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Glint Review 2021

Glint Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 23-24
Profiles 1.800.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Verified profiles: Most users on Glint are real since everyone is requested to sign in through their Facebook accounts. Thus, you are assured of meeting approved participants only.
  • Sign up / sign in through Facebook: registration with Facebook makes the process easier and very time-effective. Members also get a feeling of being safe and communicate with verified people who proved to be real.
  • Ice-breaker: Glint uses games as ice-breakers between two people who just met on the platform. This way, none of them feels emotional tension before initiating a conversation, and it usually flows smoothly while playing a fun game.
  • Engaging interface: The interface of Glint is fantastic. It appeals to users, and due to its new, trendy, and catchy color palettes, it looks super inviting. The app is straightforward to use, with everything properly arranged so that people can navigate it easily.
  • Commendable performance: Glint is available both on iOS and Android devices and works perfectly well. However, users have frequently complained about incidents of the app crashing on their Android devices.
  • A better alternative for teens to find a fun and decent partner. Glint is a smarter option for teenagers to find romantic or sexual interests online rather than using different straight-to-the-point platforms where there is no scope for an emotional bond between members.
  • Although the app works fine on iOS devices, it tends to crash repeatedly on Android ones, and users complain about the inconvenience it causes to them.
  • There is no feature, which facilitates the option to voice or video call. It uses messaging as the only option to communicate, limiting the horizons to show more of their personality and appearance.
  • With a little over 1000 downloads, the platform is just beginning to start operations, so only a few visitors are on the app.
  • Glint isn’t available in all countries. Its coverage is limited for now.
  • It is not suitable to an audience above a certain age since the main way to bond with other people and become close to them is by playing games, and not many single adults might be interested in doing that.

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What Is Glint?

Glint Review 2020: Best of the Best!

After reading this Glint review, users will understand whether they want to indulge in an app like this or not. Glint is an online platform where people worldwide can make friends by playing all types of games, maybe even hookups or dating. The concept of meeting people through playing online games is a unique idea since everyone these days is stuck at home, with a lot of free time on their hands. People who live in this new reality are looking for better ways to socialize, and what is a better way than playing games? This Glint review will discuss this service in detail. The idea of using games as an ice-breaker is exceptional; this way, making a conversation with any person gets so simple and straightforward.

Glint is an app of 15 Mb, which doesn’t require much storage space. A quick hookup or a proper wine & dine date, it can help lead the way for the user to find exactly what they seek. Everyone yearns for romantic or sexual satisfaction and a feeling of being complete and concentrated. And if this is what you need, this Glint Review will clear your head, help you make the best decision, and guide you on the dos and don’ts.

Is Glint Legit or Scam?

Thousands of users register on Glint and try to overcome their loneliness or boredom, whatever one may want to call it, by playing games and having fun. The platform is built to keep in mind how difficult it can be for young people to talk to others. Glint has bridged that gap and made it relatively more accessible for those people. The idea behind it is brilliant, and one could even say it is based on some out-of-the-box thinking. Playing games instead of feeling nervous about making the first move is a genius’s creative thought.

The issue with the platform being even slightly on the side of a scam would only appear because of its technical flaws. Most Android device owners have faced crashes and glitches. Glint’s only problem as an app is its lack of technological handling. Other than that, it is exactly like a finely tuned guitar waiting to be played a sweet and satisfying melody on.

Here in this Glint Review, it promises to make you fully informed about this platform. This is what one of the members said: “This is a great app. Eases the conversation with games. People like the game and the atmosphere here. The game is very similar to Candy Crush, but it is multiplayer. It becomes challenging when you play. Guys and girls are decent-looking. If you are single and into games, this might be something you want to try.”

About Members on the Platform

Glint Review 2020: Best of the Best!

One thing that differentiates Glint from other online dating platforms is that it has genuine visitors who use it in the way it was meant and built. Most participants want to meet the perfect partner. They tend to maintain their profiles to the highest level, from personal information and good-quality profile pictures to sharing hobbies and own interests. Everyone tries to maintain a current standard on the app to be noticed. It is only because many individuals trust Glint that they tend to create quality pages. They know that it could lead to a real relationship or even a quick hookup, for which appearances do play a vital role, hence giving them emotional and social stability in life. A useful tip to attract people on Glint is to be yourself since that is the essence behind the platform’s operation.

Sexual Orientation

All forms of sexual orientations and preferences are welcome. Glint hosts males, females, couples, and members of the LGBT community alike round the clock and free of cost to indulge in a fantasy of their choice. The system provides the utmost variety of sexual preferences and orientations, hence making it a sexually diverse and open website.

Age Distribution

Glint is mostly crowded with teens and young adults since the app work around the idea of playing games to break the ice. Young people seem to be more interested in this concept, whereas mature individuals find this feature a bit unnecessary and childish. This Glint Review brings you the most transparent figures and statistics to keep you well informed about the users’ age. It is well known that the gender ratio is a bit uneven: there are more male users than females.

To use Glint or any of its services, one must either be

1) 18 years of age or

2) the age of consent under the laws of the territory you reside in.

Sign-Up Process and Login Information

Glint Review 2020: Best of the Best!

This Glint Review will guide you to know all about the sign-up process. It is, perhaps, too simple; thus, you risk to bump into a fake or scam profile. Anyway, the sign-up procedure envisages that the user interested in registering has to fill in a bunch of necessary details, including name, gender, the gender of preference, e-mail address, and password. Other data can be filled in later. Once the person is done with this step, they need to upload a good profile picture for others to see. This whole process hardly takes 5 minutes.

Profile Creation

Creating a Glint profile is a fun task since it depends mostly on filling out personal details, likes and dislikes, hobbies, interests, and passions. Although the registration won’t take much of your time, this part could take up longer since it involves introspection and sharing what people know about themselves. Spending time on this stage can significantly increase one’s chances of finding someone suitable.


Glint Review 2020: Best of the Best!

To meet someone special and inflame feelings, making contact is essential. This can be done through the instant messaging feature available to Glint’s users. Anyone can send messages without even being matched first, although the messaging feature on apps like these is quite obsolete nowadays. To successfully satisfy one’s romantic or sexual cravings, they need to see the other person or hear their voice. Hence tools like voice and video chats play an essential part in making the experience worth people’s time.

On What Platforms Is Glint Available?

Since the desktop version isn’t available, users can only access Glint through its mobile applications, readily available on Android and iOS. It works flawlessly on both.

Mobile Application

Glint Review 2020: Best of the Best!

Although you can read this Glint Review on the website, the platform is only accessible through its mobile application, which works perfectly well on Android or iOS. The app is very user-friendly, and the interface is simple to use with a hint of modernity. Users find Glint to be more convenient than a website since they can stay logged in and find other members according to their changing location.

Design and Usability

Glint is easy to use, and its features are conveniently placed so that users can easily spot them. The app is developed to facilitate smooth navigation, maintaining the touch of modernity through its font and color scheme.

The mobile application on Android and iOS is user-friendly; hence, it is not tough to move around. When you log in, you see different tabs and columns dedicated to each feature that Glint offers. You can easily click on any link or bookmark that will take you to that particular thing, so you need not worry about ever getting lost looking for something. Members can communicate easily by messaging and inviting each other to play a game.

Glint Costs and Prices

Glint Review 2020: Best of the Best!

In this Glint review, you can find the platform’s very reasonable and affordable prices. It has unique features to offer once you go premium. There is no defined pricing for membership or functions on the Glint app, although the price range falls anywhere between $2-$43 for various kinds of features and perks that one can make use of.

The Difference Between Free and Paid Access

Glint is filled with many features, although there are certain limitations to basic visitors. They can browse throughout the entire profile database and even apply filters, narrowing their search to find the right match. Communication is limited to just the instant chat; it is recommended that users upgrade their membership to avail of all benefits.

However, the paid version makes Glint ads-free and even gives a particular highlight to one’s profile. The paid premium plan will provide you preferential positioning and increase your visibility. If you plan to become the frequenter of this place, then this Glint Review encourages you to buy the VIP membership.

Modes of Payment

Glint Review 2020: Best of the Best!

Like on other platforms, you just have to click on the mode of payment and enter the credentials: your security number, card number, OTP, etc. It depends upon the payment method you chose.

Payment Process

Don’t worry about payment modes; it is an easy task. There are always many options available, such as domestic wallets, credit cards, and debit cards. So, you will surely find the one you are okay with.

Safety First!

Glint is exceptionally diligent about its user’s security. It has published all the documents that are related to their protection concerns. There are terms of use, cookie policy, and so on. It has been made easy for its users to report any other person who is found abusive or showing danger. The technical team is always vigilant of all the on-goings and monitors them throughout the day. The staff is devoted to maintaining a given reputation. One of their core areas of focus is making sure no profile on the platform is fake or has been inactive for too long.

All About Scams

There is some amount of fake profiles present on Glint, as well as on other similar platforms. Some of them are inactive, while others happen to scam users via fraudulent techniques. The number of the latter profiles is less, and the support specialists run constant checks to eliminate them.

Special Features

Glint Review 2020: Best of the Best!

This Glint Review will inform and update you about all its unique features. Mostly, there are only genuine and decent users to be found on the app, making it more trustworthy and appealing. Playing games is one unique perk meant for dating A ‘Favourites List’ is maintained for all profiles on the platform for people to see the profiles they’ve liked and vice versa.


All in all, Glint is a reliable platform for young adults and teenagers to find a romantic or a sexual partner and making bonds by playing games and having fun. The best kind of relationship is when people have a great time together. What is a better way to find your soulmate? For the perfect match to happen, the world’s forces unite and work together to make something so beautiful come alive in a reality where Glint plays a vital role in the process.

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