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Tinder Plus vs Tinder Gold: What Should You Choose?

Tinder Plus vs Tinder Gold: What Should You Choose?

Tinder is one of the most popular global online dating platforms. Its free membership offers rather a limited set of features, while premium ones have several extra options. Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold are the premium packs provided by Tinder.

Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold are pretty similar. Both memberships offer the upgraded Tinder options. Though its free membership also works great, premium subscriptions increase your chances of meeting a perfect partner significantly. Tinder Plus is cheaper in comparison with Tinder Gold. So, if the set of features provided by Tinder Plus is enough for you, choose this type. Tinder Gold is more expensive and offers more features. But that is not the only difference between Tinder Gold and Plus. The latter provides its users with a limited set of super likes, and it won’t also tell you who right-swiped you. All these features are provided within Tinder Gold. It gives a person more chances to match with the right partner even with a limited set of super likes by providing information about who swiped you right. It helps find people who are interested in you, so you can meet a perfect match in the shortest time possible. So, Tinder Gold is the right choice for people looking for long-term relationships.

Summary Table

  • An easy interface with swiping right or left functions.
  • Annoying ads can be hidden easily.
  • A profile boost is available every month to get more attention from others.
  • 5 super likes each day.
  • Passport to any location enables to find people of different ethnicity and culture.
  • Unlimited likes and rewinds to increase the efficiency of matchmaking.
  • It’s a cheaper premium subscription.
  • Unlimited likes and rewinds.
  • It’s similar to the Tinder Plus premium subscription but with some additional features.
  • It gives information about people who liked you with the “Who Likes Me” feature.
  • The algorithm suggests new top picks every day based on one’s preferences.
  • It’s more expensive.

Tinder Plus Gold: Quality of Matches

Since Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold are both premium subscriptions, most of their features are similar. But Tinder Gold, with its additional perk of seeing who likes your profile, provides the enhanced quality of matches. Although the number of super likes is still limited, this plan helps the user know about other members interested in them. This is the main difference between Tinder Gold and Plus that increases the probability of matching two people and fosters new relationships.

The quality of matches of Tinder Plus is also good even without this additional feature. However, it’s more advantageous to use Tinder Gold because it offers better matches.

Country Availability

Tinder is a global dating service. Both Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold are available in most of the countries of the world – more than 190. One can also access Tinder through its website. The app is available for both iPhone and Android users.

Reputation: Tinder Plus vs Tinder Gold

Both Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold are equally reputed worldwide. The app is aimed at helping people to find perfect partners. However, the quality of your profile and the seriousness of your dating intentions are the key to success. Upgrading your membership to a premium will only save your time and energy spent on left swipes.

Compared to the basic free version of Tinder, both Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold offer better options. The new features allow people to match with potential partners in no time.

Tinder Plus has all the tools that will help you get your perfect match faster and easier. With unlimited swipes and likes, people can convey their interests more precisely. With the Rewind feature, one can go back to their discarded choices and give a second thought. No ads, passport location, etc., act as the icing on the cake.

However, Tinder Gold’s additional features, such as “Who Like Me” and “Top Picks,” make the process of potential partner selection even more comfortable. To sum up, both premium subscriptions are worth trying.

Sign-up Process

The signing-up process on Tinder is relatively easy and hassle-free. It allowі users to sign in using one of the options: Facebook account, mobile number, or email address.

To choose between Tinder Gold vs Plus subscriptions, one should register first. After providing the account details or mobile number, the administrators will verify the email or mobile number provided. After the registration is completed, it’s up to you to decide whether to upgrade your account to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold.

The registration procedure takes not more than 5 minutes. Unlike other sites, you don’t need to provide lots of details here. After that, upload 4 or 5 pictures and write a catchy bio. Now, you are ready to swipe right.

Tinder Plus vs Gold: Profiles

Tinder Gold vs Tinder Plus competition shows that the profiles are unique. They allow you to add music to your profile, upload some pictures, add a bio to give more details, etc. The most intriguing feature of Tinder is the gender choice. You can find profiles of people from the LGBTQ community as well. The profile layout is quite exciting; one can connect her/his Tinder profile to other social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook.

The “Smart Photo Feature” allows the user to add three profile pictures. People can choose them on their own or use the Tinder algorithm. The latter option increases the probability of finding a match.

Another unique profile feature allows people to choose three sexual orientations out of the total nine available.

In other words, both memberships provide great possibilities, and there is not much difference between Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold.

Interface Quality

The interface quality of Tinder is good and relatively easy to use. One can see the distance and bio of a person just below their profile photo. The user’s age and Instagram accounts are also placed there. A person has only to swipe right or left, and if they want to review their choice, then with the rewind feature, they can quickly go back and give second thoughts. Tinder does not allow searching for profiles that have not been liked before. It also allows blocking visitors that seem annoying to you.

As was already mentioned, the main difference between Tinder Gold and Tinder Plus is the “Who Likes Me” feature available only for Tinder Gold subscribers. They can see how many people liked their profile. The latest upgrade allows members to have a live video chat for a real-life dating experience.

Hookups or Serious Relationships?

Online dating platforms host all sorts of people. They cater to those looking for long-term, serious relationships and those interested in short flings. Some people use Tinder to find hookups, while others want to enjoy the dating experience only. You can meet users sick and tired of their relationships or visitors who find it difficult to initiate the conversation in real life. The messaging feature facilitates communication and promotes a better understanding of each other.

It’s not a big difference between Tinder Plus and Gold. The main idea that people who upgrade their subscriptions to Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold are mostly looking for serious relationships. Free Tinder members also have a lot of possibilities for successful dating online. However, premium subscriptions boast more cool features and are more convenient for online dating.

Features: Tinder Plus vs Gold

If you don’t want to use Tinder’s free subscription anymore, premium packs are provided. You can access the Plus and Gold premium memberships by just going to your settings and selecting the desired plan. With all the required features for successful dating, Tinder Plus is cheaper in comparison with Tinder Gold. Using it, you can get up to five super likes a day. A super like helps other people understand that you are interested in them. It also comes with a set of unlimited likes and rewinds. Using your Plus subscription, you can visit profiles from different locations with the help of a passport service. It also provides a free boost once a month to increase the visibility of the profile. Moreover, you can enjoy swiping without any annoying advertisements. The main difference between Tinder Plus and Gold is that Tinder Gold will provide you with more perks – Who Likes Me and Top Picks.

Dating Apps Usability

As for usability, there is no difference between Tinder Plus and Gold. Both subscriptions plans offer great opportunities for successful dating on the go. Actually, more and more people prefer using dating apps to meet their perfect matches. It’s not surprising – the mobile app is a great way to stay in contact with others from any location. The most important thing is the Internet connection.

Tinder is easy to use. The navigation is simple, and everything is well-sectioned. The profiles contain the most important information about the user. Profiles pics are visible to everyone so that you can determine whether a person seems attractive to you or not.

The Tinder app is safe. All the users’ data is encrypted, so it’s impossible to intercept your personal information. All in all, Tinder is a great service that really helps to connect two people.

Price Comparison

There is a difference between Tinder Plus and Gold in price. The Plus version is cheaper. It costs about $9.99 for people under 30 and about $19.99 if you are more than 30. This subscription plan offers great features that will help to accelerate the process of matchmaking. On the other hand, when talking about the Gold subscription, you will have to pay up to $14.98 if you are under 30. People who are above 30 will pay more – $24.98. With the additional features this subscription plan offers, the cost seems to be reasonable.

If you want to change or cancel your plan, it’s easy to do. Open the settings and follow the instructions provided.

Overall Impression and Final Thoughts About Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold

Tinder offers free and premium memberships. The set of free features is somewhat limited. A free subscription is good if you want to see how the app functions. To increase your chances of finding a perfect match, you should upgrade your subscription to a premium. Tinder offers two types of premium subscriptions – Plus and Gold. Both will suit you perfectly if you want to find a perfect match. Gold premium subscription has more features; however, it will cost you more. The Plus subscription is cheaper because it has fewer premium tools.

It’s up to you to decide whether to choose Tinder Plus or Tinder Gold. They both have a great set of features, enough to find a suitable partner. Pay attention that the cost you will have to pay also depends on the age of the user. It seems that the Gold stands out as it offers lots of benefits to people with serious intentions.

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