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OkCupid Vs. POF: What Should Choose?

OkCupid Vs. POF: What Should Choose?

Choosing from the dating sites like Plenty of Fish and OkCupid becomes easy when you open two dating forums in front of you and compare them for the various services they offer. For example, free or paid, and a desktop site or an app.

It becomes more challenging when you have to choose from two websites that are quite similar in their specs – just like POF or OkCupid.

If both the services you have shortlisted for you are free, how will you choose one from them?

How can you know that the one you have subscribed for is better? Which website would give you more opportunities to find a match if you choose to upgrade your membership to gold?

Hard to know?

That is why we planned to bring to you today the head-to-head comparison of the two biggest unpaid dating sites like POF and OkCupid.

This comparison and difference between OkCupid and Plenty of Fish will unravel each site’s positives and negatives in front of you.

We considered a few parameters for our POF vs. OkCupid comparison: pricing, reputation, availability, security, ease of use, and the number of features.

Read on to reach our conclusion in which we would clearly announce a winner and tell you why we chose that!

So, without much ado!

Summary Table

To learn both the sites’ pros and cons, read the table below.

OkCupid POF
One of the most popular and most widely available dating sites in the world. Fewer fake profiles
Easy to use and appealing layout. Convenient app interface with intuitive controls. At times the look appear to be intricate, though
Allows uploading additional photos. Also provides access to Instagram photos. Allows you to edit your profile any time later and add photos.
Relatively extensive database of member, which translates into comparatively more fake profiles. Allows you to switch off the notifications from the forum.
It keeps you updated with the messages. However, you may always choose not to receive push notifications. A large member base of serious daters
Intuitive app with an attractive interface. Relatively small but has a global scope.
Notifies you of the recent visitors of your profile. Variety of premium packages.
A large database of serious daters. Caters to the requirements of users with any sexual orientation.
It gives you an option to hide your profile.

OkCupid Vs. POF: Quality of Matches

While both the portals cater to roughly different age brackets, both boast impressive match qualities—OkCupid deals with the younger group, commonly above 18 and early 30s. POF, on the contrary, caters to the needs of more mature users, usually in their late 30s and beyond.

Profiles on both sites are genuine, with most of the people searching for a casual hookup. The members looking for a permanent relationship to settle with their partners are scarcely found on both sites. The indication of marriage in the hotties profile put off most men on the sites as they usually join websites for casual sex.

Country Availability

Both OkCupid and POF boast of having a worldwide scope and cater to many users from around the globe! Indeed, daters are widely using the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand; however, OkCupid appears to be more famous in other countries.

OkCupid is available to more than 100 countries, which is why it is translated into multiple languages. The company administrators seem to know how to attract people towards their service – either that or the vibrant colours used on the homepage and the decent graphics on the site are doing the magic to promote the service.

POF has relatively limited availability. The website operates only in 20 countries and is thereby translated only into nine different languages. It is relatively narrow in its scope, yet, it can be an impressive choice for those looking for a date in the USA and its neighboring areas.

So, in our first round of OkCupid vs. POF, OkCupid is a clear winner with its wider availability!

Reputation: OkCupid Vs. POF

Reputation usually aligns with availability, but it is not always the case. However, our extensive research on dating sites like POF and OkCupid helped us learn that the former is more famous among the masses, with over 100 million site visits per month. These visits are studied to come from various countries. One hundred million is an awe-inspiring number!

On the other end, POF, with its 3.5 million visits per month, lags relatively behind. However, let’s not forget that POF is a full service. For this reason, 3.5 million is a justified number.

While OkCupid is more famous than POF, you can find quality dates on both sites.

As for reputation, once again, OkCupid bags the award.

Sign-up Process

Sign-up on sites like OkCupid and POF is incredibly breezy. It hardly takes 15 minutes to register.

OkCupid has a ridiculously quick sign-up procedure. All it asks you is to have a username to sign in and a password. It then opens up a short questionnaire in front of you. The good about the registration here is that you are not required to type your questionnaire responses; it will instead open up various options for you and ask you to choose the appropriate one for you. The portal encourages you to upload a picture and take some time to write a brief bio for your introduction. However, you can always skip this step and come back to it later.

You will find the sign-up process of POF equally straightforward. After answering a few questions, it will ask you for a short bio which again is optional. Then, quite like OkCupid, POF asks you to upload the photographs; however, you can always skip these two steps if you want to view the site and its features. Once you make up your mind to try your luck there, you can come back and write a detailed bio and upload the pictures. These additions to your profile multiply your chances to get a match.

The real dealbreaker, however, is the verification process using your phone number. This identity verification step will pull many users back as most of you, we are sure, do not like to register with a dating site using your number.

This round in our OkCupid or POF review might seem to be a tie to you; however, we will add another feather in OkCupid’s cap for this step, too, as we don’t like the idea of registering with a phone number.

OkCupid Vs. POF: Profiles

The last on our list is profiles. Both the sites have a reasonable distribution of males and females, and you likely get a suitable match if you are straight in your sexual orientation.

However, things are a bit different for homosexuals, such as gays, lesbians. In both the portals, identification with any other LGBTQ community is challenging.

But where lies the real difference in this area! It is in their behavior towards the LGBTQ community. OkCupid sounds to accommodate the users with other sexual preferences, POF has shown no effort to establish a welcoming attitude. Thus, people feel weird and leave the forum for other sites.

We genuinely respect your individuality and know that people are diverse; people can be different. And can’t tell you enough how welcoming OkCupid is towards all the members. Be assured; no one will here look towards you with sideways glances. With its extensive database of members, gay, straight lesbian, Christians, non-Christians, Jews, young and old, the site provides a venue for all of us to find our life’s love.

You can confidently create a super attractive profile with an excellent photograph, grab a sexy username, and open a new world for you today. OkCupid is for all those looking for casual hookups, making friends with strangers, and even those searching for a life partner. No disparity!

So, it’s OkCupid again on the winning post!

Interface Quality

We didn’t find much difference between the aesthetics and website interface to include in this review. Both appear to be easy to use, and neither should be given an edge in this area. OkCupid, however, tends to be more intuitive and user-friendly, while there was something messy about POF. Maybe because of a few intricate options, which didn’t let the site flow smoothly.

Hookup or Serious Relationships

On both sites, you will find people of both categories. We found more men registered for a hookup, though, while most women appear to have signed up for severe relationships. Men on both these websites seem to avoid the women who want them to get into a long-term relationship. However, the number of women seeking short-term relationships is also no less. In sum, OkCupid and POF have something for everyone.

Best Choice for Men

We cannot name one of these websites to be the best for men. Much of the best depends on other factors, such as features and popularity. Moreover, it can definitely prove to be the best for you if you use it the right way. If you want to stand out, create a catchy profile, grab a few lovely photos, and give the sign-up questionnaire answers in detail and see the difference.

Best Choice for Women

The same goes true for this too. Both OkCupid and POF have equal chances to be the best for women. All you need to do is give a perfect impression of yourself writing a profile that may stand from the crowd. Add a few nice pictures, and you are all set to start your first dating adventure. With a catchy bio and decent profile photographs, you will have your chances multiplied, be it OKC or POF.

Features: OkCupid Vs. POF

Moving on to the following criteria for our comparison, here go the features. As mentioned earlier, whether you register for Plenty of Fish or OkCupid – both are free and have numerous features to boast off. A few options are for all the users, while the others come as a privilege to premium users. The site includes them in the plans to attract the users to a paid subscription.

First, OkCupid is no different from any other free dating website, with most of the communication options free. The features like browsing through different profiles, sending and receiving messages, using basic filters such as geotagging are free of cost on OkCupid. Using geotagging, you can search for the matches in your locality.

Many of the POF features are also free; however, the site is relatively stingy, offering unpaid features. The filters allowing choosing the people with similar behavior are an impressive addition, though.

As for gold memberships, OkCupid gets an edge, knowing how to offer better to attract more members. The portal has two premium packages – A-List Premium and A-List. Both include many additional features to make your stay on the site productive. For example, with OkCupid A-List Premium, you have an option to search for the profiles in incognito mode. You can also have messages read receipts.

POF’s paid plan, on the other hand, comes with no good. We are sure most of you will not be ready to pay for sending virtual gifts and winks to your partners. Uploading more than eight pictures may interest a few of you. OkCupid again takes the trophy in our Plenty of Fish vs. OkCupid match!

Dating Apps Usabilities

Yes, both the sites have their application versions, too, to facilitate the users on-the-go. We browsed dozens of user reviews to spot any possible differences between OkCupid and POF apps. However, we came up with nothing to add to this review. Both the apps are user-friendly and have a beautiful layout.

So, this round is also a tie!

Price Comparison between Them

Here we found POF better at first glance; however, an in-depth comparison proved otherwise. Check how!

A quick comparison revealed that if one buys a long-term premium package, OkCupid is reasonable with its $9.95 for one month compared to $10.18 demanded by POF for one month.

But look now! OkCupid offers to purchase a six-month package for that price which translates into $59.7 for six months. On the other end, POF allows you to benefit from the Lower cost if you go for an eight-month extended package, which translates into a whopping $81.44 for this duration.

If you plan to subscribe for a short duration, POF has a cheaper subscription per month if you choose to buy a plan for two months. Nevertheless, OkCupid is better because it allows you to upgrade for only one month; too, you do not have to necessarily buy a plan for two months together, unlike POF.

So, OkCupid or Plenty of Fish?

Way to go for OkCupid!

Overall Impression and Final Thoughts about OkCupid and POF

By now, you must have got enough information to conclude that both OkCupid and POF are lovely sites in the dating world. We suggest you take some time to visit both and find whether our review aligns with your experience or not. Once you find the ‘right’ dating site for you, check it for specs and buy a premium membership for almost a year so that you can enjoy all its perks and benefit the most out of your stay on the site. You can also check their apps for a better on-the-go experience.

We hope this comparative review, OkCupid vs. Plenty of Fish, helps you find the best for you.

Drums, please! As we are going to announce our today’s winner!

Yes, you got it right! It’s none other than OkCupid. You must have predicted it after having a cursory glance at all our rounds above. The portal does everything better than its rival. You may look for your future partner here or get a hot girl for your one-night-stand. From price to features to member profiles – everything is just excellent!

We must acknowledge here that POF is also a ‘not-so-bad pick. The ultimate choice will be yours! You may find the dating sites better than POF and OkCupid if you do not like these two.

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Megan is a relationship expert and language analyst. Thanks to her Bachelor’s in Journalism, Master’s in Linguistics, and past encounters with heartbreak; she empathizes with her clients and helps them to understand and convey their emotions in an effective and optimistic way to their significant other.
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