which means weaker security. It is important to identify your location in order to ensure the best matching results. During the registration, you will need to complete a sexual health section where you can identify your HIV status and the date you were last tested.

If it comes to detailed accounts and the simplicity of the registration process, Grindr gets another point in the Grindr and Scruff battle.

Grindr vs Scruff: Profiles

Grindr profile consists of five sections: info, status, identity, sexual health, and social links. This is pretty enough information to learn the user and decide whether you have common interests. Social links allow you to determine whether the account is real or fake. It is possible to edit your profile details any time you want.

On Scruff, it is possible to add your account to one of the available communities on the site. Although the website profiles aren’t too detailed, they can be compensated by the number of photos you can upload. It isn’t allowed to upload nude pictures; you can add explicit content to the albums. It can be beneficial for some users who want to spice up their dating experience. All the profiles are categorized into three sections such as Online, New users, and Most Woof’d, which makes it convenient to browse the users by category. Considering the diversity of features, Scruff gets another point in the Scruff and Grindr standoff.

Winner: Scruff

Interface Quality

Grindr has a simple and intuitive interface which implies both the desktop version and the app. Black and orange colors are prevalent. The icons have a convenient layout and are located so that you will reach all the necessary features with one click.

Scruff doesn’t reflect the interface of the LGBTQ+ community. The website has a dark layout (black and blue), which is similar to Grindr. However, it has one standout option – it has a more intuitive interface and straightforward navigation than its contender.

Winner: Grindr

Hookup or Serious relationships

Grindr is designed for users who are looking for a one-night stand or just flirt. It isn’t suitable for those who want to meet a soulmate and build long-term relationships. On Scruff, you can look for either serious relationships or casual encounters. Considering that both websites are intended for homosexual users, it is difficult to decide who is better, Grindr or Scruff, so it’s a draw.

Winner: It’s a draw

Best choice for men

The bragging point of Grindr is that the platform offers free messaging options. This means that you have a chance to find your perfect man even if you don’t want to pay money. It is possible to connect with members using a variety of ways, including Looking, Friendly, and Hot features, which allows you to match with the potential partners based on your real intentions. Looking means that you are seeking long-lasting relationships, Friendly means you are all about to meet new friends, and Hot means that you are going to find a guy for a casual encounter.

Scruff also has free communication options. There is also a special button that notifies a user that you are interested in him. Aside from a chat option, you can communicate by exchanging GIFs, photos, and your current location. It is especially convenient for those who are looking for a one-night stand.

Considering the functionality and opportunities of both Grindr and Scruff, they played this round to a draw.

Winner: it’s a draw

Features: Grindr vs Scruff

Both platforms have a slew of features that help you connect and interact with users.

Grindr Features:

  • Gaymojis are custom LGBTQ-dedicated emojis that can significantly spice up your conversation. The platform features 500+ specifically designed emojis, which you won’t find on any social media platform.
  • Tap. If you are afraid of starting a conversation, this feature will be a perfect option for you to draw up the user’s attention without saying a word. Just tap a flame icon, and your potential partner will definitely notice you.
  • List of Favorites. You can add any user to the list of favorites to contact him later. The members of the community can’t see who has added them to the Favorite list.
  • Explore. This feature implies a well-elaborated searching engine that allows you to search for registered members from other countries. You can chat, tap and bookmark users if you have availed of a paid subscription.

Scruff features:

  • Scruff Match. This is a Tinder-like matching algorithm that allows you to swipe right to like the member and swipe right to ignore him. You can adjust this system according to your dating intentions. If you are looking to have serious relationships, the system will show you only people who have the same intentions. Although this feature isn’t a novelty, it can still impress you with a few details. It is possible to tap on the profile photo to check out the details of a certain member’s profile. You can also tap on a clock icon if you need time to think about whether you like a user.
  • Scruff Venture. This is a kind of informative feature that will come in handy if you want to visit a foreign country or an unknown location. Once you choose a city, you will see users that are currently in that city. It is also possible to check out the upcoming events in a particular location.
  • Events. If you are looking for events near your location, this feature will be useful for you. You can also monitor the rating on the event and users who are going to visit it. Scruff events are an excellent way to organize a safe meeting with like-minded people from the LGBTQ community.

While comparing the Grindr vs Scruff features, it’s obvious that the latter platform has more interesting features that will help you find a person for hookup and build deeper connections.

Winner: Scruff

Dating Apps usabilities

Both platforms have dedicated cross-platform apps. The Grindr product has a straightforward interface, clearly visible icons, and readable texts. Even a beginner can cope with all its features. The only downside of the Grindr app is that it contains ads. The Scruff app is the only way to interact with users, so it is thought-out to the tiniest details. Aside from streamlined navigation, you can make the best use of hassle-free browsing and an ad-free interface. If you are annoyed with constant pop-ups, then Scruff will be a better option in terms of interface.

Winner: Scruff

Price Comparison between them

If you are going to invest in your dating adventure, pay special attention to the Scruff vs Grindr price comparison.


  • 1 month – 14.99 USD
  • 3 Months – 39.99 USD
  • 12 Months – 119.99 USD



  • 1 Month –13.00 USD
  • 3 Months – 28.20 USD
  • 12 Months – 62.40 USD


  • 1 Month – 41.11 USD
  • 3 Months – 61.17 USD
  • 12 Months – 176.46 USD

While Grindr offers more subscription options, Scruff subscription is cheaper than the unlimited plan on Grindr but nearly twice expensive as Xtra. So, which options to choose from depends only on your budget and the pack features.

Winner: it’s a draw

H3:Overall Impression and Final Thoughts about Grindr vs Scruff

When it comes to dating the LGBTQ community dating, Scruff is a more trustworthy platform since Grindr spoils its reputation with data leakage scandals. If you are looking for the best platform for functionality and easy navigation, Scruff also deserves praise. Although Grindr has some ticks in the boxes like interface quality, Scruff is a more reliable and useful option for meeting your match, regardless of your intentions.

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