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BLK Review 2021

BLK Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 8%
Reply rate 69%
Beauty 71%
Popular age 20-28
Profiles 3 400 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The app focuses on creating a community for Black singles.
  • It is available for use free of cost.
  • The app features roulette-type matching
  • It is available as a mobile app.•
  • BLK is available in the United States and Canada.
  • The site has no desktop version for browsing.
  • It is a platform only for Black singles.
  • There are hidden costs in the form of add on features.

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BLK Is A Meeting Point For Black Singles

Affinity Apps, Ltd owns and operates BLK, and this app is a part of the Match community. The same community also owns and operates Tinder, OkCupid, Twoo, and many similar online dating apps. The app made its appearance around three years back in 2017. Though it entertains explicitly Black singles, there is no restriction if anyone else wants to join the app. There are hundreds of mobile apps out there that specifically cater to online dating needs of the Black singles, but this outstands all of them for multiple reasons. Not only does it offer a broader user base, but at the same time makes matchmaking easier and provides every feature for use free of cost. People suggest creating an account on the app in the BLK Review, stating that one reason to consider this app is the strict registration process it follows. Reading the BLK Review is one way of getting in-depth knowledge about the app before creating an account on it.

BLK Is A Meeting Point For Black Singles

Benefits And Drawbacks Of Using The App

BLK is one of the latest online dating apps that is helping the Black singles to find a potential match for themselves. The app has been around us for only about a year but is experiencing a gain in popularity with new members joining the app every single day since its launch. It promises to meet the dating needs of only the Black singles who reside in the United States as well as Canada. Unlike other dating apps, the registration process that you need to follow on this app is very stringent. The majority of users on the application are genuine, having authentic intentions of using the app. Along with offering plenty of benefits, the app comes with a few shortcomings that are hard to ignore. Following are some of the pros and cons you will read in the BLK Review as well:

BLK Is A Reliable Legit App

Every feature that the app provides is free to use and strictly relies on the concept of mutual connections, which means that the app lets you message only those users who find your profile interesting. The site keeps making efforts to make this a better online dating platform and enable seamless browsing experience for the members where they meet and connect with other people. By ensuing working on the grounds of similar likes and interests, the app looks after the safety and security of the users, which is why people appreciate the app in BLK Review. The site first restricts its user base to only the USA and Canada, and secondly, only black singles create an account in the app. Additionally, verification via phone number filters out those profiles who attempt to create a profile just for fun. All these parameters together ensure that there are minimal fake profiles and no scammers at all. Many testimonials support the fruitful results of the app. After finding true love on the site, many users do not hesitate to leave BLK Review on the site.

BLK Is A Reliable Legit App

Black Singles Only From The US And Canada

BLK is available only in two countries, which means that the member base of the app restricts the geographical location. Ninety-eight percent of people on the app are Black singles who are looking for a potential date within their community.

Open To People Of All Sexual Orientations

BLK is a new entrant in the field of online dating that specifically caters to the dating needs of Black singles. The site promises to offer a competent platform exclusively for the Black singles. BLK entertains people of all sexual orientations. Not only straight men and women create an account on the app but also those who are looking for relationships within the same-sex orientation. While creating an account on the app, you need to mention your gender. Also, you need to reveal the gender of the partner you want to date.

A Craze Among Youngsters

You need to be at least eighteen years or above to create an account on the app. people of all the age groups create an account on the app. you can find users as young as eighteen years and as old as fifty-five years or above. However, the majority of users who are active on the site belong to the age group of twenty-five to thirty-five years.

A Craze Among Youngsters

Three Minutes Straightforward Sign-up Process

  • The quick and straightforward registration process.
  • Signup using either contact number or Facebook account.
  • Mobile number verification is the key to security.
  • You need to upload a profile photo.
  • Information syncs with the Facebook account if you sign up using this method.
  • The app makes gay share available.

Within three minutes, you can complete the signup process. There are two ways to register yourself on the app. You can either use your contact number or use your Facebook account. In case you opt for using a contact number, the app sends you the validation code that you require to enter on the verification page. By registering on the app via Facebook account, all you need to do is give consent that the app can access your information from Facebook. The app then imports your profile photo, name, and date of birth from Facebook. After you sign up, you need to mention your gender as well as the gender of the person you want to app. with this little information; you are now eligible to browse the user profiles on the app.

Not So Descriptive User Profiles

  • Less descriptive user profiles.
  • Everyone can access and view the photo galleries.
  • Uploading a profile photo is a must.
  • Your name and Facebook profile photo automatically sync if you sign up via Facebook.
  • Birthdate of the users is visible on the site.
  • Users can upload up to six photos.

The profiles in BLK do not contain many details about the user. The only way to make the user profile more descriptive is if the user fills in the about Me’ section, which is optional. Otherwise, there are only three things that you can see on the profile, occupation, school or workplace, and distance of the user from your place. Most of the members on the app have at least three photo uploads on their profile.

Mutual Interest Is The Key To Messaging

  • Roulette-type matching.
  • You can send messages for free.
  • Sending a message is only possible if you are a successful match.
  • Users can send one free ‘Really Like’ each day.
  • ‘Boost’ help you reach the top list for half an hour.
  • Users can modify the settings of the match suggestions.

The contacting feature on BLK is almost similar to the other online dating site, and it is straightforward. Messaging is free of cost. However, you cannot send other users a message unless you do not share a mutual contact with the user. When you browse the site, you come across the profiles of the users. You have two options to either swipe left to skip the profile or swipe right to show interest. If other people also show interest in you, your name appears in each other’s mutual connections, and you can then send one another a message.

Mutual Interest Is The Key To Messaging

A Single Platform App

You can only access the services of BLK via mobile application. Currently, there is no desktop version of the site available for users.

Lacks The Desktop Version

Unlike the majority of online dating apps that have desktop versions but fail to provide a mobile app to the users, BLK offers an app but not the desktop version.

The App

The mobile app of BLK is available for download free of cost to all the users. You can download the app from the App Store and Google Playstore. The app does not occupy much space on your device. However, it can harm your device’s battery as it uses the location services in your background. The mobile app is simple to use as well as has user-friendly navigation.

Simplistic Design And Easy Usability

You can explain the design of the app in one word, that is, straightforward. It is so simple that it gives the user a pleasure to surf the app. you can find every feature on the app very easily. The app optimizes the design to enable easy and comfortable use on a mobile phone. It contains all the relevant gestures as well as the icons that are easy to reach for the user on-the-go. There are three icons available on the top of the app. These icons are as follows:


The first icon is available to the upper left side, representing your profile. In this user tab, you can see the ‘Account Settings’ as well as the ‘Edit Profile’ configuration. Using this icon, you can also purchase the add-ons on the page.

BLK’s logo

BLK’s logo is an icon that is present in the middle of the app. it helps you to navigate to the matchmaking feature. Member photos consume the whole screen, having three icons below. These icons are an ‘X’ using which you can skip the profile, a ‘crown’ using which you can send “Really Like,” and last is the ‘heart’ that you can use to send alike.

Chat bubbles’

‘chat bubbles’ is the third icon on the app that is present in the upper right side of your screen. This feature works as an inbox, storehouse of all your mutual connections, as well as the conversations.

Easy And Flawless Navigation

Navigating from one feature to another on the app is very easy. Even those who are not that tech-savvy can use the app effortlessly. Within less than five minutes of browsing the app, users can get comfortable with the interface of the app. You can access any feature on the app with a single tap on the icon. All the symbols on the app enjoy a suitable placement, which makes them evident and easy to spot quickly.

Easy And Flawless Navigation

Costs and Prices Of Add-Ons at BLK

BLK is a free dating app for Black singles and offers all the features to users free of cost. Why do you have to talk about paying for the membership at all? Though the features on the app are open for all the users, there are still some add-ons. These add-ons are of great help at increasing productivity as well as the satisfaction of your experience using the app. These two add ons are Boost and Like.

  • 1 Credit/99 USD/99 USD
  • 5 Credits/49 USD/45 USD
  • 10 Credit/9 USD/90 USD

Really Like

  • 5 Credits/49 USD/45 USD
  • 25 Credits/39 USD 75 USD
  • 60 Credits/29 USD/40 USD

Free Features On The App

BLK is a free app that offers all the features to its users free of cost. Unlike other apps, there are no features that are accessible only to the premium members though there are add ons available for which you need to make a payment. Here is a list of free features that are available to the standard users:

  • Users can create an account on the app free of cost.
  • You can view the profile of other users.
  • Users can ignore or like the profile of other users.
  • Sending messages to other users is also a free feature.

Two features are add ons on the app for which you need to make a payment. These features are as follows:

  • Using the boost feature, you can rank higher in the search results.
  • By using the really like feature, you can send notifications to the other users and let them know that you find their profile interesting.

Free Features On The App

Modes Of Payment That App Accepts

To make a payment on the app, you can follow two mediums. These are as follows:

  • Credit Card.
  • Via Mobile Phone.

How Does Payment Appear On The Bill

The payment appears on the site by the name of the website. BLK does not send any physical receipt to your mailing address.

The BLK App is Indeed A Safe Platform

BLK has a clear Privacy Policy as well as Terms of Usage that the app not only follows but also enforces. If you do not abide by these terms, then the app suspends your account. The app also lets you block an abusive user by tapping on the ‘Block Member’ button that you can find under the three dots on the profile of the user. The app tries to filter inappropriate apps right at the signup step by asking for a verification code. This verification restricts the number of fake profiles on the app.

Not A Scam

The app makes all the effort to keep its platform clean and free from any sort of fake profiles or scammers. The verification process filters out the profile of fake users. Moreover, privacy policy and terms and conditions on the site clarify that users who fail to abide by these conditions will have to face suspension of their account. Thus, BLK is not a scam but an excellent platform that helps Black singles to encounter a perfect and a potential match.

Not A Scam

Features That Make The App Unique

The app probably offers all the features that any other online dating app has in store for the users. Apart from the basic features, the app also provides its users some special add on features. These unique features are as follows:


The first and foremost add on that is available for purchase is ‘Boost.’ ‘Boost’ renders movability to your profile. Using this feature, you can crawl to the top of the list. This movement makes your profile one of the few that other users see first in your respective location for half an hour.

Really Like

The second add-on is Like’. These features are accessible on the app and allow you to send ‘Like’ notification to other users. This notification enhances the chances of striking a mutual match.

Wrap Up

BLK undoubtedly offers users a promising platform helping Black singles make instant connections. Most of the features on the app are quite similar to those available on any other dating app. However, there is a huge difference as far as you talk about the availability of these features. The app, unlike other online dating sites, provides all the features free of cost to all the users. From the BLK Review, it is clear that it is one of the fruitful mobile dating apps catering to the needs of Black singles.

Another thing that needs appreciation is the strict registration process that the app follows, ensuring that only US or Canadian residents sign up in the app. This restriction confines the member base to a particular location, which hikes the likelihood of fruitful meet-ups between the members. BLK Review convinces you that the app is secure and probably a new platform in the market, making dating life of Black singles easy.

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