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Grindr Review 2021

Grindr Review 2021
About Boys
Date with older guy 2%
Reply rate 90%
Beauty 92%
Popular age 22-24
Profiles 1.700.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • vast amount of members increases your chances that Mr. Right will be somewhere nearby;
  • only local guys will appear in the app, which means you might get someone cute into your bed in just a few messages because they are nearby and not somewhere overseas;
  • most features that allow you to hook up with people on the site are free.
  • many users report the mobile app to be buggy;
  • annoying pop-up ad in the standard membership;
  • there are many accusations regarding fake accounts on the site;
  • mostly people do not seek to establish a long-term relationship with someone they met there.

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What Do We Know About Grindr?

Grindr Review 2020

This Grindr review is one of many, because it seems all the words in the world have been said about this gay dating site. Yet one cannot help writing their own, because everyone wants to put their two cents in too. The Grindr review you are currently reading contains maximum information about the service in general, its features, users, everything you want to know, and even more.

Grindr is the most popular dating site for gay, bisexual or trans people. Created back in 2009, over just eleven years it gained trust from users in 196 countries, and became the first location-based dating service. The idea behind Grindr is to connect gays who look for someone to spend some fun time with but do not want to get involved in deep bonds. However, it does not mean that you cannot find a life partner there, since the audience on the site is a motley crew. You never know who you are communicating with now: investment banker or a janitor, family and marriage-oriented guy, or arranging a partner to mess up the bed with. In any case, keep reading this Grindr review or Grindr versus Scruff for details that will certainly help you decide whether it is worth your attention and presence there or not.

Is Grindr a Trustworthy Dating Site?

Many rumors are buzzing around Grindr, but there is at least one thing you can be confident about this dating site. It is its legitimacy. Over the years, Grindr has become the top service where gays can feel safe to meet each other, and it is all because of the Grindr administration’s honest work.

Who Are the Users on Grindr?

Grindr Review 2020

In general, around 27 million people are using Grindr all around the globe. It makes Grindr one of the most widely-used dating site in the world. However, the majority of the users are located in the US (about 24% of all users), 6% are from the UK. There are also plenty of members based in Australia (2%), Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Singapore, etc. Approximately 3,4 million members are active on the site every day. It should be noted that every time you enter Grindr, there are also about 1 million users visiting the site with you.

Sexual Preferences

Grindr is the biggest platform for LGBTQ representatives all over the world, you can look this Grindr vs Jackd comparison. That means that there will be some hotties that would tame your sexual appetite, regardless of your erotic orientation.

How Old Are the Users?

Young people tend to explore their boundaries of sexuality and want to try new experiences with different partners. That is why there is no wonder that the biggest part of Grindr users are in the 25-35 age group. Note that the minimum age for members is 18 or whatever is considered the legal age in your country.

Guidance on How to Register and Enter the Site

The sign-up process on the site is quick and painless. On the whole, it will take you around 3 minutes to get started with Grindr, tops. But note that you can do it only in the app, after that you can keep using the web version.

So, for registration, you will only need the email address or a Facebook profile of yours. The site asks you such information as how old you are, your date of birth, sex, and a picture of yours. Note that all the photo goes for approval by Grindr team, but usually it takes no more than a couple minutes. If you go with the Facebook sign up option, then all those information will be imported from your account, but you are welcome to choose another profile picture unless you want to keep the one from Facebook.

The last but not the least thing you need to do is to give the app to your location. Remember that Grindr is a location-based app that is why registration with the app was crucial, so you could see only the best guys near you in the app.

For entering the site, you can use either the username or an email with the password. It does not matter which option is convenient for you, choose the one that will get you to the world of hotties the quickest.

Set up an Account

Grindr Review 2020

All profiles on Grindr consist of five parts: Info, Stats, Identity, Sexual Health, and Social Links. Some fields are obligatory to fill out, and some are not.

The Info part displays your username and About Me part, which is a brief presentation of your persona.

Stats include such details as the age of yours, physical characteristics like body shape, weight, height, ethnic roots, marital status, favorite sex position. In the Stats section, there is also a field called My Tribes, which is the sexual preference that you relate yourself to, e.g., Bear, Daddy, Geek, Otter, Twink, and others. In the I Am Looking For part you should give a short description of your perfect match or a person you want to meet. Also, you can indicate what kind of relationship you are seeking on Grindr: whether it is friendship, networking, casual dating, or a regular one-night stand.

It seems that Grindr conquered attention and recognition among the LGBTQ+ community only with the Identity part, where you can identify in Gender the preferred sex of yours (male, female, non-binary, etc.). Besides, you can choose the pronouns you want other people would address you, like he, she, they, and so on.

Sexual Health is an extremely controversial part that caused many hate speeches towards Grindr. There were accusations in giving the details about the users’ Health to third parties, which is beyond the pale. However, there is still that part where members can indicate their HIV status, the day when they tested recently, and other stuff like FAQ page about sexual Health, reminders about testing, etc.

The last part is Social Links, which allows you to make your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook accounts visible to other members.

It is not required to fill out all the info; however, it would not do any harm if you add as many details as possible. That will undoubtedly increase your chances of getting matched with someone nice.

Communication Means

Grindr Review 2020

Interacting with users on Grindr is simple and allows them to actually focus on communication without distracting to unnecessary functions. That is why there are only Messages and Taps. A few words about Taps must be said if it is clear with the purpose of the first feature. That function allows you to draw other users’ attention without messaging them. You can send them this reaction, and who knows, maybe someone will text you first.

Platform to Access the Service

In Grindr, they know that for a modern person, it is crucial to be presented everywhere, that is why you can access the site from any device – iOS or Android. Both versions are free to download from the official AppStore and Google Play Market. Also, you can use Grindr on your PC by using Grindr Web.

Computer Web Page

Using the web version of Grindr is possible only in case you have an account on the site. Otherwise, you will need to create a profile in the app and then come back with valid credentials. The desktop version is super helpful when you are trying to look like you are working, and distracting by your phone would not make such an impression. But in Grindr, they thought about that and your privacy in advance. The layout of the website is plain and does not draw the attention of the gapers. Another cool thing is that all the photos are hidden by default, and you can see a picture if you mouse over it. Also, on the desktop version, you can have several chat windows open, and messaging with a couple of guys at the same time is more convenient because you will not need to switch between the tabs or windows.

Mobile Application

Many times it has been reported that the Grindr app is lagged. But it should be noted that nothing like this was noticed during the writing of this Grindr review, so you should better trust your own experience in this case. Because overall, the app is responsive and looks neat. It does not seem to offer the same functions that are presented in the website version. However, it can be called all about members. In the app, it is quick to access your matches, list of favorites, messages, and explore features from the menu in the bottom. In any case, discovering new users and keeping in touch with the old ones will not be an issue with the Grindr app.

Styling and Convenience

Grindr Review 2020

Overall the Grindr design can be called minimalistic. On the home page, corporate colors – orange and black – take all the screen. But while using the website, you mostly see the white color. Unique fonts look nice on a basic background and do not irritate the eye. The site itself is straightforward and easy to use. Even the most not tech-savvy person will puzzle out how to quickly interact with users on Grindr.

Browsing on Grindr

Discovering new members is a piece of cake, because Grindr suggests you matches based on your location. The good thing about the feature that you can see users nearby who are currently online. Viewing users, you find attractive is also simple. You only need to tap on a picture of the person you liked, and the full-size photo and other profile information will be displayed.

Grindr: How Much Does It Cost?

There two kinds of paid subscriptions on the site: Grindr Xtra Lite and Grindr Xtra. The first type is available for purchase for 1 month and costs $9.99. Grindr Xtra is possible to buy for 3 months for $20.97, 6 months for $29.94, and a year plan will cost you $47.88. All the prices were current at the moment of writing the Grindr review. However, you should check the latest prices yourself on the site, if you decide to go with fee-based profile.

Note that all the membership automatically renew at the end of the billing period, so make sure you downgraded the account if you no longer want to benefit from the paid subscription.

You can cancel the membership in your AppStore or Play Store settings.

Standard vs Premium Membership

Grindr Review 2020

Grindr offers plenty of useful features for free such as:

  • registration on the site and creating an account;
  • checking as many as 100 matches;
  • messaging with users on the site;
  • choosing one tribe;
  • discovering members on the platform;
  • setting up group chats.

Premium accounts give you more opportunities, which are not free. So if you want to have access to extra features you have to pay for:

  • using the dating site without annoying ad;
  • receiving push-notifications about the events in your profile;
  • looking through up to 300 accounts with Grindr Xtra Lite plan, and up to 600 with Grindr Xtra;
  • choosing up to three tribes;
  • adding limitless amount of users to the list of favorites or ban list;
  • making some messages you can send to ease the communication process.

How to Pay for Account Upgrade

Grindr Review 2020

You can pay for the premium subscription right from the app. You should check the possible payment methods on Google Play or AppStore help page, since the information may vary depending on the region you are currently located in.

Systems of Payment

All the payment systems supported by Apple or Google Play are allowed to complete the purchase on Grindr.

Protection on the Site

Everyone and his brother heard about the scandal around Grindr safety issues, when the locations of the dating site users have been leaked. However, the administration promised to make amends, and nothing like that never happened again.

As for security measures taken by Grindr, they encourage all their users to report anyone they consider suspicious, or using a stolen identity, or writing abusive messages, etc. In any stressful situation, report another member.

Is There Scam?

Grindr Review 2020

You cannot hide a cat in a bag, and this Grindr review was meant to be completely honest. That is why it is impossible not to say about the bogus profiles on the site, so you should keep your eyes open. People say it is easy to recognize bot accounts, because a) they reply to you with automated messages that do not make any sense; b) such ‘members’ indicate their height as less than a meter. Stay away from such fakes and have fun with real users.

Essential Functions

Grindr is certainly about its users, not a variety of features that nobody uses. However, some things make the dating site quite interesting.


It is easy to download them from the AppStore or Google Play Market, and there are about 500 of them. Thos gaymojis will make your messages more special because, with one emoji, you can describe everything you would like to do with a hottie on that side of the screen.

Discreet App Icon.

If you wish to keep your membership on Grindr in secrecy, you can choose to free the look of the app icon, just like hiding the name. Few clicks and voila – no one can even guess that you are using Grindr.


Grindr Review 2020

Summing up everything that has been said in this Grindr review, it should be noted that this is probably the top dating site for the LGBTQ community. The modern world does not know a better site that would combine the enormous user base of sexy guys, simple, yet user-friendly layout, easy communication means, and coherent matching system. And the best thing about this dating site that most of the functions, even messaging, are completely free of charge. If this Grindr review did not spark your interest, then you can stop looking and reading the reviews because you will hardly find anything better than Grindr.

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