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Hot or Not review 2021

Hot or Not review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 88%
Beauty 87%
Popular age 24-25
Profiles 1.700.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It has both an app version as well as a desktop version. It ensures maximum accessibility.
  • The platform does not have many profiles that seem to be fake. It is because the website tries to filter users regularly to remove fake ones.
  • It has very low spamming due to a smaller number of fake profiles.
  • It has a unique idea of rating members based on hotness.
  • It does not have any features to call as an advantage over its competitors. The platform does not have anything unique to offer against its peers.
  • The pop-up ads on the website can get under your nerves.

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What is Hot or Not

Hot or Not review 2020

Hot or Not is a dating platform, which appeared in 2000. James Hong and Jim Young are the founders. This Hot or Not review will give you a clear-cut idea about the site. It went viral at one time, which led to an exponential growth of its member base. However, it started shrinking once the viral moment was over. The developers have made some essential changes to keep up with their peers. It has a fundamental idea, where members rate the hotness of other users. The rating takes place on a scale from one to ten. It has an impressive membership base of more than 300 million users. The Hot or Not review will help you decide on whether to join the platform.

Is Hot or Not legit or scam?

This site is a genuine platform. It has 20 years of experience under its belt. The idea of rating others clicked with its users. It may seem like a general idea as you do the same through Facebook and Instagram. However, they took this idea from Hot or Not. The platform has had its ups and downs with the influx of many players in the dating market. However, it has made the necessary changes to be a worthy competitor. These changes include the introduction of an app. It was an essential change and led to an inflow of smartphone users. Now it has millions of users that utilize it to connect with strangers.

Moreover, it gives a lot of weight to the safety and security of its members. It is primarily proactive in providing a safe space for its female members. Users have to verify themselves, as unverified members don’t go a long way. It hunts to trace fake profiles and scammers. The minimum number of spammers ensures the smoothness of the app and website. In turn, it enhances the user experience. The effort taken by the app for a pleasant experience shows that it is an excellent platform.

What members on this site

The platform has a majority of male members. Out of the 380 million users, 60 percent of them are male, and the rest constitutes of female members. It has approximately 1.5 million users scrolling through the app or website at any given point. The registration process of male members is stricter. Female members also enjoy a three-day trial of premium membership. All this ensures that the women in the app have a safe and secure experience.

Sexual orientation

Hot or Not review 2020

The website has no restrictions on the sexual orientation of its members. The platform is open to gay, bisexual, and lesbians. There is no discrimination made based on the sexual preference of a person.

Age Distribution

Most of the members of this app consist of employed youth. You will see fewer college students, chronic bachelors, and divorcees. The majority come under the age bracket of 25 to 34. Sure, you need to be of age to join the platform.

Sign-Up Process & Login info

There are two ways to sign up as a member of this platform. These two methods are:

Using this method, you have to provide your email id to create your account and give some personal details. It includes name, sex, age, etc. You may need to verify your account later using your email id. In the end, you have to upload some photos for others to rate.

This method takes less time. You just have to link your Facebook account to your Hot or Not account. The app won’t misuse your Facebook details. It will only take the necessary information. It hardly takes any time, and you are all set to find new people.

Profile creation

The service does not claim to be a matchmaking site, though it does ask for the necessary personal information to create your profile. Users who visit your profile will rate your photos. Make sure to upload your best picture. There is nothing extra to set up your profile other than the sign-up process. The only tweak you can make is to add interests to your profile. Your level of hotness will affect the matches you get.


Hot or Not review 2020

You can communicate with other members using the chat feature of the app. Though, you cannot send messages to any random user. There is a swiping system in Hot or Not like Tinder. Swiping right means showing interest, and swiping left shows disinterest. When two people right-swipe each other, they form a match. You can only chat with the users who have formed a match with you. It is an efficient way to dodge spammers and creepy users. Yet, most members don’t respond to unverified accounts. You can verify your account by directly linking your account to your Facebook profile. However, female users have an advantage here, as well. They can send messages to other users for free. You can also use other features of the app to connect with members.

Platform for use

This section of the review will look into the availability of the platform. It has good accessibility, and you can log in through either the website or the app. It ensures a broad reach. Nowadays, people switch between their PC and smartphone. The platform must have its presence in all areas.

Moreover, there are times when the site goes down. There are also instances when the app does not work due to technical glitches. Having both options ensures that there are multiple ways to access the services.


The brand started with the site 20 years ago. However, the structure and layout of the website do not say so. Appearance is the main attraction of the platform. There is nothing that looks complicated.

It also has an app for smartphone users. The app is available for free on Google Play and App Store. As per Hot or Not review, the app runs very smoothly. The makers have translated the features of the website into the app successfully. The overall design of the app is very pleasing. There are no complications in operating it. The competition in the dating market gave way to it. It was losing to its peers due to a lack of accessibility. Before going down, they came up with it, and this has worked in their favor.

Design and Usability

Hot or Not review 2020

The design of the website and the app looks very aesthetic. You might find the pop-up ads irritating, though. The color scheme and the color of the letters complement each other. There is uniformity in the design between the site and the app. The usability of the platform on the site version and the app is straightforward. Everything is effortless to understand. Give some time to get used to the functionality. There is no problem with the layout of the app and website. The usability is as simple as it can get.

There is no confusion regarding how to navigate through the app. Everything is self-explanatory, and you will quickly get it. The developers have tried their best to simplify the app and website. You can easily find your way through the app. It will be no time before you start explaining it to others.

Hot or Not Costs and Prices

The website has two methods to get access to premium features. The first method is Premium membership; it costs from 1.99€ to 109.99€. It depends on the period of the subscription. If you get a premium subscription, you get various benefits: you can hide your profile, get your messages more visible, and see who has added you to their favorite list. The other way is you can purchase the credits by which you can get more benefits from Hot or Not. These extra benefits make your profile attractive. You can send gifts to other users and unlock more.

You can get the benefits of its dating service, either by buying a membership or purchasing credits. You can choose any of the options, which makes you comfortable.

Membership gives you complete access to all the features and benefits. The following are the pricing of Hot or Not.

Hot or Not premium:



One day

0.79 USD

One week

3.99 USD/Week

One month

12.99 USD/Month

Three moths

10.66 USD/Month

Six months

8.00 USD/Month


79.99 USD

Credit Payment Frame






1.99 USD


9.99 USD


19.99 USD


39.99 USD

How to pay

Hot or Not review 2020

As you might have noticed, it’s better to buy credits in a larger amount to save money. The membership prices, though, don’t give you many options, except you by a lifetime package. It’s your choice to decide, and you can always try a one-day membership to understand what you need on the platform and whether it suits your goals.

To pay, you need to click “Credits” or “Hot or Not Premium”. After that, you should choose a payment method. For example, choosing to pay by card, you must fill in your card number, expiration date, and CVC. After filling in all the details, you need to click on the button “to pay by the card.”

Payment systems

There are several payment methods to get the benefit of premium membership. You can select a suitable payment type in which you feel more comfortable. The service allows paying with credit cards, PayPal, or your phone.

Hot or Not review 2020

To enjoy the full benefits of Hot or Not, you need to upgrade your account to premium membership. However, you still get a few advantages in the free version. So here is the comparison of the features of both the free and premium accounts.

Free membership:

Paid membership:

Safety & Security

Here is the question that everyone is wondering: is this site safe? Well, safety is the top priority for each individual. Before joining any dating site, do a bit of research and check out the site’s safety features. For some tips, visit the site’s safety page. If you are willing to join a site which doesn’t have a safety page, make your judgment before signing up.

Yet the website seems wholly safe and secure to date. After an in-depth investigation, there was no suspicious activity noticed. But in some Hot or Not reviews, they say that there are many fake profiles on the site. To maintain your online safety, do not sign up using your social media account.


Hot or Not review 2020

The website ensures high-level safety. Every user has to verify their account during registration. Go through the verification process by connecting it to your social media account. You don’t have to worry about your personal information and credit card details as they are safe. It is highly confidential.

If you suspect any suspicious activity, you can contact customer service. You need to report the issue for your safety. Customer support is user friendly and responsible. They are always available to help you, 24/7.

Special features

Hot or Not review 2020

If you get access to premium membership, you can enjoy some unique features of hot or not. Some unique features include:

1.Profile & Matching

  • It uses GPS to search for people around your location.
  • It allows you to rate your daily matches. It helps you to improve the matchmaking algorithm of the application.
  • It has automatic behavioral matchmaking features. It monitors the behavior of thousands of people to find common patterns.
  • It asks for detailed profile information to find the perfect match for you.
  • It has search filters. It helps you to find a suitable partner.
  • You get the benefit of quickly browsing and have swipe action for likes and dislikes.

2. Notifications

  • There is a feature of notifying you who has seen your message. You can quickly find out who viewed your message and who has not.
  • It also notifies you about a mutual match. If there is a mutual match, it means that someone you like also likes you.
  • If you don’t want to get notifications, you can easily switch them off.

3. Messaging features

  • You can see when someone is typing and going to send you a message.
  • You can enjoy fun stickers that will make it more engaging.

4. Other features

  • You can import your Facebook pictures and upload them to your profile.
  • You can send picture messages.


Hot or Not review 2020

Hot or Not dating site is an excellent choice for the modern digital world. The site primarily targets a younger audience, which makes up a large part of its base. The overall experience is unique and entertaining. You can share your pictures, swipe right your crush and interact with them. This is a perfect place for you if you’re looking for some fun in casual dating or relationships.

Most of the people on Hot or Not are searching for new friends and exploring new people. You can rate other people’s photos and also have your photos rated by others. You get advanced features to chat with people and some online fun. Try it to get some pleasant time and meet exciting people.

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