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Tinder vs. Tinder Plus: What Should You Choose?

Tinder vs. Tinder Plus: What Should You Choose?

A dating market is very diverse, so that everyone can easily find the application or a website that will help find a partner, a lover, or a friend. However, it makes the choice of the most suitable one a little bit challenging. Tinder is recognized as an up-to-date application that has everything for having a great time. It gathers different reviews, but anyway, it has become one of the most popular platforms for making acquaintances online. Perhaps there isn’t a single person who has not heard about it. Still, many users are wondering whether upgrading Tinder to Tinder Plus is a good idea. This article will answer all your questions and help make the final decision. It will be especially helpful for people with a tight budget who still have a big desire to meet somebody special.

Summary table: Tinder vs. Tinder Plus

Tinder Tinder Plus
Millions of users worldwide Opportunity to swipe back
Impossible to go back to the previous profile Requires investing money
The application can be installed on all major platforms Opportunity to hide adverts
Free of charge 1 free boost for a month
1 super like for a day Limitless number of likes

Tinder vs. Tinder Plus: Quality of Matches

Despite such an impressive number of dating websites and apps, it can become a real chance to meet the person of your dream. That’s why you are recommended to join the platform that is popular with a large number of people. Both Tinder and Tinder Plus come up with so many profiles of users from different parts of the world that you will definitely receive a wide choice of suitable candidates. The main difference in the quality of matches is that you can return to a previously skipped profile in Tinder Plus. Also, you can check who liked you, so make things develop quicker.

Country Availability

It is evident that the more countries the website or application is available in, the more potential matches the users receive. Modern technologies wipe the borders, and now everyone can easily meet a compatible person not only within a local area but from another part of the world. Tinder Plus vs. Tinder comparison in terms of country availability is simple as both apps versions can be used by people all over the world despite their nationality and race. Currently, the platform is available in 190+ countries, and this number keeps growing. Still, with Tinder Plus, you can change the location and start swiping. An option of hiding the distance will be useful for all fans of traveling. For example, you are going to visit Istanbul, so you can easily mention it as location, receiving lots of matches, hence a chance to have a great time on your vacation or a business trip.

Reputation: Tinder vs. Tinder Plus

There is no winner between Tinder Free vs. Tinder Plus when it comes to reputation. The opinion of people varies as with any other dating application. Still, there is a belief that Tinder and Tinder Plus better suit the needs of people who look for one-night stand partners; hence it is not suitable for serious relationships. However, you can find a partner for long-term relationships if you spend more time on the search. Still, you should be ready to come across the scammers and fakes who want to have fun without revealing true personality. There are no guarantees, so one must be careful and not jump to conclusions about another person.

Sign-up Process

Usually, daters refuse to use the platforms that come up with difficult, long, and tiring sign-up processes. They simply do not want to waste time and prefer starting their online experience as soon as possible. Signing up process in Tinder is incredibly fast and straightforward if you have a Facebook account. Things become more difficult if you do not. In this case, you have to register on Facebook first and only then sign in with it. Anyway, the entire registration procedure will not take you more than 10 minutes. Then, you will access all provided functionality and will be able to start having fun in any place. By the way, both of them allow you to connect your Instagram account, so the users will get access to your albums and other personal information. As practice shows, it is beneficial since the daters get a chance to know each other better and decide whether they have something in common.

Tinder vs. Tinder Plus: Profiles

The profile is the first thing that online daters see while navigating the application or a website. That’s why it is incredibly important to make it as much appealing as possible. Profiles on Tinder are clearly arranged, and even novice users will easily cope with its navigating. On the top, there is a user’s picture that should be chosen very carefully. Mind that Tinder is more about the first impression, so you need to upload the photo that will attract potential partners. Under the picture, there are such buttons as settings, add media, and edit info. In the bottom part, you can see a number of super likes, boosts, and options for upgrading the subscription.

Interface Quality

The more interface is user-friendly, the more chances are that a person will keep using the application. Nobody wants to waste time trying to figure out how to use the functions and buttons. Tinder free version interface looks clear and straightforward with no confusing elements. While looking through the profiles, a large screen part is taken by a photo under which you can find basic options. With Tinder Plus, you have got a few more buttons like back to the previous profiles. Such a nice option will help you save your super likes and do not waste them on unsuitable people.

Hookup or Serious relationships

All users of dating applications have different goals for registering an account. Some just want to have fun, and others look for partners to enjoy casual dating, and some individuals dream of starting a family. Neither of Tinder Free vs. Plus caters to a specific category of users. Despite the common belief that they are hookup applications, the truth is the opposite. You just pick up the person you like, exchange a few words, and only then decide whether he/she can become a suitable partner for you to build the relationships that you are looking for. Basing on the overall logo: Match. Chat. Date, you can decide on the development of your communication on your own. Both Tinder and Tinder Plus are suitable for serious relationships, hookups, or making friends.

Best choice for men

The dating industry is highly culturally dependent. Men try to keep a fine line between confidence and perseverance. Tinder Plus vs. Free comparison review comes up with the idea that both these options are suitable for men. Every guy can try his luck to find a partner and make friends, start casual dating or try to build long-term relationships. There are lots of tools for reaching the purpose easily.

Best choice for women

It goes without saying that women don’t want to be texted by fearsome men they don’t want to meet in a dark alley at night. Still, they believe in love and friendship and don’t stop looking for guys who will become perfect partners for them. There are no privileges on gender in Tinder Plus or Tinder Free. Women, as well as men, can look for a perfect partner and initiate the relationships that they want. Upgrading the account to Tinder Plus will speed up the process and provide you with advanced features to increase the chances for success.

Features: Tinder vs Tinder Plus

In most cases, a person considers features before making the final decision on what application to choose. It is not surprising as the quality and number of provided options affect the overall dating experience that an individual will get in the long run. It’s evident that paid upgrading comes up with more features in comparison to a free membership. Hence, Tinder Plus has more to offer. First of all, it is a limitless number of likes that you can use and 5 super likes per day, while Tinder free has only one super like. Next, you can use one boost per month with Tinder Plus to become closer to the top of search results for half an hour. Also, it allows changing the location and undoing the last swipe. These options are not available for users of Tinder free; hence the quality of their experience is worse. So, it is the question of how much you want to reach your purpose ASAP. Despite what decision you will make, mind that a lot depends on your profile quality. In simpler words, even having a Gold subscription, you can waste all its benefits because of a weak profile look.

Dating Apps usabilities

No dater, despite the experience, wants to wait until the application loads for ages and provide with expected results. Usability is a key factor for most users since it impacts the received experience. One of the best things that users love is its simplicity. Despite your experience of using dating platforms, here everything will be straightforward to you. Moreover, both Tinder and Tinder Plus send you push notifications, so you do not need to check the application each time. In the case of buying one boost vs. Tinder Plus, you can reach your goal quickly.

Price Comparison between Tinder vs. Tinder Plus

Everyone can easily download Tinder on iOS or Android devices and enjoy its functionality absolutely for free. In the case of Tinder Plus, you will have to pay money:

  • $19.99/month if you are over 30
  • $9.99/month if you are under 30

Anyway, a paid subscription comes up with more features and capabilities for you; hence you can achieve your purpose quicker. But if you are not sure this is what you need, then starting with Tinder free seems to be a better idea.

Overall impression and Final Thoughts about Tinder vs. Tinder Plus

Now you have a general idea about Tinder vs. Tinder Plus, their peculiarities, and capabilities. At first glance, it may seem that it is possible to get a great experience only with a paid version – Tinder Plus. Still, do not jump to conclusions and try to look at things attentively. You can review your profile and check whether it is attractive enough. A profile picture is the most important element of a successful experience. Next, look at the details that you mention on your personal page. They must reveal your true personality and real wishes about using Tinder. All these steps will take you nothing, but in return, you will get a nice chance to succeed even with a free account. You should do your best to make your profile stand out from the crowd, and then the perfect matches will occur one by one. If you have some extra money and do not mind investing them in your online experience, then Tinder Plus is a good idea to do this. It will provide you with extra features and more smooth activities. So overall, the winner is Tinder Plus due to the enhanced experience that it comes with for a very reasonable price.

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