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SugarDaddyForMe Review 2021

SugarDaddyForMe Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 95%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 24-32
Profiles 4000000
About Site
Visit rate 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site has a broad user base of sugar daddies and sugar babies.
  • New users can avail three-day free trial.
  • Users can enjoy browsing without any adverts.
  • Browsing profiles without creating an account is possible.
  • The website design is not up to date.
  • Only premium membership people can send messages to other members.
  • The premium packages are costly.
  • There is no mobile application.

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Everything You Should Know About SugarDaddyForMe

SugarDaddyForMe made the first appearance in 2004. The majority of users on the website are looking for dating options outside their relevant age groups. The portal is a platform to connect older men and women, to younger women and men. The credibility of the site considers appreciation in SugarDaddyForMe Review that people leave on the website. The site promises to help you find a person who can look after you, mentor you and, at the same time, pamper and spoil you. For in-depth knowledge about the site, it is beneficial to read the SugarDaddyForMe Review.

SugarDaddyForMe Is Indeed Legit

This online dating site is one of the most genuine platforms where people are very clear about who they want to join and hat their intentions are behind finding a date. There are no fake profiles on the portal to mislead you. Users generally have clear goals and are straightforward in describing themselves as well as the match they want to find on this portal.

A Platform for Sugar Daddies/ Mommies and Sugar Babies

There are around 4,000,000 members on the site who hail from the USA alone. On average, about 2000 users login to their profiles daily, and 500,000 users are online in a month. The site claims to have around 2000 new members join the site in a day. The majority of users on the site are the affluent older men who are fond of pampering young sugars and women who no longer find young, immature boys attractive but are looking for sugar daddies who are not broke.

SugarDaddyForMe A Platform for Sugar Daddies/ Mommies and Sugar Babies

Open to All Who Want to Date

The site entertains all those who desire to create an account. There is no mention of whether the sites welcome just straight men and women or are open from lesbians and gay too. However, while revealing the preference of your partner’s gender, the website does not restrict you from choosing the same sex.

Maturity Meets Innocence

Though men and women both are active users on the site, the proportion of females is more than males. There are around sixty-five percent females and thirty-five percent males on the site in the age group of eighteen to approximately fifty-five years. The majority of women active on the website are in the age group of twenty-five to thirty years, while the majority of men busy on the site are between forty to fifty-five years.

SugarDaddyForMe Maturity Meets Innocence

Five Minutes Straightforward Process to Sign up Into Portal

  • The process to sign up and register is easy and straightforward.
  • Browse profiles without creating an account on the site.
  • As an outsider site allows you to conduct several searches.
  • You often receive news on your email from the portal.

It is possible to browse the profile of other users without creating an account on the site. This facility by the website is strictly a provision to ensure that only genuine people create an account on the site and not those who are just curious to know what the inside of the place appears. You can use the search filters like age, location, etc. to explore the user profile. This search filter is one feature that differentiates SugarDaddyForMe from other online dating sites that offer this feature only to premium members. However, if you find the site convincing, you can create a profile in less than five minutes. Apart from giving necessary details about yourself, you need to answer a few descriptive questions, including the headline of the profile, a short and crisp description of yourself, and a description of the person you want to meet on the site. The headline for the profile and the ‘About me’ part has minimum character requirements, ranging from three to fifteen, respectively. It is mandatory to fill both these fields. Uploading a profile photo is optional, but uploading a picture surely helps you attract more users to reveal SugarDaddyForMe Review.

SugarDaddyForMe Five Minutes Straightforward Process to Sign up Into Portal

Descriptive User Profiles

  • Standard members can see only three images of other users on the portal.
  • Profile of users indicates if they are currently online.
  • Users can send one another a kiss or an email, but there are some restrictions.
  • Notes are other features on the user profile visible only to the user.
  • Sharing the profile of one user with another is possible.
  • The user profiles are very descriptive of the portal.
  • You can change profile information after the registration is complete
  • Everyone can view the profile pictures for free.

Every profile shows the username of the users or a nickname that the users nominate for themselves. You need to be creative with assigning yourself a nickname. All members can view the profile photos for free. Also, you get to see the total number of photos that each user uploads. People with a premium membership can view all the photo uploads. The standard users can see only three photos at the max.

Another thing that user profiles show is the location of the user and approximation of distance from your zip code that you feed the site with during registration. Personal details, including age, gender, marital status, income, body type, ethnicity, and height of the user, are visible on the site. The user profile also reveals vividly the kind of sugar daddies/sugar babies/sugar mommies they want. There is an icon that shows if a member is paying or a non-paying user. You can also find a button below using which you can send users a mail or a kiss. However, to do so, your profile needs approval from the moderation team. Gold members also have the flexibility to add notes on the profiles, which only they can view. These little notes can help you keep track of different members you meet, as users mention in the SugarDaddyForMe Review.

SugarDaddyForMe Descriptive User Profiles

Let Moderation Team Approve Profile Before You Message

  • Standard members can send only three messages in a single day.
  • Members with Premium membership can send endless messages.
  • By paying an additional fee, the premium members can let non-subscribed members contact as well as make a reply.
  • Diverse icons denote diverse messaging types.

There are no chat rooms on the site; the only way to communicate is via email-like messages. Before being able to contact any other members on the portal, it is vital to seek approval for your profile from the SugarDaddyForMe moderation team. The team approves your profile in a short time after you finish creating your profile on the site. Standard users can send two to three messages to other users in a day. The message page appears like an email. Not only are you able to see the sender and the subject but also the time and date of receipt generated. A list of sent messages is available on the top right corner. Different icons represent a different message attached to it. If you see a gold bar, it means that the message you are receiving is from a Member with the Gold subscription. An arrow, which is reversed, indicates a reply to an earlier message. A flag icon can help you color code the words. A message having the star symbol signifies that the sender of the message has subscribed to the Total-Access premium package.

SugarDaddyForMe Let Moderation Team Approve Profile Before You Message

Limited Browsing Options

The site offers you just one platform for exploring the online dating options, that is, the desktop version. There is no mobile application available at the moment.

Outdated Design But Easy to Navigate

The site’s homepage displays a quick registration form on one side and reasons to join this platform on the other. You can also read a few success stories on the website and, in prominent font, notice the promotion of three days of free trial with all the features that members with membership get. As you scroll down the site, you come across a list of regions where the site is accessible and other icons like Sugar Daddy Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Though the desktop version has an obsolete design that is painful to the eyes, the usability is easy and comfortable. Navigating from one feature to another is also easy.

Oops! The Site Offers No Mobile Application

Unfortunately, at present, there is no SugarDaddyForMe app, neither for the iOS users nor for the Android users. You need to contend with the desktop version that works equally well if you browse it from a mobile phone.

SugarDaddyForMe Oops! The Site Offers No Mobile Application

Simplistic Design with Easy Usability for Older Generation

SugarDaddyForMe has a website that is typically basic and out of date. The site structure is simplistic, which can be a turn-off for many users who wish to quit the website before creating an account. The only factor that can hook up the users to the site is usability, which covers all the flaws in the design. The pleasing red background renders the website an unmistakable lusty look.

Super Easy Navigation on the Site

It is effortless to navigate from one feature to another on the site. The navigations are in favor of the users who are not aware of the latest technology trends and are not that tech-savvy.

Subscription Model for SugarDaddyForMe

Silver Membership costs 39.95 USD for a Month

Silver Membership + Total Access values 54.90 USD for a Month

Gold Membership costs 44.95 USD for a Month

Gold Membership + Total Access come with 59.90 USD for a Month

For newbies, Total Access lets you contact with standard members

SugarDaddyForMe Super Easy Navigation on the Site

Premium Members Get Access to More Interesting Features Than Standard Uses

Free services for the users

The app offers a myriad of features to all the users irrespective of their membership type. However, these features are nothing exceptional but the general and fundamental features that almost all the online dating sites offer to their uses for free. The free features available to the users on SugarDaddyForMe are as follows:

  • Standard members can not only sign up on the site but can also complete their profiles for free.
  • Free users can browse through infinite profiles of other users on the site.
  • You can view pictures of other members on the site.
  • Free users also have access to send other users their photos. However, maximum photos that standard users can send are three.

Features for premium members

The site does not offer all the features free of cost. Certain features are available only to those members who are willing to upgrade their membership. These are the features that are interesting and help achieve the goals in a short time. Premium features available to the uses after they pay a fee are as follows:

  • Subscribed members have access to highlight their profiles, thereby an opportunity to attract more viewers to their profiles.
  • The users who are ready to pay to use the features of the site can enjoy quicker approval.
  • Premium users do not have to limit their use on mail storage as they get infinite storage.
  • Paying members appear higher in the search results of other users.
  • Unlike standard users, the members with a premium membership are also able to add profile notes.

SugarDaddyForMe Features for premium members

Different Modes of Paying for the Membership

Members who are willing to upgrade their membership use exciting features that the site has in store for them need to choose a plan. There are three subscription plans from which users can select the one that best suits them. To pay for the program, they can make use of two means of payments. These modes of payments are:

  • Credit Card
  • Cheque

How does payment appear on the bill?

When payment is made via credit card, it usually appears with the name of an organization like SCBills.com.

Safe and Secure Platform for Sugar Dating

SugarDaddyForMe promises to protect your personal as well as financial information. It also offers you protection against the scammers who contact other members for escort services only. The site does not allow communication unless the moderation team on the website does not approve the user’s profile. Thus it is a safe and secure platform for people who are clear about who they want to date and the intention behind dating.

SugarDaddyForMe Safe and Secure Platform for Sugar Dating

A genuine dating platform

The site allows users to experience browsing the site as a guest without creating an account. This guest experience ensures that no one builds a profile on the app out of curiosity to explore other user profiles. Thus, people who find this online dating platform convincing create an account of the site to find a date. Therefore, there is minimal existence of fake profiles on the site. There exists no question of scammers bothering other users.

Highlighting Features of the Site

SugarDaddyForMe caters to all the needs of its users and thereby offers some exceptional features. These features facilitate the formation of fruitful connections with other users on the site. Here are some of these unique features that might interest you:

Weekend Planner

There is a unique feature called the weekend planner. You can reveal your entire calendar or schedule for the week at different time increments. Mostly the cells come as a one-hour increment, except for 9 AM to 5 PM. This time slot collectively appears on a single cell. Users can assign diverse colors to these cells. These colors are as follows:

Blue: It means that you are ‘At work.’

Gray: It means that you are in ‘I’m asleep’ mode.

Red: It means that the users are saying, ‘I’m busy.’

Green: It means the user is ‘Free/ available.’

Total Access

Total access is an add-on feature that allows the non-paying members to read emails as well as respond to these emails from premium members.

SugarDaddyForMe Highlighting Features of the Site

Summary: SugarDaddyForMe Is Worth Your Time

SugarDaddyForMe is one of the most effective platforms for users of the sugar dating scenario due to its accessibility. Regardless of whether you have a profile or not, you can begin browsing through the user profiles and gauge if the site is worth your time. As evident from the SugarDaddyForMe Review, this website is a paradise for sugar daddies as most of the population on the site enjoys female sugar babies. Without premium membership, communication cannot take off, which is one thing that people complain about in SugarDaddyForMe Review. However, sugar daddies can take the premium membership and let the non-paying sugar babies reply to their text messages for free.

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