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Tagged Review 2021

Tagged Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 91%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 20-24
Profiles 1.600.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Free registration and access to most basic features, including sending and receiving messages, adding friends, and matching with people.
  • Premium Account offers several useful options to improve the experience of finding a match.
  • Great variety of activities to do on the website.
  • Pets, Meet Me, and Cafe – three virtual games that you can play to meet new friends and find dating matches.
  • Constant improvement of technical safety measures and user protection.
  • Outdated design and interface; the website can be slow and lag quite a lot.
  • The layout is somewhat complicated, affecting ease of navigation.
  • Excessive amount of pop-up notifications from the game.
  • The service only allows you to browse for people within 100 kilometers of you.

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What Should You Know About Tagged?

What Should You Know About Tagged?

Tagged is an online platform for dating and meeting new friends. Created in 2004, it has steadily developed into a popular service with a reported 300 million members. The website functions as a social media platform where you can create a profile and find matches based on your tastes. Most of the basic features are free for registered users, although there are several exciting features that you can access with Premium Membership. At first glance, Tagged is a bit more complicated than the average dating platform. However, our Tagged review will help shed some light on the way the service functions. With many intriguing features such as original games and virtual cash, you can quickly get immersed in the fun universe of Tagged, meet new friends, or even find a love match. Read on this detailed Tagged review about the service and how it works to decide whether you should try this dating platform out.

How Trustworthy Is Tagged?

Tagged has a long history on the web as a popular social network. In fact, over the years, many people have repeatedly compared the platform’s popularity to that of Facebook. The brand does have a controversial reputation as there have been numerous occasions where people on Tagged got scammed, spammed, or even victim to sexual harassment. However, it seems that the service is open to change and continuously improves its users’ safety and protection. At this time, only users above 18 can join the website. Moreover, the administration and users’ joint efforts keep the amount of scam and inappropriate behavior at a minimum.

As for the social network’s paid services, most individual reviews evidence that users are generally satisfied with their purchases. On Tagged, there are no hidden fees or extra charges beyond what the service states. You can easily access the price list of different Tagged products through the navigation menu. Alternatively, find out from this Tagged review what services the platform offers and how much you have to pay for each.

What Kind of People Join the Platform?

What Kind of People Join the Platform?

The members of Tagged are people of different ages and backgrounds. The majority of active users on the platform appear to be male despite the website’s claim of equal distribution of male and female profiles. Tagged is an international community with users from many countries. A significant part of the website’s users is from the United States. There are also many users from Turkey, France, as well as other European countries. A handy feature of the platform’s matching system is that it matches you with users within your area. Tagged makes sure to show you other users from your country and city first. It means that you will have no problem finding people from your community on this website.

Is Tagged Only for Straight People?

On Tagged, you have the option to indicate your sexual orientation. You can also choose to allow other users to see your orientation or hide it. Still, Tagged does not offer any specific features or activities exclusively for gay or lesbian users. Most activities on the website cater to the interests of straight people looking to find a match. Moreover, the system automatically suggests only people of the opposite gender for you to meet. You can, however, browse for both male and females users to chat. Alternatively, you can click on a random profile displayed in the Pets game and start messaging. All in all, in this Tagged review, we suggest that sexual orientation is not an obstacle to meet people here. However, if you want some quality features specifically for gay or lesbian people, Tagged does not provide many options.

The Age of the Website’s Users

The Age of the Website’s Users

Tagged is a social network that is open to diverse age groups of users. The website started as a platform for an adult teen audience, eventually attracting people of other age categories with its appealing features. However, several scandals connected with inappropriate activities and child sexual predator behavior happened in the past. Tagged eventually had to put strict age restriction rules in place. Today, you have to be at least 18 years old to become a member of Tagged. People between the ages of 30 and 55 make up the majority age category on the website. However, there is a significant number of younger people between 18 and 29.

In general, the platform offers features that are more or less suitable and convenient for users of most age categories. That is why you may rest assured that finding a match within your age group will not be an issue on Tagged.

The Process of Signing up and Logging in to the Website

The Process of Signing up and Logging in to the Website

The sign-up process on Tagged requires a few standard steps of registration and is free. You also have a few options of how you would like to register. You can sign up with your email, Facebook account, or Apple account. If you are signing up with an email, you will need to provide your name, birthday, gender, and location. You can later change these details in the profile settings, although you can only change your age once. This Tagged review reminds, however, that only users above 18 can register on the website.

After you fill out this information, Tagged will ask you to confirm your registration with an email. You can either use the link in the email to complete the sign-up or input the security code that Tagged will send you in the verification email. To log in to your Tagged account, you only need to use the email and password that you indicated upon registration. A bonus feature is that you receive points for every 4 hours you spend on the website.

Profile Options You Can Use

The Process of Signing up and Logging in to the Website

Creating a profile on Tagged is a simple process. There are details you can add about yourself to display on your profile. For example, you can either show or hide your location, as well as your sexual orientation. You can also add details such as your favorite music, films, your dream, and your best feature. There are many additional options on your profile as you can fill it with videos, images, or text. In general, your profile on Tagged can be as detailed as you want it to be. Moreover, the website gives many options for what you can do on another user’s profile. You can send them a quick message, leave a comment on their profile, or give them LUV – Tagged points.

Get Familiar With the Messaging Process

Messaging on Tagged is easy, although some people may find the interface a bit outdated. To message someone, you can go to a user’s profile and click on the option to send a quick text under their profile picture. Alternatively, you can go to the navigation menu and open the Messages page. There you can see all of your conversations with other users in one place.

When someone sends you a new message, you will conveniently see a notification icon appear on the Messages section. On Tagged, you can also choose who can message you or find your profile while browsing for matches.

Most users send messages on Tagged with the intent to connect with other users for dating and love. On the other hand, you don’t necessarily have to contact other users for dating only on Tagged. As you are sure to find from this Tagged review, you can use the platform to play a fun social game or make new friends in your area and other countries.

Access Tagged on Different Platforms

Access Tagged on Different Platforms

You can use Tagged on several platforms. The standard HTML website is the main platform where you can use the service’s features in full. There is also a mobile version of Tagged, as well as an application for iPhone and Android.

Does the Website Have a Desktop Version?

There is no desktop version for Tagged. You can only access Tagged on an HTML website, its mobile version, and a mobile app.

How Different Is the App?

Tagged provides an application that you can use to stay connected with your Tagged friends and dates. The application offers the same features as the website version of the service. You can register or login through the app and find people within your area to chat and play with. The app looks more like a dating platform than the website itself. It offers to match you with potential dates similarly to how apps like Tinder do. If you and the other user indicate your interest, the system matches you, and you can start building the connection. The Tagged app is available for Android and iPhone devices alike and is free to download and use.

Functionality of Design and Interface

Functionality of Design and Interface

The design of the website is, perhaps, not the most attractive feature of Tagged. The interface seems cramped, with different sections put all in one place. The color design is simple and neutral. Tagged seems to focus on the content of its pages rather than the design. The platform seems to be operating on older web design technologies, which affects the website’s usability. Pages can take longer to load, and you might have to reload the website page from time to time to get it working properly.

How Good Is Navigation on the Website?

The navigation menu on Tagged is on top of the page, making it easy to go between pages on the website. You can use this menu to go to your profile, messages, search page, or access the service’s games. To access the mobile version of the website, find information about the company and its terms, or contact support, you need to scroll down to the bottom of the page. Overall, this Tagged review finds that the website has a simple but efficient basic navigation design, although an abundance of elements can confuse the user.

Services and Prices on Tagged

Services and Prices on Tagged
1-month Premium Membership $9.99
3-month Premium Membership $20.97
6-month Premium Membership $29.94
Gold (Tagged currency) 2,500/$4.99

Should You Get a Premium Membership?

As a registered Tagged user, you can use common features such as adding friends, finding matches, sending or receiving messages completely for free. You can also participate in the service’s virtual games, Pets and Cafe, to feel part of the community. Another game on Tagged, Meet Me, is the feature that generates instant matches for you based on location. All games on Tagged are free for registered users, but you can unlock particular features by buying a premium membership and making additional purchases.

The Premium Membership on Tagged allows you to access a few extra features. For example, you can find out who views your profile or who likes you in the Meet Me game. You can also check if a user has read the message you sent to them. Finally, Tagged ensures that as a premium member, you get priority over regular users in terms of customer support and access to other profiles on the website.

Payment: How It Works

Payment: How It Works

For the purchase of a Premium Membership or Gold, Tagged offers several options. First, you need to select your preferred Premium Membership (1-month, 3-month, or 6-month) or the amount of Gold (2,500 and more). Afterward, you can pay by entering your payment card info, including car number, expiry date, and CVV code.

Payment Alternatives to Purchase Premium Subscription and Gold

Primarily, Tagged supports payments by credit/debit card. The service accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover cards. Alternatively, you can complete the purchase with PayPal or a mobile payment service Boku.

Users’ Safety and Protection on the Website

Safety and security are essential criteria to consider when using a dating platform. When it comes to dating websites and online social networks, you should always remember about the dangers of sharing personal information or sending money to other users. The Meet Group, Inc., which owns Tagged alongside several similar social networks, warns its clients to follow rules of precaution when meeting someone on the website. It also assures that a dedicated team of website moderators is carefully monitoring activity on the website at all times.

In terms of technical security, Tagged offers standard protection. Any new user on the website must complete a verification process through email confirmation and CAPTCHA, which significantly reduces the number of bot and spam accounts.

Scam: Is It Frequent on Tagged?

Like many dating websites, Tagged has its fair share of fake accounts and scammers. From time to time, members complain about receiving suspicious messages and emails about winning money. Tagged warns its users to always be careful not to give away personal information or send money to other users. The website administration and moderators ask clients to report scammers and any scamming attempts in specially created threads. These efforts help Tagged admins to identify and suspend scammers on the website. In general, the website does seem to put much effort into its users’ safety. However, you should always remember that even the most secure platform cannot guarantee 100% protection.

Features That Make This Social Network Unique

Payment: How It Works

Tagged is a social network platform that aims to provide experiences beyond the standard options of other similar platforms. It offers many useful features, such as showing you who likes you or looks at your profile. It also provides extra entertainment options through its games. The most interesting game on the website by far is Pets. You become a player automatically when you register on the website. You can spend Gold – Tagged currency – to buy other users as ‘pets’ and earn ‘cash bonuses.’ Your purchasing activity in the game increases your profile’s value, which can also improve your chatting and dating experiences on the website. Another special feature is the Meet Me game. You can view suggested profiles and indicate whether you like them or not. If a profile likes you back, you can get to know them through private messages. With a Premium account, you can also see who liked your profile in the game.


Today, there is a wide selection of online platforms where people can connect with others. As we emphasize in this Tagged review, the service offers a unique opportunity to meet someone new through a wide range of activities. You can browse for a match, exchange messages, and make friends with different people. These and many other options are free and available both on the website and in the Tagged official application. Simple and entertaining social games add more unique quality to your experience of Tagged. For the full experience of the website’s features, you can buy a Premium membership subscription. Certainly, as a social network, Tagged has both its benefits and drawbacks. You are likely to find better dating platform alternatives at the same or even a lower price in terms of design and usability. However, when it comes to content and a variety of activities and features, Tagged has many interesting and creative activities to offer for hopeful singles looking for a good match.

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