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BiCupid Review 2021

BiCupid Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 7%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 30-40
Profiles 192 312
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The best customer support service for 24/7;
  • You can interact with a community that understand your preferences;
  • The site has many exclusive features;
  • Registration for the site is free.
  • Membership is not affordable by all members.

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Everything You Should Know About BiCupid

If you are looking for a dating site that indulges bisexual people, then the BiCupid dating website is your best choice. It provides services to bisexual singles and couples to meet their ideal match and offer other communication services with the best LGBT dating sites. This BiCupid review will disclose all the secrets of the BiCupid, which is considered as the number one bisexual dating site. With a members base of 1.4 million, the site offers a safe platform where bisexuals and bi-curious can seek partners. Members on the website want to experiment in the bedroom to spark their sexual lives. This BiCupid review will let you know how these members find passionate and open-minded, loving partners on the platform. Continue your reading till the end to know what kind of gems the site has in its closet.

Bisexual people always face difficult situations on traditional dating websites. People bombarded them with different questions to satisfy their curiosity. In the end, what they found is nothing in terms of partners. BiCupid has many advanced features in its arsenal to connect members with their matches. The advanced search tools, forum to discuss any topic, a suggestion for matches, and messages.

Why should bisexual people join BiCupid when many other dating sites cater to bisexuals? The simple answer is it’s easy to connect with people who already know about your sexual preferences and are willing to participate in your fantasies rather than teaching someone why you have a unique sexual taste. BiCupid offers relief to bisexual men and women exhausted from the general dating websites and skeptical remarks.

BiCupid members don’t have to worry about what everyone thinks about their sexuality because everyone shares similar preferences. You won’t be rejected because you have a unique sexual preference. BiCupid is a multipurpose dating website that provides a platform for all relationships like casual, short fling, long term, or hook up. Since it appeared in 2001, the dating site has been defending the LGBT community from stereotypes.

Everything You Should Know About BiCupid

Is BiCupid a Legit Dating Website Worth Giving Time?

A legit question about every dating website is its legal status. This BiCupid review reveals the legal state of the website by verifying multiple success stories on the site. Users can join the website without any concern about it being fake.

What Kind of Audience Should You Expect?

You want to join BiCupid but not sure what kind of audience you will find on the site. This BiCupid review will provide you a comprehensive statistics of the member’s structure on the site. The member base is about 1.4 million, with the monthly influx of worldwide visitors of about 230,000. The statistics about new members is around 50,000 every month.

With a massive member base, BiCupid is considered as the largest dating site for bisexuals globally. The site welcomes its users with love and support to explore their sexuality on an intimate level. Most of the members on the site are looking for hook up or casual sexual encounters. However, there are many looking for a serious relationship with someone who shares their unique preferences.

No matter what connection you are seeking, BiCupid has yours back in providing excellent services. You can find singles as well as couples looking for someone who can spice up their romantic relationship. What makes BiCupid a fantastic website is that it provides services for the bisexual community and caters to the LGBT community’s needs.

The gender proportion of the website is male dominant. There are about 70 percent male members, compared to only 30 percent female, which makes females a challenge and a wide selection of males.

What Kind of Audience Should You Expect?

Is the Site Designed Explicitly for Bisexuals?

As per the BiCupid review, the site offers a dating performance for bisexuals and gays, lesbian and transgender. It’s a fantastic dating website that connects the rainbow community on safe and supportive grounds.

Age Composition and Most Active Age Group

This BiCupid review will explain the age distribution on the site and the age group that is the most active. The age limit for the dating site is 18, and the site has members in the age range of 55 and above. The most active age group is between 24 to 34. Men between the ages of 25 and above are considered in their most sexually active years.

Information Require to Join as Registered Member

The only restriction BiCupid has for members is the age restriction of 18 years old. Singles and couples both can join the site to seek partners for their sexual escapades. You have two options to signup Facebook or email.

Facebook is the quickest method for you to fill any forms; all the information will be received from your Facebook profile. You can opt for the manual email method if you are not satisfied with sharing your Facebook account.

To sign up with an email, you have to fill up a brief preliminary form divided into three parts.

  1. Create your profile
  2. Upload photos
  3. Provide information about you and your match

Let’s start with the create your profile option it includes your gender and the gender you are seeking both sections have the same possibilities, which are:

  • Bi woman/man/couple
  • Bi-curious man/woman/couple

You have to provide your exact age and mobile number, which is optional. Moving on, you have to type your first name, which is only for information purposes, and will not be displayed publicly. You need to choose a username that will be displayed on your profile as your identity, so choose wisely and type a secure password for your account.

Furthermore, you have to add your country or area name, zip code, height, ethnicity, and relationship status. The relationship status has a variety of options like married, single, widowed, divorced, separated, in a relationship, and never married.

The next section is to upload your photo, which you can skip and upload later. You have to provide a headliner that will appear on your profile. A little about yourself and your match, both sections are compulsory, and you can not continue without filling the minimum characters. After filling this last step, a verification email is sent to your account. Activate your account through the link, and you are now registered members of the BiCupid dating website.

Information Require to Join as Registered Member

Creating a Profile That Impresses the Whole LGBT Community

Most of your profile is created during the signup process of the BiCupid dating site. The information in your profile includes:

  • User gender and the gender they are seeking;
  • Current age;
  • Valid email;
  • The mobile number, which is optional but if provided, it is kept confidential;
  • First name, a unique username and secure password;
  • Country name and zip code;
  • Height, ethnicity, and relationship status.

You need to upload or import a photo from your device or Facebook. Your pictures will need approval from the site before displaying it publicly. Follow the guidelines of uploading a photo that states that the picture should be clear, solo, and showcase your whole face.

The section About you and Your Match needs creativity and some useful vocabulary. Concisely describe yourself, highlighting your good qualities, and giving a glimpse of your personality. Next, describe your match in detail and be clear what you prefer in your ideal partner.

Let’s take a look at how the profiles of other members look like. The first impression of the members’ profiles is that they are detailed. You can see their age, profile photo, and location. Upgrade members will have a badge to indicate their premium status.

You can also see their description and a box to leave comments on the member’s profile. There are communication features, which include wink, message, and add to favorite buttons. Every profile has two albums; public albums are available for everyone, while private albums can only be seen on request.

Creating a Profile That Impresses the Whole LGBT Community

Communication Features to Know Members Intimately

This BiCupid review is a source of information for readers to know that BiCupid is not an ordinary service. It connects people with similar sexual preferences, and lets bisexuals communicate with members of the LGBT community.

The question is what kind of features members can use to interact with members.

Favorite list

BiCupid members can add members they like on their favorite list to save the headache of finding their profile again. They can contact those members anytime they want.

Flirty wink

Members can send a wink that will show their interest without even saying a word. All the members on the site can send unlimited links to anyone.


Spark is like a voting game where you can like or reject each profile photo presented.

Blogs and Forums

BiCupid took pride in representing itself as a community for the LGBT community. It offers blogs and forums for members to participate and receive useful information. Members can discuss, comment, suggest, and advise on different topics. Members also share their experiences as bisexuals. The blogs and forums are accessible for all members, allowing them to get to know people, and participate in discussions.


Besides the communication features mentioned above, the most important interaction tool of the site is messages. Initiating a conversation on BiCupid is a privilege that is only availed by premium members. Standard members are only allowed to reply to premium members’ messages. To enjoy the messaging options or one on one chatting features, you have to upgrade your membership because standard members have limited access in terms of interaction.

Communication Features to Know Members Intimately

Platforms the Site Use to Operate

Is the Desktop Version Easy to Use?

BiCupid has a modern-looking desktop website which is outstanding in its performance as well as functions. Members can communicate with other members, search their ideal partners, participate in blogs, and use all other features on the website.

Does the Site Have a Mobile App?

Bicupid is an exceptional dating site that provides an entire communication platform to the LGBT community, and a mobile app is no surprise. For its members’ convenience, the website has introduced mobile apps for both Android and Apple users.

The app has a modern outlook compared to the desktop version. It has more vibrant colors and icons than the desktop website, but you won’t see any difference by comparing the functions. Mobile users find tapping along the features easier than clicking on the whole screen.

Is the Design and Usability User Friendly?

BiCupid active members aged between 25 and 45 years old. Most of them are not tech-savvy, so the site has a tremendously user-friendly layout for all members.

The outlook of the website is simple and straightforward. It seems similar to social media websites. The familiar look of the BiCupid makes it easy to understand and operate without getting confused.

The color scheme of the site includes shades of an orange and white background. However, the app is created in a vibrant pink color. It shows the modern layout of the app compared to the desktop. Even though the desktop version has an old layout, it still serves its purpose efficiently.

When using website navigation is an essential aspect. You can’t get around the website features easily, using it will become more challenging. BiCupid has a user-friendly navigation system. You can learn all the features very quickly. You can see Home, Discover, My List, Community, and Messages on the top navigation bar. You can go to any function you want to access and will be directed to your desired page. It’s as simple as that!

BiCupid Dating Site Price Structure

BiCupid has many features that standard members can enjoy on the site. However, to enjoy the website to its full potential, you have to upgrade your membership. Bicupid offers single premium subscriptions in one, three, six, and twelve months levels.

Premium subscription cost

  • One month’s subscription plan price is 29.95 USD.
  • Three months subscription plan price is 19.98 USD per month and 59.95 USD in total.
  • Six months subscription plan price is 15.99 USD per month and 95.95 USD in total.

Services for Standard and Premium Members

Standard Members services

  • Registration
  • Creating profile
  • Sending a maximum 50 winks daily
  • Uploading up to 26 pictures
  • Searching people by their demographic information
  • Adding members in the favorite list
  • Responding to texts send by upgraded members
  • Using Spark feature

Premium members services

  • Browsing profile anonymously
  • Viewing complete profiles
  • View photos and videos in full size and length
  • Using advanced search filters
  • Browsing match that is compatible
  • Initiating conversations and replying to all messages

BiCupid Dating Site Price Structure

Payment Process and Renewal of Subscription Plan

Members can pay for the subscription online. The subscription plan for one month is set to auto-renewal. If you want to cancel your subscription, turn off the auto-renewal system. The three, six, and twelve months plans are not set on auto-renewal. When paid by credit card, you will see a SUCCESSFUL MATCH written on your card payment.

Payment Process and Renewal of Subscription Plan

Mode of Payment Members Can Use

The mode of payment members can use on the site include:

  • Cheque;
  • Credit card;
  • PayPal.

Payment Process and Renewal of Subscription Plan

Website Policies for Safety and Security

BiCupid uses email verification and Facebook for members’ identity verification. The site also ensures its members that none of their personal or financial data is shared with any third party. The 24/7 customer service of the site makes sure that the members’ security concerns are solved immediately. For further queries, members can read the privacy policies for answers.

How Does the Site Keep the Scammer Away?

BiCupid strong security and privacy policies keep scammers away from the site. The proficient team of BiCupid makes sure all the fake profiles are terminated instantly. Any abuse report is considered in priority and deals in record time. It’s the reason that members rarely see any fake profile or scammers on the site.

Uniques Features of the Dating Site

BiCupid has some special features which make it unique among dating sites. It includes:

  • Spark
    It’s kind of a voting game where members swipe to like or dislike a person. The feature is more entertaining on the app than on the desktop.
  • Date Ideas for bisexual
    It’s a great way to engage members by submitting first date ideas in a creative and fun way.
  • Forums for bisexuals
    The forum section of BiCupid is an active section where members participate in discussions. Members can also comment, suggest, give tips, and share their experience for motivation.
  • Reverse Matches
    This feature is only accessible for upgraded members where they can see the list of members not compatible with them.

Uniques Features of the Dating Site

Final Words on BiCupid Dating Site

The purpose of the BiCupid dating site is to provide a safe platform for the LGBT community. Here members can connect, interact, share their experience, get advice, and satisfy their curiosity about the bisexual or LGBT community. To enjoy the dating website to its full potential, you need to upgrade your membership. The website’s focus is on bisexual and bi-curious singles and couples; however, its door is open for LGBT members. As bisexual or bi-curious, if you want to find an ideal match that shares your bedroom preferences, BiCupid is your best choice.

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