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CatholicMatch Review 2021

CatholicMatch Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 75%
Popular age 26-35
Beauty 67%
Profiles 56 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • It's the most massive dating platform that caters to Catholic singles.
  • The site would offer free six months membership if premium members did not meet their match.
  • Members can register through Facebook.
  • The success stories on the site prove the efficacy of the website.
  • The mobile app for both Android and iOS users is available.
  • Only premium members can send mail messages.
  • There is no badge or highlight tool to differentiate between standard and premium accounts.
  • The site performance is best in big cities as compared to smaller ones.

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Brief Prelude to CatholicMatch Dating Website?

CatholicMatch Review

Do you want to find a partner who shares your faith? CatholicMatch is the right choice for you if you seek a relationship with a Catholic faith foundation. It’s deemed as one of the most significant niches dating sites focused on faith. In this CatholicMatch review, you will find out that the site aims to connect people who are willing to have committed relationships to tie the marital knot. The dating website was co-founded by two masterminds Brian Bacark and Jason LaFosse. In the beginning, the site was named SaintRaohaek.net. It was just a side project formed for which the two buddies were passionate about until they met Mike Lloyd. This passion turns into a full-blown business venture. The three enthusiastic men share a vision that they should form a community that caters to Catholic singles. Their passion and shared vision give birth to CatholicMatch, a popular faith focused dating site in time. Does the site submit its creator’s vision successfully? Keep reading this CatholicMatch review or Catholicmatch.com vs. Catholicsingles.com to know the answer?

The site offers services as a dating platform and provides information and assistance on specific topics related to marriage and dating. The purpose of the site is to create a connection that results in successful marriages with a strong Catholic foundation.

What is CatholicMatch? It’s a dating platform that allows members to seek their life partner based on spiritual belief rather than scientific algorithms. The dating site provides a helping ground on which the members lay the foundation of their relationships in hopes of blooming into marriage. The site is specifically designed for people either Catholic or aims to become Catholics seeking their life partner. This site is not the place for your predicament if you want to find someone for a short-term fling or casual date.

Is CatholicMatch a Legitimate Dating Website?

Is CatholicMatch a Legitimate Dating Website

It became apparent during the CatholicMatch review that the dating platform is 100 percent legit with its robust safety policies and verification systems.

Members Structure and Detailed Statistics Evaluation

CatholicMatch is a niche dating site that is designed explicitly for vows for the Catholic faith. It doesn’t matter whether you follow the Catholic rules strictly or not. What matters is your belief in faith. CatholicMatch is an international dating platform with a huge member base and a variety of people who connect on their shared faith. The majority of the site members are English speaking and belong to countries like the US, UK, and Canada.

Catholicism is exercised all over the world and is one of the most prominent religions. Besides the English speaking members, you may find members from the European countries as well. It includes Poland, Sweden, Ireland, Brazil, and El Salvador.

The gender proportion of the CatholicMatch dating website is balanced, with 50 percent male and 50 percent females. Let’s talk about the considerable member base of the site, which is around 5 million at present. 1.200,000 members are only from the United States, making English speaking users the majority on the website. The site has about 16,500 daily logins.

Blog and forum are the sections where you find the most active members, especially the senior users. As faithful Catholics, you may find members participating in discussions, prayer requests, recent events in catholic teachings, and divorce.

Sexual Orientation: Does It Support Only Monogamous Relations?

CatholicMatch is a faith-focused dating site, so monogamous relations, and straight sexual orientation is a given. The dating site review revealed that members with straight sexual orientation and desire to find long term partners, especially for marriage, comprise the majority of the site.

Age Distribution and the Most Active Age Group

As per the CatholicMatch review, the age groups on site are between 18 and 55+. The most active members on the website are those in the age of 55 or over and love to be a part of the forum discussion related to Catholic teachings. Those seeking partners are either in the age group of 25 to 34 or 35 to 44.

The Information Required for the Registration Process

The Information Required for the Registration Process

The dating site review revealed that the site shows you a glimpse of how many singles are available in your area to catch your attention. Your location is asked, and the number of matches is displayed, but you can’t explore more unless you create your account.

CatholicMatch requires minimal personal information starting with your email, password, first and last name. That all the extent of signup information from here on the information is for your profile. One thing is clear from the review that you cannot proceed until you answer the question. You will be asked about your date of birth and location. An important thing worth mentioning is when you see the option for relationship status, you won’t see married because the Catholic faith doesn’t believe in polygamy. Let’s discuss what kind of questions your profile requires.

Creating a Comprehensive Profile to Find the Perfect Match

Creating a Comprehensive Profile to Find the Perfect Match

Signing up for CatholicMatch and creating a profile is free for all members. The profile on the site is comprehensive, which helps find classic matches through search filters and benefit from other features as well.

The information required for creating your profile is necessary for personal information but doesn’t need any particular answers. You can choose from multiple options and proceed. The profile is divided into four sections:

  • appearance;
  • lifestyle;
  • background;
  • faith.

You need to start with the necessary information like your birth date, location, zip codes, gender, marital status, etc. The data is kept private to prevent the invasion of privacy. You can double-check by reviewing your account settings.

The CatholicMatch will give you a detailed description of the profile structure. Let’s start with the physical appearance. You can describe yourself to create an image in the mind of other members. The questions asked are about your hair and eye color, height, weight, type of the body you have, race, ethnicity, if you have any tattoos or piercing, if any, on which part of your body, and more.

Some questions about your lifestyle include your sleeping routine, exercise schedule, food habits, and how frequently you eat out. You can also answer what kind of relationship you would like to have and your preferences about relocation.

As a Catholic dating site, marriage and family is an integral part of the religion. You have to answer some questions about children, what your plan is about having children, and on which faith you would raise them. You can even mention the number of children you want to have or have already. You can also specify the church you wish to marry. It seems that at the end of your profile, your wedding will be all planned.

You can share details about your income, professions, and education. Share about your school and college and also your current occupation. Mention the number of foreign languages you can speak to create a good impression. Only share the information which you are comfortable with showing in public.

The most crucial section of your profile is faith. The section has a variety of options asking about your values, beliefs, and what kind of relationship you have with God. You will be asked about your mass attending routine, favorite prayers, and the church you go to. These answers will give other members a better sense of your belief and value. You have to answer some questions that show how strictly you follow the church doctrine. These questions include your opinions about premarital sex, contraception, and the Immaculate Conception.

There are ten questions to determine your favorites and interests. Generally, the queries are about music, food, books, movies, and sports.

You can also describe yourself in your own words. Highlight your qualities and mention your interests and hobbies. You can define your Catholic church relationship. There is another section where you can describe the qualities and preferences you want to see in your future partner.

Communication Features to Interact With Members

Communication Features to Interact With Members

In this saying website review, you will know that the messaging features are reserve for the premium members. As a standard member, you can send Emotigrams and nothing else. Receiving a message is not an issue, but you cannot read the message before ten days. You better pray that the person who sends you a message has the patience of God.

Generally, members can communicate through email messages and active blogs where members can share their opinion and ideas on varied topics. There are different chat rooms on the site, but these features are reserved only for upgraded members.

What Kind of Platforms Can You Use to Find Matches?

Desktop Version. Is It Modern or Classy?

CatholicMatch desktop version is the picture of elegance with a clean interface. The performance and functionality of the site are superb. The uploading speed of the site is magnificent. During the CatholicMatch test, it became evident that the site has neatly arranged features with an easy to use interface.

Availability of Mobile App and Compatible Browser

The CatholicMatch review reveals that the site has yet to launch its mobile app. At present, CatholicMatch only has a smartphone-compatible site that works as efficiently as the desktop version. The browser’s outlook and interface are similar to the desktop with some adjustments to fit the mobile screen. You can see all the significant features and use blogs and interactive elements as well. The only issue is the lengthy loading time. The primary benefit of the smartphone browser compatible site is you never miss a notification and check your emails while sitting on a bus. You can also pass your time by searching for the perfect matches.

Classy Design and Easy to Use Interface

CatholicMatch website interface has a modern outlook, and the features don’t make the main page clutter. Each function is wisely organized.

The easy to use interface makes the design of the website unaffected. As already mentioned in the review, the site has all age groups, and most of them are 55 or above. It means that the majority of the member base is not using too complicated technology. The simple and easy to use design is a blessing for every member. There will be no annoying ads popping on your screen after every minute. All in all, the interface and design are outstanding and straightforward.

Is the Navigation of the Website User Friendly?

During the CatholicMatch review, it became clear that the website has user-friendly navigation. It means members don’t have to find features in the nook crannies. You can find all the features on the main page. You can see five features on the top navigation bar: messages, matches, search, forums, and more. On the homepage, you can see a picture of new members, those who have birthdays, and photo galleries of other members. On the right side, the blogs and forums are easily accessible for the members.

CatholicMatch Analysis of Cost and Price Structure

CatholicMatch Analysis of Cost and Price Structure

CatholicMatch offers many offers to the standard members. Though to use all the features and communicate productively, members have to upgrade their subscription. In this dating site review, you will know the price structure and the type of subscription the dating website offers.

  • One month’s subscription can be available for 29.99 USD.
  • Six months’ subscription can be available for 14.99 USD per month and 89.94 USD in total.
  • Twelve months subscription can be available for 9.99 USD per month and 119.88 USD in total.

Standard Members and Premium Members Features

Standard Members can avail following features on the site.

  • Registration
  • Creating comprehensive profiles
  • Searching for matches
  • Viewing profiles of other members
  • Uploading a maximum of 50 photos
  • See which member views your profile.

In addition to the standard features, premium members can avail of the following features:

  • Sending and receiving unlimited messages.
  • Sending personalized Emotigrams.
  • Receiving priority in customer support.
  • Community chat room access.
  • Guarantee to find a match within six months; otherwise, the site will grant a six-month subscription for free.

How to Pay for the Subscription?

How to Pay for the Subscription?

Members can pay for the subscription through online transactions. Payment is by default set on auto-renewed. The setting is sure that you don’t have to worry about paying every month or six months.

Payment System to Pay for the Subscription

Members can pay for the upgrade of their membership through credit cards. The site does not offer any other payment option at present.

Safety Policies and Privacy Policies

In the dating site review, it observed that the site uses the first name instead of usernames. But these last names of the users are not shared with the public. Members can easily block any members from the future in their rifle settings. Moreover, members can adjust their picture setting by putting privacy on their albums. Profiles are viewable by all, with all the information gathered during the creation process. The site has extensive security policies and privacy policies if members have any queries. It also offers Facebook registration, which authenticates the members’ identity and provides an added safety net.

Is Their Scam Profiles Number High or Low

Is Their Scam Profiles Number High or Low

Although CatholicMatch is a tremendous member-based dating website, the site has little scammer or fake profiles miraculously. Members can block any suspicious profile and report it to the site’s moderator, who takes appropriate action against the culprit.

Which Special Features Make CatholicMatch Unique

CatholicMatch has some of the best features among the dating websites. But what makes the site unique is its special features, which include:

  • Temperament

Temperament is a fantastic feature of CatholicMatch. The site offers a set of questions to analyze the temperament of members. The quiz is composed with the assistance of another site and evaluates the personality of users. Members can compare their results with other members to assess compatibility.

  • Interview Questions

Interview questions act as ice breakers before interacting with any members. Members are allowed to create a set of 20 intriguing questions. Members can answer these questions so you can assess the compatibility with them. It’s easy to know if the other member has a habit or belief that is not acceptable.

  • Emotigrams

Emoticons are an exclusive feature of CatholicMatch. The dating platform offers an innovative approach to communication. You don’t have to indulge in awkward chatting. You send them different emojis to let them know about your intention.

CatholicMatch Dating Site Review in a Nutshell

CatholicMatch Dating Site Review in a Nutshell

CatholicMatch is a fantastic faith focused dating website that caters to Catholic singles. The site intends to provide a platform where Catholics can seek their life partner. The outstanding interaction features give a chance to know members on a deeper level. The comprehensive profile system conveys a detailed understanding of the members’ personalities, lifestyles, beliefs, and interests. The website’s blogs and forums have interesting topics where members can comment, suggest, and share their experiences and knowledge. You may see many senior members sharing Catholic teaching and actively participate in discussions. Finding a Catholic partner for a long term relationship is quick work on CatholicMatch dating website.

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