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SecretBenefits Review 2022

SecretBenefits Review 2022
About Site
Active Audience 80%
Quality Matches 95%
Popular Age 18-24
Profiles 1 300 000
Reply Rate 91%
Ease of Use 9.1
Popularity 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
Registration Free
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Pros and Cons

  • The main focus of the website is on sugar daddies - sugar babies datings.
  • The registration procedure at SecretBenefits is clear and simple.
  • Participants have a clear idea of what people are looking for on this site. Therefore, the risk of an awkward situation is not high.
  • SecretBenefits offers the confirmation of your profile. It increases the chances that somebody will notice you.
  • The site is free for women but paid for daddies, which makes it possible to immediately assess the financial capabilities of a potential partner.
  • Many male users are sure that there are a lot of bots on the site.
  • Sugar baby - sugar daddy relationships have always attracted the attention of scammers.
  • By subscribing once to receiving emails from the SecretBenefits, you will not be able to cancel it. Аnd you will continue to receive spam from the site.
  • The service has applications for smartphones, neither for Android nor for iOS.
  • When searching someone on the site, it shows only those who live within your area.

General Characteristics of SecretBenefits Service

The inner essence of the SecretBenefits website hides in its title. It hints that all the members engaged in some sort of relationship here will receive their benefits. The SecretBenefits review demonstrates that benefits are special for each side. For sugar daddies, these are beautiful accompaniments, while for sugar babies, it is a material award. However, some former users of this dating service claim that the concept of true love also lives here. Some couples continue their relationships long after they meet with the help of SecretBenefits. The ways how to do it we will highlight in this SecretBenefits review.

At SecretBenefits, the website’s administration cares about its users. Some of the members can verify their photos and obtain a special mark at their profile. Thus, every user will see that the profile is true and is not engaged in scamming activities. If the user wants, he or she may hide the profile from a certain category of community members. The users do not have to pay a monthly fee. There is a choice for which feature to pay. The process of payment is also clear and simple. The SecretBenefits review underlines that all the bills go to your bank.

General Characteristics of SecretBenefits Service

Does SecretBenefits Provide Its Activity Within the Law?

The website administration of SecretBenefits tries to do its best to provide secure and real services. They care about the existence of bots; however, these bots exist on the website. It can be proven when newly-registered male members immediately receive messages from women. The SecretBenefits review helps to understand that this service does not support prostitution. The assumption of prostitution existence at the website of such types is an ordinary thing. But SecretBenefits is far from escort services. It only facilitates dating for sugar babies and sugar daddies.

Dozens of SecretBenefits reviews claim that it is impossible to find a partner of mate at this website. Most dates may not take place at all. Many profiles are in doubt, and it seems that these are bots, and you can easily spend all the money without ever getting what you want. With a large number of messages to men from women, only a small number of them end with a date. Many messages simply remain unanswered, and there is an impression that someone has stolen your money.

Who Are the Main Adherents of This Website?

The majority of members at SecretBenefits realize that they are here for a sugar baby – sugar daddy arrangement. That is why the financial side of the question is not a surprise or a subject to be shy of. A significant proportion of the community’s members (more than 700 thousand) are the residents of the United States. However, the representatives of other countries are also among the members of the community. When registering, the potential members enter their ZIP code. In such a way, many of the members shown as a result of searching are living within the user’s area. To a certain extent, it simplifies a search, but at the same time, it may be inconvenient for those who are looking for partners from other countries. The gender distribution at SecretBenefits is also drastic. Only 20% of the members are women. The rest 80% are men who are looking for a beautiful and young companion for themselves.

SecretBenefits Who Are the Main Adherents of This Website?

The Representatives of Which Sexual Orientations Will You Meet There?

The main focus of the SecretBenefits website is on heterosexual relationships. There, men are looking for women and vice versa. There is not an option for the representatives of LGBTQ communities in the search filter. But we cannot deny that a person will find a partner of his or her gender on a mutual agreement.

Which Is the Medium Age of an Average Website’s Member?

From the SecretBenefits review, we can see that the proportion of female members does not coincide with the number of male members. It is not difficult to understand that sugar babies are predominantly young by understanding each member’s initial purposes on the website. The majority of them are between 18 and 24 years old. A little bit smaller percentage is of women between 25 and 34 years old. And those up to 44 years comprise only three percent. On the contrary, the age of men (sugar daddies) is higher. The majority of them are above 55 years old. They have already managed to earn enough money and have enough to offer for sugar babies at this age.

Which Steps Should I Take to Sign up and Log In?

The registration process at SecretBenefits is as simple as it is possible. It will take you a maximum of five minutes. The initial registration is free. It is necessary to indicate your gender, age, password, email address, and city of residence. Also, it is necessary to select your ethnicity and body type. This information will be used further for finding potential partners for you. Then, it is required to manually enter several words about yourself, your partner, and what you suggest to your potential partner. Thus, there are no complex questions to answer. Even the novice Internet user will cope with this registration. Further, if you want, you may enter additional information about yourself, including your height, hair type, body type, you are a smoker or not, and do you have piercing or tattoo.

SecretBenefits Which Steps Should I Take to Sign up and Log In?

What Information Will I Share for Profile Creation?

The SecretBenefits review proves that registration is the first stage of profile creation because the community members start entering some personal information. Thus, the website knows your ZIP code. It will determine your match recommendations. After entering the initial data, the service will ask you to upload a photo, which will undergo the verification. For obtaining a green badge under your profile, it is necessary to upload a photo or a video with you holding a table with your name on it. In such a way, SecretBenefits will verify your profile. As a result, your profile will receive much attention from the community’s members because they will be sure that you are not a bot or scammer. When selecting your place of living, you may adjust the possible distance up to 200 miles.

In What Way Can I Talk Here With Other Members?

The communication process at SecretBenefits is limited to messaging and sharing your photos with those whom you like. However, you cannot write messages to everybody you wish. First of all, it is necessary to search for someone. Then, you have to unlock messages with these members. But this is a paid service at SecretBenefits. You will have to pay ten credits to unlock a conversation. Each member, with which you will want to communicate will cost ten credits. After the unlock, you will be able to see the member’s location and when he or she was online. If you are sure in the SecretBenefits member, you may share with him or her your secret album with a private photo. Or you can receive access to someone’s album.

Is It Open for Both Computer and Smartphone Users?

Currently, the SecretBenefits has only a desktop version and a mobile version. But it is not a well-developed smartphone application that you may buy at Google Play Market or Apple App Store. It is simply an adjusted website version for the screen of the smartphone. Many SecretBenefits reviews underline that this dating service loses too much without a well-developed smartphone application.

SecretBenefits Is It Open for Both Computer and Smartphone Users?

What Are the Peculiarities of Desktop Version?

The desktop version of SecretBenefits is rather simple and does not have any extraordinary features. After the simple registration, the user will see a menu line with such buttons as Search, Messages, Matches, Access, and Profile. Also, there is a button for buying credits. These credits help to unlock messages with potential partners. There is an advanced search filter that will help find a suitable partner faster from the left side.

Application for Smartphones and Its Distinctive Features

As was noted above, SecretBenefits does not have a mobile application, but it has a mobile version of the website. You can access it with the help of the browser installed on your smartphone. This mobile version repeats all the functions, which are present in the desktop version of the website. In the mobile version, SecretBenefits uses the GPS to define your location. You can also perform the same functions as in the mobile version because you can buy credits via the mobile version without any troubles.

SecretBenefits Application for Smartphones and Its Distinctive Features

A Contribution of Website’s Design to Its Usability

The SecretBenefits review demonstrates that the web site’s design is simple and straightforward. It will not be a problem for you to understand what each button does. Whether mobile and desktop versions are the same, it will not be a problem when the user shifts from one device to another. The picture will remain the same.

How to Commit a Website Navigation?

Navigation through the SecretBenefits website is clear and easy to understand from the first sight. All the icons and buttons are titled. When a user experiences some troubles, the website hints which step to take the next. If some issue brings more troubles, it is always possible to contact the support department via the Contact Us page.

How Much Does the Membership at SecretBenefits Cost?

At SecretBenefits, there is no month or year subscription. The users may buy advanced functions as credits. Thus, the possibility to use these functions will expire when the credits end. The more credits you buy, the less you have to pay per one credit. When to buy 100 credits, it will cost 0.59 USD per credit. When to buy 500 credits, it will cost 0.34 USD per credit. And when you decide to buy one thousand credits, you will have to pay 0.29 USD per credit. Just to remind, to unlock messages with the website’s member costs ten credits.

SecretBenefits How Much Does the Membership at SecretBenefits Cost?

Distinctive Features Between Fee-Based Membership and Free Membership

At SecretBenefits, premium account works only for one member. When you decide to unlock one member, you will not be able to look through the other’s hidden photos.

The features of free membership are the following:

  • You can freely create an account.
  • You can use the opportunities of search engines available at SecretBenefits.
  • You can look through profiles without access to hidden information.

For broadening your opportunities at the website, it is necessary to buy credits, which open the following features:

  • You can send messages to the member on which you spend your credits.
  • You can see albums, which other users have hidden from other members.
  • You can look through the hidden photos.

As can be seen, the premium features are not extensive, but they are worth paying for if you want to know a person better.

How to Pay for the Membership Here?

The only way to provide payment at SecretBenefits is y using Credit Card. No mobile payment or PayPal options are available here. Bitcoins can be a means of payment here as well. The question of payment is beneficial at this website because the user does not have to pay for features that he does not use, as it is on the websites that offer a monthly subscription.

SecretBenefits How to Pay for the Membership Here?

Ways to Proceed the Payment

The money that you pay for SecretBenefits, you may pay with the help of a bank bill. Here, you pay not for the exact period, but for credits, which you may use immediately to extend them for several months. Everything depends on you. But in general, the price is not too low and too high, it is average.

Do I Have to Worry About Safety and Security Issues at SecretBenefits?

The SecretBenefits review demonstrates that the website cares about the safety and security of its members. Thus, for example, they do not highlight users’ personal information, such as email address. When you notice someone’s inappropriate activity, you may report about it to the support department. The profile of such members will be temporarily deactivated. The same can happen to your profile. All the profiles are verified. The users may trust those profiles with green marks on them. Also, the photos that you upload must not harm somebody’s dignity.

How to Prevent the Activity of Scammers?

If you notice the activity of scammers at SecretBenefits, you may report about it. For this, it is necessary to press a three dots button and describe there the reasons why you think the user is a scammer. Also, when searching, pay attention to the green mark on users’ profiles. It indicates that the profile is verified. It significantly decreases the chances of being scammed. When the user asks you to provide them with money and sends you the number of Credit Card, it may be a scammer. Avoid such a sort of communication.

SecretBenefits How to Prevent the Activity of Scammers?

Features of the Website That Make It Special

SecretBenefits offers the following special features (some of them are available for free members):

  • It is possible to create a secret album, the photos from which will be visible only for allowed members.
  • All the members can read a blog. There, the administration of SecretBenefits has posted various articles related to successful dating with various pieces of advice on how to find an appropriate partner.
  • With the help of credits or by verifying your profile, you can highlight your page and make it better visible for the other members.
  • The support department will provide their help primarily to those whose profiles have undergone verification.

Main Concluding Remarks

As can be seen, SecretBenefits is a good sugar daddy – sugar baby website, where both parties can reach a mutual arrangement on their needs. The website controls that all the profiles are real. The profile verification procedure helps in this a lot. The service is free for sugar babies. In such a way, even students who have not enough money can meet their potential partners here. The advanced searching filter will facilitate this opportunity significantly. In such a way, SecretBenefits is worth being looked through by you. With several advantages over other sugar daddies websites, you can use SecretBenefits without any doubts.

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Megan is a relationship expert and language analyst. Thanks to her Bachelor’s in Journalism, Master’s in Linguistics, and past encounters with heartbreak; she empathizes with her clients and helps them to understand and convey their emotions in an effective and optimistic way to their significant other.
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Customer reviews
by Wesley Jan 18, 2022
I attempted to obtain the right form of lovers by searching for all of them in clubs and clubs. We were unsuccessful, that was envisaged, relating to my favorite look that will be definately not form design kinds. This website exposed in my situation lots of benefits of online dating sites. I can create contacts based upon kinds and phone folks that seek want mind and don't treatment very much about appearance. Besides, the potential risk of starting into complications is leaner than when you get somewhere in a club. Hence, I'm generally happy with encounter. I love talking as soon as I have leisure time, talk about my favorite thoughts and panorama. As soon as want to display headlines from my entire life or perhaps just show my favorite emotions and emotions, we submit various pics and images. I recommend this app for the ease. No pressure level and chance to jump into hookups or discover soulmates is very important for newbies at all like me. All resources can also be very easy to use. The buttons are in their right places as on many other websites people usually visit on the Web. So, this is a great solution with many fascinating written content and valuable attributes.
Dorothy Holt
by Dorothy Holt Jan 14, 2022
I licensed with this site annually and a half previously, but is all the way down for quite a while. Also, Having been thrilled to get plenty of games regularly, which forced me to be expect much better. Eventually, we met a good guy, sense the chemistry and connection between united states, therefore we get on better right now. I would personally point out that the premiums membership costs are realistic and affordable.
Irene Caldwell
by Irene Caldwell Jan 12, 2022
This application are real, and I'm residing proof of the capabilities. I can't whine about this software because provided me with the hottest goes in my lifestyle. Extremely, I've very happy to become listed on it and then have a lot fun. Clearly, it has got perhaps not been recently without unsuccessful fights, but i do believe this is certainly quite a great all natural system. You can't understand all in an instant, and a few months of messaging is generally essential to determine a meetup.
by Stanley Jan 06, 2022
Adore this particular service. We manufactured plans to satisfy visitors for a coffee and in some cases a party. In my opinion they went relatively effectively. I've perhaps not made the decision yet about the after that periods, but I'm over at my option to choose the one which is actually specific. Okay, need me personally chances, every person.
Debra Mendez
by Debra Mendez Dec 29, 2021
Really love this service. I created plans to fulfill consumers for a coffee even a celebration. I do believe it had gone fairly nicely. I've certainly not opted but on the upcoming periods, but I'm back at my method to trinkets one which is actually unique. Okay, need myself success, every person.
Andrew Phelps
by Andrew Phelps Dec 28, 2021
I used to be very doubtful which it would move anyplace, and I will see some thing meaningful on this web site. My best mate prefers online dating sites, and I've only accompanied the internet site for enjoyment. Well, okay, seriously talking, i simply desired to demonstrate that online dating sites don't manage and tell him or her later on, “There you are actually, pal, we told you so.” However, i must say i aquired online flirting addicting and started talking with really fascinating personalities. You will find brand-new family and in many cases some admirers. Hence, I'm getting a night out together brick and mortar appreciate new activities.
Victoria Lopez
by Victoria Lopez Dec 23, 2021
I was very happy to consult with lots of men and women on the internet site which have a lot in common in my pursuits and way of living. I tried some other applications before, but should declare that the standard of the accommodate is superior right here. That's the reasons why I'm really astonished decide countless adverse testimonials due to this site. Then I discovered that people write adverse responses also on the most useful applications. In performing this, they generally present their unique anger and emotions without indicating certain defects for the app. So, In my opinion that they just cannot see those people that would fit all of them to get crazy regarding their loneliness. For this reason, we have to learn to narrow these analysis. This page works well, but, obviously, it isn't magic pill. I'm pleased to fit in town acquire fantastic dates. Possibly, I'm merely considerably choosy as opposed to others, but typically, I think I'm lucky. Several other anyone need added time discover like-minds. Whatever the case, I'd advocate this site for almost any forms of dating because their readers is definitely varied, and customers are very productive. Individually, i could usually discover individuals on the internet to have a chat and flirt. Besides, the application works effectively, and course-plotting is fairly easy. These essential choices are within the menu inside front of eyesight. I'm confident dating online never been easier.
by Vilhelmsen Dec 18, 2021
The smartest determination I've ever produced is actually signing up for and ultizing this web site. I'm a relationship right now, and with thanks to the software for this fortune. We have been along for 30 days and had a great time period along. Very, i suppose I found myself lucky meet up with my pal because the whole process is extremely good on the webpage. All their suggestions provides you with the possibility to determine loads the companion before getting the initial time. On line conversation is absolutely helpful to collect somebody who matches their specifications and hopes and dreams. My favorite existence on this internet site produced a lot of pleasures and recreation to my entire life. So, I'd highly recommend it to every folks searching for quality meets.
by Edward Dec 14, 2021
As a first-time user, Chatting about how relish the ability. It's very easy to it's the perfect time, so long as you are productive and honor different owners. It's exhilarating. Whether I'll come simple finest accommodate? We don't maintain currently. Multiple good dates will do for me personally to date, and I'm looking and watching for much more activities before targeting a prospective wife. I note that this website is definitely absolutely made for the objectives. The city happens to be acceptable, and nobody tries to receive using your complexion. Thus, I feel cozy using on the web fun including my buddies. We have the main things to fairly share, in addition to the dates I've grabbed happened to be actually exciting. Hence, I'm very happy with my pub, and an affordable price is an additional benefit.
by Krogsgaard Dec 06, 2021
I did son`t select you to definitely time since it is early on for me personally yet . I am just a beginner on the internet site. Continue to, I'm pleased with exactly how this application is not a worry to use. Things are user-friendly, but haven't really need to spend time and evauluate things while I subscribed to this site. I also fancy just how write pages are planned. It's quite convenient to look over picture, deliver emails, loves, and study about users' looks and figures. I put the situation since point is critical in my situation and was happy to read plenty matches that come with group close by me.
Helen Harris
by Helen Harris Dec 03, 2021
I recently uncovered personally searching loosen up and move into reaction love and even laid-back online dating after a split up. But I managed to get little idea of steps to make they on line. Nothing encounter forced me to be afraid. I tried swiping, but this sort of a shallow means seriously isn't my personal sturdy meet. I look for the app just where customers include starting up, but We still needed a good quality website. This one turned out to be a middle ground for me. No-strings-attached associations, respectable users, and complements, basic interface, forums. Often all we have ever wished. We went on some beautiful schedules, and today Chatting about how have more confidence. Great program for single men and women with free of cost choices and great efficiency. The nice build is actually an excellent push.
by Kaden Nov 29, 2021
The web based schedules on this internet site have grown to be a great and attention-grabbing experience for my situation. It does the job absolutely for my favorite self-confidence and let generating brand-new links. They may not be interactions so far but search encouraging. Additionally, truly charming for me to break the frost and chat with folks from any region I enjoy. Scanning kinds is appealing, both. It's usually intriguing to see exactly how consumers prove when searching for closeness.
by Laurel Nov 22, 2021
Great provider for those not afraid of dating online and open dialogues. The software is definitely well organized and it has a lot of signed-up individuals. Messaging will be easy, as well as other available choices are simple to access and realize. Concerning me, I've currently located someone with whom our biochemistry is really hitting.
Harold Davis
by Harold Davis Nov 15, 2021
Website is ideal for me. As I'm slightly sick and tired of swiping, it grew to be a middle surface for my favorite requirements. I don't organize any serious dating now, but We won't hightail it when I satisfy my personal appreciate. This web site doesn't stress me and let receiving all great features of standard romance. Besides, I like that it software is really convenient to work with, whether it's about routing or paying. Rates are regular, i you should not grudge income in their eyes since I have get the best value for charge they might require. I've currently came across some decent people and get horny schedules. Besides, I email with a number of owners to discuss, make fun of, and reveal numerous posts, like love-making. Personally I think that i'm during my category ever since the neighborhood particularly friendly. Anyone don't judge a person, considering that it could be for people with acquired people in a bar.
Nicole Williams
by Nicole Williams Nov 09, 2021
The dating site is easy, and navigation is a breeze. I access an ample few basic facts and experience for individuals that seem popular with me. Actually, i actually do take pleasure in being on our site. I was able ton't find my personal current buddy yet. Nevertheless, I ran across several inquisitive people to keep in touch with. Personally I think cost-free and comfortable while emailing them. I would suggest that this page to all or any who's looking for good companionship, irrespective of the type of connection.
by Audrey Nov 05, 2021
Very good feeling. I've discovered plenty of ready and intriguing someone and a few freaks . that's the norm while you are on the web. Some matches weren't inside location . that's the reason we kept friends. I should declare that this particular service gives several methods to create additional users bear in mind a person. 1st, it's enough room to create your own shape and supply adequate information regarding the way you look and personality. After that, texting is definitely okay. Typically, one receive complete online communications might put a night out together at any time if you are ready to satisfy your chosen in real life.
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