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Wantmatures Review 2021

Wantmatures Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 77%
Beauty 79%
Popular age 19-24
Profiles 1 600 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Detailed Description of Profiles: There is a lot of detail on the profile, which is a plus point of this website. It helps in understanding the other people in a better manner so that they can indulge in the matchmaking process.
  • Easy Navigation: The navigation of the site is very convenient, and it is effortless as well. Even the non-tech-savvy individuals will be able to make the most out of this website.
  • Free Features: There are many free options to look forward to, and there will be no restriction on the search filters. Therefore narrowing down the options will never be a problem for you.
  • Safety And Security: The website’s safety and security is something to look forward to, which is why there will be no privacy leakage on this website.
  • 24/7 Customer Support: Finally, there will be 24/7 customer care assistance to resolve any questions and support the members.
  • If any member wants exclusive features, the cost is going to be very high on this website.
  • All the users are mostly male individuals, so it can be a little competitive to find the best female partners over here.

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What Is Wantmatures?

Wantmatures is one of the most amazing dating sites, and it is suitable for mature dating with older adults. Moreover, This dating site is specially meant for elders who are looking for something casual and even for serious relationships. Wantmatures comprises a lot of advanced features a newbie member must look forward to, and the website is user-friendly. Also, if a user is not much tech-savvy, they will not have to worry about operating of this website as it has an easy to understand interphase.

As per the Wantmatures review by the experts, it will be imperative to access every nook and corner of the website, and the matchmaking will be effortless. Moreover, with the help of Wantmatures, all the elderly singles out; there will be able to find out their partner. It is a website that has been able to get excellent reviews and is even good to find a partner for a long-term relationship. Most people are looking for serious relationships to meet and connect with the perfect person through this website. It is a platform for making the best decision of life in a unique virtual meet-up approach. To get a more precise overview of the Wantmatures review, this discussion will be about all the uses, pros, cons, and special features.

What Is Wantmatures?

Is Wantmatures Legit Or Scam?

Wantmatures is a very legitimate website, and it’s not a scam. There are many advantages of getting registration on this website, as it includes good webpage design and easy navigation. It will be effortless for all the members to use this website, which has an excellent success rate. At a glance, this is an efficient working website and has been able to gain a lot of popularity despite all the alternatives available on the online dimension.

Overall, if the older adults want someone to relax and spend the time with, this is a perfect website to find that person. Even if a person is introvert and wants a soulmate, it will be easy for them to break the ice on this platform. It is an excellent communicator, and the members can easily reach out to the other profiles and the photo galleries.

What Members On This Site?

There are over 9 million numbers on a global basis when we talk about Wantmatures. According to the popular Wantmatures review, there are about 1.5 million new visitors every month, and they cater to various parts of the world. Most of the visitors are from the United States, Australia, and the United Kingdom. Also, according to the age range, the members are mostly over 35 years of age. Most of the members that one can find on this website are going to be English speaking, and there are going to be a lot of people from countries like Romania, Italy, Hungary, and Spain.

Sexual Orientation

There is no confinement when it is about sexual orientation on this website. All the people belonging to the heterosexual, as well as the homosexual communities, can indulge in this platform. Even if a person is bisexual or curious, users can create a profile without any problems. Indifferent to the sexual orientation one has, there will be no competition for registering on this platform. There are many males and females out there with quite a different sexual orientation, so you should not feel hesitant while you are thinking of joining Wantmatures. You might even need a friend rather than a dating partner, and you can expect to find them here.

Age Distribution

The age distribution is pretty simple, and from the age of 18 to 24, there are about 5% females as compared to 11% males. In the age range of 25 to 34, there are 4% females as compared to 11% male members. In the age range of 35 to 44, there are about 16% female members as compared to 7% of male members. Coming to the demography of 45 to 54 years of age, the female composition is about 13% compared to the male composition, which is about 19%. One can also find members over 55 years of age, and in that case, the male-female ratio is 6% is to 8%.

Age Distribution

Sign-Up Process And Login Info

A person must be at least 18 years old to do the registration. The signing up of the account will need a maximum of 2- 3 minutes, and everything will be complete. One has to give all the details like the sexual preference, address, location, as well as the age and email. Also, it is important to understand the email verification process so that the profiles are not scamming. It will be a simple system, and the completion of the profile needs answering the questionnaire. Any person will be able to get into this website, starting from the age range of 18 to 70 because this platform believes anyone can indulge in virtual dating.

Profile Creation

Profile creation is a significant process to understand, and there can be a lot of fake accounts. If the account of a member looks fake, there is a high chance that he or she might get banned. It is going to be very easy to edit and supply the information, and there should also be a regulation of the photos by the moderators. It is free to browse through each, and every profile of the members and the profile information will help in the matchmaking process. The profile will comprise basic information, personal information, the gallery, location, and preference, as well as some additional information. It is only after the completion of the questionnaire that the profile creation would be complete.


The messaging system on this platform will be instant, which is why the profile holders will not have to waste much time interacting with the members. The developers of this dating website have done a brilliant job by making it easy for the members to shortlist the profiles with the messaging system’s help. To start the messaging, the members will have to visit the profile, and there itself; they will get the message option. After that, the recipient can either block the sender or can even start replying.


Platform For Use

Wantmatures is going to be a perfect platform for all the beginners as well as the experts. This is the website that comprises mostly elderly people, and it might be a little bit complicated for them to start with the online dating process. This is a perfect platform for use even for the people who are not technically advanced, and they will not need any assistance to browse around. It will be easy for the members to start communicating with the other members, but it is always a good option to remain alert so that there are no fraudulent activities.


The desktop version of this website is amazing, and it is going to be easy to create a profile on the desktop. At first, the person has to start with the basic information like the username, location as well as they age. There are a lot of buttons so that a person can initiate the messaging service, and also the block option will be there.

Next, one can also complete the personal information as well as the photos in the gallery. In this kind of detail, the member will have to talk about the ethnic origin body type as well as the orientation. In this personal information segment, one can easily upgrade the information as per their convenience. Apart from that, it will be easy to fill the additional information and get hold of the username and password.


This website does not have a mobile application, but the mobile browser is compatible with any platform. The browser will be compatible with the Android and iOS devices, and it has the same functionality as the desktop version. There are many features and icons which will be available, and the mobile version is easy to navigate. Not only that, but the mobile version is good for the people who want to remain connected on the go. The color palette is beautiful, and one can get a lot of benefits from the mobile browser, which is no less than an application.


Design And Usability

According to Wantmatures review, a website has an elegant and clean look, and there is no complication as well. The color palette is amazing to look at, and the combination comes in red green and white colors. There are amazing features like search and gallery tab right on the top left side of the website, and one can also upgrade the membership according to their convenience. The navigation is easy to understand, and the technological capability is something to look forward to. The website is easily customizable, and so is the profile information.

The Wantmatures review reports that the navigation of a dating website should be neat and clean, as well as effortless for all the people to get a hold over the features. In this, the website navigation is something to look forward to, which is a positive aspect of wantmatures. Even an amateur person will be able to understand the working mechanism of the website with a unique look.

Wantmatures Costs And Prices

For the premium membership, the subscription payment is 41.40 USD every month. For a three month membership, the total payment will be 69.4 USD, which comes down to 23 USD per month. The total amount of payment should be 111 USD for six months, which comes down to 18.6 USD per month. There is a trial system in which the member will be able to get a 3-day trial for about $1 per day. Once a member is delighted with the trial, they can go forward and become a premium member.

There are a lot of differences when it comes to an understanding the paid versus free services.

The following are the features of the paid version:

  • The members will be able to get ultimate access to all the information in the other members’ profiles. The three members will only get restricted access to the data.
  • One can also go for an advanced search or extended search option so that the matchmaking can be perfect.
  • All the photos in the gallery will show in the full-size option so that it is easy to understand the partner’s facial features.
  • An individual will be able to share a lot of photos and videos in the chat without any legal problems.
  • The premium customer support is something to look forward to for all the premium members out there.

The following are the features of the free version:

  • The registration, as well as the profile creation, is going to be entirely free.
  • The members can indulge in basic search as well as view the profile of the other members. But all the information will not be accessible.
  • One can send winks as well as flirty messages to start the conversation.
  • The members will be able to browse to the gallery but not see the full-size photos.
Paid vs Free Access

How To Pay

There is complete payment discretion on the website, which is why the members will have secure monetary transactions. It is easy to pay with the help of the credit card, and it will not take much time.

Payment Systems

According to the Wantmatures review, the payment system is going to be secure and different, which is why there are a lot of subscription packages. The Chataholic package is good for the people who want to interact with the other members on this website. The premium membership will give Express security like encryption and incognito browsing. The members will also be able to clean browse and chat history.

In the premium dater package, all the exclusive features will be available, and one can choose from a duration of 1month, 3months, and six months.

Safety And Security

There is an end to end encryption on the website, which means that all the members of Wantmatures are completely safe. They will get very high performance off matchmaking without thinking even the least bit about the security issues. Every monetary transaction done on this website will be safe, and there will be no chance of regret.


As already discussed, this website is anything but a scam. It has ultimate legitimacy, and there is nothing to worry about on this website. Even then, the member should be alert because the conversations are going to be with a stranger.


Special Features

There are many special features, and on this platform, one can enjoy a lot of mature dating experience. Now we are going to list them down as follows.

  • Flirtcast: It is a feature in which the members can see the array of opening lines with the help of the function.
  • Like gallery: There are a lot of potential matches, and this feature it’s quite similar to Tinder, where all the members can indulge in the swipe right swipe left game. If there is any profile that seems to be very unusual, it will be easy to tap on the X option to put a heart.
  • Safe mode- The members will be able to get control over whoever is stalking the profile. The Full mode will allow only the verified members to make contact, and there is also a Basic mode to save from the suspicious and fake accounts.
  • Guarantee of satisfaction- This is an outstanding feature that ensures that people on this platform will be able to get their potential matches.


As a final verdict of Wantmatures review, we would like to add that Wantmatures is indeed a good platform for elderly people. It is easy to operate on and has a perfect success rate. It has been able to get a lot of popularity since its launch, and there has been no looking back. With its beautiful appearance and easy navigation, there is no reason why people should not visit it at least once.

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