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Onlylads Review 2021

Onlylads Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 24-25
Profiles 1.600.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Can add a photo as a cover behind your profile picture
  • Quick registration process
  • Trial membership plan of one day
  • Becoming a part of a network of friends
  • Modern set of preferences to fit your wants. E.g., partner for workout, hookup, friends, serious dating.
  • User friendly
  • The free account has interactive features
  • Some profiles have no photo
  • Only profiles near to your location are shown
  • They do not have a wide variety of cool or unique features

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What Makes Onlylads Different From Other Sites?

Onlylads Review 2020 – Is It Worth It?

This Onlylads review will go in detail in telling you about this popular dating site. Onlylads is a website only for gay and bisexual men. It can be challenging to find a gay partner sometimes. This difficulty was faced by the owners who realized there is a need for a platform where gay men or bisexual men can easily interact while also having a safe dating experience. And the owners of this site are gay as well. If you are a gay or bisexual man looking for a casual hookup and want to know about this site beforehand, then keep reading because this Onlylads review will guide you towards your decision.

It has been only six years to the launch of this website, and it already has more than one million members. It is a fast-growing website and is very popular among gay and bisexual men. This is a modern, advanced website. You can engage in hookups or casual dating by communicating with your match. However, this website is more focused on a long-term relationship and marriage. This Onlylads review suggests that commitment is essential, and this website aims to provide you with a life partner who would always love, support, and cherish you. Members can become a part of the only gay community and make friends who would have similar interests. There are a high number of gays and bisexuals worldwide.

This website’s owner researched dating websites and felt like a dating platform needed to be created, which would have some more improvements than the current dating website. Being gay, he was able to encounter some issues on the other dating website. Then, he launched this site, a more modern and better version of all the dating sites. This website is based in the UK, and the owner’s name is Jimmy Forrester-Fellowes.

They mainly help new members get familiar with the site and its features so that they can soon start engaging themselves in this safe, fun dating experience. There are a variety of members on this website from all around the world, so you are sure to find a match with whom you can connect. Dating is an integral part of your life, and Onlylads want to ensure no one is deprived of having this enjoyable experience.

The website can show members around your area so you can meet them whenever you choose to. Due to affordable prices and free access, many people are joining this site. Its great premium and trial membership packages have made this website easily accessible and suitable for many people. They aim to make sure their members are confident when spending their time, efforts, and money on this website and have an experience which they would not regret.

Is Onlylads Legit or Just Another Online Scam?

Onlylads Review 2020 – Is It Worth It?

Onlylads is a modern website based in the UK. This website has more than a million users. It’s one of the first used gay websites globally, and it is becoming more popular day by day. The majority of the customer reviews about this website are excellent. These reviews and the good name of the website in the market is proof of its legitimacy. The interactive features in the free membership prove that this website genuinely wants gay people to find lovers and friends. Unlike many other online dating websites, this website is not a scam looking to take money from users. Its customer service is responsive, and it is constantly trying to cater to its members and improve its dating experience.

How Is the Members’ Quality?

Onlylads Review 2020 – Is It Worth It?

There are all types of members on this website. Men from different cultures, interests, hobbies, beliefs, etcetera. The best thing about this site is that it’s open for all kinds of male to male relationships. People do not have to hide that if they are looking for a serious relationship or not. On this website, you can openly write and filter according to your preference if you are looking for a relationship, friendship, dating, gym partner, marriage, or even if just a hookup. You can be clear about it so you can find a partner with similar relationship goals. This creates a diversity of memberships on this site and allows members to find men according to their liking.

Sexual Orientation of Members

As the name suggests, Onlylads is a website only for men. This website is a niche, specifically for gay and bisexual men, so the site has 100% male gender distribution only.

Average Age of Members

Onlylads Review 2020 – Is It Worth It?

The minimum age of making an account on this site is 18. There is no maximum age. Onlylads review suggests that this website aims to cater to men of all ages to find love or just have some pleasure. It acknowledges the dire need of love and support in this stressful world. This way, there are men of all ages here. However, the majority of the men belong to the age group of 24-36.

Is the Sign-Up Process Easy?

The sign-up process on this site is surprisingly quick, easy, and straightforward. It takes only three minutes for the initial process. This quick and simple process is one reason why so many members can easily sign up and use it.

There are two options to sign-up through. The first is using your Facebook account. If you do not want to spend much time going in registration and quickly want to start seeing the profiles, then you can just put your Facebook account details, which are your email and password to sign-up.

The second step is to put your personal information on the site and register. Following is the information you will have to put into registering:

  • Your name
  • Sexuality (if you are a bisexual or gay)
  • Email
  • Birthdate

After putting this information, you have to put a password that would be used to log in. Make sure to keep a unique password. Then you have to reply to a Captcha to prove that you are a human. Then you have to agree to the terms and conditions and give confirmation, and you are above 18. Then, an email would be sent to the email you had provided. This would contain the activation code for your account. Enter this code on the site for verification. Then your account is made, and the page is loaded to the next step, which is the profile creation. Users have the opinion to either set up their profile or doing it later.

The best part is that after your account is successfully verified, you get a one-day free trial of the premium membership on Onlylads. This sets this site apart from other dating sites as users know what they are purchasing when paying for the premium membership.

How to Create Your Profile?

Onlylads Review 2020 – Is It Worth It?

For profile creation, the users have to fill five pages putting in the different required information. The first page asks for your photographs. It’s better to add more photos as that makes your profile look more attractive and legit. Upload your best pictures as this would highly increase your chances of receiving more messages. The second page asks you for a description of yourself. This description consists of things such as your physical built and some personality questions. This section is also a significant part of your profile creation as an attractive description can make your profile look good and bring better members to you. The third page consists of your preferences for your partner, such as the physical features you want in them, their interests, hobbies, etcetera. The fourth page further asks yourself about your lifestyle, interests, goals, and hobbies, etc. The fifth page, which is the last page, invites you to upload a cover photo. Putting up an attractive cover photo would make your profile look more eye-catching. This is optional. After all of this, your profile is complete, and you’re ready to start searching and messaging.

Messaging Options

This site has some excellent and easy messaging features, which makes the online dating experience here more fun. Even though these messaging features are not unique from other sites and are very basic, the fact that this messaging is allowed to the free members makes this site more specialized, according to this Onlylads review. These are messaging features:

  1. Search nearby: This option allows you to view only those profiles which are near to your location. This way, users do not have to waste their time seeing patterns from far off areas as they would not be able to meet them in real life.
  2. Icebreakers: These are different flirts you can send to the members such as a wink, smile, poke, or a wave. These are quick and easy to send so that users can post a lot of these to different members. These would show the members that you have an interest in them, and then the other members might even message you.
  3. Chatbox: Members can easily and quickly send messages to other members.

Platforms Available for Use

Onlylads Review 2020 – Is It Worth It?

Desktop version and mobile application both are present.

Desktop Version

Onlylads was first launched on the desktop version. This site is widely accessible and has all the features such as sending icebreakers, chatting, nearby features, visited you, send friend requests, a favorites list, navigation, profile creation, and viewing profiles.

App Version

The best thing about the app version is that it has all the features in it which are on the site. This way, users can communicate with their matches anywhere and anytime. When you click to view a profile, all of the member’s information will be shown. This consists of information such as member’s names, type of relationship they want, such as a serious one or a casual one, his preferred age, photos, and how far in kilometers his location is from. If you scroll up, users can view the full profile and their contacting options.

The app loads very quickly. It has an easy to use interface. Moreover, it only requires a small capacity for storage. The application is available on both Google Play Store and Apple Store.

Interface and Usability

Onlylads Review 2020 – Is It Worth It?

Onlylads has a light blue and white-colored theme, which looks very modern. The design is straightforward and does not involve any complexity which could have confused the users. When users open the main page on the site, there is an attractive photo of a sexy man. On the homepage, there are options of Search, messages, friends, favorites, and visited you and settings. This is similar to the app version too.

Going to the “search” option would show you the profiles nearby your location. The “chat” option will open up your inbox, where you would have all the messages you sent and received. Friends would show the list of members who are your friends on the sites. Favorites would have all the profiles you had saved. “Visited you” would show a list of all the members who visited your profile. There is the last option, which is for updating your profile. You use this to edit your description or change your profile picture. Many users suggest that having all the options clearly on the main page makes it very user-friendly. Its user-friendliness and excellent interface are some of the reasons behind its popularity.

What About the Navigation?

Onlylads Review 2020 – Is It Worth It?

The navigation system on Onlylads is very easy-to-use as each option clearly defines its meaning. It’s a fast and advanced system. Those profiles are shown which are living closer to your area using the “nearby” feature.

Onlylads Costing and Pricing

There is only one membership option, which is the premium membership. The costs of this site are very reasonable. Following are the prices:

  • £7.99/ month

This membership is recurring. If you are using the app version, then your membership will be automatically renewed on the ending date. This Onlylads review suggests its users turn off the auto-renewal option to avoid being charged when you don’t want the subscription.

What Is the Difference Between the Free and Paid Version?

Free version:

  • Members are allowed to send only three messages each day.
  • Free members are allowed to send an unlimited number of ice breakers.
  • Allowed to have a maximum of 10 friends in their friends’ list.
  • Allowed to have 20 profiles saved in their favorites list.
  • See a preview of members who visited your profile.
  • Search a maximum of ten pages of results each day.
  • Users can view up to 50 profiles per day.
  • View pictures of members but in standard quality.

Paid version:

  • Advertisements free.
  • Shows the members who visited your profile.
  • A list which shows the members who added you to their “favorites” list.
  • Add an unlimited number of friends.
  • You can add an unlimited amount of members in your “favorites” list.
  • Send an unlimited amount of messages.
  • View pictures in high quality.
  • Browse unlimited profiles.

Being a free member on this site does give you a variety of options and allows you to go through the profiles and communicate, which gives users a good idea of what’s on the site. But for a better experience and unlimited conversations, it is better to get a premium account.

Subscription Payment?

Onlylads Review 2020 – Is It Worth It?

Payment can be performed by putting in your bank account information and doing a bank transfer. Card information can be put to make payments using credit/debit cards. PayPal can be used, as well.

Payment Options

Visa, MasterCard, PayPal, Discover, and Diners Club can be used.

Is This Site Safe and Secure?

This Onlylads review suggests that this is a safe dating site. This suggestion is because many users have suggested that they have faced no issue regarding the financial information they put on the site, and all of their payments were made safely. Information is kept safe, and users can report to the customer service is they come across any issue.

Scam Protection

Most of the profiles on this site are authentic. The site is constantly monitoring the profiles and their actions to remove any fake profiles. Users can even block or report a profile they find to be suspicious.

Special Features

  • Nearby features that show profiles in your area.
  • Icebreakers which are flirts you can send to people.
  • Friends list. You can add members by sending or accepting friend requests. This way you can have a group of friends on this site which you can meet.
  • Favorites option allows you to have a list of profiles saved of the members you are interested in.

Final Conclusion

Onlylads Review 2020 – Is It Worth It?

Onlylads is a safe and friendly dating website for all types of men. No matter what your aim in a relationship is or which type of person you are looking for, chances are you will be able to someone. The website does not have unique features. But it has a simple interface and a high quality of members, which can help you have an outstanding dating experience. Its free version is worth trying as it offers you so many features.

If you are a gay or bisexual man, looking for a long-term relationship or even if just for casual dating, then this Onlylads review suggests that this might just be the appropriate site for you.

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