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Christian Cupid Review 2021

Christian Cupid Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 89%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 25-37
Profiles 1.200.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • 3-month free trial
  • Video chat
  • Free users can answer messages sent by premium members
  • Detailed profiles
  • Easy signup
  • Limited communication features for free users
  • No iOS app

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Having A Closer Look At Christian Cupid

This Christian Cupid Review will give you a deep insight into one of the most popular dating platforms for modern Christians. Like many other people, Christians also need to find lifetime partners. However, it seems to them that due to their moral restrictions, they don’t have many opportunities for dating compared with other people. For example, Christians are often afraid of coming to Internet dating platforms due to a strong fear of having their values compromised. Fortunately, their problem can be easily tackled today. Modern Christian dating sites cater to this specific audience, so their faith will not be endangered. If you follow this Christian Cupid Review, you will learn how to benefit from one of the leading dating websites for religious people.

The dating website Christian Cupid turns out to be a special Internet community focused on assisting followers of the Christian belief in finding matches amid like-minded people. Here users are offered to cycle through a great number of profiles and choose the best candidates for their matrimony needs. On the other hand, the site doesn’t necessarily cater only to marriage. People can join the platform just to make friends with interesting interlocutors.

The given Internet resource is part of the Cupid Media network, already managing over 30 reputable dating websites specializing in Christian connections.

Taking Advantage Of The Legit Christian Community

Taking Advantage Of The Legit Christian Community

When talking about online dating, one always needs to mind safety. It’s because the Internet and, in particular, the dating industry is flooded with cunning scammers hunting for personal data. Unfortunately, it’s impossible to use a modern dating resource without providing personal details. Therefore, the only way out is to be as cautious as possible.

Fortunately, Christian Cupid boasts the highest possible level of protection of its members. Religious people are especially vulnerable to scammers. They often demonstrate greater openness and scams, accordingly, take advantage of it. When seeking matches on Christian Cupid, you can be assured that your safety will be in the hands of true professionals.

You can conveniently exchange messages with other religious members on the site, and what’s written, there will not be intercepted and read by third parties or scams. No one on the platform has reported such a case yet.

In order to let other site members know that the profile of yours is 100% legit, undergo verification. That’s not a time-consuming process – just five minutes or so. For this purpose, you require uploading a bunch of ID documents. It may be your driver’s license or passport.

Christians On The Dating Site: Who Are They?

Christians On The Dating Site: Who Are They?

As we told above, Christian Cupid happens to be a religion-based dating platform. We even have grounds to ascertain that it caters to any Christian single no matter where he or she resides. As you might have already guessed, the visitors to the website are concerned with finding lifetime partners. So, it’s not about hookups, of course.

Today, the site boasts no more than 60,000 Christian users around the globe. As you see, the audience is relatively small compared to other Internet resources that cater to one of the most popular religious beliefs in the world. Approximately 25% of the users come from America. Other members include representatives of Great Britain, Venezuela, Canada, and Germany. So, it’s a fairly diverse online community. Christian Cupid welcomes not only those with matrimony needs but also anyone willing to get spiritual comfort from like-minder people.

Every day on the site, you can see about 1,000 Christian users. Female members dominate the platform (nearly 60%). Further details about the dating project can be found in this Christian Cupid Review.

Sexual Orientation Of Christian Cupid Users

Needless to explain that such a conservative community built around traditional values can hardly be suitable for LGBT people. They would better look for alternatives.

How Old Are These Christian Singles?

The site users are mostly middle-aged people.

Becoming A Registered Christian Cupid User

To join this religious community, rush to the bottom of the home page and go to the right where you will see a Login button. Click on it and proceed to fill out a corresponding form. Here you are expected to disclose your gender, name, age, email, password, not to mention the desired partner.

It will take you several minutes to complete the procedure. Alternatively, it’s possible to sign up via Facebook, which is much faster. In addition to free registration, Christian Cupid also offers to try paid services for three months at no cost.

Polishing Your Profile On The Site

Polishing Your Profile On The Site

Well, you have already registered an account with Christian Cupid. Now it’s time to get closer to good Christian partners. For this purpose, you need to make your profile as detailed as possible.

By the way, we have just told above that the dating platform offers you to use paid services for free for up to three months. Respectively, to make the most of such a generous proposal, upload a bunch of catchy photographs. One should note that only users with pictures in their profiles are allowed to taste that 3-month trial. So, don’t delay uploading snapshots. With good photographs at hand, you will have better chances to attract the best matches.

You can upload no more than five photographs to your profile. Each of them should meet the site’s strict requirements. Don’t forget that it’s a Christian community, so your pictures shouldn’t drop a hint at anything vulgar or obscene.

When filling out your profile, you are expected to provide detailed information about your lifestyle, basic details, background, and appearance. If you are a sort of writer and appreciate wordy messages, then pay much attention to the Background section. In this tab, you can disclose a bunch of exclusive facts about yourself. Perhaps, for someone, it would be the final reason to request a closer acquaintance with you.

Communicating With True Christians

In fact, Christian Cupid comes up with fairly basic communication features. So, you can practice direct messaging with users or invite them to live chat rooms. Sending winks is a simple way to attract the attention of a Christian Cupid member you find a promising candidate to start a relationship with.

Unfortunately, the communication options illustrated above are unavailable to free members. So, being a free user here, you can hardly achieve good dating results. Even Christian dating platforms are interested in making a profit, you know. What’s more, if you choose paid services, you can access some exclusive features, such as a possibility to learn that your message has been already viewed by the member.

The dating platform also offers you to stay in touch with the chosen members no matter where you are now. Of course, we’re talking about the mobile site app.

Major Versions Of The Website

Major Versions Of The Website

Now it’s time to review the basic versions of Christian Cupid. Like many similar sites, it’s also available in the format of a regular website and a mobile app. Look here below to learn more about the versions from this Christian Cupid Review.

These days a great number of dating enthusiasts prefer mobile solutions not to be tied to a certain place. To cater to such modern needs, Christian Cupid has come up with a mobile application.

That’s a portable tool enabling any Christian Cupid user to reach out to the site content on the go. Making connections has never been easier. You don’t need a personal computer to log in. Instead, browse Christian Cupid using your smartphone.

That’s a good alternative to the desktop version. In this case, you will not be limited to anything. You can access the same features available on the major version, but the dating process will be more convenient. With the app, you can seek Christian matches even in the woods.

The app comes with an intuitive user interface, so you don’t need to think about how to use it. Perhaps, the only shortcoming of this compact dating solution is that an iOS version is full of bugs, making it nearly impossible to use. As for the Android version, it works perfectly. If you are particularly interested in the site usability, resume reading this Christian Cupid Review.

Reaching Out To The Site From A Laptop

Being a religious-oriented dating website, Christian Cupid can’t count on a very large audience – the dating project has reported no more than 60,000 members. On the other hand, the given community is strikingly diverse. Here you can find representatives of many nations and denominations. In fact, such a small audience gives the site members a good advantage. So, it’s very easy for them to have their search narrowed down. They can count on better matches compared to other dating sites.

You are free to add extra details about your spiritual beliefs to the corresponding fields of your profile. What’s more, the dating platform even offers you to choose the level of your church involvement and faith and, respectively, select a partner in compliance with these crucial Christian parameters. In addition to this, you can also specify your marital status.

On Christian Cupid, user profiles are informative and lengthy but only if members take time to fill all the necessary fields. If you notice a green dot on the member’s profile, that’s the sign that this particular user is your match. So, it makes sense to pay more attention to this page.

On the site, you can see four major sections having to do with the member’s background, physical appearance, lifestyle, and also a separate paragraph. In the latter section, the user can write anything he or she wants. The final section is a good chance to go beyond the regular boundaries and illustrate your personality in an unusual way. At the same time, you should try to make it concise enough because many people are reluctant to view lengthy essays. What’s more, sometimes, just one sentence can roll out more information than even an article.

Feel free to add pictures to illustrate your lifestyle, inspirations, and expectations from a future relationship. For example, if you are a good carpenter, then it makes sense to provide pictures of your woodworks, etc.

Religious pictures are undoubtedly the most optimal choice for your profile on Christian Cupid. It’s the easiest way to demonstrate your strong faith in Christian values.

Here you are expected to fill out a bunch of your match preferences just to show the system what matches you expect to obtain from it. You can modify these fields at any time. If someday you want to get matches different from what you were used to getting for the last time, simply change your preferences.

Besides this, you can take advantage of a manual search feature. In this case, it’s possible to use custom criteria to look for people fitting your specific requirements. To run such searches on a regular basis, save these settings.

How Usable It Is?

How Usable It Is?

At first sight, the site design has much in common with its fellow Cupid websites. It comes with an intuitive and well-organized layout, so any dummy will easily learn how to use it. You may find it somewhat obsolete, but it doesn’t affect its usability.

Assessing The Site Navigation

No one of Christian Cupid users have complained about the site user interface because it’s very user-friendly. It will take you a couple of clicks to reach your goals on the site. By the way, if you stay inactive on the website for twenty minutes, you will be automatically logged out. Not to face it once again, simply have the warning “Keep me logged in” ticked in the settings. To be aware of how much you need to pay there, shift to the next section of the Christian Cupid Review.

How Much Should You Pay?

Christian Cupid is considered to be an upper midfield dating service in terms of cost.

  • A year of the Platinum membership on the site is worth $120;
  • For three months of the Platinum membership, you need to shell out $60;
  • One month of the Platinum subscription costs $30.

The Gold subscription on the site is worth the following amounts:

  • A year of the Gold subscription is worth $100;
  • Three months of the Gold membership cost $50;
  • For a month of the Gold subscription, you are expected to pay $25.

Let’s Compare Free And Paid Access On The Website

On Christian Cupid, free users are allowed to

  • Use a basic matching feature;
  • Block other members;
  • Upload photographs;
  • Make Likes;
  • Create a profile.

On the contrary, paid members of the dating platform can:

  • Use the Incognito mode;
  • Have their profiles highlighted;
  • Comment on photographs;
  • Send messages to anybody;
  • Enjoy the site without ads.
Paying For The Services Provided

Paying For The Services Provided

When reviewing any dating site, we certainly can’t overlook such a crucial thing as how to pay for its premium services. The Christian Cupid Review will disclose it here below.

Cycling Through Available Payment Systems

Christian Cupid offers you to choose from the following payment options:

  • PayPal;
  • Bank transfer;
  • Credit card.

You Can Trust This Site

Christian Cupid enables users to control the visibility of their profiles and photographs uploaded by them. To block other members, you need to use the corresponding button. If you notice any suspicious behavior on the website, don’t delay using the Report button to inform the site admins of it.

Is It Flooded With Scams?

The dating platform seriously approaches the issue of security. Therefore, the site is well-protected against scams of all kinds.

Making The Most Of The Special Features

Making The Most Of The Special Features

If you want to drastically improve your dating experience, take advantage of exclusive features offered by Christian Cupid.

  • Account verification: If you choose this option, your profile will stand out from other user profiles. You don’t need anything special. Just upload a scan or your passport. It’s also possible to use a driver’s license for this purpose.
  • CupidTags: With this feature, you can have some tags incorporated into your page. It will help other members to seek you. As a result, you will show up in search results soon.


It’s not just another dating platform. It generously helps Christians to find lifetime partners without compromising their moral values. On the other hand, Christian Cupid welcomes representatives of other religious confessions. So, the site audience is multicultural and international.

The website can’t boast a huge audience, but on the other hand, it helps Christian Cupid members to seek suitable partners. In this case, their search will be narrow enough from the very beginning. Moreover, you can not only use this platform for your dating needs, but it’s also good for getting a piece of spiritual advice. The site administration ensures sufficient protection against fraud attacks, so you shouldn’t worry about your privacy.

Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
MS, RD & Writer
Pamela is a relationship expert and language analyst. Thanks to her Bachelor’s in Journalism, Master’s in Linguistics, and past encounters with heartbreak; she empathizes with her clients and helps them to understand and convey their emotions in an effective and optimistic way to their significant other.
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