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Christian Connection Review 2021

Christian Connection Review 2021
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Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 91%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 23-24
Profiles 1.700.000
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Pros and Cons

  • This platform has received many awards for its excellent job.
  • Christian Connection is a space for Christians from every part of the world to meet like-minded individuals.
  • You have unique filters and functionality to narrow down the search and make sure only perfect matches are suggested.
  • The team behind this platform puts a lot of emphasis on the experience and creating a welcoming and secure environment for its community.
  • It has unique algorithms in place to weed out fake or abusive profiles.
  • Christians of all denominations use this service, so you can find precisely the type of person you have been searching for.
  • The platform features a brilliant algorithm that suggests partners based on some questions it asks when you register.
  • The platform features a brilliant algorithm that suggests partners based on some questions it asks when you register.
  • Christian Connection has over twenty years of experience in the online dating market, so it is very good at what it does.
  • Christians from most English-speaking countries, as well as Germany and Hong Kong, join the service. That means you can find your soulmate regardless of where you are.
  • This site places respect and empathy as a very high priority; anyone offensive or abusive is not allowed to use the website.
  • It offers a fascinating trial period to try the premium tools and features.
  • All users share the Christian fate, so you feel at home and very safe while using this platform.
  • It has fun message boards.
  • Christian Connection allows people of various sexual orientations to join.
  • It is easy to cancel your subscription if you decide to do so.
  • For now, it only offers an app for iPhone users. No options for Android.
  • Some faith attributes you would expect to be displayed on the user’s profile are hidden in settings.
  • For US and Canadian members, message boards are not that active.
  • For the moment, you can only reach their support team via email.
  • This place is for Christians only, so if you wish to meet people from other faiths, this may not be the right destination.
  • Christian Connection does not let things slide easily. If you broke their rules, you are very likely to be removed from the platform, so think twice before arguing with other users.
  • The trial period only lets you send up to five messages a day.
  • The sign-up process can get a little tedious due to the amount of information it asked you to provide —mainly answering questions about yourself.
  • Free visitors cannot reply to messages.

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In this Christian Connection review, you will find many crucial things to consider before starting to use it. As with any decision, you should look into all the essential aspects of picking a service like this one. This Christian Connection review discusses all the positives and negatives so that you can get an idea of what it looks like.

Christian Connection has been in the online dating game for a very long time, much longer than most dating platforms you see around. It started back in 2000 and has continually grown and developed over these years. Its efforts have not gone unnoticed, and this is one of the very few dating websites that received awards for its excellent work from privately-owned organizations. A lot of those prizes are for being one of the best niche lutheran dating sites. Still, it also has several awards for excellent client support and responsiveness.

Christian Connection has been launched in the United Kingdom with a clear vision of providing a corner for people who hold the Christian faith and help them find love, friendship, and meaningful connections. The platform became very popular, and people started noticing it. As of now, its audience mainly consists of English-speaking countries’ representatives. There are users from the United Kingdom, Canada, Ireland, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Hong Kong.

Respect is essential here. The team at Christian Connection is always checking the activities on the site to make sure everything is running smoothly. Thus, it offers options for you to decide the types of individuals you will be suggested. Christians have different ways of worshipping based on their denominations, as well as other aspects. If you are okay with meeting all kinds of Christians, you can do so. In the same manner, if you would like to meet just one specific group, you can include that on your profile, so the algorithm shows you only those participants.

This Christian Connection review would not be completed without talking about security, and this is yet one more aspect they are very good at. The site itself regulates many safety precautions, but it also has a team that monitors the activities at all times. Moreover, people are encouraged to report any profiles that may be breaking the rules. Keep in mind that respect and empathy are paramount to keep the experience safe and pleasant for everyone. If you feel that someone is abusive, it is best not to engage with that person but instead report to the administrators; they will take care of it.

How Legitimate Christian Connection Is?

Christian Connection Review 2020 - Best Place for Christians to Meet Their Soulmates

The Christian Connection review should include data about how legit the platform is. As you may have gathered from the introductory paragraphs, this is a trustworthy service. Moreover, they are an award-winning organization, renowned for their excellent customer support, tools, and functionality.

Besides, this is a platform with history and a lot of experience. Being in the market for over twenty years has given insight into how to serve people better. Christian Connection has grown and learned a lot over this time, and it has become one of the best christian dating sites out there. That is not only an opinion, but it holds an award saying the same thing — the best niche dating website.

Besides, you can tell how good any platform is by hearing and reading what members are saying. In this case, the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. Most individuals who have used the service are delighted with the results, how it works, and how transparent the company is. Everything is laid out for users; first of all, there are no hidden fees, strange stipulations, or anything like that. Where some dating sites rely on hidden charges and dubious practices, Christian Connection is very open about what it does and how.

They also work very assiduously to deliver an excellent experience for everyone. They are not afraid to block or remove abusive or problematic users. Christian Connection has created an ideal platform that holds a great and safe atmosphere for everyone to enjoy, and they want to keep it that way.

Let’s Discuss What Kinds of Members They Have

Christian Connection Review 2020 - Best Place for Christians to Meet Their Soulmates

As mentioned in previous paragraphs of this Christian connection review, this service is used mainly by English-speaking countries. It has started in the United Kingdom, so it makes sense that a big chunk of its user base comes from there. Nonetheless, since it expanded to North America in 2012, North American and Canadian visitors became very active. It is continually growing and evolving, so it now has many members from Africa, Australia, and some European countries.

Sexual Orientation of Users on the Platform

In this Christian Connection review, it has been discussed where people come from and their faith. Now it is time to cover a vital aspect — sexual orientation. The platform welcomes a variety of genders and orientations to join. During registration, you even have options to choose from bisexual, straight, gay, or lesbian.

It has not been disclosed the exact breakdown of the genders, so you cannot know exactly the ratio of men to women. Nonetheless, they have a vast community with thousands upon thousands of visitors around the globe. That gives you high odds of finding the person you dream about.

Age Distribution of Members

There are people of all ages, starting from 18 years old. There is almost a draw between two age brackets, 25 to 34 and 35 to 44, which makes them the most prominent age groups on the site. The 18-24 category closely follows those, then 45-54, and finally 55+.

An important thing to point out is that there are more female users in the first two age brackets (18-34). Whereas in the latter groups, two genders are much more balanced, with almost a 50/50 distribution.

How to Sign up & Required Login Info

Christian Connection Review 2020 - Best Place for Christians to Meet Their Soulmates

Creating an account is relatively easy, but the Christian Connection review will show that it takes some time. After all, for a platform like this, it is imperative to have a full picture of the user in order to suggest the right matches. For that reason, you have to answer a lot of questions regarding who you are, preferences, orientation, location, and so on. The whole procedure may seem a little tedious at first, but it is advantageous. The algorithm and system will have a perfect understanding of you as a person if you put some thought into it and answer all the questions truthfully. From that, it can suggest perfect partners based on your preferences and personality.

The first step is the usual basic information like email, location, and gender. After that, you have the questionnaires mentioned above. Then you can upload some photographs and start using the service. A great plus is a three-day trial to experience premium features right away without extra charge.

How Intuitive Is the Profile Creation Process?

The process is incredibly intuitive and easy. Fill out your contact information like email, birth date, address, and so on. Then you have to answer some questions about yourself. Christian Connection has managed to simplify that process even further by giving you drop-down menus with options, so you do not have to type down anything. Just select the one that best fits you, and that is all.

Messaging Functionality Offered

The messaging feature is very responsive and stable. You can easily chat with others, as well as send “Waves,” which notify users that you are interested in them. A wave is an excellent way to break the ice and hopefully get someone to message you. Nonetheless, it is always better to write the first message; a simple “Hi” can go a long way.

How Accessible This Platform Is?

Christian Connection Review 2020 - Best Place for Christians to Meet Their Soulmates

Christian Connection can be accessed from your computer, iPhone, or iPad. For the moment, they do not offer an application for Android devices.

The Desktop Experience

The desktop version of Christian Connection is delightful to the eye and well designed. Everything is presented to you in a simple layout, so you can quickly find the menus or pages you want.

Mobile Application

The mobile application is a simplified version of their website. That does not mean that it has less functionality, though. The app offers all the great functions and tools you have on the site but better optimized for your iPhone or iPad.

Design and Usability of This Platform

As mentioned above, Christian Connection does a great job of presenting users with a reliable and handy platform. Whether on desktop or mobile, you can enjoy the design and ease of use this site provides.

How Intuitive Is Navigation on The Platform

Every menu and button are well labeled and easy to find. There are no hidden things, so you can quickly locate any function you need. The overall layout is understandable, so navigation is extremely intuitive.

Christian Connection Pricing

Christian Connection Review 2020 - Best Place for Christians to Meet Their Soulmates

The price may vary depending on your region, but it is close to the ones listed below:

The Main Differences Between Paid vs. Free Access

As a free user, you get some essential functions like direct messages, you can see who is online and those you have viewed in private listings.

You will need a premium account to get all other tools like lists, waves, posting on boards, view and upload photos, block and report users, etc.

How Can You Pay for the Service?

They accept the majority of credit cards.

Payment Systems and Methods They Offer

You can quickly pay using your card right from their secure payment page.

Their Approach to Safety & Security

They have a very sophisticated system to verify users. In the same way, they keep a close look at the platform and activities on it. Any user breaking the rules gets removed. These measures maintain a safe environment so that everyone can enjoy it.

Is This a Scam-Free Platform?

Christian Connection Review 2020 - Best Place for Christians to Meet Their Soulmates

While using any platform, you should be careful and vigilant. Nonetheless, Christian Connection invests a lot in security and verification processes to weed out as many fake profiles as possible.

Special Features for Users

Christian Connection offers a variety of useful tools like messages, boards, waves, etc. Nonetheless, its distinctive feature is being a renowned and award-winning platform offering a place for Christian to meet and interact with other individuals who share the same faith.


This platform puts a lot of emphasis on user experience. They are very focused on making every interaction a member has with their service a great one. For that reason, they are so popular. If you are a Christian who wants a safe and efficient place to find friends, relationships, love, and interactions, Christian Connection is the best place for that.

Christian Connection helps to bring everyone a little closer and allows Christians from all denominations to interact with one another. This opens up a world of possibilities and options for members who seek genuine connections and have not been able to find their soulmates yet. This site uses an artistic approach to matching people. It asks you some outstanding and exciting questions, so the system better understands you as an individual. Then it can suggest those who actually match you and your interests.

This service was developed due to difficulties Christians had experienced when attempted to find partners. Many of them attend small churches, where there are very few singles. Even if coming from a big church, meeting people can be extremely challenging if there are no groups meant to introduce you to others. That is why Christian Connection appeared and gained a lot of popularity quickly. Back in 2000, TV shows and printed media were mentioning this service because it had well delivered on its promises. Several love stories later, the site is still going strong and getting better gradually.

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