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Catholic Singles Review 2021

Catholic Singles Review 2021
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Date with older guy 1%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 98%
Popular age 20-22
Profiles 2.000.000
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Visit rate 9.6
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The website is focused on Catholicism. The blog is continually posting information about the religion and its teachings. Everyone on Catholic Singles is a Catholic trying to find a partner of the same religion.
  • The website is secure
  • The design is user-friendly.
  • It focuses on compatibility using the user's interest and personality qualities. This method contributes to having more accurate matchmaking results.
  • There are many active users.
  • Social events are available on the platform.
  • The website has a lesser number of members as compared to other online Catholic dating websites.
  • There is a minimal number of features available for the free members.
  • Any member on the site, free or paid, all are allowed to view your pictures.

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Is Catholic Singles the Ultimate Dating Website?

Catholic Singles Review 2020

This is a Catholic Singles review, and if you are a single Catholic trying to find a suitable match for yourself who would share similar interests and beliefs, then platform might just be the place for you. In this century of modern technology, advanced generation, and science, many people struggle to find someone special who would be close to their religion. Not many people can maintain a close relationship with God while having a busy life. This issue is why websites like this are created to provide you with a partner with whom you can spend your life with and become closer to God. People from different places gather on this website to find the love of their life; this is why they are a variety of members on this site. This Catholic Singles review or comparison Catholicsingles.com vs. Catholicmatch.com will further tell you more about this site.

The best part about being a member of Catholic Singles is that users would have a different and more authentic dating experience than other dating websites. This diverse experience is because, on many dating websites, users just match with other members by seeing their profile picture and swiping left and right. But on Catholic Singles, the aim is to provide members with a long-lasting relationship. This website highly focuses on the interests and personality of members to ensure couples like each other not only from their pictures but also from their personalities.

The fact that this website is so focused on matching its members based upon their similar personalities and interests is the reason why it has so many success stories. The site has a blog devoted to its members. On this blog, users would find that many couples who have posted their success stories. This blog gives members a hope that they might also be soon matched with a member who would later become their life partner.

Even though this website is a niche, but there are still many members signing upon it daily, creating a variety of profiles and matches for everyone. Catholic Singles is becoming more popular every single day due to its success stories and a big name in the online dating website industry. It has more than 2 million members only from the United States. Its pricing is very reasonable, which attracts more and more members. Catholic Singles makes you feel like you are in a world where everyone is close to their religion. This online community helps you feel more connected to God. Furthermore, the website also organizes special events in some cities of the USA where members can meet each other. These events would help the members to connect better with the online community and with their match.

This Catholic Singles review will further go in-depth about this popular adult dating website so you are confident about making a decision which you will not regret.

Is Catholic Singles Just a Scam or Is It Legit?

Catholic Singles has been on the internet for quite a few years and has been emerging ever since. It has more than a million members and is one of the most popular dating websites. The website’s blog and social media platforms are filled with success stories of the matches which were made on this platform. The site would not have achieved such popularity if it was a scam. Hence, the number of new members signing up daily and the success stories are proof of the website’s legitimacy.

What About the Members on This Site?

Catholic Singles Review 2020

Catholic Singles has a variety of members. There are single members, divorced members, members who are looking for casual dating but also those who are looking forward to being in a long-lasting relationship. Of course, all members belong to the Catholic religion, as this website is very strict about its religious boundaries. Most of the members are from the USA, but this website is popular in various parts of Europe as well. There are over 250 million members on this website. Most of the members are interested in having a serious relationship with someone who would be close to God, so they both could spend their lives together while also practicing their religion each day. The Catholic religious beliefs of people and the guidance on the website about marriage is the reason why there is a good quality of members on the site. Everyone is amicable, faithful, loving, and tries to make sure to portray good behavior with each other. This Catholic Singles review suggests that this website promotes safe dating, love, and harmony, and the members tend to become influenced by the positive environment on Catholic Singles.

Sexual Orientation

This is a site that strictly follows the teaching of the Bible. Catholic Singles site currently only allows heterosexual dating. Single catholic men are allowed to date other catholic single women. There is not an option for same-sex dating on the website. This restriction is why users would not find an LGBTQ community on the blog of this website.

Age Distribution

The Catholic Singles website encourages dating between all ages as it acknowledges that people may require a partner at different ages or after having a divorce. When signing up, the site has a toolbar to choose the periods between you to want the result to be off. The minimum age option is 18, and the maximum age option is 99. However, the most common age group on this website is 24 to 35. Although the site also has 26% of members who are above 50. Catholic Singles also promotes finding love at an older age as well by posting helpful and encouraging blogs on dating above 50.

Is the Sign-Up Process Easy?

Catholic Singles Review 2020

The sign-up process is easy and free for all. This process encourages more members to sign up. The website gives users an option to skip through the registration process and enter the site. This way, you can check the website and decide if it is worth making a profile on. Although Catholic Singles would keep sending you emails asking you to complete your account information and set up a proper profile. For easier personality evaluation, the profile information is taken by a multiple-choice questionnaire. This website helps to find matches according to each member’s personality. There are a variety of questions asked, such as your education, occupation, hobbies, if you’re a divorcee, if you’re the youngest, the middle or eldest child, how frequently you visit the church, and your smoking or drinking habits. According to this Catholic Singles review, since Catholicism profoundly influences this site, many of the questions would be asking about your faith. The website also advises its members to fill out four open-ended questions, which are referred to as “essays.”

By taking information through both the multiple-choice questions and essays, the website can have a record of personality types of each member, which it uses every time to show suitable results. This process takes about 15 minutes and is not too tedious. All members are encouraged to be honest when doing the essays and multiple-choice questions.

The login process is very straightforward, as well. Members just have to enter their email and password to login, which they had used during registration.

How to Create Your Profile?

Most of the dating websites have very long and tedious profile creation processes. But Catholic Singles has made a fun and quick method of profile creation. After you have put in the necessary information for registration, it would be the time to create your profile.

There is a personality test taken to set your profile. This personality test is an integral part of setting up your profile as it would determine the type of searches you would get. After the completion of the personality test, you can upload a profile picture. This picture would attract a lot of matches, so be sure to choose your best photo to upload. Then there is a bio section where you can put your achievements, beliefs, and goals in life. Be very creative when writing your bio as your matches would most likely read your bio before messaging you. If your bio is impressive, you will attract more members.

Interesting Messaging Features

Catholic Singles Review 2020

The members can send messages to each other, and there is also an option to send a “smile” if you’re too shy to send a message right away. Users can also contact members through a private web-based email. The instant messaging option is rapid and easy to use. It also has some emoticons, which make messaging more fun. Catholic Singles also has the option of sending pre-programmed messages, which would save your time and give you an idea about what to text. These are the variety of messaging features, which would help users to enjoy the online dating experience.

Platform for Use

Desktop version and applications.

Desktop Version

The desktop version was launched in 1997. It is effortless to use. The desktop version has all the features such as profile setting up, searching the profiles without paying anything, sending and receiving messages and emails. You can see if the member is online, engage in the process of matchmaking, enter the online forum where there are many interesting blog posts. And you can also block members.

Mobile Application

The app is available on both Google and Apple stores. This is why a lot of users can use the app version, which helps them use their accounts and send messages anywhere, anytime. The app has the majority of features from the website. However, some users report having issues to navigate on the app, and there are fewer search options. The app also shows errors and slows down sometimes.

Advanced Design and Usability

This Catholic Singles review suggests that this site is famous for many things, but its modern design and easy usability is one of the critical features of this dating website. Catholic Singles has a pink and white theme. Its design is much updated. There are clear headings on the site such as Home, Messages, Search, Success Stories which the previous users have uploaded, Apologetics, Community, and Account. This makes it very easy for the members to use as each section is mentioned on the website. This makes the website user-friendly and enables anyone to sign up and use this website without facing any difficulty.

What About the Navigation?

The navigation process on Catholic Singles is very straightforward. Users have to put in their preferences for their matches and click the search button, and the matches would be shown. On each result, there is a table that shows how much compatibility you have with the member depending upon the personality tests.

Catholic Singles Costing and Pricing

Catholic Singles Review 2020

The website currently offers only one standard plan. There are different subscription packages which can give discounts. There is a one-month plan, but it has no discount, a three-month program which offers a 33% discount and a five-month plan which gives a 40% discount. Following are the prices:

1 Month plans costs: $19.95.

3 Months plan costs: $ 39.96 total which is $13.32/month.

5 Months plan costs: $ 59.94 total which is $11.99/month.

The Difference Between the Free and Paid Subscriptions

Unfortunately, the free version has a minimal number of features. Free access allows members only to create a basic profile and browse through the database. The good part about this is that members can see the website and members and decide if it is worth purchasing a subscription. Free members cannot communicate with other members in any form.

The paid subscription opens up a lot of features and allows the members to enjoy the website freely. The paid users can take the most crucial matchmaking tool on Catholic singles, which is the compatibility and personality test. A complete profile page can be made with description and profile picture, can view the blog, send and receive messages, emails, smiles, and also use a variety of search features.

Payment Details

Payment can be made by putting in your bank account information online and choosing any subscription package. If you are subscribing from the app, then, if your auto-renewal subscription is turned on, your subscription will automatically get renewed on the expiry date. To cancel your subscription, you must cancel 24 hours before the ending of your subscription.

No refund will be given after a purchase has been made, so it’s better to turn off the auto-renewal option from your Google or Apple store.

Payment options

Payments can be made through debit and credit cards, and Paypal.

Is the Website Safe and Secure?

Even though the website assures to keep the privacy of your financial and personal information, there are still issues for user privacy. The users cannot put a restriction on who views their profile and their pictures. There is no background check of the members, and there is no confirmation that the users, in reality, are the same as they portray on the website.

Does the Website Have a Scam?

Catholic Singles Review 2020

This Catholic Singles review suggests that this site has the majority of legit profiles and active users. The website confirms the variety and uniqueness of members. The site also updates its database to remove inactive or fake profiles. Users can also easily block any member they feel are suspicious. The members can even meet each other in the social events organized by the website. So, this website has very few fake profiles.

Special Features

  • Members can see who visited their profiles;
  • Keep a favorite’s list;
  • Date showing the last visit of a member;
  • Interactive forums;
  • Social events organized by the website.


According to the Catholic Singles review, this website has fewer members than other sites, but it has good quality members and a close Catholic community. Catholic Singles guides people to the right path and enables them to ask questions, which would help them in dating, their general life, and become closer to God. The website has a high success rate, with many people recommending this website all over social media. If you are a single Catholic, trying to become closer to God while also engaging yourself in a supportive, faithful relationship, then Catholic Singles might just be the right place for you.

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