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Sweet Discreet Review 2021

Sweet Discreet Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 95%
Popular age 20-30
Profiles 2,000,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Large community with many users and live streamers
  • Anonymous messaging system
  • Lots of top-notch adult content
  • Since most users want to have a secret affair, so there are many private profiles
  • Getting around the website will take a while to get used to

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Sweet Discreet is an adult dating site that doubles as an adult live streaming platform. As the name suggests, most users are either married or in a relationship. Either way, they want to get into a secret affair.

As of now, 88% of these service members are female, whereas only 12% of them are male. This is ideal if you are a man who wants to explore sexual relationships without any strings attached. It is very secretive, so you still have the freedom to enjoy your bachelor’s life without your significant other finding out.

Sweet Discreet Usability

Sweet Discreet Review

Sweet Discreet has lots of intuitive features to offer, such as Live stream that even free users have access to, including a chat system, and a very detailed and customizable search function. If you have used any other website in the same network, then the layout should feel very familiar to you.

As mentioned earlier, there are a few buttons that just confuse newcomers. The “R-rated” button is the best example. When you click on it, you would be redirected to another page that contains adult videos. This can be misleading to new users since the button stands out from the rest.

Even so, Sweet Discreet cam site design and layout are user-friendly. It looks very tidy, meaning that most newcomers should have no trouble navigating the site if they have some prior knowledge of the Internet. Since Sweet Discreet packs tons of interesting features, putting everything together in a way that users can find things easily is no small feat. Other than that, they even managed to place the advertisements without being too intrusive, which is very pleasing to the eye.

How to Log In to Sweet Discreet Site?

Keeping up with the user-friendly theme, logging into their website is also straightforward. Of course, you will need to register first, but the entire process is short and simple. Once done, you will receive an email asking you to confirm your registration. Simply click on the link contained within the email, and you will be redirected to the website to finalize the verification process.

After this short account creation process, you will start off as a free user, but many features that Sweet Discreet has to offer will be accessible right immediately. All that needs to be done is to log in.

From there, you can upload a photo of yourself and fill in a form. You just have to state your gender, preference (gender and age), romantic interest, username, password, date of birth, address, etc. The intuitive search function shows early on since you get to choose the age range, and romance interest type that will help you find just the right person.

What is interesting is the romance interest option. There are surprisingly many options to choose from. There is the classic short/long term relationship interest. You can also choose to keep it digital/cyber only, meaning that you and the other person will never physically meet. If you are rather nervous about getting too quickly into a relationship, there is also an option to take things slow. If you are the adventurous, daring type, you can check the “Anything exciting” option.

From this alone, we can tell that no matter what type of person you are looking to connect with, one can find practically any person on Sweet Discreet. This is especially true if you prefer connecting with female members.

Sweet Discreet User Interface

Sweet Discreet Review

This service puts every perk its users need in a compact and convenient bar at the top. There are several buttons:

  • Messages: Your inbox where you can chat with users
  • Connections: A matchmaking feature similar to that of Tinder
  • Search: Discover other users using various filters
  • Faves: A list of members who you have added to your favorites
  • Livecams: A gallery of adult live streamers putting on a steamy show
  • R-Rated: A gallery of adult videos

Under the bar sits a few hyperlinks labeled “Exclusives.” These are similar to Livecams except that these may cater to your tastes.

There is the activity feed underneath the “Exclusives” bar, and it is pretty self-explanatory. The right side shows other users who checked out your profiles, added you to their list of favorites, etc. The Faves list has another feature other than listing your favorite members. It also updates the activity feed with the activities of the members on your Faves list.

Under the activity feed is a random selection of members based on your preferences. You might just find your type there.

Sweet Discreet Features

The biggest feature of Sweet Discreet is that it is not only an adult dating platform but also an adult Livestream site. Of course, dating is a large part of the services they offer, but if you are only there to date, then you are missing out. Many beautiful members of this site often steam themselves flaunting their goods live for free.

If you find a user that you like and have added them to your Faves list, use your subscription and start a live chat with them. Through this chat, you can find out more about them and see if they are the person you want to commit.

Keep in mind that Sweet Discreet is a discreet adult dating site, so most users there want a secret relationship with no strings attached. That might explain why the “Cyber/Email only” option exists when you sign up. As such, many of them prefer to remain as anonymous as possible. But if you are into casual hookups, this should not be an issue.

Sweet Discreet Members

Sweet Discreet Review

A quick glance at this site, and you wouldn’t think that it has a large userbase, let alone an active one. It turns out, even though it is all about facilitating affairs and adultery, Sweet Discreet has a large and active community that attracts both professional and amateur adult live streamers alike.

Simply put, it does not really matter what you want; you can find just that. It is more than just a simple userbase who keep to themselves, despite the name. It is a large community, and anonymity allows users to be a little more open. Everyone is there to have a good time. In fact, you can watch some adult shows on this side while you chat or browse through the “Search” or “Connections.”

Sweet Discreet User Count and Quality

As the name suggests, many users do not want a long-term relationship since they are probably in one already. They just want a one-night stand with no strings attached. Some of them simply want to enjoy a private session of adult fun. For the first group, you will get to meet them physically, and it’s just your casual hookup. The second group, however, may surprise you. Since they want to remain anonymous, they may deploy various means to hide their identity. They’re not shy to show their body, but they’ll hide their face.

They may wear masks or set their webcam low enough so you don’t see their face. There is nothing wrong with that since most users are either married or otherwise committed. Finding a user who is single will be rare.

Communication System on Sweet Discreet

Sweet Discreet Review

Sweet Discreet offers you many ways to connect with other users, which is to be expected from an adult dating site. Premium users have unrestricted access to mailing service, live chat, send and receive photos and videos, and even participate in live private shows. The most popular perk is video chat, which allows you to talk to other users, provided you have a webcam and a microphone. With it, you can have a personal session of adult fun.

As a free user, however, your communication option is limited. You can explore the site as a free user and decide whether you want to sink your teeth into it. But it is best to pay for a membership for a full experience.

Sweet Discreet Subscription Service

Depending on what you want, you can get away with a free account. Unlike most adult dating sites out there, you do not need a premium plan if you’re here for a quick hookup. Every registered free user has access to many features, and that is more than enough to get started.

Of course, premium accounts get to enjoy more privilege, but free users have access to many features that they can hook up with other users without paying a penny. Premium subscription gives you more access to the Sweet Discreet Livestream platform, but not much else. So, the premium subscription is optional if you want to connect with other people.

Website Free Account

Sweet Discreet Review

Free users have access to a large portion of the website with little restriction, which is very surprising. Many adult dating sites out there limits their free users so much that they cannot do anything unless they pay up.

Sweet Discreet gives free users access to a lot of their features without asking for a penny. Free users have access to the gallery of other users, use the search function to narrow down their results, message other users (although with restrictions), etc. Free users can even browse their Livestream platform and watch public live adult shows.

Website Premium Account

If you want better access to their cam site, you need a paid plan. With it, you can watch private videos or adult shows from cam girls. It’s a more private, intimate, and personal experience, so it’s worth the money. Other than that, you will have many other privileges as well, including unrestricted communication.

Security and Support Features

Sweet Discreet Review

The most important part of an adult dating site is security and support. It does not matter how many features it offers; if security and customer support system is lackluster, it is a no-go. This is where Sweet Discreet falls behind.

Your connection to their website does not use an SSL-protocol, so it is not completely private. This probably explains why many users are not willing to share their private information or show their faces on camera. You should also practice caution as well and do not give away personal and sensitive information.

Even so, that does not mean that your banking information is at risk. Sweet Discreet does not receive your payment directly. Your money and billing information will go through another billing company. They receive your payment on behalf of Sweet Discreet. They are a separate entity, and they have all the security systems in place to protect your money and information, so you can rest easy. It is also worth pointing out that billing is done every month. You can contact their customer support to find out more.

Speaking of customer support, they are very responsive during business hours, which is a big plus. It is refreshing to see an adult dating site that invests in a good customer service system.

Sweet Discreet – Final Verdict

So far, Sweet Discreet seems to be one of the top adult dating sites out there. It also tries to be an adult live streaming platform and an adult dating site at the same time. There are many adult live streamers you can watch and even more users you can hook up with.

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