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OkCupid Review 2021

OkCupid Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 77%
Beauty 82%
Popular age 22-36
Profiles 6 100 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Adequate contingent. The site moderation is actively working, and the number of obscene messages in your profile will not get. Strangers do not write obscene words, which is very lovely.
  • In the questionnaire, you will find a list of questions - you must fully answer all the questions asked so that the compatibility system can find you a couple. OkCupid focuses on your interests, positive personality traits, hobbies, habits, and life plans.
  • Key features are free.
  • After registration, users get instant matches with another profile.
  • Last search parameters saved
  • The ability to answer questions in the questionnaire
  • It has extensive search customization options from location to personal habits, appearance, and character traits.
  • Some functions and services of the site are available for free;
  • Participants without a subscription do not see who liked them

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Information About the Site OkCupid

OkCupid review includes information about website history, registration process, membership, and other interesting information related to the site. OkCupid is a popular dating site that was founded by Harvard students from the USA. The site is visited monthly by ten million users from different countries. The main trump card of the site is the compatibility algorithm, which finds pairs based on the answers.

The site compatibility system selects a partner for you based on a mathematical algorithm. For the system to find you a suitable pair, you must answer all the questions that describe in the questionnaire. You must indicate your answer and the answer that your partner should write. If these answers match, the system will calculate your other half. The OkCupid dating site was created 17 years ago, in 2003, and every year it gains more and more fans, not only in the USA but around the world. In this OkCupid review is described in detail the pros and cons of the site or read difference between Okcupid and Plenty of Fish.

Information About the Site OkCupid

The Ratio of Users

The OkCupid website has over fifty million users worldwide. People with different tastes, interests, and characters registered on the dating site OkCupid. All of them united by one dating site – OkCupid, which created to reunite lonely hearts.

What Sexual Orientation are Accepted on the OkCupid?

There are available all orientation options on OkCupid. You can register regardless of your sexual preferences and enjoy communication with different people on this site.

Age Category of Dating Site Users

The age category of OkCupid participants is from 25 to 34 years old. If you configure the “located anywhere” function, users from around the world will meet you. The site also shows users who live near you.

How to Register on the Dating Site? Login With Facebook

In this OkCupid review, you will learn how to register on the dating site OkCupid. Online registration involves taking a psychological test. The user answers how vital the answer to this question is. If the answers of any participant match your answers, then you will receive a notification about this. That is called psychological compatibility, which is so popular among the participants.

Registration is the first step to start a mobile dating. The first thing you should do is go to the site or through the mobile application. Click on the “Join OkCupid” button, after which you will need to enter your email address and password. You also have the opportunity to register through your Facebook account. You can import your photos from Facebook albums. The main point of registration is filling out a questionnaire. You will need to specify a lot of different information about yourself (sexual orientation, dislikes, likes, hobbies, bad habits, etc.) Using this site, using the matching algorithm will begin to search for your ideal couple.

How to Register on the Dating Site? Login With Facebook

Write About Yourself in the Application Form

The OkCupid review includes tips and information that you will need when filling out the questionnaire, find out more about comparison Okcupid versus Bumble. After creating your username, you will begin your journey through OkCupid by filling out a very high profile that you can link to your Instagram account. You must answer all the questions that will be provided by the site; by answering them, you can increase the chance to find a partner. You should also indicate the desired response of the partner, i.e., what it should be. If you want, you can public your answers if it is essential for you so that potential matches can guarantee their compatibility, while preserving some awkward moments on your first date.

All parameters, including access to settings and profiles, on the menu. Click Matches the opportunity, oddly enough, to see not only these people who suitable you but also people you can compare. The matches contain some information about each potential Match, click the Quick Match button. You can send messages to users. Members can see who they wanted if they update to the membership A-list.

Chatting on the OkCupid Site

Communication on the OkCupid site is possible by sending a personal message. To post a message to another participant, you need to go to his profiles, click on the message icon, and then write the text and send it to the recipient. The recipient will be able to see your message if he likes you. Otherwise, your message will not be read.

Platforms That Welcome

The OkCupid site works on all platforms connected to the fast Internet (mobile phone, tablet, desktop computer, laptop)

Desktop Version

On the desktop version of the OkCupid site, it is easier to communicate with people. You can more carefully view profiles and type longer messages that are not so convenient to write on a mobile phone. The desktop version is easy to use; all functions and options work clearly without any issues.

About Application

OkCupid application and site have gained popularity among those who are interested in not only casual sex, a partner for whom you have to choose a few photos, and a couple of words in the “about you” column.

OkCupid allows users to learn much more about each other, without even entering into correspondence. The application is available for the operating system, iOS, and Android. There are two ways to download apps:

  • On the OkCupid site;
  • From Apple Store and Google Play Market

With the app, the process of dating and communication is as comfortable as possible.

Desktop version

Interface and Usability

In this OkCupid review, you will learn about the design and usability of the site and you can find out is Okcupid better than Tinder. The website interface made in shades of blue and white; pink color used to highlight different notifications. In the upper part of the site, the menu contains all the site’s functions. It is worth paying attention to the Double Take function, which offers matches for you even if you are not a paid site participant. Ease of use of the OkCupid website at the highest level, the user can go to all sections of the site. The fewer clicks the user makes to achieve his cherished goal (information, registration, subscription), the more likely he/she will remain on the web resource.

Essential Part of the Site – Navigation

OkCupid site navigation is intuitive. Good navigation will help the user navigate the site and quickly understand what’s what, shipping increases the effectiveness of the website.

About Prices on the Dating Site OkCupid

You can purchase A-List Basic or A-List Premium, which provides you with access to features such as ad-blocking and receiving notifications when someone reads your message. Although you can see matches for free, you won’t be able to see who you “liked” unless you pay for membership. A free mobile app is also an option for dating on the go, and it is very well designed and easy to use. The messaging application is free, as in the desktop version, and users can also pay membership fees for sending and receiving photos. It’s easy to block and report bad behavior, like deleting your account when you find the person you’ve been waiting for your whole life. In this OkCupid review or check the Okcupid versus Eharmony, you will know information about the prices of the OkCupid site membership.

Prices of the A-List Basic Membership:

  • One month- $7.95;
  • Three months- $19.05;
  • Six months-$23.07

Prices of the A-List Premium Membership:

  • One month- $24.90;
  • Three months- $68.70;
  • Six months-$119.40

Also, you can buy a Boost.

  • One Credit-$1.99;
  • Five Credits-$9.45;
  • Ten Credits-$16.90

About Prices on the Dating Site OkCupid

What Include Paid and Free Services?

In this OkCupid review, you will know about the prices of membership.

Free services of OkCupid

  • Registration;
  • Mobile app;
  • The ability to write and receive messages from users;
  • Ability to search for matches;
  • You can search, see other profiles;
  • Ability to use search filters;
  • Ability to view member profiles for free;
  • Participate in Double Take

Paid services of OkCupid:

  • Remove ads;
  • Ability to change the name;
  • Many advanced partner search settings;
  • Invisible browsing;
  • The ability to see when your message has been readen;
  • The location of the questionnaire in the TOP is on the 1st page of search results;
  • Find out who you like;
  • The ability to use an auto boost;
  • Message priority

How to Buy a Membership?

To purchase a membership on the OkCupid site; you must go through several stages:

  1. The first thing you should do is click on the Purchase A-List button;
  2. Then choose which subscription package you want to purchase (one month, three months, six months);
  3. Once you select to click on the “Subscribe” button;
  4. Then you will need to write data from your credit card;
  5. After filling in all the information, click on the “Confirm Purchase” button

Your subscription will activate immediately.

Payment Service

You can acquire membership using the following methods:

  • Credit Card ( Mastercard, Visa, American Express);
  • Via Mobile;
  • PayPal

Payment Service

Safety of Your Data

The OkCupid dating site takes care of its users’ security and provides paid users with the opportunity to change the profile name when they meet new members of the website; this done so that the user can maintain his identity. The site equipped with many other functions that store the information of participants in complete safety.

How to Protect Yourself From Scammers on the OkCupid?

In this OkCupid review, you will learn about some of the rules. How not to become a victim of scammers on the dating site OkCupid? Do not click on links sent from unknown profiles. Ignore the intriguing signatures. Scammers are people who know how to manipulate their victims. In order not to fall into the trap of fraudsters, be very skeptical from the very beginning. The sooner you begin to notice oddities and ask questions, the less chance you will be deceived. Scammer on the OkCupid can tell a pitiful story about an emergency operation, without which he will die or being pursued by creditor bandits. This is often presented as the only reason why the meeting of lovers is not yet possible. Of course, after the trusting victim, pouring tears of compassion, sends money, the hero-lover disappears, and the girl is left with nothing. By the way, men are no less likely to become victims of trust scammers.

Safety of Your Data

Special Functions of the Dating Site

OkCupid review describes in detail the unique functions of the site:

  • Boost;
  • See Who You Like;
  • See Who Likes You;
  • OkCupid Blog;
  • Double Take

To using the Boost function, your profile will be highlighted and will be visible to all users of the site and will also appear in the site’s search engine.

The “See who you like” function helps to see the participants that you liked; for this, you need to go to the “Like” section to find the participant you want and write him/her a message.

The “See who likes you” function allows you to see who you liked; this function is available for paid participants.

The OkCupid blog created so that participants can familiarize themselves with the rules for using the site and applications and read various tips on how to get to know the website effectively.

The Double Take function emphasizes each member of the site; on the day, you will be shown one profile that suits you according to the Double Take function.

Special Functions of the Dating Site

What Conclusion are We to Draw?

American scientists conducted a study and found that a third of young couples in the United States met online. Recently, people get to know each other online almost more often than in real life. And there are reasons: Internet communication will save you from many complexes and awkward situations. On OkCupid, you won’t need to immediately look through hundreds of profiles and blindly wonder if you are suitable for each other. First, you will ask to answer a few questions: you can answer ten key or all 500. And the more honest you answer them, the higher the chance to find the perfect boyfriend/girlfriend on the OkCupid dating site.

So, you have chosen a reliable and convenient site for you, registered, posted a profile with a photo, and passed personality tests – half the job has already been done. But ahead is the most important stage of the search: communication and partner selection. Online dating often ends not in a union of two hearts, but in disappointment, because people are often inattentive to little things in communication and do not follow some rules.

When you are answering all the questions, distribute them according to the degree of importance, and the algorithm will finally pick you a couple. At the top of the list will be those who suit you 90% or more, and below those who are not very suitable. The ranking depends on how the guys answered the questions, and in what order they placed. The more similar answers you have, the higher is compatibility. And you know what? It works. So download the mobile application or visit the OkCupid dating site, answer the questions, mentally thank the mathematical Cupid and see where your ideal is.

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