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FriendFinderX Review 2021

FriendFinderX Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 85%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 25-30
Profiles 2 500 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.0
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • A convenient algorithm of rating that helps to filter relevant and popular profiles, videos, pictures, etc.
  • There are numerous options and ways how you can customize your page.
  • Multiple search filters will impress your imagination.
  • An extensive database of young members motivates them to seek casual dating even more.
  • The matching process is not based on the information from profiles, which often results in matches of people who have nothing in common.
  • The limitation of features that free members have is extreme and makes it impossible to use the website without paying.
  • No mobile application is provided, which is inconvenient, especially for young and progressive individuals.

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What is FriendFinderX?

This FriendFinderX review holds studying the level of quality of the platform as its main aim. This website is a dating platform with quite a long history if to compare it with other similar services. This hookup and chat platform belongs to Various, Inc., currently known as FriendFinder Networks, a company that was founded in the late 1990s and has grown into a large company since then. The company has survived multiple difficulties and risky conditions, and its services are still well-demanded. This FriendFinderX review will analyze one of the best social platforms from the network.

FriendFinderX is a special community that is related to online dating and entertainment services for adults. These services offer explicit content and different attractive features, and this platform provides a lot of them. Everyone here is for hot and fun experience without commitment, so this is not a place where you should expect serious relationships and proposals. It is a popular community full of free-minded people who want to get some joyful emotions and sexual satisfaction with the help of online dating. Thus, here you can find a guy, a girl, or even a couple to meet in real life and fulfill your deepest fantasies. In other words, this platform will help you to find friends with benefits. However, if you are not going to make it all real, you can stay online, experience communication in chats, and view hot videos and live cams. Does it sound like something you want to try? Then keep reading this review!

What is FriendFinderX?

Is FriendFinderX legit or scam?

After reading the last disadvantage in the previous section, one may think that this dating platform wants to scam its members. You may suspect that FriendFinderX strives to take as much money from you as possible and will not give anything useful in return. However, this FriendFinderX review evidences the contrary. According to multiple reviews from real users and members of the website, it can hardly be considered a scam. A significant number of visitors prove the point. Moreover, the number of users that want to join the platform grows every day. What kinds of people visit the platform? Let us find out in the section below.

What members on this site

The company is situated in Florida, California. Consequently, the USA is the main target location of FriendFinderX. Therefore, most of the members of this dating platform are Americans. However, the website is known worldwide and has visitors from all over the globe. About 2,500 members are attending the site every day. The whole population of the community consists of all races and ethnicities. By the way, the good point is that most of the users have premium accounts, which means that there are few fake profiles.

FriendFinderX is aimed at not only finding matches for casual meetings but also for entertainment. Due to this fact, if you have an exclusive partner, you can register as a couple on this website. This way, you will be able to communicate with other members together and watch hot and seductive videos and live performances to arouse each other and spice up your sexual life. Moreover, professional models working on this platform to satisfy your needs perform extremely well, which will result in your complete joy.

Sexual orientation

One of the important aspects for sexual minorities is whether a hookup website welcomes LGBT people. Fortunately, FriendFinderX is a safe place for gays, lesbians, as well as bisexual and transgender individuals. If you belong to one of these groups, you may be sure nothing will prevent you from finding a partner here. You have equal chances. However, this does not mean that you will be limited in some way if you are a heterosexual man or woman. There are a lot of people with various sexual preferences. The website’s community is entirely open to everyone. The only thing is that you must be at least 18 years old.

Age Distribution

This FriendFinderX review evidences a few people of mature age who are over 55. The biggest share of the members comprises younger people. As such, half of the total number belongs to people between 25 and 44. Twenty-five percent of the members are aged between 25 and 34, while the other half is in the 34-44 age group. People from 45 to 54 take about 20 percent, and the youngest population aged between 18 and 24 is the smallest, 15 percent. The interesting point is that females dominate males on the platform. Therefore, it is most likely that men will have higher chances of hookups.

Age Distribution

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

Signing up will not require you to spend much time. You will be asked to define yourself as a straight, an LGBT member, or a couple. Next, you will need to choose the gender of individuals you expect to meet or follow here. After this, the process of account creation will be almost over. You will have to provide your email address for account verification. Once you confirm the registration on FriendFinderX in the message that will be sent to your email, you are considered as a registered user. As you can see, signing up is free here.

FriendFinderX profile creation

Since there are more than 90 million users, you will need to customize your profile for other members to notice you from this big number of individuals and couples. That is why it is advised to upload interesting and seductive pictures of you or you and your partner (or even partners). Next, it is desirable to write some spicy facts about yourself and describe what you expect to experience here. Many users judge profiles by the pictures, but the most demanding and experienced members love to read about your preferences and expectations. Therefore, do not hesitate about being open, honest, and sincere about your wishes, dreams, and desires.


There are basic types of interaction with other members on the website that are familiar almost to everyone. You can send likes to girls and boys whom you find attractive. And, of course, if he or she likes you as well, a match will be created. Next, you may post comments and compliments under the pictures of the members. This may become a good ice-breaker. Finally, private messages are the main option for communicating with other users on FriendFinderX.

FriendFinderX profile creation

Platform for use

When it comes to the comfort of a hookup platform usage, any factor should be considered. As such, the technical aspects that may impact your impression of the dating service will be analyzed. Check our FriendFinderX review of the versatility of the platform.


The browser version of FriendFinderX is comprehensive and straightforward. Even if you are new to hookups and adult sites, it is unlikely that you will have any issues when using this one. The comfort of the usage here is at a high level.

Sadly, nothing positive can be said about the mobility of FriendFinderX. The company that launched the website decided not to provide its members with the mobile application. This is considered to be a bad point that influences the overall impression of the platform in a negative way. Despite the current popularity of FriendFinderX, it would be a way more demanded if it had a mobile version. Since most of the users are young and prefer to do everything on the go, they have trouble accessing the platform from their mobiles and tablets.

Design and Usability

As for the design and its impact on usability, one can conclude that it contributes to the comfort of utilization considerably. There are no multiple colors and sections that will drive anyone crazy in an attempt to comprehend all of them. A few colors, a few sections, and every user will feel comfy using them.

However, someone may find such a design unpleasant due to the fact that young people prefer a lot of bright colors and sliding sections among which they could navigate. Whether it is a good or a bad point depends on your taste in such aspects.

Despite the minimalistic design, there are enough options for how you can navigate FriendFinderX. Basically, the whole navigation system is divided into five sections. The first one is your profile, where you can customize your data and other stuff related to you and your interests. Next, there is the search section where you can adjust various filters to your taste. Moreover, there is a section where you can play the famous hot-or-not game. Another field is called “Community,” and this is the place where you can read and create your blogs. Finally, live performance can be accessed in a separate section.

Navigation site

FriendFinderX Costs and Prices

According to this FriendFinderX review, various types of payments may be required to access all features. You can buy points or tokens, or all of them. They are all used for different features, and the type of currency depends on a specific function. However, there is also Gold membership that may simplify your experience on FriendFinderX. As such, you can purchase one month of membership for 40.00 USD, a 3-months subscription for 81.00 USD, and a full year of Gold membership for 240 USD. Though it seems quite expensive to pay 200 bucks for a hookup website, this long-term subscription will be the most beneficial one if you want to stay here for a while.

With the help of Gold membership, apart from basic free features, you will receive a bunch of other useful services. First and foremost, you will be able to send messages and communicate with other users with the help of flirts, likes, texts, and comments. Moreover, you will receive access to all videos and pictures that are rated as explicit content. And finally, you will be able to learn about useful courses in the closed Sex Academy and participate in them.

How to Pay

You may have certain difficulties when deciding to pay for services on FriendFinderX. This is due to the abundance of special currencies on the platform. However, the problem may be easily solved if you follow the instructions after clicking on a respective currency. Gold membership can be purchased by clicking the corresponding button in Settings.

Payment systems

According to our FriendFinderX review, this dating website is one of the platforms that offer a sufficient number of payment methods. You can purchase the premium membership and necessary currencies with your credit card, PayPal, and Direct Credit. Moreover, cash and cheque are also welcome.

Payment systems

Safety & Security

Your safety is closely monitored by the support team and the developers of the platform. All payments are protected by international protocols, which contribute to the excellent reputation of the company. FriendFinderX provides a full Privacy Policy with much useful information about private data disclosure and other relevant facts.


The creators of FindFinderX care about your protection against scammers properly. First of all, you have the possibility to block an unpleasant person with a single click on the “Block” button. The support team also encourages the members to report any suspicious behavior and fake profiles once they encounter them. As this FriendFinderX review shows, if someone demands money from you, bullies you because of any information in your profile, or behaves as an abuser, do not hesitate to report such cases.

Special Features

Matches. This is a simple yet necessary feature that allows creating pairs for further communication and meetings. Without the matching game, the frequency with which matches are made would be much lower. You just need to send likes and flirts to people and couples you find cute and sexy and wait if they like you back.

Blogs. Blogs are a perfect website for sharing your erotic thoughts and experiences. Here you can tell about your dreams, read about sexual fantasies of other users, discuss them, and find like-minded individuals.

Sex Academy. This is a unique feature that is available only if you are a Gold member. With the help of Sex Academy, you will get the opportunity to educate yourself about types and kinds of sex and how to make your sex experience higher. Since this website is aimed not only at helping to get laid with strangers but also for entertainment and education, it is a handy feature.

Explicit Movies and Performances. This is the feature that will require you to become a full member of FriendFinderX. However, if you purchase a Gold membership for a year, it is advised to consider using this feature. It will spice up your sex life regardless of whether you are single or enjoy the site with a partner.



FriendFinderX attracts more and more users every day. It offers a lot of explicit content and hot features related to sexual entertainment and education. Though the absence of a mobile application impacts this dating platform’s usability, there are a lot of other benefits. The website creators provide numerous quality services that will make you want to use it over and over. The safe and secure community is friendly and tolerant at the same time. The hookup platform promises you to fulfill all your sexual dreams. It sounds like an excellent experience! Therefore, this FriendFinderX review gives the website a high mark!

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