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OkCupid vs. Match: What Should to Choose?

OkCupid vs. Match: What Should to Choose?

An online dating platform has become more popular at the moment. More people choose to find an easier way to search for a partner. Match vs. OkCupid are some trusted dating platforms that help people to find a desirable one.

OkCupid is an ideal online dating website for singles who are looking to flirt and casual hookups. Many platform users prefer to meet someone new for a casual encounter rather than commit to a long-standing relationship. The young adult users of age 18-35, mostly searching for a quick hookup or just fun conversations. Although many users are looking for a short time partner, it is impossible to find a long-term partner.

Otherwise, for those who are searching for a potential spouse-to-be, might be a good fit. The platform primarily aims to bring singles together through its matchmaking service. Many users have found and married their loved ones. As the oldest online dating platform and one of the most popular ones, claimed to have a quality for Match.

Summary Table

The pros and cons of OkCupid vs. Match, listed below the details on each site:

Pros of OkCupid Pros of Match
Free membership Reliable matching system
User-friendly interface Events for users
A high percentage of matches Legit users’ account and experience

OkCupid vs. Match: Quality of Matches

An online dating platform is a utopia for singles to find an ideal match. For every single, the goal is to get compatible matches for each other. For this purpose, most singles want to open up to someone who has a similar commitment.

If we take a closer look at OkCupid vs. Match, Match gets the lead for better matches. Match offers users a good place for singles interested in a romantic yet long-standing severe relationship.

Moreover, the paid services also filter the potential scammer or fake accounts. While OkCupid features are mostly free, it’s without a doubt left a hole for counterfeit accounts to roll in.

Match applies for the long screening profile approval. If the team finds something suspicious, the system will hold the approval and ban the account. This process gives users to feel more secure about the account quality and accuracy.

Altogether, Match gains the trust of its users. Match wins!

Country Availability

OkCupid or Match, it’s open and available for everyone worldwide, as long as you’re 18 years old or above. The difference is, OkCupid is available in over 100 countries over seven continents. Meanwhile, Match is applicable for 25 countries.

Reputation: OkCupid vs. Match

OkCupid and Match are well-known dating sites. The tangible difference lies in the number of users and the country’s availability. Both sites have more than 20 million users. Match’s majority is older people, while OkCupid with the younger people.

Match has a higher success rate and opportunity for its users to marry or have a long and steady relationship. The site has been promoting its users, leading to more than 90,000 weddings. Meanwhile, OkCupid is famous for its success in finding hookups or casual dates.

The winner for popularity and reputation is OkCupid!

Sign-Up Process

Signing up for OkCupid or Match is a piece of cake. Both have a simple registration process. OkCupid requires you to fill up your email and password. Then, you have to answer several questions to share your personal information such as first name, age, sex, location, and birth date. Also, you need to answer 15 questions to sort out the criteria or qualities you look for in a partner. Overall, the process only takes less than 10 minutes. After joining in, you can start searching through users’ profiles.

Albeit similarly easy, you need to spend a little more time signing up on Match. It has a lot of questions related to your personality. You might need 40 minutes to finish. After the registration is complete, you can’t jump to the fun hunting dates. You have to wait for 24 hours. The site will review your account before approving it. In favor of the review process, it keeps off the scammer in creating fake accounts. Thus, the platform makes a better and safer environment for singles.

OkCupid vs. Match: Profiles

OkCupid or Match users’ profiles vary from simple to detailed ones. Users can provide any information related to their tastes in a partner.

OkCupid user’s profiles show the user’s pictures along with a summary. Users can write about anything as long as the summary about themselves isn’t left empty. The account also features the questions-answers of users’ political views, opinions, preferences, ethnicity, plans, religion, etc.

Match’s users are those ready to settle down for marriage. It’s common to find brief yet comprehensive profiles to match their future partner better. The platform requires you to list or write about yourself into a profile summary, share your personal information and pictures. Throughout the profiles, both parties can see the facts and interests of one another.

OkCupid and Match have an icon to show the percentage of how compatible you are with other users. The rate comes from the calculation of users’ answers, preferences, and interests.

The winner for the profiles category is Match!

Interface Quality

Match or OkCupid has an easy-to-understand and user-friendly interface. It makes the platforms simpler to navigate.

OkCupid’s interface shows a neat view. With its design, the site enhances the straightforward manner to use the features. It’s convenient for users who want to get down to business directly. You can view all of the elements in the upper part of the website. To check on your setting and profile, you can go to the right side of the upper bar.

The Match website features a minimalistic design. It’s engaging users for its interface appearance. The featured position is quite similar to OkCupid, which is on the left upper to the right upper bar. Match catches more attention for its simple and intuitive interface, even more so for the young users.

The winner of interface quality is Match!

Hookup or Serious Relationships

An online dating website always offers its users options. To find casual hookups or a marriage partner, it’s all up to the person in question. The difference is each site has its objective to engage the user.

If you believe that marriage isn’t for you at the moment, OkCupid is the most suitable dating website for you. The majority of users only search for new friends, non-romantic connections, casual hookups, and short-term relationships. Also, some only need a friend to exchange stories—nothing more, nothing less. Of course, you can find a spouse-to-be on OkCupid. However, the present probability is low.

In contrast, Match is great for singles who are ready for the world of marriage. With most older users than OkCupid, most want to settle down and find a happy married life. Joining the site means discovering someone with a similar goal in mind. OkCupid vs. Match, it’s evident that Match helps you more to search for a long-lasting partner.

Best Choice for Men

Match works best for single men. Singles are all around trying to meet someone with common interests. The equal number of users makes it all better to find a potential significant other!

Best Choice for Women

For free-spirited women, OkCupid suits your needs best! OkCupid is open to all genders. Yet, the percentage of men is higher than women by approximately a ratio of 7:3. Most of the men like to make the first move. So, you don’t need to worry about not getting any dates. If you’re bold enough, you can lead the conversation first.

Features: OkCupid vs. Match

OkCupid website offers similar basic features to any dating site. There is a Boost to highlight the user’s profile on-site search and recommendation.

Another is Double Take. Double Take works as a roulette-type matching system. Swipe right if you’re interested, and left if you’re not. The site has its charm, though. A feature called Stacks allows you to make notes and categorize your matches based on location, recommendation, and so on.

In comparison, Match has more innovative features. For instance, Match has features called MatchPhone to make voice calls and MatchWords to provide keywords for the matching search. Match’s latest update is called date that allows users to choose their dating styles during the pandemic. Another good one is Reverse Matches, where you can see the less likely profile to match your criteria.

The winner of excellent features is Match!

Dating Apps Usability

Match com or OkCupid mobile apps have similar designs to their respected website. You can download the mobile apps for free on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

OkCupid’s mobile app is great for users to find quick matches. By phone, they can access all features in one grab. There is no latest addition feature on the app, but users can tab and swing their fingers to the right or left. If you’re interested, you can swipe right on the user’s profile and vice versa.

After sending likes, you can directly have a chat with them through a pop-up message room.

Match’s mobile app is very much the same as the OkCupid version. It also enhances the user experience to navigate the app easily. You can get quick updates about your new matches and messages. They are equal on dating app usabilities.

Price Comparison between Them

OkCupid is free, while Match is a paid online dating website. Talk about the price on Match vs. OkCupid; it’s clear that OkCupid wins the users’ favor. Most of OkCupid’s features are free to use. It includes account registration, private conversation with other users, a match searching option, a record of matches and likes.

Meanwhile, Match leans toward a paid online dating service. It’s no wonder because matches suit users’ aim to find a committed long-term relationship. As it’s a paid website, primary users can only view and browse other profiles, play matchmaking games, and send likes to others.

Despite the free features, you can level up your account on OkCupid. The subscription has some additional benefits. You can surf the site in incognito mode, see who likes and visits your profile, and get a daily boost to your account. Furthermore, it will prioritize your message to others. To have an easy comparison to the pricing, look at the table below:

OkCupid Subscription List
One-month plan $ 19.95
Three-month plan $ 14.95
Six-month plan $ 9.95

Match Subscription List
Standard Three months $19.99
Standard Six months $17.99
Standard Twelve months $15.99
Premium Three months $23.99
Premium Six months $19.99
Premium Twelve months $16.49

The winner for the overall price is OkCupid!

Overall Impression and Final Thoughts about OkCupid and Match

When it comes to choosing between Matchcom or OkCupid, it depends on your purpose. The Match is the ultimate dating site for you who want to build a serious relationship. Through a long process of verification, it guarantees you get a devoted and happy relationship. Otherwise, OkCupid is the right site for finding casual hookups; it has a lower chance of an opportunity of having a committed relationship.

Both platforms required personal information to register. OkCupid needs minutes to go, while needs more time to complete the registration process. It also requires a day process to review your account before approval.

In the end, has more positive reviews than OkCupid. Although it has expensive pricing to upgrade an account to Premium, it has innovative features, quality users, and a more secure way to date online. However, once again, between OkCupid or Match, pick the most suitable ones for dating and build the moment you desire.

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