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Happn vs. Tinder: What should to Choose?

Happn vs. Tinder: What should to Choose?
Have you ever tried searching for dating websites online? If yes, then you already know that there are hundreds of options to choose from. Most of the romance forums offer more or less similar benefits to their customers and are challenging to be compared. Due to this, users often feel confused and choose the wrong platform for fulfilling their desires. We do not want you to face such misery! That is why we have come up with the two best dating sites, Tinder and Happn, that you can use for finding all sorts of relationships online. Are you wondering which websites we are talking about? They are none other than Tinder and Happn! Today, our experts will bring in your view the pros, cons, and features of both these websites. Also, they will draw a perfect Tinder vs. Happn comparison for you so that you can choose the best love making forum. Are you excited to know more about the sites? If yes, then do not divert your attention until you finish reading the entire Happn vs. Tinder guide!

Summary Table

We have carved out a table for you to help you understand both the sites’ pros and cons in brief. Read the table below:
Tinder Happn
• Comes with the benefit of swiping left or right as per your choice. • The matchmaking is done following the real likes and dislikes of a member and their real-time meetings.
• The member base is vast and contains people from all genders and sexual orientations. • The app is popular in towns with a more significant population. Therefore, people who live in populated regions get to connect with multiple members every day.
• You can easily connect other apps to the official mobile application. • The platform does not bother you with messages from the members who you do not like. Hence, there is no spam in your inbox.
• Not all profiles are genuine. One can easily create multiple fake accounts due to the poor security of the registration process. • The app can use your GPS location to find out the best matches nearby.
• The member accounts are not so detailed, which makes it challenging to understand a person’s reality. • There is no desktop version. Hence, you can avail the platform only using the mobile application.

It is a basic comparison of the Happn vs. Tinder websites. We have discussed more in-depth differences between both platforms. Hence, keep reading!

Happn vs. Tinder: Quality of Matches

The matchmaking feature of both Happn and Tinder has received excellent reviews from the customers to date. When you decide to join Tinder, you get to choose your ideal mate from a 50 million-plus huge member base. On the other hand, Happn has around just 20 million-plus accounts. Even though the number of members differs significantly, both platforms provide great location-based matches to every user.

The only thing you need to do while choosing a Tinder partner is swipe left or right. You can do this based on their profile picture and minimal details provided on the profile. If you are looking for a casual sex encounter, then the little piece can serve you well. However, those who are in search of long-term commitment will find this as a problem. Happn, on the contrary, uses a different technology altogether. The app will use your location to track people who have passed your site at least once. They will tell you the exact location and time when you people crossed roads. Then you can look at their profiles and click on the heart icon to match with them. Matchmaking on Happn is more detailed and better for finding true soulmates.

Both Happn and Tinder allow texting between members only when they match with each other. Hence, your privacy in the inbox is not hindered by strangers on any of the sites.

Country Availability

Tinder has emerged as one of the finest dating platforms in most countries of the world. It is available in all major countries like the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, etc. Also, it has made an impact on the market of the lesser-known countries as well. So, no matter where you stay, there are high chances that you can enjoy dating on Tinder.

Happn is more prevalent in the bigger countries than the smaller ones. Where there is more population, Happn is more used. Hence, if you stay in a well-known populated country, you can easily benefit from the site’s features.

Wherever you stay, make sure you check the Tinder and Happn apps’ availability in your location. We hope that you get to enjoy both the sites!

Reputation: Happn vs. Tinder

Unmistakably, both the sites have gained a supreme reputation in the online love market. They have pleased their customers with their brilliant usability, advanced features, and dedicated service team. When it comes to reputation, both the platforms, in the Happn vs. Tinder review, grab the equal position of success.

Sign-up Process

The registration process of both Tinder and Happn is easy and quick. You will have to provide a few necessary details about yourself like name, email id, gender, sexuality, etc. Once the details are provided, you will be logged in to your profile, and you can start scrolling through the member profiles.

Tinder allows you to use their services both on a desktop as well as a smartphone. However, you can sign-up for Happn only using their mobile app. They do not have a PC version of their site.

Both Happn and Tinder let you connect your profile to the Facebook accounts that you use regularly. It helps the sites in finding better matches for you. One can also provide their mobile number for personalized notification.

Happn vs. Tinder: Profiles

Tinder does not allow you to add many details to your profile. However, it is a site where you can make your account look more fun. You can add around six pictures of you, which are less but enough if you are looking for hookups. You can also add music of your choice using Spotify. This feature is unique and loved by many. There is an option of writing a bit about you in the bio. You must use the space at its best.

On Happn, you can add a bit more details compared to Tinder. You are allowed to upload around nine photos and also turn on the geolocation feature for quick matches. One can also connect their profile with Instagram so that other members can get access to more of their pictures. Here, too, you get a space for a dedicated bio.

Interface Quality

Both Tinder and Happn are known for their smooth usability and interface. The design of their site and apps suit the platforms’ motive and does not irritate the eye. The forums are well-protected from frauds. You need to have a reliable internet connection, log in to their portal and start your journey to find the right mate of your dreams.

Hookup or Serious Relationship

As we have already said before, Tinder, with its fewer profile details, is a better place for finding erotic hookups. But one who is looking for real love should prefer using Happn because it conducts the matchmaking process in a more detailed manner. It matches people based on their location and choices, which is better for long-term relationships. Based on your intentions, you can choose a platform either Happn or Tinder.

Best Choice for Men

Men are usually inclined more towards momentary fun sex. If you, too, are a man of such desires, then Tinder will be the right choice for you. It is a perfect platform for finding steamy encounters. The women here are super hot, and you will find instant matches for a date night. However, if you are a one-woman-man, we would suggest you go for Happn as it is better for genuine relationships. Follow your heart and choose between Happn and Tinder.

Best Choice for Women

Unlike men, women are more inclined towards emotional attachment. They want to find love that lasts long. And in case you are one such lady, dive into the romantic globe of Happn, where finding a soulmate is easier. If you are not sure what you expect from a relationship, go for Tinder because it serves all kinds of intentions under one roof.

Features: Happn vs. Tinder

Some of the best features of Happn are as follows:

  • Flash Note: Using this feature, one can ask the other member questions based on a particular trait mentioned on their profile. It is a useful feature that helps in understanding an interest better.
  • Hello: Every user, after signing up, is granted ten free hellos that they can send to members of their liking. For using this feature further, purchasing the premium version is a must.
  • Audio messages: You can connect with the members via the voice messaging feature. Also, you are allowed to send your favorite Spotify songs to the users you like.
  • Crush time: It is a fun game, where you will be given four members who have crossed your path. If you choose the one who chose you, the texting feature gets activated.
  • The special features of Tinder are listed below:

  • Boost and super boost: Both these features help in increasing the visibility of the profile. Using the boosts, you can easily come to your potential interest’s notice.
  • Super like: You can use this feature to understand that you are highly interested in them.
  • Rewind: If you swipe left accidentally, then you can use the rewind feature to bring them back.
  • Traveller Alert: The LGBTQ members can use this feature to keep their identity safe in countries where homosexuality is a punishable offense.
  • Swipe night: It is an adventurous game where you will have to move forward by swiping left and right. Members with common decisions get to connect.

Dating App Usability

Both Tinder and Happn have personalized dating apps for iOS and Android devices. As per the customer reviews, the apps of Tinder and Happn serve all purposes without lags. Every feature of Tinder that is available on the website version is also there in the app.

The app functions are simple to understand and can be used even by those new to the dating universe. Hence, if you are more comfortable connecting with people via mobile, their apps are ready to give you the ultimate fun!

Price Comparison between Tinder and Happn

The price comparison between the premium subscriptions of Happn vs. Tinder is in the table below:

Period Tinder Happn
One month $14.99 $24.99
Six months $52.98 $90.00
Twelve months $83.04 $120.00

Free services provided by Tinder and Happn are:

Tinder Happn
Free registration Basic matchmaking features
Uploading a profile photo Likes
Swipe right Texting feature
View the members nearby Viewing the profile photo of other users
A super like each day Posting status

The premium subscriptions of Tinder and Happn include:

Tinder Happn
Limitless swipes 10 Hellos for each day
View users who like or super like your profile Change privacy settings
Boost profile Go anonymous
Rewind feature No ads while scrolling through the profiles
Use multiple top features Play Crush Time

Overall Impression and Final Thoughts about Happn and Tinder

While writing the review, our experts concluded that if you are into steamy hook-ups, there can be no better place than Tinder. But one can find true love in Happn. As for the features, Tinder bags the winning position. On the other hand, for privacy and real members, Happn wins. The success rate comparison of the two websites is:

Success Rate
Tinder This platform has a higher success rate when it comes to hooking up young people. Some users also have a love of their life here.
Happn Happn has a decent success rate, but if the brand focuses on providing better features, it can impact the market.

Expert Opinions

The dating experts in our team believe you should register on Tinder to experience the best lovemaking features. If somehow Tinder does not work for you, then you can try the other option – Happn. Find out your real desire, and let us know which platform you will choose between Happn and Tinder!

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Megan is a relationship expert and language analyst. Thanks to her Bachelor’s in Journalism, Master’s in Linguistics, and past encounters with heartbreak; she empathizes with her clients and helps them to understand and convey their emotions in an effective and optimistic way to their significant other.
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