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Hinge Review 2021

Hinge Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 92%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 24-32
Profiles 5000000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • application is intuitive and pleasant to use
  • it is effortless to create an account
  • no continuous swiping
  • has its own matching algorithm
  • suitable for people who are looking for a long-term relationship
  • easy to start a conversation and interact with a new user
  • free trial period is available
  • limited amount of matches per day, some of them may repeat after time
  • some features are accessible only with a paid subscription
  • no website version available

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What Is Known About Hinge?

Hinge review takes a look at the app that, according to its own words, is designed to be deleted. It is a popular dating application, which should not be even introduced to many people all over the world. Hinge claims that it helps people to find the right person and build new relationships. It was created in 2012 and was made following the popular swiping system, while in 2015, the approach was reviewed significantly, prioritizing quality over quantity of matches. Nowadays, this app is not about swiping, but about connection and conversations. However, is it possible to find a soulmate in this app, or are people not taking it seriously? This new Hinge review will help you to decide if it worths downloading this app but if it’s hard to choose betwen Hinge or Tinder.

Is Hinge a Legit Dating Site?

There are no doubts that Hinge is a real and legitimate dating application. It was operating in the online dating market for many years and gained the trust of about five million users worldwide. It is not a lie to say that this app is one of the most recognizable these days. And this is understandable, as the popularity of digital dating increases, more and more people switch to mobile dating apps to look for a significant other. People prefer Hinge since it promotes meaningful relationships, so it is designed for you to delete it after meeting the right person.

Is Hinge a Legit Dating Site?

Who Are the Users of This Site?

Hinge is used worldwide, so no matter where you are located, you can find a match in this app. The most significant amount of members are determined in the US, but you will also find lots of users in Latin countries, Australia, and major European countries. The application is used both by males and females equally, so you will not struggle to find the person that you are interested in.

It also worths mentioning that the Hinge community is very welcoming and active. The vast majority of members are always active in the app, so it is doubtful that you stumble upon the old or fake profile.

Which Sexuality Can Join?

The app does not restrict members from joining based on sexual orientation. It promotes a healthy relationship, no matter the gender or sexuality. Therefore, your preferences will not block you from using Hinge.

Hinge Which Sexuality Can Join?

What Is the Age of the Users?

Most of the app’s members are young people who are active smartphone users. Hinge review showed that it is possible to find people in the mid- and late-twentieth more often in the app. However, it does not mean that you will not see people older or younger than that. There are plenty of people from 18 years old until the maximum age, so you will definitely find the one that fits your preferences.

How to Sign up to This Site

If you are interested in joining Hinge, you will need to get the mobile application first and learn some infromation about Hinge versus Bumble. It is easy to download from Apple’s App Store or Android Play Market. What is admirable about the registration in the app is that it will not take you much time, so you can quickly sign up on the go. If you are curious about the registration procedure or are lost, the next section of the Hinge review will guide you step by step.

Hinge How to Sign up to This Site

Registration Procedure and Steps

So you have downloaded the Hinge mobile app on your phone, what is next?

You can choose if you want to connect your account to the Facebook profile or sign-up independently using the mobile phone. If you go with the first option, you should have at least 60 friends, and the necessary details of your profile will be filled in automatically. If you register with the phone number, you will get the confirmation code that will allow you to proceed. Those are some basic security steps that will ensure you are a real person.

Next, you should provide your valid email and proceed to fill in your future profile information. It concerns your location or neighborhood, so the app will show the people around you. Then, you can indicate the gender of a person you are interested in, whether it is male, female, or both. You can also indicate the details about your appearance (such as height, weight) and ethnicity with religion. Then comes the information about your profession and education.

The next step contains a list of questions about your preferences. This includes questions about your views on alcohol and smoking, as well as more controversial questions about politics and drugs. If you do not want to disclose answers on some topics, you can hide them from your profile.

In the end, you will have to upload six pictures to your profile. If you have selected a Facebook registration, your last pictures will be automatically selected, but you can change or replace them. It is also possible to add a location and a comment description to any picture that you upload.

Also, you should reply to three prompt questions, which are randomly generated. These questions can cover various topics, such as the information about the most spontaneous decision you have made. Your answers will appear on your profile and will be visible to all Hinge users.

After you go through all these steps, you can immediately start using the app and discover the matches near you.

Hinge Registration Procedure and Steps

Getting in Touch With Other Users

You can find the member that you like either by using the search option or by scrolling through the people who are compatible with you. The app presents the list of members that can be your potential matches, and you can accept or decline the proposal.

Then, you can send likes to any member that caught your eye by tapping the heart button on the user’s profile. While sending a like, you should also indicate which part of their profile did you like the most. If you liked the person who also liked you in return, it is then possible to message each other. The message option allows only texts, no attachments, so you can focus on communication and interests exchange, which will help you find your soulmate.

Where Can I Use This Site?

The leading platform where Hinge operates is mobile, as it is not available as the website version. It is mostly aimed at people who are using their smartphones on an everyday basis. This makes the app comfortable to use, as it can be accessed anytime and anywhere. Therefore, if you want to start using Hinge, you must get the app to your iOS or Android device.

Hinge Where Can I Use This Site?

Is There a Desktop Version?

Hinge does not have the desktop version of the app. However, there is an available website where you can find some information about the application. There is also an online store where you can purchase some branded merch.

Mobile Application

The Hinge mobile app can be used everywhere and at any time. The app is very convenient and easy to use

Design and Attractiveness

After the app went through the redesign process, it became more appealing to the users. Now the design is elegant and attractive, the interface is understandable, and the colors are smooth. Overall, the app does not look aggressive, and it encourages people to use it every day.

Hinge Design and Attractiveness

Is It Easy to Use This App?

The Hinge mobile app is very convenient and is pleasant to use. Even if you are new to mobile dating apps, you will be effortless to figure out how to use it. The bottom bar will display the notifications about matches and new messages. You can also access your profile information and settings if you want to modify some data. Moreover, it is pretty simple to browse through your matches and examine their profiles. Therefore, the app is user-friendly, and you will have to troubles using it.

Hinge Subscription and Prices Review

Even though it is possible to get the app for free, you may consider upgrading your Hinge account to enjoy more features that are offered. The preferred membership is cheap compared to other popular dating sites, especially for the perks you get. Moreover, it is possible to get a one month trial of a premium subscription to see what it can give you. If you decide to upgrade, you can select among one, three, and six months subscriptions.

Regarding the cost, a one-month premium membership will cost you 9.99 US dollars. Three months option will cost 19.99 US dollars (6.66 US dollars per month), and six months upgrade can be purchased for 19.99 US dollars (4.99 US dollars per month). Therefore, the longer is the subscription. The cheaper is the monthly fee.

The next step of the Hinge review will present the features that are available for both free and paid members.

Hinge Subscription and Prices Review

Premium and Free Account Comparison

You can download the Hinge app and set up your personal profile for free. Then, you will be able to get suggested matched and send out likes and messages to them. However, the number of matches is limited, so is the number of likes you will have. For free, you can send out up to ten likes to your matches every day. You will also not have access to all search filters, as for free, you can filter out the users by their age, location, distance, appearance, and religion. All in all, the free version is not that limited, as it is very much possible to enjoy the app for free.

However, if you want to get the full experience and are serious about finding a match, you can get some extra features for a small fee. This includes the unlimited number of matches and likes to send out every day. You will also get access to the advanced search filters, which include topics whether someone has or wants to have kids, and their opinion on alcohol, smoking, drugs, and politics. It is also possible to access the profiles of people who liked you. Furthermore, the paid membership will allow you to ask for tips and tricks from the Hinge expert from the user experience team.

For the small investment into the preferred membership, you can get some nice perks and features that will help you to find an appropriate match.

How to Buy a Membership

You can upgrade your account in the Hinge app settings. When you purchase the subscription, the transaction will go through the app. Therefore, you will be charged either by the App Store or Google Play, depending on your device. It is the matter of a couple of clicks and a confirmation, after which you are an owner of the preferred Hinge membership.

How to Pay for the Subscription

As you will be charged right from the app, you will have to check the available payment methods on the app store that you are using. The credit card will work in any case, after you add it to your app store.

Is This Application Safe to Use?

Hinge cares about the safety of its users and makes everything to ensure that people are feeling safe and comfortable while using the application. That is another reason why millions of people trust it all around the world. To be completely safe, you should take care of your sensitive information and not share it with the first person that you meet online. This also concerns sending money to someone or sharing any financial details in the first place. When meeting someone in real life for the first time, better take it to a public place and let your friends know where you are going. If you see someone being rude or disrespectful or behaving weirdly and suspiciously, you can always block the user and report them to keep a safer community.

Hinge Is This Application Safe to Use?

Are There Any Scam Reported?

The Hinge review showed that the community is kept positive and safe. The simple registration process also tries to make sure that the user is real, either by verifying the mobile phone number or a Facebook page. That is why there are no fake users on Hinge, but you can sometimes meet not active people who signed up just of curiosity. The content is also monitored, so members who violate the rules will be banned from using the app.

List of Extra Features

Hinge is different than any other popular dating app since it is focused on a real connection, rather than mindless swiping. Also, it tries to make it easy for users to find a proper match without tons of unnecessary steps or information. Therefore, it is all about the contact between you and another user, not some exclusive features. While using the app, you will understand that its central point is about connecting people, not some random entertainment.

There are a couple of useful features that you may find interesting. For example, Hinge allows you to see the list of members who liked your profile, which can be helpful to check out. Also, if you decide to meet with someone in real life, you can provide feedback to the app and give the details of how did the meeting go. This way, the app will improve its recommendations, and you can enjoy it even more.

Hinge List of Extra Features

Summary of the Review

To conclude, the results of the Hinge review showed that this application stands out of the crowd of dating apps that are all about constant and random swiping. This app is used by many people worldwide and is one of the most recognizable mobile dating applications. Most of the members are serious and want to find a long-term commitment or even meet like-minded people to become friends with. The app is delightful to use, so you will enjoy looking for a date around you at any time and any place.

Therefore, if you want to find a soulmate for meaningful relationships, consider getting the Hinge app on your smartphone.

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