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FuckBookHookup Review 2021

FuckBookHookup Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 8%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 90%
Popular age 18-25
Profiles 78.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The site is widely regarded as the Facebook of sex. It shows that many people can find casual sex and hookup through this site.
  • The site has a straightforward interface, which can be operated easily by even a technically challenged person.
  • You can register for free.
  • The female members of the site are very active, unlike many other dating and hookup platforms.
  • FuckBookHookup is a safe and secure platform for its users.
  • The instant messaging system of the website is locked for only the premium members.
  • FuckBookHookup does not have an app of its own, which limits its accessibility.

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About FuckBookHookup

FuckBookHookup is a hookup site for people seeking casual relationships or no-strings attached hookups. This FuckBookHookup review will provide you with everything you need to know about this site. It is clear that this site is not for those who want something serious. You will be disappointed if you want a long serious relationship and want to find a partner that will walk the aisle with you. The site has been designed mostly for Americans. There are more than 20,000 Americans registered with the website. It is not a pretty impressive figure, and there is a lot to do in this aspect. However, FuckBookHookup is committed to connecting people for casual sex and hookup. The FuckBookHookup review will be the deciding factor for giving you a definite answer to whether you should try this platform.

FuckBookHookup About

Is FuckBookHookup Real or Fake?

FuckBookHookup is a site for casual hookups. The site has been active for many of its users. It is natural for people to think of such platforms as a scam. However, FuckBookHookup is not a scam. It is entirely genuine. Many people in the world don’t want to be committed. However, they don’t want to compromise in their sex life as well. It is where this website comes into the picture. People can simply make a profile for free and find matches. The people you come across are very genuine and will be like you, who want to have some fun. You may think of it as a scam if you are up for a serious relationship because it is not made for people like you. It would be better to try other platforms because FuckBookHookup is for some no-strings attached hookups.

Member Composition

The majority of the members of this site are from the US. People who are legally adults can be a part of this experience. The site is strictly restricted to adults. The members you find will be people who want to have some fun casual hookups now and then.

Sexual Preferences

There is no restriction regarding the sexual preferences of the app. You can be gay, lesbian, or bisexual and still be a part of this platform. The site makes no discrimination to people of the LGBTQ community. There are enough members of LGBTQ to match and have casual hookups.

Age Composition

The site is not for those who are not legally adults. The site takes special care in ensuring that. Most of the members of the site are 18-25 years old. However, you will find people in their 30s and divorcees as well. The platform’s idea is to develop a platform for casual hookups where people can cut the awkwardness and come straight to the point.

FuckBookHookup Age Composition

Registration Process

The sign-up process of FuckBookHookup is straightforward and takes less than 5 minutes. Unlike a dating app or website, you don’t require much information. The purpose is only to find matches for casual sex. You don’t need long essays to describe yourself or your partner because none of that matters at the end of a day. To start with the registration, open the sign-up page of the website. You start by providing your gender and the gender of your potential match. It is followed by providing your email ID and creating a password for your FuckBookHookup account. It is also where you create your username. Come up with a username, which resonates with your personality and avoids being cliché or cringe. After deciding with your username, you just need to provide your location and date of birth. After this, you are done with the registration process, and you can start searching for matches.

How to Create Your Profile?

Once you are done with the sign-up process, you can seek matches straightaway. However, there is one crucial thing you can do to set up your profile. You can add a profile picture to your account to make your profile look a little more genuine. Profile pictures bring a little bit credibility to your account as people are sure your profile is not fake. The site also asks you to verify your account through your email ID. It is done as an added layer of security. People who check the accounts make it more credible in the eyes of the site and its members.

Communication Methods

Like every other dating and hookup platform, FuckBookHookup is also very similar in its messaging features. The website has an instant messaging system where you can send messages to profiles that you like. You can also see who is online and chat with them. However, like many of the modern dating platforms, the site does not restrict to just talking and messaging. Instead, the site has some additional features like voice calls and video calls. It allows users to interact with each other on a more personal level.

FuckBookHookup How to Create Your Profile?


This part of the FuckBookHookup review will focus on the technical aspects of the platform. The accessibility of any dating platform is a matter of great importance. How fast and how easily you can access a platform brings a lot of difference to it. You are most likely to lose interest in platforms where it takes a lot of time to enter the site/app. Good accessibility helps in retaining users.

Moreover, there are times when just one option to access is insufficient as technical problems are bound to come. It is always a positive aspect to have more than one way to obtain a dating platform. Let us see where FuckBookHookup stands in this regard.


FuckBookHookup has a website of its own. The site can be accessed from any PC irrespective of the type of PC. The layout of the website is very convenient. One positive aspect of the website is its easy usability. The site has an effortless yet eye-pleasing design. Anyone can efficiently operate it. The oldies don’t find any difficulty in using the website. The desktop version of the platform looks light. It has minimum elements on the webpage. However, these elements are enough to make the site fully functional.

Mobile Application

FuckBookHookup does not have an app of its own. It is where the platform lags a bit. Not having an app is an easy way of losing out on potential members. So it has only one way to access the platform, which is through the website. There is the option of accessing the site through your phone, but you know it is not the same. People prefer apps to browser for such purpose.

Moreover, if there is some technical issue with the website, it still cannot be accessed irrespective of whether the site is accessed through a desktop or a smartphone. It is why it is essential to have more than just one way to access the platform. Sadly, FuckBookHookup fails in this aspect.

FuckBookHookup Mobile Application

Layout and Convenience

As said before, the design of the website is straightforward yet effective. The color scheme is not too hard for your eyes. The elements are minimal but are enough to serve their purpose. You can operate the site irrespective of whether you are a technically savvy person or not. Everything about the website speaks simple, but somehow it feels aesthetic at the same time. The layout of the website is elegant, and this makes the usability a bit easy. The usability of the site is not very hard. There is nothing complicated about the website. All you need is the zeal to connect with people and have some casual sex. The site does the rest.

Ease of Use

It is effortless to navigate through the website. The homepage itself has a list of random profiles mentioning what they like in sex. Even after having a majority of male members, the front page shows only the profiles of female members. Every page of the website is available to you with just a click. These pages can be accessed by clicking on the various tabs that form a band on the site.

FuckBookHookup subscription types and price

The site has got three slabs of prices based on the months of membership. The cost per month comes down as the subscription increases. A one-month membership will cost you $29.99. The price increases to $44.97 for three months. You will have to pay a sum of $107.88 if you avail of a twelve-month subscription.



Total Cost

1 month



3 months



12 months



Features of Free and Premium Membership

This part of FuckBookHookup review will analyze the different aspects of the free and paid membership:

  • Free Membership

  1. You can search for members for free without any restrictions.
  2. You can view other profiles as a free user.

  • Premium Membership

  1. You can enjoy all the features of the website that is enjoyed by its free members.
  2. You can see the online members.
  3. You can use the messaging feature only with a premium subscription. Free users can view or send messages through the messaging feature of FuckBookHookup.
  4. You can surf the website without ads.
  5. You get access to the video calling feature.
  6. You can read the blogs of the website.

From this, it is clear that you don’t get to do most of the stuff. Almost all the features are locked for free users. You may enjoy them as free trials, but that is the farthest you can go with it. After this point, you will have to pay for the subscription to enjoy all the features.

FuckBookHookup subscription types and price

Payment Options

The site does not provide multiple payment options, which makes it difficult to pay for the same. It only provides the opportunity of a credit card to make payments. It is minimal. However, there is one more option. You can also make the payment by sending a cheque or money order. However, there are many complications like you have to send them in dollars. It is particularly difficult for those who live outside of the US.

Steps to Pay

You can make the payment by merely visiting the account section of your profile. From there on, you will be able to navigate your way to the premium subscription. You can choose your plan and opt for auto-renewal if you want. After this, they take you to the payment window. You need to enter your credit card details to make the payment.

How Safe Are the Members?

FuckBookHookup looks like a safe and secure platform. Every member creates their profile using an email ID. For starters, the site asks its members to verify their accounts with their respective email IDs. It adds a layer of protection. The verification process ensures that the account is not a fake. It also indicates the fact that the site is serious about its members. The site also has a very in-depth safety and security policies. The website gives everything regarding safety measures and assurances detail. It also ensures that the site wants its members to have a safe and secure experience. FuckBookHookup provides the members with the option of reporting and blocking other users. It adds to a more reliable experience as members don’t need to deal with annoying or disturbing people. They can simply report the user and block them to avoid any further communication with them. As per this FuckBookHookup review, the site will make you feel comfortable and provide you with a safe experience.

Fake Profiles

The site does not have many fake profiles. It has stringent safety policies in place, ensuring that the site has a minimum number of fake profiles. Lesser fake profiles add credibility to the website, as people can trust how genuine a user is. The verification process is an excellent way to keep track of fake profiles. However, it is always good to be vigilant about fraud. You may encounter people who will ask you to contact you through methods outside the site’s systems. It is better to avoid such things. Moreover, the website may have people who will try to extort money from you in the smoothest way possible. Report and block such users as soon as you encounter them.

Exclusive Features

The site has few features that make up for an experience that will be worth the money you pay. These features are:

  1. Hotlist

    The hotlist is just like the favorites list in other profiles. It is the feature a feature which you can use to list the profiles you like. You can even add some comments on the members of the hotlist to keep a note about them.

  2. Live Camera

    It is a feature where the female members host live sessions where they do sensual acts. Members have to pay to enter these sessions. It is one way through which female members make money.

FuckBookHookup Fake Profiles


This FuckBookHookup review has tried to cover everything about the website. It has tried to bring all relevant information for you to make a personal judgment regarding the website. FuckBookHookup is an excellent site for casual hookups. However, questions have often been raised about certain aspects. The site does not reveal its gender ratio, as it is believed that it has mostly got male members in it. However, you only see the profiles of female members on the homepage. Such things look slightly suspicious. Yet, some members have met people for casual sex. It makes the website a bit more credible. On top of all this, the website has a good security system in place with a verification process to know the fake profiles. The negative aspect is that you cannot do much on the website as a free user. It is negative because the users don’t get to see the real side of the site. It makes them hesitant to pay for something they are not sure about. Ideally, there should be some moderation with restrictions on messaging. The question of whether you should use it or not is rather dicey. It is difficult to estimate certain aspects of the website. However, a review of many people suggests that the site is good. This FuckBookHookup review has kept all details of the site open. It is for you to decide whether you want to use it or not.

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