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Echat Review 2021

Echat Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 76%
Beauty 82%
Popular age 20-32
Profiles 718.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • You don't need to use your email id to register and chat officially. You can just log in as a guest and continue to explore the chat rooms.
  • You will see many members actively participating online on different platforms.
  • There are many chat rooms you will see when you log in as a guest.
  • You even get to create a chat room online.
  • The only downside of having this website on the internet is that they probably won't be any updates on it.
  • There isn't any mobile app available for you to enjoy the facilities provided by this website.

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What is Echat?

Chatting websites have been popular lately, especially among singles all across the world. One of the most mysterious and unique platforms is Echat, which ensures to bring together many people in a single chat group. If you are looking for such an app where you can chat freely without any hesitation, Echat would be a perfect place for you.

It is a service provider for those individuals wanting to see the minimalistic design and have a real-time chatting experience. The site itself confirms with the users that they won’t be updating the app anymore. That means the website will forever remain simple.

Those who want to use the classic and go for the old-school websites; it can be your final destination. However, the developers have been working hard to keep the site running because of its popularity among the users.

Is Echat legit or scam?

Scams only happen when a website fails to reach the expectation of the visitors and users. A scamming website can be devastating for individuals who use their time and effort to find love online. If you are among those people who hate being a scam victim, you are in the right place. It is because the services provided by Echat are both golden and legit.

The first point that the user should remember is the cost behind its usage, which is typically zero. That means you don’t have to pay a single penny to join and chat online. You can just log in as a guest and make friends online in the chat rooms available.

You won’t even have to be afraid of scam profiles. The profile section doesn’t share much information about the personal life of the user. Even if you end up chatting with a faker, you can just report them.

What members on this site

What members on this site

Once you log in on this online platform, you will see it buzzing with many members. The website promises to provide you with a bunch of members in each chat room. You even get to use the private chat feature to contact each person online.

When you chat with someone on the private chat box, your conversation with them wouldn’t be deleted as long as you are logged in into your guest account. You can skim the conversation.

Once you are online, you can see everyone and vice versa; others will be able to see your name online. The other users will instantly try to converse with you in any way possible.

Sexual orientation

When it comes to sexual orientation, you won’t find the website discriminating against two people just because they have a different taste. If you head over to the platform, you will see a list of varying chat rooms online with individual rooms available for people who are into the same gender.

Age distribution

There is no online information on the official website of it about how much your age should be for joining the site. However, if you go through the website and the chat rooms carefully, you will see many people in the chat rooms of different age groups. Both teenagers and youths are available online, trying to talk to you in any way.

Sign-up process & Login info

Sign-up process & Login info

The signup process is pretty much simple that may only take a minute or two of your life. There are, however, two ways for you to join the website officially.

At first, you can simply visit the official website and click on the signup option in the rightmost corner of the form. You need to follow the procedure mentioned below to become an official member of Echat :

  • Username
  • Password
  • Repeat the password again.
  • Click right on the remember login details.
  • Lastly, click on “I am not a robot” box.

It was only the first way to make sure that you can register online without any hindrance easily. In the second method, you can log in as a guest and try the website first. After that, if you click the user name written on the leftmost corner, you will see the register now option. After clicking that, you just need to follow the process effectively.

Profile creation

If you log in as a guest, you won’t have a permanent account with which you can chat online. Thus, there is no question of a profile when it comes to a guest account. If you click on the profile option on the leftmost corner, you will automatically be reminded that you should register if you want to use this website forever.

After registering online, the best thing you can do is updating your profile so that you can attract the attention of other members. You don’t even have to include your full name to protect your privacy.

The only thing that you need to write to attract attention is a small bio. Along with that, you would need the latest photograph of yours to complete your profile.


When you observe others’ profiles on the chat group, they will also be providing you with similar information. You can add them as a friend, or block them online by clicking on the “Add ignore” option. You will also get to chat individually with the other member by tapping on the “private chat” button.

If you have been chatting with many people privately, you can just change the chatbox by clicking on the icon presented just beside your profile. It will allow you to see the profiles of the people who you are chatting with privately.

Platform for use

Platform for use

If you want to chat online with someone, you need to use a platform as a base. When it comes to the website, you will have to be a little inclined toward using the desktop site. The reason behind this is mentioned below.

There is no mobile version available on Echat online. The only thing that you need to take care of is using your browser to open up the website.

It would be much more effective if you use Chrome. The website will be open just as you can see on your desktop, but it won’t affect your chatting in any way. Your chatting experience will be the same with both the app and the desktop.


When you use the desktop version, you will find out that it is much more compatible and easier to navigate. The website is so simple that you won’t need any assistance with using it. You would just have to find a webpage on Google and start chatting.

Design and Usability

Design and Usability

Old fashion and golden websites have their charm. The most straightforward layout enables you to remember the good old days and feel nostalgic. Even if you’re a youth, you can still easily use this simple website and chat with others.

The background of the website while you open the chat box is solid white with standard fonts. The simple website allows anyone to come and start chatting. Even if you are younger with a little technological experience, almost anyone can use this website to chat online.

Once you open the website, you will find a page full of chat rooms available right before your eyes. Some of the famous chat rooms available are Just sex, Roleplay Gatelands, Just teens, Depression room, Sexual encounters, Decent chat, Friendships, and much more.

When you click on even one of them, you will be directed to a chatbox. You can chat on the right side while information about the people online will be available on the left. If you click on either of them, you will be able to look through their profiles.

You can add the particular chat room to your favorites list. Of course, to do this, you have to register online so that the website can remember which chat room is your favorite. You can click the chat icon adjacent to your profile to see the private messages.

Website navigation is easy and allows you to use a particular service called Echat box. The chatting box is linked to the website that will enable you to talk in any chat room online. You can even create a unique chart of yours by clicking on the “Create Chatroom” button.

You don’t even have to do anything extra to navigate through the website. Even a child will be capable of using this website effectively and chat online.

Echat Cost and Prices

Echat Cost and Prices

You don’t have to worry about the payment since this website is available free of cost. What you need to do is just open the site and log in as a guest to use this application for free. You can even register online without also using your email ID.

The free account enables you to give many benefits that will allow you to chat with people online easily. Firstly, you don’t reveal anything personal to the users chatting online. You don’t have to share your email id and any information. Also, your name will not be revealed to anyone else.

If you are one of those people needing to satisfy your desires by searching for a casual dating or sexual encounters website, the website can be the right option.

How to pay

When it comes to this website, you don’t have to think about the payment at all. Even if you had to pay, it would be through PayPal.

Payment system

Since it is a free website, you can enjoy talking in the chat rooms online without any hindrance. The members are quick enough to reply to your messages.

Safety & security

Although the website has not been updated recently, the company manages to fulfill the responsibility to secure every member. The company can do this by adding a feature to block a person’s profile.

If someone has been mistreating you on the chatbox online, you can just click on the “Add Ignore” button to get rid of them. After doing it, you won’t be seeing their messages in the chat group. In this way, you can take care of the security issue.

When it comes to security, the company believes in taking care of all the users. Even though the website maintenance quality is low, they immediately take action if someone has been troubling you.



This app is not a scam since it ensures to provide you the best platform to chat with others. At the same time, you won’t feel lethargic at all while talking with others. This app provides you with millions of friends and an opportunity to hang out with instant sex partners online.

You won’t have to use your email id or any other means of communication with others. This way, you can save yourself from harm even if the other person is going after you. That means if your profile is devoid of any personal information, you’ll be safe.

When it comes to scam, you have probably seen most websites with fakers. However, the fear of scams is only possible when you aren’t careful enough. You can only find genuine chatters seeking sexual encounters and casual dates. Therefore, there’s no point in trying to provide any personal information. Still, if you see someone attractive, you can share your data with the other person by chatting in private.

Special features

Special features

When it comes to special features, you might have to think twice before using it if you aren’t a fan of golden websites. This site is simple; having a touch of elegance that can make you feel better while using the platform.

Before you do anything, the website appears to be straightforward, with just one form in the front. This form can be changed according to what you desire. For instance, if you want to log in using the guest account, you can use that particular form. However, if you want to create an account, you can use another form by clicking on the “sign up” option.

If you already have an account, you can click on the login button and open your profile again. The website will allow you to find the chat history still and those private chat inboxes. When it comes to the guest version, you won’t be able to retrieve any information. It would just be like deleting your account once you log out of the guest version.

After logging in to your account, you will first observe a list of available chat rooms. Beside each chat room, you will see the number of people online at the present moment. That means, if you happen to open a chatbox, you will have multiple people online on the left side of the screen.

You can open the profile of the members by clicking on their names as usual. It will be possible for you to open the individual profiles by clicking on the names on the chatbox and in the left section too.

In the profiles, you can add others as friends and block them at the same time. You will be able to add any chat room to your favorites list to open them at once. In this way, you can manage your friends’ list and chat rooms correctly.

On the other hand, you will also get to use smilies and send them to others online. Along with that, you can chat with others unlimitedly.



It is a promising platform for those who want to enjoy casual sex and encounters. You can make many friends on this platform easily. The navigation of the website is simple enough to make you go on for hours. It is the most innovative platform that uses old school design to attract the attention of other people.

One of the best things about this app is that you can chat with others unlimitedly. Once you log in as a guest, you won’t be able to save your data after logging out of the website. However, if you want to save your chat history and friendlist, you would have to register online.

The best thing about this website is that you won’t have to use your email id for registration. You can just find a unique username and chat with others. You would also get a chance to make friends and date online.

Several people are attracted to this website just because of its simplicity and the significant number of members available on the site. It won’t even take you more than a minute to sign up and start chatting. If you are looking to have some fun, Echat is a way to go.

Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
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