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Happn Review 2021

Happn Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 12%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 91%
Popular age 21-26
Profiles 3 000 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The app is fast and straightforward to set up.
  • Presence of mobile application for both iOS and Android.
  • The app's primary features are free of charge.
  • Meeting people from your district, job or street may lead to unusual and exciting conversations, since you both may have a common ground for talk.
  • There is an opportunity to remain discreet for users who do not want to uncover their identities.
  • Happn matches only persons whose interest is mutual.
  • Proximity restriction: matches are made on your walking distance, and you can not reach people who are further.
  • Profiles quality needs to be improved – the information is minimal.
  • Only likes and matches are free; to message other members, you have to purchase credits.
  • The Happn app works better in big cities: users from low-populated areas will have difficulties to find matches.

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What is Happn

Happn review points out that French businessman Didier Rappaport established the site in July 2014. At the time of its release, the app had approximately 40 000 users. Two years later it reached 10 million, and for six years the number increased to 50 million! With such a significant user base, the Happn app recommended itself as a strong player in the market. According to an in-depth Happn review, this feature distinguishes the site from other dating apps.

Happn was designed for people who are permanently busy with work and do not have time for relationships. Also, it is perfect for shy people and individuals who missed the encounter opportunity beforehand.

What is Happn

Is Happn Legitimate?

Happn leads a transparent activity and does not utilize the personal details of its members for fraudulent purposes.

At the bottom of the Happn home page are found privacy basics, where you can learn what kind of data is collected and how the site uses them. According to the privacy basics, data are gathered to:

  • Render the services in compliance with Happn terms-of-use.
  • Improve and optimize the site services by learning how you make use of them.
  • Inform the users about new products and the latest app updates.
  • Conduct market research and advertise a product

Happn Users

Happn is an international dating site, which unites members of various backgrounds, so you can find this information in Happn or Tinder comparison article. Fifty million registered members come from 50 cities in 40 different countries. Happn review points out 1 million members from the United Kingdom, 700,000 of which live and work in London. Men and women have equal opportunities on the site, since the gender ratio is 1:1.

Paid members tend to outnumber free users (guests) slightly, and it can be a bit disappointing for those who have not upgraded to premium yet. Nevertheless, both free and paid members can equally enjoy the site functionality.

What Sexual Orientation Does Happn Support?

Happn app is an open community, and it is tolerant of sexual minorities. The members are not exclusively straight. Some gays and lesbians register on Happn to diversify their Tinder experience.

Age Groups

Usually, people who are getting older are not willing to travel a long distance and want to meet someone in their neighborhood. However, that is not about Happn: according to statistical data in Happn review, the people from 18 to 60+ years are active users. By clicking the tab «My preferences» in the account settings, you can specify the age limits for displayed members.

Age Groups

How to Sign Up & Login In

Signing up Happn will not take the user much time and effort. The whole process can be completed within a minute in five consistent steps:

  1. Go to the Happn website homepage or download and install the app on your mobile device.
  2. Link the app to your Facebook account.
  3. Fill out the required fields covering your basics: age, gender, education, workplace, location, and what you are searching for.
  4. Also, you can import your data from Facebook. You must give consent to process and import your details.
  5. Upon registration on Happn, the user must confirm his identity. The approval process on the site is instant, and it will not make you wait long.

Since your account on Happn is created, you can go to search your partner right away. Note: if you decide to deactivate your Facebook account, you will not be able to log in on Happn. To remove your account on Happn, go to the «App Settings» and choose «Pause my Account.» Your profile will no longer be visible for other members and will not appear in their search results until you reactivate it.

How to Create Happn Profile

Compared to other sites, profiles on Happn are not descriptive enough. The participants get to know more about each other while chatting. Premium members can edit their profile info anytime and make it more or less specific. The success on the site directly depends on how you use the app opportunities. The territorial proximity of members creates favorable conditions for a date beyond the site.

Happ review shows that the app does not utilize traditional search options. You can see only profiles of members appearing in your newsfeed. They are people you ever crossed paths with and have the same preferences. You can expand the radius of search up to 90 kilometers (about 55 miles), but people nearby will appear first in search results.

How to Create Happn Profile

Chatting Features

Happn provides a host of features for communication between members. To strike up a conversation, you can compose an original intro message. When you come across someone and do not know what to write in chat, send a crush. It will let other members know that you want to talk.

If he/she crushed you back, it means that a match has been successfully made, and you can develop a conversation into something more meaningful. Right after joining Happn, you will have in your disposal ten free crushes; then, they are paid.

Aside from this, Happen allows exchanging voice messages, and recently it introduces a free 5-minute video call. To connect your partner, tap on the camera icon in the top right corner of the chat screen.

How Does Happn Work?

Many people who live in a neighborhood feel unsure and inconvenient to strike up a conversation to people they are attracted to. Imagine the situation: you were in the mall and liked somebody, and he/she liked you back. However, as it often happens, one of you was afraid to speak or was in a rush and got away or whatever else.

When you use Tinder, you usually search for people in your area. Then the system grabs a bunch of profiles, saying that these people are nearby, and afterward, you start flipping right and left browsing. In most cases, there is no personal connection, nothing common between you and another person.

The way Happn works is different. It does not have as many people as Tinder, and therefore Happn provides more personal and closer connection Happn gives you a second chance – you can reach out to that person again. It plays on your emotions and makes you recall where you have seen him/her before. The moto of the site is «make it happen.»

Happn makes matches provided that both persons have the app installed, and their sympathy is reciprocal. It was done to enhance the effectiveness of matches and prevent users from wasting their time reading unwanted messages.

Happn Desktop Version

Happn review recommends newly registered members to start exploring the site from its PC version. The website opens an app in a full-screen size and has a more detailed interactive map than the mobile app. After installation of the app, you unlock the host of free features, including free matches.

Mobile App

The Happn app will come in handy and be useful for on-the-go users. It is more convenient and accessible rather than a desktop version. You can log in to the Happn app at any place, having a Wi-Fi connection and access to the Internet.

The mobile application is elementary to navigate and provides functionality similar to the website. It runs with the lightening downloading speed, has customizable thumbnails, and supports a high video/photo resolution. With personalized settings and the opportunity to interact with other users immediately or later, Happn app is an excellent addition to the desktop version.

Website Design and Usability

Happn has a bright, user-friendly interface adapted to user needs. White and blue colors in the color scheme look soothing and complement each other.

Both the PC and mobile versions of Happn have a stable performance and refreshes regularly. The only drawback is permanently appearing ads, but it is removed as soon as you upgrade to premium.

How to Use the Happn Features

When you browse through profiles appearing in your news feed, you can see additional information near the profile icon –number of times you encounter this user, the amount of time you were close to each other, and the place of the last meeting. The word «NOW» signifies that you are in close proximity to each other. However, the accurate distance is not shown due to security reasons.

For more comfortable browsing, profiles are sorted from the closest to the furthest ones.

If a specific profile is not of your interest, tap the «Сross» button, and it will never be shown to you again. If it seems appealing for you, press the «Heart» on the profile icon and wait until he/she likes you back. The «Heart» tells another person of your intention to chat, but it does not necessarily mean that you will have a conversation.

On Happn Map, you can mark your favorite places and see where other users like hanging out: cinema, park, bar, etc. Thus, you see when you can encounter them. However, you can not track real-time movements of other users for safety reasons.

A number marks each crossing. If you do not want your profile was shown on the Happn map,

you can disable your location in the profile settings. Herewith, your account will be displayed in the search results of other members, but it will not be shown on their maps.

Besides, you can use the «Сharm» feature to notify other users about your presence. Likewise, if you want to hide your location or remain discreet, you can enable a «Stealth Mode.»

How to Use the Happn Features

Happn Costs and Prices

The Happn app is free to join. However, if you want to receive unlimited access to the site features and enjoy it to the full, you have to upgrade to premium.

The good thing is that premium packages of different durations provide the same set of features.

The prices are indicated in the table below:

Duration Monthly fee Total
1 Month 24.99 USD / Month 24.99 USD / Month
6 Month 15.00 USD / Month 89.99 USD
12 Month 10.00 USD / Month 119.99 USD

Note that given prices are not constant and may change anytime at Happn discretion.

Within 24 hours of signing up, you will receive ten free credits (5 credits every 12 hours) required to chat with other members. You can utilize them for sending a crush or inviting other members to chat. Note that in case you fail to use credits within one day, they will be lost.

Happn Credits are available for purchase after subscribing to Happn Premium. Sending one invitation to chat costs one coin. Coins are a special currency of the site, and one coin is equal to one credit. Credits are charged at three different price-points:

5 Credits 0.60 USD / Coin 2.99 USD
30 Credits 0.50 USD / Coin 14.99 USD (16% discount)
100 Credits 0.40 USD / Coin 39.99 USD (33% discount)

While they might seem like a frippery, using credits gives you an added advantage when making a potential match.

Standard vs Premium Features

Happn review made a comparative analysis of free and fee-based membership.

Free services Paid services
Creation an account Send up to 10 chat invitations per day
Sending a crush, play a CrushTime twice Enable a «Stealth mode.»
Matching suggestions Set up privacy settings
Post status in the profile Remove all ads while browsing
Browse through profiles in a timeline See the list of people who viewed your profile and send them an instant crush.

Subscription Terms

Happn Subscription is automatically renewed for the same length at the end of the ongoing billing cycle. To stop recurring billing, you have to cancel it before the expiration date.

If your device runs on IOS, click on your name and open «iTunes& App Stores.» Then select «Apple ID» – «View Apple ID» – «Subscriptions» at the bottom of the screen. To request a refund for the partially used period, contact the Apple Customer Support.

If your device supports Android, go to Google Play Market and tap the menu on the left.

Then select «Subscriptions» – «Happn Subscription».

Payment Methods

The Happn app offers four methods for making a payment:

  • Credit Card
  • Direct Debit
  • PayPal
  • Via Mobile Phone

Happn credits can be purchased using your credit/debit cards, Paypal, or mobile device.

Payment Methods

Safety Issues

Happn claims not to give personal data of users to unauthorized parties. However, in 2017 magazine «Wired» found out that Happn does not execute the terms mentioned in its privacy policy. An incident of data breach happened, and the Facebook IDs of users appeared in a public domain. After that, Happn tried to find a solution and recommended the members to use a proxy.

Also, Happn uses cookies for storing the data. Cookie files are easy to intercept if the SSL or TLS encryption is not used. Happn states that all user data are entirely erased from the server if the user decides to remove his account.

How to Protect Yourself From Scammers

When using dating apps, there is always a risk to encounter scammers, and Happn is not an exception. If you see the suspicious activity immediately cease communication with that user and report the violation to Happn admins.

The intruder’s account will be immediately terminated. He will no longer be able to view your profile and sending messages.

If you blocked someone by mistake, select «Users Declined/Blocked» under the «My preferences» tab.

There are some tips on how to prevent scammers:

  • Do not reveal the personal details about yourself, including email, home address, phone number, first name.
  • Limit the information on Facebook.
  • Turn off tracking the location (For security reasons, Happn never shows the exact location of members).
  • Enable VPN – it uses an encrypted connection between you and the server.

Particular Features

Happn has some unique features that make a site more enjoyable for users. Happn review provided a list and brief description of each below.

1)Reciprocal matches – Happn makes a connection preliminarily making sure, that interest is mutual.

2)Crush Time – it is a game, where participate four occasional persons you recently crossed with. You have to make an assumption who from them liked you. If you guessed right, you instantly access the chat with that user. Even if you guessed wrong, do not worry: you can try again with remaining profiles. The only thing for CrushTime is that you need to be liked by at least ten other users before you can play. However, the game is sprung on you at random; you can’t choose when you want to play.

3)I’m free to/I’m up for – are statuses to intrigue other singles. You can access the feature by tapping the blue icon in the middle of the menu bar. There is an opportunity to choose what you intend to do in the nearest few days, like going for a drink, shopping, taking a walk, etc. The members who are within a range of you will be noticed about your plans.

4)My Music Preferences – if you are a music fan, Happn will share your favorite tracks with «crushes».

5)Post status – it can be a phrase or a few words briefly describing your personality or what you do for life.

Particular Features


Happn review considered a mobile dating application, connecting users who live in one neighborhood. Happn is highly effective in big cities with a high population density. It has an attractive design with modern graphics and is straightforward to navigate for newly registered members. Signing up Happn does not cost a penny, so you have nothing to lose when you join.

A significant benefit is the presence of a smoothly running mobile application, allowing staying users in touch anytime. So it is worth giving a try regardless of whether you are looking for a casual hookup, new friends, or long-term relationship.

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