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Tinder vs. POF: What Should to Choose?

Tinder vs. POF: What Should to Choose?

It is interesting finding someone who can truly love you without restrictions. However, it is difficult for everyone to find a person with similar interests. Online dating sites guarantee that subscribers can find true love without experiencing difficulties. If you are new to virtual dating, it will help you find a perfect app that caters to your needs. Read the Tinder vs. POF comparative review before deciding on the suitable one.

Summary table: Pros and Cons

Dating apps come with a set of pros and cons that might influence a person’s choice for one dating site over the other. Before choosing Tinder or POF, below are its advantages and disadvantages.

Tinder POF
♥ Swipe feature ♥ Plenty of free features such as messaging
♥ Match suggestions based on your location ♥ Compatible match suggestions based on extensive personality tests
♥ Significant number of active members ♥ An established dating site with a variety of active subscribers
♥ Modern and easy to use app ♥ Accessible via website and mobile app
♥ Users can link other social accounts ♥ Easy signing out process, especially when you become inactive for a while.
♥ Best for any relationship, including LGBTQ ♥ Priority messages feature

Tinder vs. POF: Quality of Matches

When comparing Tinder vs. Plenty of Fish, both have a distinct matchmaking algorithm. Tinder pairs users mainly using the location feature. Unfortunately, there is no search option on the app for users who want to filter compatible search results. Ideally, users will receive suggestions based on their location. Using the swipe feature, a person can like another user to express interest. If the user likes you back, both of you can start interacting. Communication can be via the app’s messaging system or live video calls. However, if you no longer wish to continue communicating with the person, you can unmatch yourself. Since Tinder has a global presence, anyone can find it viable.

POF’s matches stand out as they are filtered according to a user’s interests. During registration, a user fills an extensive questionnaire that forms a criterion for compatible suggestions. With this, you hook up with people who have common interests. Besides, members can use the search option to customize their match results. When someone interests you, the messaging option is available for interacting at no cost. You can also record voice messages and send them to your hookup. Ladies have the advantage of sending images to other users. Since the profiles are detailed, you can browse through the website and find suitable partners.

Country Availability

When you compare the country availability of POF vs. Tinder, both have a global presence. Strikingly, both comprise a majority of subscribers from the United States. Regardless of where you come from, you can always find an online dater from both websites without struggle.

Plenty of Fish vs. Tinder: Reputation

Since both dating apps have are among pioneer hookup sites, they have a positive reputation. Signing up on POF or Tinder means you will encounter millions of global users owing to its reputation.

However, previous users have raised complaints against Tinder for lack of profile verification, creating room for scammers. Another issue arising from this app is that men use it for fun, flirting, and casual dates, whereas ladies wish to find meaningful dates. This might not be a problem for users who agree with search suggestions. There have also been claims that Tinder sells users’ data without seeking their consent.

Unlike Tinder, POF is quite reputable. Whether you choose Plenty of Fish or Tinder, you should be cautious about online dating as it exposes you to risks like fake profiles, scammers, and fraudsters.

Tinder vs. Plenty of Fish: Sign-up Process

Both dating sites require a user to create an account before using them. The sign-up process is simple for both sites.

It takes less than five minutes to create an account on Tinder; you can register by linking a valid Facebook profile, submitting a valid email address or your phone number. If you register using a phone number or email address, you will receive a confirmation code to verify your account. The next step involves a user submitting primary details like username, gender, birthday, and profile photo.

Using Facebook, you should know that you can set your Tinder profile almost instantly as most of the data is exported directly. Attracting a decent photo ensures that you get many likes and matches. Though a free subscription allows you to receive match suggestions, you can only contact attractive users upon upgrading your membership. With the easy sign-up process, you are likely to encounter scammers – always practice online dating safety.

POF has a free yet detailed registration process that could take approximately ten minutes to have an account. The extensive questionnaire is mandatory and is used in pairing users based on compatibility. Unlike Tinder, you don’t have to link any social networks like Facebook. New users register on POF’s homepage by submitting details like gender, name, and type of relationship you wish to find and upload photos. After submitting this information, you will wait for the technical team’s approval.

POF vs. Tinder: Profiles

Tinder and POF dating sites have distinct profiles. For instance, Tinder has necessary detailed information like age, name, gender, and location. POF’s profiles are extensive and give an idea of the users’ interests.

Tinder has more men (64%) than women, 36%. Similarly, POF has a 60% rate of men while ladies are at 40%. Strikingly, both apps’ most subscribers are aged between 24 and 35 years.

Plenty of Fish vs. Tinder: Interface Quality

Both POF and Tinder apps have a simple layout with a user-friendly interface. Notably, Tinder allows its users to link other social accounts like Spotify to enjoy favorite music and Instagram or Facebook to upload photos.

Hookup or Serious relationships

Both dating apps are perfect for hookups and serious relationships. Tinder stands out as a hookup platform as it doesn’t request a lot of information. However, the decision of whether you are looking for a long-term relationship or casual dates is up to the user.

On the contrary, POF is ideal for lasting commitments. Users usually find match suggestions based on their relationship needs. Whether you choose Tinder or Plenty of Fish, compatible users decide if they want instant hookups or serious relationships.

Best choice for man

POF is an excellent choice for men interested in meeting ladies. This dating site allows ladies to send exclusive photos via the messaging function. This way, you can have an exceptional experience on this app. Men looking for affordable apps would choose the POF app over Tinder as it is budget-friendly.

Best choice for women

Both dating apps are perfect for women. However, when it comes to cost, ladies might find POF cheap. Since ladies are free to share explicit media with their partners, lesbians could find it viable.


Whether you choose Tinder or Plenty of Fish, both have unique features that compel online daters to try their luck on these dating sites. Unlocking some of these features require subscription packages.

Tinder’s unique features include:

  • Boost: It allows users to highlight their profiles for at least thirty minutes and draw attention from other members.
  • Super boost: Most people consider it best for attracting more right swipes. A user’s profile will appear in top profiles, but you must have a paid plan to unlock it.
  • Super like: This blue star-like icon allows you to show interest in a unique profile.
  • Rewind: if you accidentally swiped left, this feature helps undo the action.
  • Swipe around the world/passport: Tinder mainly pairs users by factoring in their location. However, this feature allows subscribers to change their location and meet people from any part of the world.
  • Top picks: this section provides users with a list of ideal partners. However, you have to be clear about your needs when choosing this criterion for hookups.
  • Noonlight: if you plan a date with a person you met online, Tinder’s Noonlight can be useful if you face danger and require emergency services.
  • Tinder U: this section mainly pairs university students.
  • Swipe night: more of a game, users who make similar decisions become a pair and can hookup

Equally, POF has striking features; some can be accessed for free. These include:

  • UltraMatch: this icon has match suggestions based on compatibility.
  • Chemistry Predictor: every subscriber takes the chemistry assessment test that features 30 to 100 questions. Based on your personality and preferences, the chemistry predictor suggests compatible partners.
  • Meet me: like a game, users view multiple profiles, and a right swipe shows that you wish to meet the person, and a left swipe implies you are disinterested.
  • Nearby: provides members with a list of users within their location.
  • Top prospects: this list has a number you’ve contacted within 30 days.
  • Priority message: users can turn on this tab, and when sending a message to another member, the text appears on top of the recipient’s messages.
  • Self-care resources: this is one of Plenty of Fish’s latest introductions following the anxiety brought about by Covid-19. This section is quite resourceful in ensuring POF’s members take care of their well-being.

Dating Apps usabilities

Tinder has an impressive app design, but it will help if you familiarize yourself with it. Beginners find it challenging to navigate but reading the FAQ and other resourceful sections would help significantly. Tinder is only accessible via a mobile application downloaded from the App Store, or Google Play Store. With the impressive features and striking colors, users find the app entertaining.

Plenty of Fish has an impressive design but could be overwhelming when using the desktop version. The difficulties in navigating POF from the browser make users prefer the pretty straightforward app version. Subscribers can access most of the functionalities without a premium package. Each icon captures information that won’t overwhelm a user. Navigating both the app and website becomes easier once you are sure about your dating needs and how POF can help.

Tinder vs. POF: Price Comparison

Tinder is on the upper side when comparing its prices with POF’s. Perhaps it’s one of the reasons that discourage prospective online daters from registering on the app. Besides, there is too little you can do on the Tinder app without a premium plan. Since the prices differ, below are premium plans that users can choose from when using Tinder.

Tinder gold for users below 28:

  • One month for $14.99
  • Six months for $52.99
  • One year for $82.99

Tinder gold for users above aged above 28:

  • One month for $29.99
  • Six months for $112.99
  • One year for $149.99

Tinder plus for members aged below 28:

  • One month for $9.99
  • Six months for $34.99
  • One year for $54.99

Tinder plus for subscribers above 28 years:

  • One month for $19.99
  • Six months for $60.00
  • One year for $80.00

Unlike Tinder, POF offers a variety of features at no cost. Below are the membership packages:

  • Two months for $38.70
  • Four months for $51.00
  • Eight months for $81.40

Overall impression and Final Thoughts about Tinder vs. P


Both Tinder vs. POF are distinct and offer various features to their users. Previous users complained about being unlucky in finding love on Tinder. Perhaps this is because most male subscribers use it for instant and casual dates. Regardless, your experience can be different if you are sure of your interests.

POF is excellent for meaningful dates and lasting relationships. Some of its features are accessible without paying for membership packages. Based on their uniqueness, signing up on Tinder or POF is a personal choice.

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