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Fcnchat Review 2021

Fcnchat Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 3%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 95%
Popular age 18-26
Profiles 3.000.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • All forms of communication are free for all users on Fcnchat.
  • Free live sex chat.
  • One can upload personal pictures to the gallery.
  • No strings attached relationships.
  • Ability to host private chat rooms free of cost.
  • People from around the world.
  • Unobtrusive ads.
  • Members can find partners according to their desired location.
  • More male users.
  • Not everyone is verified while registering.
  • The interface of the website doesn’t look worthy of its promises.
  • Limited mobile support.
  • Fake profiles.

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What Is FcnChat: A Brief Summary

Fcnchat is an online adult dating site with beautiful women and readily available gentlemen looking for nothing but casual sex. Sex is a basic human need, and this Fcnchat review will list all ways, tips, and tricks to use on this platform to bridge the gap between two people. It is easier for adults to find others interested in having casual sex online through text or video calls and even meeting them physically and fulfilling their deepest desires with obviously no strings attached. Conversations in this site’s chat room can lead to possible hookups as well as regular casual flings. Hence it is not recommended for anyone looking for a serious or a long-term relationship. In this Fcnchat review, you’ll get to know all the ins and outs to make an informed decision.

This platform has been in the works since 1998 and is one of the oldest websites in the industry. It keeps following its main goal — connecting people who can’t physically meet each other and finding a way to get their sexual drive out. Some people find this idea of virtual sex chats a bit off and unappealing; however, there are many former and active users who have reaped its benefits, taking full advantage of its features and perks.

With a history of starting early in the late nineties, the platform remains a genuine medium for members to take advantage of and fulfill their sexual desires and needs with the help of a virtual medium. Since this is an online adult dating site where consenting adults come to find a potential sex partner and are looking for nothing more than casual flings and hookups, the amount of information the user needs to provide is pretty minimal. Once a visitor opens Fcnchat on their device, they are bombarded with a significant number of links like ‘Live Sex Chat,’ ‘Adult Chat Room,’ ‘Gay Chat Room,’ ‘Lesbian Chat Room,’ and many more. A user can instantly choose any one of these options and get straight to the white dating portal, where they will be able to locate other members with the same preferences. The website and its policies don’t discriminate against people’s sexual choices as it is all about liberating oneself sexually on Fcnchat without guilt and with no strings attached. Once a person enters the chat room, they are exposed to other users; here, feel free to communicate with others personally and take things to the next level by sharing intimate photos and making their intentions clear by texting.

What Is FcnChat: A Brief Summary

Can You Trust FcnChat?

Fcnchat has been in the business of online adult dating for the past seven years and has a good reputation in offering people what they come here for – free sex. Although its interface still has an old school taste, it opens up in less than five seconds and seems very easy to use.

All visitors on Fcnchat are over 18 years of age and go up to whichever age a person possibly has a sex drive. Users can find many other people from around their geographical location, hence finding some common ground before establishing a sexual relationship. Since Fcnchat is available in several countries, it is obvious that the community is diverse. People of all beliefs and colors can make use of this site.

Quality of Profiles

Most visitors have just one intention in mind, and that is to find some quick sex around them. If that cannot be done physically, due to restrictions like the Covid19 pandemic, they can arrange some hot and sexy action online through text chats and video calls. To receive more attention from others, one should aim to make their profile look as genuine as possible. This can be done by uploading personal pictures to their profiles on Fcnchat and talking respectfully, yet with a charm that makes the person on the other side of the screen trust them and share their sexuality. Since verification isn’t taken seriously, one should be aware of it and stay cautious of any strange activity.

Sexual Orientation

All forms of sexual orientations and preferences are welcome on Fcnchat. The live sex chat room hosts males, females, couples, and members of the LGBT community alike round the clock and free of cost to indulge in a fantasy of their choice. Such a system provides the greatest variety of sexual preferences and orientations, making it a sexually diverse platform.

Age Groups

This Fcnchat review offers you the most transparent figures and statistics to keep you well informed about the age distribution of users here. Although it is well known that the gender ratio is a bit uneven — there are more men than women.

To use Fcnchat or any of its services, one must either be:

  1. 18 years of age or
  2. the age of consent under the laws of the area you reside in, are using, or accessing Fcnchat.

What Is FcnChat: A Brief Summary

What Info Is Needed for Registration?

The homepage of the website features a plethora of online sex chat options: Adult Chat, Sex Chat, Singles Chat, Video Chat, Roleplay Chat, and many more. On clicking any of the buttons, the user is redirected to a new page, where the rules and guidelines of the particular room are specified. It is crucial to be aware of them. The next page offers the option to choose from:

  1. Signing-in: a member can log into their previously existing account.
  2. Signing-up: a newcomer can create an account by providing a few necessary details: username, password, name, and gender.
  3. Guest user: skip the previous two options and enter directly in the chat room without any verification as a guest user.

After this, very brief information has to be entered, which includes username and gender, and once a quick manual verification is done, feel free to join the room. This is all that needs to be done to sign up on Fcnchat.

How to Create a Profile

Creating the profile is the next stage and arguably the most important step on Fcnchat. Users can upload a good quality picture or more of their choice. The only details required to register on the platform are name, e-mail, password, gender, age, and a captcha to prove that you are not a robot and voila, you’re a registered member of the famed website.

Communication is Key

Messaging is quite easy; users can directly chat with others using instant chat or video call features. This Fcnchat review will discuss all the viable options you can use to pursue a woman or a man on the platform. To connect with someone and find an affinity with each other, making contact is essential. This can be done through the instant messaging tool, which can be used by all members of Fcnchat. Anyone can send messages to all the visitors without even being matched first.

Although messaging on sites aimed to make adult chat rooms is quite obsolete nowadays, to satisfy one’s sexual cravings, they need to see the person or hear their voice. Hence voice and video chats play an essential part in drawing the attention of the audience.

What Is FcnChat: A Brief Summary

Is It Compatible With Different Platforms?

Unfortunately, only the desktop version is available for Fcnchat.

Is There a Desktop Version?

Fcnchat started as a desktop version back in the day when apps weren’t that popular. It is neat, clean, and visually appealing. Although a bit of redesign wouldn’t be a bad idea since this is 2020, and people are drawn to things that they can relate to. The interface could do much better than it already is.

Is There a Mobile Application?

Unfortunately, the platform does not have a mobile application that serves the same purpose for users. Although the mobile version is pretty perfect as it is, users can open the site on mobile browsers, and it would work fine. People can enjoy the same features and even get some perks. Hence, until the mobile counterpart is developed, members can use the adaptive mobile version of Fcnchat. As promised, this Fcnchat review is here to discuss all ins and outs of the service.

Design and Usability

Fcnchat’s website interface is a bit of a turn-off since it looks like it was designed in the early 2000s and hasn’t been upgraded or changed ever since. It has an old school vibe, which gives the whole site a more rustic feel. The homepage is extremely long; it takes more than a couple of scrolls to get to the footer, and information shared on the platform looks like the work of an amateur professional. The font is unappealing, and the word sizes are too small to be read properly, making it purposely hard for the users to retain any of it.

Smooth Navigation

Complications usually take the fun out of our lives; hence, Fcnchat’s website interface is very simple. The benefit of having such a platform is that it ultimately makes surfing and using it much easier since there are a few basic options to choose from. The user can effectively navigate the website and start making the most out of it.

What Is FcnChat: A Brief Summary

How Much Does FcnChat Cost?

As its name suggests — Fcnchat or Free Chat Network Chat is an online adult site that is free of cost for its users.

The Difference Between Free and Paid Access

There is absolutely no difference between free access and premium membership since the whole platform is open and free for its community. Apart from being able to block accounts, the functionality can be availed by all, even the guest users. Members can be assured that they are in control of what they see on the website, which is vital since many people may misbehave or abuse others, which is not accepted.

How to Pay on This Site

Although there is no need to pay anything upfront, this Fcnchat review assures you not to worry about the modes of payment. This is an international website, and there are always numerous payment methods, such as domestic wallets, credit cards, and debit cards. So, if there is a need to pay for something, you will be able to choose the most convenient option.

Payment Process

Like on other websites, you just have to click on the mode of payment and enter the credential details like your security number, card number, OTP, etc. It depends upon the chosen mode of payment.

What Is FcnChat: A Brief Summary

Safety and Security of Users

Users’ safety is the company’s #1 priority. The technical team is always vigilant of all the on-goings and monitors activities throughout the day. The staff is devoted to maintaining a given reputation. One of their core areas of focus is making sure no profile is fake or has been inactive for a while. Fcnchat is not an escort service, and neither does it support escorts or prostitution. The use of offensive language on the site is forbidden, and constant moderation is done to keep this in check. Any profile that seems like scam, fraud, or has the intention of cat-fishing is instantly removed. Accounts that may violate these terms are blocked and then banned from using Fcnchat.

All About Scams

All online dating platforms have some amount of fake profiles, and Fcnchat is not an exception. There are some inactive scammers and those who want to scam users with fraudulent techniques. The support specialists run constant checks on all profiles that either seem inactive or automated and take immediate actions.

What Is FcnChat: A Brief Summary

What Makes It so Special

This Fcnchat review will inform and update you about all its special features.

Free public text chat with image sharing and private messaging: users can use this unique tool without paying anything. Be it online texting or video calling, Fcnchat allows its community to express their sexual desires without having to meet their partners physically. This feature helps them reveal a much more intimate side of them in front of the other, initiating a new level of trust and building a relationship with their partner online. Members can avail of the video calling feature free of cost. Video calls, to some extent, bridge gaps between people who are far away from each other, using video calling to feel more connected. Many perks make Fcnchat special, and its user base plays a significant role.


All in all, Fcnchat is one of the best online adult dating sites to find a potential partner to hook up and have casual sex with. With a little improvement in the interface and structure, Fcnchat can hit the bars and become more popular. Note that this is not a cam site, and if you are interested in that, you should look elsewhere. For the perfect match to happen, you need to spend some time and have a bit of luck — leave the rest to the service. Hopefully, this Fcnchat review has answered all your questions!

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