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AntiChat Review 2021

AntiChat Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 87%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 20-35
Profiles 714.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Multinational member community
  • Interface available in more than three dozen languages
  • Completely anonymous & identity protection of the highest level
  • Well-developed app for Android and Apple
  • About a thousand different chat rooms
  • Risk of meeting fake profiles since no profile picture is uploaded

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How Does AntiChat Function?

A revolutionary platform called AntiChat has been on the market for almost two decades. The other name you might encounter is AntiLand. So, what is behind the mysterious name? AntiChat review aims at telling the full history of launch, functioning, and members of the platform. Another vital information AntiChat review presents is the pricing policy and the existence of hidden fees or commissions for users from all over the globe.

AntiChat was started as a platform with many chatrooms dedicated to specific topics. However, in the process of development, it became a shelter for people whose opinions are judged and bullied. AntiChat turned into a place where freedom of speech is practice and not just talked about. The founders managed to contribute to the safety and anonymity of the users and gain the trust of many suppressed voices from all the corners of our planet.

As a result, the users disclose their genuine personalities and preferences. The site does not promote visuals that much, and it focused on chatting. It does not force you to upload the pictures and disclose your identity, risking exposure. The chances for exposure are minimal. Unless the users are voluntarily sharing the personal data, it won’t ever come out.

AntiChat review looks into how the founders managed to legalize the website’s activity and attract people’s attention. What are the benefits of using this site, and does it have competitors? Everything about the policies and fees of the website is presented in the AntiChat review.

How Legitimate Is AntiChat?

How Legitimate Is AntiChat?

First of all, remember to look into the policies of any online services before you register. Luckily, these policies are open to everyone without registration. AntiChat review of safety and security of the platform identified the following facts that show legitimate grounds for its functioning.

AntiChat policies are based on international rules concerning human rights. Hence, the categories of content banned from the site are pornographic materials, fake profiles, and impersonators, abusive and offensive behaviors, etc. Every act of disrespect has punishment assigned. Also, the groups or chat rooms have administrators who act as moderators as well. If the moderator is not doing a good job controlling the safe and peaceful environment, the group control is transferred to a more responsible person.

The website emphasizes the importance of following the policies since violation of these rules in many cases is an offense punished by law. Since the service is striving to stay legitimate, the users need to behave correspondingly.

Audience of the Website

Audience of the Website

AntiChat review of members registered with the site shows that there are 1.6 million users at the moment. As to daily activity, it varies in every chat room, and there are more and less popular ones. The overall website estimation is 50 000 people daily. The site invites people to have a chat about anything bothering them. There is a set of members that are loyal to AntiChat and visit regularly, and there is another category of people who use it for moral support. The last but not the least aim with which people come to AntiChat is a search for an excellent partner for conversation, casual dating, or even long-term relationships.

What About the Sexual Orientation of Members?

The gender distribution is not equal, and the number of males prevails. The male part accounts for about 60 % of the users. Although the AntiChat review managed to find all genders and sexual orientation representatives, the majority belongs to the people of the LGBT+ community.

Age Categories

Some users do not disclose the real age, but from the existing data, it is possible to state that the largest category of users is 30% that belongs to 20-30 y.o, the next one is 20% 35-45 y.o. The rest is shared by the users of other age categories. People of legal age only can join the website since, at times, topics discussed can be sensitive.

How to Register Anonymously?

One might get confused by the fact that the chat is anonymous and yet asks for the registration, which means personal details. There are a couple of options for registration. You can register with the email or phone number. If you opt for the email, create a new e-address on any free online server and use it on the safe side. In any case, AntiChat is not going to spam you, but with the email address, it is easier to renew the password in case you forget it. As an option, install the password saving program to your browser. However, mind that you are responsible for this software and the risk of phishing in case of a cheap scam software is not the website’s responsibility.

Profile Layout

Profile Layout

Creating a profile in AntiChat is a piece of cake. You need to select gender, age, and gender preferences. The profile photo is not required since it violates your privacy. Instead, you can choose a photo of a cartoon character or any avatar you like. The picture should not contain pornographic content and should not be covered by the copyright of the owner. Use free platforms to find open-source images that represent your personality in the best way. Note that changing the photo regularly is beneficial for the popularity of the profile.

The avatars offered by the website are cute characters that you can select. If you want to change the avatar, you will have a couple of options. Some images become available with a particular Karma rating.

Another feature displayed on the profile of every user is Karma. It is a rating that shows your popularity and activity on the website. The more messages, comments you send, the more points are added to your Karma.

Making Contact With Other Users in Chats

AntiChat is a communication platform that focuses on chat rooms. You can create one, be a moderator in the existing one, or participate. When you become a member of a group or chat, there are rules to follow. In case you violate the rules, your Karma points might disappear, and the account terminated.

Besides talking and exchanging text messages, the users can send gifts. The gift section is on the profile under the avatar. Open the user page and click on the gift to buy it. You have a couple of options.

In the private chats, the users are allowed to exchange the visual content. For example, the users should have a conversation of 15 minutes to open the option of sending a photo.

Since the website strives to provide data security, the messages are not stored on the server for a long time. A maximum of 50 last messages is available for you to look at. They are encrypted, so no leaks are possible. However, all the other content is deleted. The same applies to the account, and if the user deletes it, the data is erased irreversibly.

What Versions of the Platform Are Available?

What Versions of the Platform Are Available?

The users can enjoy their favorite chat rooms from the comfort of their mobile device, laptop, or iPad regardless of the operating system. The users of Android and Apple download the app via stores free of charge. As to the other users, the mobile version of the site exists.

AntiChat comes in a mobile version and is free of charge. The app allows purchases, and Apple or Android processes the payments. If you cannot find the app in the store, visit the main page of the website via browser and find the links for downloading on the main page. Along with the application, there is a significant number of positive feedback from users.

With the application, users have a chance to practice their foreign language skills. The website, as well as the app, comes in about 32 languages; the same applies to the chat rooms. If you have just started your Spanish lessons, you can find a group in Spanish and practice it there.

PC Version

It is convenient to use the website version on your laptop. The screen is filled with useful information when you open the main page. You can see the login section, then a list of chats you want to join.

Website Design and Functionality

AntiChat review of the usability shows positive results. When it comes to design, it is an outdated version. The site does not have any major glitches, but in comparison with modern designs available on the market, this one does not stand out. It does not influence the functionality, though. All the chatrooms work well, and there is a wide range of avatars available for the users. So, the site fulfills the purpose.

Rules of Navigating the Website

The main page contains the login bar. After logging, the user can see the last accessed chat and the left sidebar with the existing chats. These are the chats you joined or created. For those having a lot of conversations, there is a search bar to look for a specific chat within your list. On the ride sidebar, the user can find a button +, which helps to create a conversation or explore the other existing ones. There is also a button to change languages, and they are represented with the flags. For example, if you want to practice some language, you can shift your interface to that language.

AntiChat Pricing Policies

AntiChat Pricing Policies

Everything on the website spins around the Karma points. Having them means power. So, with the membership on this site, the user purchases the Super Powers. They boost the capabilities of the profile.

The user can get the boost or superpowers for one week ($4.99), one month ($9.99), three months ($8.33), or 12 months ($6.67).

What Benefits Come With the Paid Subscription?

AntiChat review of services shows that it is free of charge service. You can freely use many options. However, to improve and speed up the experience, the membership can be purchased. Its price is below average.

With the paid subscription, you can have your profile highlighted, placed on top of searches, and messages from you will be colored differently from other users. So, you get more attention by paying for membership.

Payment Process

Since AntiChat cares most about the safety of the users and protecting their privacy, there are only reputable payment systems on the site. The site does not store or disclose the billing information to any third party.

Payment Options

AntiChat accepts a credit card payment, which is powered by Stripe. Also, the users of mobile applications can safely use their Apple Pay or Google account. In case any payment issues appear, the user should address the payment system used since the website does not store the billing details.

Is It Secure to Use the Site?

Is It Secure to Use the Site?

The website is used by people older than 18 years. It does not allow children, although there is no visually sensitive content. The site enables discussions on unlimited topics, and some information might not be appropriate for children. Teenagers cannot use it even with the supervision of parents. So, whenever the person not eligible for registration sneaks in, the users should report it, and the moderator takes care of it.

Is There a Scam Prevention Policy?

AntiChat employs a team of 70 moderators who look after the website maintenance and code of conduct. The look into the reports and complaints of the users and terminate the suspicious accounts. They also check the content and deduct the points from Karma for minor violations.

What Extraordinary Features Are Available on the Site?

Avatar/ Profile photo. Without a high karma rating, a limited number of avatars are available to the user. So, get more points to open exciting characters.

Super Power. Without Karma, your chatting is annoying, but waiting to receive Karma points is daunting, so purchase the superpower for a week, month, or three months and enjoy all the functions on the website.

Karma. This concept is similar to the lives that a character gets in the video game. The more karma points you have, the further you will go on the website. It enables you to get presents, send them, change your avatar, and be more popular among the other users. Without Karma, the users are passive, and others know that talking to them is not worth it. Your Karma rating is on the profile. Note that whenever the user violates the code of conduct on the site, the Karma points are deducted.

Public chats. It is an especially useful option for new users. When you join the site, you become a member of the group for newbies automatically. Also, you are recommended to join the group famous in your location or nearby.

To Sum Up

To Sum Up

The overall impression of the site is pleasant. It has a mysterious name that makes one wonder what the aim of the site is. However, from even taking a glance, one can see the professionally created content and well-developed functionality. The objective is to create a platform where people can exchange unpopular ideas without being judged, and find genuinely like-minded people for dating.

Unlike regular dating sites, AntiChat places all the focus on personality, not the visuals. Hence, it does not force the users to open up right away in the profile. The site does not have age limitations and dispels all the stereotypes about dating and communication. Its community includes people of various races, ethnicities, and cultures. The result is impressive because of the conversations on the site diverse and exciting. A lot of fresh opinions are expressed, and a lot of perspectives you would not think about. AntiChat is the ultimate place for meeting a genuine person.

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