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MilitaryCupid Review 2021

MilitaryCupid Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 94%
Popular age 25-35
Profiles 1400000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • MilitaryCupid is created for military and their admirers;
  • Standard verification of profile;
  • International user base;
  • A wide variety of search filters;
  • Translation into multiple languages.
  • All users need to pay for interaction.

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MilitaryCupid Background & Mission

Establishing a bond with MilitaryCupid customers is the main objective the company is pursuing. The site belongs to a well-known holding Cupid Media, which has about three dozen niche platforms that satisfy various needs of daters all over the world. This MilitaryCupid review is a fresh insight into the way the site functions and how Cupid Media invested in its uniqueness and competitiveness. Since the competition is severe nowadays, dating services need to surprise customers with more than an excellent interface. Safety, functionality, and good matches are the main characteristics that show the quality of the site. This MilitaryCupid review discusses the pros and cons of using this platform and gives some tips on online dating.

The Cupid Media operation started back in 1999, and MilitaryCupid dating was launched a bit later, in 2006. The website was designed after the market analysis that the company conducts regularly. It appeared that the number of servicemen and women was more than enough to keep the platform going. As the stats show, 1.3 million servicemen come from the USA alone. MilitaryCupid is a website with global outreach, so the target audience is enormous.

The service is not created for the military purely. It attracts the attention of many, especially those who wear a uniform. Military people have a bit different mindset and look for loyal and patient partners. As a rule, their career demands a lot of time away. So, different people register here: some look for a fling while they are on tour in a foreign country, and others seek a partner who is willing to wait. In any case, the site creates a pleasant atmosphere to communicate, and everyone can find here the right partner.

MilitaryCupid Background & Mission

MilitaryCupid Is a Reliable Service

One of the first questions that bother people regarding any online service is its legitimacy. MilitaryCupid is a law-abiding service that functions according to the international rules. It has terms of use and follows standard confidentiality procedures. The website collects the user information for internal use only and does not disclose it to other services. So, by registering, you do not risk your email or phone number being sold to some irrelevant advertising company. You will not be bothered by pop-up ads and notifications.

MilitaryCupid review of policies shows transparent operating principles. The site does not require too many details from its users — only the basic personal information is needed to create the profile.

Quality & Quantity of Members

The launch of the site was concurrent in Australia and the United States. Hence, most members reside in these countries. However, the European audience is represented in large numbers as well. The countries where the site got the most popularity are Italy, Germany, and France. The total number of visitors reaches one million.

It is a dating platform where military and non-military people come to meet each other for different purposes; the majority look for stable and long-lasting relationships. Besides, a lot of veterans join the site, since they often retire to a lonely home and want to settle down with a partner.

MilitaryCupid Quality & Quantity of Members

Which Sexual Orientation Is Preferred

MilitaryCupid welcomes any sexual orientation: heterosexual, bisexual, and homosexual people join the website. The gender distribution shows that the number of females looking for males is higher than in any other category. About 60% of the members are females of various sexual preferences.

Age Representation

MilitaryCupid has a massive community of various individuals, but the largest age category is 25-35. The second place goes to the group of 45-55. The women who join the platform are usually aged 26-35. When it comes to males, even the youngest individuals can be found here; for example, about 5% of men belong to the category of 18-20.

Registration Info

MilitaryCupid review of registration identified a user-friendly process. It does not take much of your time. The Facebook login is possible, which is a big plus. You need to indicate your gender and the gender you are looking for and make up a password.

As with any online service, mind your login details. If you use password manager software on your laptop/browser, note that MilitaryCupid requires your billing details. So, if you leave login credentials unprotected, hackers can get hold of your card.

Profile Characteristics

Your page represents your personality. As much as daters want to ignore numerous fields with questions, it is vital to fill them in. The profile form was created based on analytical data. Surveys were conducted, and most users voted that they wanted to see a lot of information about the account owner. Moreover, you need to update it from time to time.

MilitaryCupid does not have strict requirements for how detailed it should be. It offers the questionnaire on the personality, but the profile will be published even half empty. Everyone can check pages of others for free. So, those who have not purchased the membership yet will still be able to see your photo and description.

Messaging Rules

Note that the membership status dictates your interaction with other users. If you are a free member, there will be limitations. It will often happen that you find someone, but you cannot text them. It is possible to add to Favorites or send a wink for free, but messaging opens up when the membership is purchased.

The rule is that a free participant can only talk to a premium subscriber. It limits your range of candidates. As a benefit, MilitaryCupid offers various filters to narrow down search results. Again, the free or standard member won’t feel all the benefits. However, with the membership, the process gets very precise.

MilitaryCupid Messaging Rules

Versions of the Platform

MilitaryCupid is a modern site that can be accessed from any type of device. Either you have a mobile phone or iPad, there is a solution for you. A variety of gadgets support it, and each version contains the same functions.

PC Version

The site is a classic Cupid Media creation. It has a logo peculiar to the Cupid team, and there is one photo on the background of the main page. In general, MilitaryCupid is not cluttered with unnecessary information and visuals; it is neat and professional. The same applies to functionality. The menu is simple, and all the sections can be accessed in several clicks.

Mobile Application Quality

The good news for Android users is that the MilitaryCupid mobile application is free to download from the Google Play Store. A slightly different situation is with other operating systems. The mobile version of the site can be accessed from any browser. With the application, the member can register, login, talk to others, search for matches, and purchase or change membership plans. Note that it is easy to install, and if you experience any difficulties, the instructions are to update your OS and check if the app needs any updates itself.

MilitaryCupid Mobile Application Quality

Platform Design

MilitaryCupid review of the design identified that the website has no cutting-edge style visuals or fonts. It is straightforward and easy to use. It does not have any sound effects or pop-up ads that distract one’s attention.


A set of functions that facilitate the interaction at MilitaryCupid includes two main categories: messaging and searching. The buttons to message or send a wink are placed conveniently on every profile. The search bar is located at the top and contains all the available filters. A newcomer does not need to read any manual to use the platform.

MilitaryCupid Functionality

MilitaryCupid Fees

MilitaryCupid’s pricing shows that being a standard or free member is not practical. If you have a serious intention to find someone, not just look around, the membership plan is required. Besides, the website is not expensive, and it is below average in comparison with other similar services.

So, the membership is divided into three categories. The first one is a free user that has access to a personal profile, search bar, and list of Favorites.

The Platinum membership costs $34.99 for one month. If you opt for three months, then the price per month decreases and becomes $23.33 ($69.98 in total). Finally, the six-month plan costs $12.50 per month ($149.99 in total).

The Gold membership comes cheaper. The one-month pack costs $29.98, the three-month — $20 or $59.99 in total, and six months — $10 or $119.98 in total. Note that the whole amount will be written off your card in one go if you choose the three or six-month subscription. It saves you on the commission if your bank charges one.

MilitaryCupid Fees

Features Available With Free and Paid Memberships

MilitaryCupid review identified that the website is not oriented on free visitors; it encourages them to get the membership. Browsing for free, one can get:

  • Free of charge registration & photo uploads;
  • Access to other profiles on the site;
  • Access to search bar and most filters;
  • Access to blocking/reporting options.

The paid membership with MilitaryCupid enables you to:

  • Open, read, and send messages;
  • Post comments on photos of others;
  • Participate in live chat;
  • Access an extensive list of filters while searching for a match;
  • Browse in the invisible mode, so no one notices when you check their page.

MilitaryCupid Features Available With Free and Paid Memberships

Guide to Payments

You can check your billing details and membership status in the account settings. The section ‘Subscription’ has all information you need. If you purchase the plan, it is set to renew by default. If you want to use the membership for a limited time, like 1 or 3 months, disable the automatic renewal before your current subscription expires.

Payment Methods

To pay for the membership or make any other virtual purchase with MilitaryCupid, you can use the bank transfer, card, or PayPal. Mind that the site shows you the prices, and before finishing the payment, you will see the amount charged. It does not have any additional commissions. So, if you think that more was withdrawn, contact the payment system you used.

Security Measures

MilitaryCupid review of confidentiality and privacy policies shows compliance with international law. To be on the safe side, mind the universal security measures. Take care of your profile and login details. Note that the website does not allow account co-sharing. You are the only one who can use it. Also, remember that MilitaryCupid is a middleman between you and potential candidates. If you decide to share your contacts with others, it cannot ensure your safety. By disclosing your email address, you get exposed, and the platform cannot control it anymore. So, keep it private and use the nickname for as long as possible.

MilitaryCupid Security Measures

Eliminating Fraudulent Activities

MilitaryCupid has a team of specialists who deal with the risk assessment on the website. If you wonder who checks the reports after you click to block/report buttons, there is a special crew. They scrutinize the photos to see if the person if real. Also, the complaints from the users are fact-checked, and as a result, the accounts get terminated. Depending on the severity of the offense, the name might be blacklisted.

If a member requests any money from you, it is a reason to report them. The website does not allow the promotion of any services or charity. It does not even have the facilities for that. The solemn purpose of MilitaryCupid is to establish communication between people. The only purchase you might be offered is a membership or discount from the website.

Additional Perks

CupidTags. Many users type in specific keywords when they look for matches. The collection of these keywords is called Tags at MilitaryCupid. If you add the tag to your page, the chances are high that you will be on the first page of someone’s search results.

Profile Highlighting. If you want to be the first suggestion on the user’s search results page, get the profile boost for a couple of hours. It works well, and you do not need to pay for it all the time since it is temporary. Use it when you feel like spending a long time on MilitaryCupid.

MilitaryCupid Additional Perks

To Sum up

Finding a trustworthy place for dating is essential for people with hectic lifestyles. You want to know that the money is spent right, and of course, you want to see the results. MilitaryCupid ticks all the boxes in the assessment sheet of a dating service. It gathered enough people to find a match for a person from any country and with any preferences. There is a hotline you can reach during the working days, and it only adds to the platform’s credibility. No less important fact is that the site belongs to a famous and well-respected company that created high-quality services. If you are looking for a partner, a girlfriend, or even a friend to talk to, MilitaryCupid is the right choice.

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