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Badoo vs. Tinder: What Should to Choose?

Badoo vs. Tinder: What Should to Choose?

Most people are unsure of the best dating site when comparing Badoo vs. Tinder apps. While everyone looks for different traits in a potential partner, these apps allow you to be open about your interests, whether long or short-term needs. What makes the two apps distinct? What is Better Badoo or Tinder? Read on to decide a viable one.

Summary table Pros

Badoo Tinder
🗹 Perfect for young adults 🗹 Modern layout with a simple interface
🗹 Ideal for casual dates and long-term hookups 🗹 Connect with other social profiles
🗹 Plenty of active subscribers 🗹 Swipe feature
🗹 Valid users have a verification mark on their profiles 🗹 Plenty of subscribers
🗹 Messaging is free

Badoo vs. Tinder: Quality of Matches

If you compare the two dating apps, both have a unique pairing algorithm. Badoo dating app allows its members to use the advanced search filters and look for people they wish to connect with. The ‘people nearby’ feature allows you to find matches within specific locations. You can use other search filters like age to find compatible match suggestions.

Besides, you can also find matches using the Badoo encounters feature. It displays one picture after the other, the user’s details, and any interests you could be sharing. You can express interest by pressing the heart icon or disinterest by tapping the X tab. You can customize the match suggestions in this feature by setting the game to your needs, like specific age.

Alternatively, you could easily find matches by looking at the featured users section on the right bottom corner. Upon clicking on any photo, you can view the user’s profile and connect with them if interested. You can also appear in this section by paying credits and attract other people conveniently.

Tinder matches its members based on their location. During registration, subscribers need to submit the appropriate feature. Perhaps the only downside with this matchmaking feature is that you are unlikely to meet users from other parts of the world. Besides, the absence of the advanced search filter on this site makes it difficult for users to customize their match suggestions. However, you could opt to utilize the swipe feature to express interest in a potential hookup. The subscriber must like you back for you to start engaging. You can communicate via the app’s live video calls option or texting feature. Users have the freedom to disconnect from a connection if they no longer find the connection interesting. Tinder would be perfect for anyone intending to connect with users in a particular location as it is accessible worldwide.

Country Availability

Both Badoo and Tinder are accessible globally. Strikingly, both comprise a majority of subscribers from European countries like the United States. On Badoo, you are free to search for people from other countries. Contrary, Tinder doesn’t have this option unless for premium members. Whether you choose Badoo or Tinder, both guarantee meeting people in other countries. However, you must use Tinder’s passport feature to find people from various locations.

Reputation: Badoo vs. Tinder

Most online daters tend to find out a dating site’s reputation before signing up. Though reputable, there have been complaints against Tinder for the presence of many scammers on the dating app. Previous subscribers cite the lack of profile verification as the main reason why there are many fake profiles and predators on the app. Besides scammers and fake profiles, ladies intending to find meaningful relationships on the app complain that men are into casual dates and one-night stands. While such claims might not be a significant concern for ladies looking for similar hookups, it discourages ladies interested in serious dating. Some users also complain that Tinder sells their data without justifiable reasons or seeking consent from its users.

Tinder vs. Badoo: Sign-up Process

Whether you choose Tinder or Badoo, you must create a profile –both apps have a simple sign-up process. Registering on Badoo is simple. The app targets the younger generation so that to compel them towards mobile dating. A larger percentage of Badoo’s users prefer instant hookups and flings. Acquiring an account on Badoo requires users to feed in the necessary information about themselves and why you intend to create an account. Uploading a photo is optional. When done, you will receive a link is given to verify the account. You can then start accessing and using Badoo.

Registering on Tinder takes at least five minutes; you can link a Facebook account or submit an email address or a phone number. If you sign up via your phone number or email address, you will receive a verification code to validate your profile. You will then submit primary information like username, birthday, gender, and profile image.

If you register via Facebook, you will have the Tinder profile instantly -most of the data is imported directly. Uploading a quality photo will attract many matches. With a free subscription, you can receive match suggestions, but contacting them will require upgrading to a premium membership. Since registering via Facebook is easy, the chances of encountering scammers are high –it will help if you are cautious about online dating safety.

Badoo vs. Tinder: Profiles

Both have plenty of subscribers looking for romantic dates. Tinder has plenty of incomplete profiles. Most people using this app don’t reveal a lot of details about them unless you start inquiring from them when interacting. New members don’t verify their profiles, something that would draw countless fraudsters. With the little information, you are likely to consider Tinder for casual dating.

Badoo requires users to verify their profiles by connecting a social media account. Uploading credible photos helps improve a member’s rating. Subscribers can also hide their profiles from the public to allow few people to see and contact them. However, members can’t customize their details; you can only select the provided list preferences.

Interface Quality

Tinder and Badoo have a user-friendly straightforward interface. All the features are neatly highlighted out to allow users to execute various actions without struggling. Badoo doesn’t require a tech-savvy, whereas Tinder’s first-time users might have to use it regularly to understand how it works.

Hookup or Serious relationships

If you are unsure about Badoo or Tinder, your dating needs should determine the best app for you. Though both apps are perfect for casual hookups, Badoo stands out in hooking up singles for casual relationships. Regardless, online daters can still find lasting relationships and casual dates on both dating apps, provided they are clear about their interests.

Best choice for man

Men interested in casual and instant hookups prefer Badoo over Tinder. Badoo acts like a social network that still caters to the dating needs of various individuals. While both dating sites could be perfect for any man, Badoo still wins as it is affordable.

Best choice for women

Women interested in dating men might find Badoo interesting as it has a significant percentage of men. Plus, it is affordable and allows both casual and serious hookups. Unlike Tinder, ladies are unlikely to feel victims of men interested in one-night stands.

Features: What is Better Badoo or Tinder?

Both dating sites have attractive features that compel users to continue using them.

Badoo is both a social network and a dating site, allowing members to network or hookup casually. Some of its appealing features include:

  • Badoo encounters: enables users to find matches without challenges.
  • Lookalikes: allows you to search for a person who resembles someone you might know. Badoo can also pair users who look alike using this feature.
  • Profile score: This tab allows other participants to rate your profile. Attaining more ratings implies that your visibility will be higher.
  • Likes: This section has a list of the people who like your profile.
  • Visits: You can check who viewed your profile by clicking on this feature.
  • Favorites: Every time you spot an attractive person, you can add them to the Favorites section.
  • Gifts: Purchasing credits allows users to send gifts to other users.

Below are some of Tinder’s unique features:

  • Boost: Users who wish to appear in top results can use this feature to highlight their profiles for approximately thirty minutes. You can draw other users’ attention and find attractive members.
  • Super boost: If you wish to attract countless right swipes, the super boost feature should be a must-have. It enables a user’s profile will appear at the top of other matches. However, it requires a premium plan to access it.
  • Rewind: it’s possible to swipe left unknowingly; you can undo this action by rewinding.
  • Swipe around the world/passport: Though Tinder mainly matches members using their locations, this icon allows them to change their location and search for partners from other parts of the world.
  • Super like: The blue star-like feature allows users to express interest in attractive profiles.
  • Top picks: this section features a list of exciting partners. However, you have to be particular about your needs if this is your criterion for hookups.
  • Tinder U: University students can utilize this section and meet other students.
  • Swipe night: It is more like a game where participants who make similar decisions become a match and decide to hookup.
  • Noonlight: Anytime you want to go for a date with the person you met on this app, Tinder’s Noonlight comes in handy anytime you face danger. It is useful in requesting emergency services.

Dating Apps Usabilities

Tinder’s app has an impressive layout for seamless navigation. However, familiarizing yourself with the functionalities is essential before using it. Most first-time users find navigating the app quite overwhelming –you could find resourceful sections on the app helpful. You can only access Tinder via a mobile application; download it from the App Store, Google Play Store, or Blackberry. The app has fun colors and features.

Badoo vs. Tinder: Price Comparison

Whether you choose Badoo or Tinder, you might have to upgrade to unlock some features.

Badoo offers a one-day premium membership worth USD 0.79 and a lifetime membership at $79.99. You can choose other premium plans from the following packages:

  • One month at $12.99
  • Three months worth $31.99
  • Six months at $47.99

You can also access some of Badoo’s features by purchasing credits as follows:

  • 100 credits at $2.99
  • 550 credits at $9.99
  • 1,250 credits at $19.99
  • 2,750 credits at $39.99

Tinder has two premium packages, Tinder gold and Tinder plus. There are also two categories of pricing plans; one for users below 28 years and those above 28. Here are the pricing packages for each user in the two categories:

Tinder gold for users aged below 28:

  • One month costing $14.99
  • Six month worth $52.99
  • One year at $82.99

Tinder gold for users above aged above 28:

  • One month at $29.99
  • Six month worth $112.99
  • One year costing $149.99

Tinder plus for members aged below 28:

  • One month worth $9.99
  • Six month at $34.99
  • One year costing $54.99

Tinder plus for subscribers above 28 years:

  • One month worth $19.99
  • Six month costing $60
  • One year at $80

Comparing Tinder vs. Badoo premium packages, Tinder is on the upper hand. However, purchasing either ensures that users maximize the opportunity offered by these two dating apps.

Overall impression and Final Thoughts about Badoo and Tinder

Both dating apps are distinct in their functionalities and how they cater to the needs of online dating.


Badoo stands out as a platform for instant hookups, flirting, networking, and one-night stands. This makes it appealing to the younger generation and like-minded individuals. It is popular among the younger generation. The app seems to be more appealing to people interes0ted in casual dating.


Tinder caters to both meaningful and casual dating –making your interests known before hooking up could be helpful. It has countless subscribers, making it one of the most loved dating sites.

Website Popularity and success rate
Badoo Over 9 million new subscribers join this appealing app.
Tinder The app attracts approximately 10 million new users each month despite its downsides.

Expert Opinion

If you were unsure about these two, the Badoo vs. Tinder should be resourceful; Badoo seems to provide a higher success rate compared to Tinder.

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