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Despite how busy the person is and how many interests he or she has got in life, earlier or later, the desire to have somebody special beside starts to dominate. This is when people consider registering on one of the available dating websites. The main difficulty that may become a great obstacle for them is a variety of existent platforms. It is very important to find the one that fully meets the dater’s needs and expectations, especially when it comes to a particular category like Catholic singles. Luckily, there are two popular players in the market that cater to this category. A detailed comparison of vs. will help you determine a leader and join a chosen website to start the best online experience in your life.

Summary table:
Frequent promotions and discounts Active member forum
1 active coupon code Registration via email or Facebook
A great brand recognition Equal ratio of males and females
Expensive 6-month membership Messaging is only for paying members
A quick registration procedure Quite high prices vs. Quality of Matches

It may take you some time before coming across a really special person, but after all, the game is worth candles. You are recommended to carefully study the profiles of the other users to better understand who suits you perfectly. dating site allows you to send Emotigrams to the person who appeals to you. It is especially helpful when you are a free user and can’t send the message or if you feel too nervous to start the conversations. You just need to choose your own gender and the location to start the search. Unfortunately, doesn’t allow even to send a wink if you are a free user, and you will be able to read the message only after 10 days. Here you need to mention who you want to meet, the age, and the location.

Country Availability has a large user pool coming from different parts of the world. Here you can come across daters from English-speaking countries such as Canada, the USA, and the UK, as well as European countries like Poland, Sweden, etc. In comparison to it, dating has a smaller user pool; hence you do not have a wide range of potential partners from various countries. Still, the website presents lots of success stories proving that you can find who you are looking for.

Reputation: vs

Which site is better, Catholicmatch or Catholicsingles, when it comes to its reputation? According to the researches, the first one has a better reputation with users, proving to be a reliable and experienced dating provider. can’t boast so nice brand reputation meaning that fewer people entrust their fortune to it.

Sign-up Process

The registration on is quite simple and quick. You can even skip all basic steps and start using the website at once. Of course, the admin team will send you e-mails reminding you to fill in all data, but you can leave it incomplete. As for, the registration will take some more time because of the arrangement of the questions on the page. One page contains only one question. So even the procedure is simple, you will need time to go through it. The developers allow you to sign up either by e-mail or a Facebook account. The main peculiarity about the registration process on is that the system will provide you with a unique username. Hence, you can’t create it on your own like on the majority of other dating websites, including If to take simplicity and duration of the registration process, then the winner in Catholicsingles com vs. Catholicmatch com battle is the first one. vs. Profiles has quite comprehensive profiles that present a lot of details about the owner. You can find so many topics to speak with a potential interlocutor just after skimming the profile. Also, you can upload up to 50 pictures that will be shown at the bottom of the page. If you allow, the admin team will also share the answers to your temperament quiz. As for Catholicsingles, here, the profile data is divided into multiple-choice questions that provide answers mentioning your age, your habits, attitude to church, etc. Also, daters are encouraged to answer more open-ended questions that make profiles look comprehensive in general. There are no winners in terms of profiles, as both websites have detailed questions and descriptions that help you reveal your personality better as well as find out more about

Interface Quality has a nice interface that contains all tools for reaching your goal. It looks modern and quite nice; hence users are going to receive an incredible experience. also looks fresh and straightforward. You will not have problems with finding a necessary button.

Hookup or Serious relationships

Both websites are focused on matching people for serious relationships. Still, despite the church affection, more and more people register the accounts to find friends or partners for casual dating. The most important thing is to state your initial purpose and let the other users know what type of relationships you are looking for.

Best choice for man

The gender ratio on is equal, so here men have nice chances to meet the women of their dream. also comes up with numerous ladies’ profiles since it would not be a challenge to find someone special.

Best choice for women

Some statistics state that women are registering on dating websites more often. Still, it is not the same when it comes to vs. Here ladies have a wide choice of potential candidatures, so it is not likely that you will not be matched with some nice guy.

Features: vs.

It would be difficult to determine a winner in the comparison vs. in terms of features without their detailed discussion. So, let’s get down to business at once.

Features of has a few unique features that work as nice replacements for matching algorithms. Daters can use them to sort the profiles that they like. Here they are:

  • Temperament quiz. According to proto-psychological theory, there are four types of personality (melancholic, phlegmatic, sanguine, choleric), and the person may have either one of them or a combination. Knowing what personality type a dater has may help build relationships with him/her more successfully. This is what comes with. A Temperament quiz will provide essential insights that are posted in a profile if the person allows it.
  • Interview questions. You can create up to twenty questions and use them as ice-breakers. They will be published in your profile, letting you know more about a particular person even before starting to chat with them. Hence, these questions save you a lot of time that you may spend on communicating with a more suitable partner.
  • Emotigrams. Most people find it a real challenge to start a conversation. Developers of realize this and offer to use emoticons instead of creating a greeting message. As a result, you will show your interest and still will not feel nervous. Choose any of the available emoticons and start your experience easier.

Features of also comes up with a few interesting features that may make your experience more pleasant and smooth. Look at them:

  • Compatibility test. You can use it to check how well you are matched with another person. As a result, you will narrow down the pool of potential partners and save time for communication with the right people.
  • Local mass times. It is a nice feature that aims to show you services near you. As a result, you will identify a perfect place for the first date.
  • Prayer intentions. Here you can share the concerns and ask other people to pray on them.
  • Dateworthy. It reviews the last movie releases and their plot in view of the first date for Catholic singles.
  • As you can see, both websites contain interesting and unique features that may provide you with the experience you are looking for. It’s evident that comes up with more Catholic-related options, while its rival uses more common tools.

Dating Apps usabilities

Which website is better, Catholicsingles or Catholicmatch, in terms of usability? Let’s look closer. has a very straightforward design, so you have all the necessary buttons right at your hand without the necessity to click on numerous tabs. As a result, you will get a smooth and pleasant experience. With, things are all the same. Users of all ages will be able to navigate across the website without any difficulties. Your experience doesn’t matter now, as all load quickly and work well thanks to regular updates. Both platforms offer mobile applications for Android as well as Apple users. The rates of the apps are surprisingly similar, so it’s hard to determine the winner here.

Price Comparison between them

Not everyone is ready to invest in an online dating experience, so it is important to know the pricing conditions. has the following prices:

  • 1 Month – $24.95
  • 3 Months – $49.95
  • 6 Months – $74.95

While has the following costs:

  • 1 Month – $29.99
  • 6 Months – $89.94
  • 12 Months – $119.88

As you can see, has higher prices in comparison to its competitor.

Overall impression and Final Thoughts about and

When it comes to dating space for Catholics, is known to be a major player in the market with a good reputation among Catholic singles. Here you have got a nice interface, detailed profiles, a large pool of daters, forums, and other pages for closer communication. With an equal ratio of men and women, this platform appears to be the best choice for both genders despite their age. In comparison to it, is a smaller and not-so-trusted dating platform for Catholic singles. It has the worse brand reputation, not so many discounts and other nice offers. Still, it presents many success stories showing that you have all chances to succeed as well. The prices are not equal, and you could see it. So if your budget is tight, but you realize the importance of paid subscriptions for overall success, then you can try your luck with

The overall winner in the battle, vs., is the latter, but the final decision you should make on your own. Just remember that you have better chances to succeed with a good-quality profile, so try to devote enough time to build an appealing one that will reveal your personality well.

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