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Jack’d vs Grindr: Full Comparison

Jack’d vs Grindr: Full Comparison

Jack d vs Grindr, what should you choose? These gay dating sites that are tailored for each user’s needs, but a lot of new users waste overwhelming time for searching, what would be suitable for them. Read this comparative review to find out how each app stands out.

Summary of Jack’d vs Grindr:

Niche hookup apps have a set of pros and cons that might determine an online dater’s choice for one dating app over the other. Below are some of Jack’d and Grindr’s advantages and disadvantages.

Jack’d Grindr
Free registration Most of its features are free
Pairing based on a person’s interests Compatible match suggestions based on location
Significant number of active members High and active subscribers
Has advanced search filter Basic filter results
Share exclusive photos Create or join group chats
Unlimited texting Browse anonymously

Jack’d vs Grindr: Quality of Matches

The Jack’d app allows users to choose either ‘LTR’ (long-term relationships) or ‘Strictly Friendly Scenes.’ These sections inform who you are likely to find as a match. After creating a profile on Jack’d, you might add more details or leave it. Users can upload a maximum of five photos but could choose to browse without revealing their identity. Since compatibility is based on a member’s interest, you can customize the search option and find countless dates. Alternatively, you can swipe to find attractive subscribers.

For instance, you could search for subscribers who are currently online. The results would be overwhelming as more than 50000 users are usually active at any time. After finding an interesting person, you can tap the ‘show interest’ icon, and the person could respond. You can also bookmark profiles and revisit to start interacting. Interestingly, chatting and messaging are free for all standard and premium members. Plus, you don’t have to be a match for you to message someone you like.

Like the Jack’d app, Grindr doesn’t mandate users to make their profiles complete. You can update any section at any time. Adding a photo is a user’s decision, but you can only upload one at a time. Users can also link other social accounts like Facebook. After creating your profile, you will view compatible match suggestions based on your location. You can also personalize your settings and choose the type of people you would wish to meet.

Comparing Jack’d vs Grindr, both have credible and quality matches. Besides, you have the freedom of deciding whom you wish to connect with.

Country Availability

Jack’d has over five million worldwide subscribers. It features members from at least 180 countries, allowing members to hookup conveniently. A majority of its users are Latinos and African Americans hailing from the United States. The app is specifically for men; you are unlikely to find any woman using the app. Most of the users are aged between 25 to 40. Close to 50000 people access and use the app weekly. Subscribers can also browse anonymously and express themselves freely.

Like Jack’d, Grindr has a global presence of over 27 million users. You can meet people across all social backgrounds from at least 190 countries. The app is mainly for men, and you could find more than one million users on the app at any given time. Most of the members are from the United States, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and Hong Kong. Most of the subscribers use the app for instant and casual hookups. You can also remain anonymous on the site if you don’t upload your picture.

Comparing Grindr or Jackd country’s availability, both have attracted users across the globe, allowing members to express themselves freely.

Reputation: Jack’d vs Grindr

Both dating sites are reputable. The Jack’d app has been in existence for a while (launched in 2011). It mainly caters to the needs of the gay community, curious men, and bisexuals. The app’s theme is inclusivity while allowing members to connect with people sharing similar interests. The Jack’d app has had a positive reputation. However, like any other dating site, there have been claims against Jack’d, including fraudulent activities.

Equally, the Grindr app is reputable, having been in existence since 2009. The app is appropriate for gay, transsexuals, bisexuals, and queer relationships. In April 2018, there were controversial claims against the app for sharing user’s HIV status. However, the brains behind this app have made it optional for members to decide about updating their HIV status on the website. If you update this section, your data will be public.

Sign-up Process

Creating a profile on both apps is simple and straightforward. First, you can download the mobile app and start signing up. You can register on Jack’d using your email address that is used as a username. Within a minute, you can have your account if you skip some sections. Before using your account, all users must verify it by uploading a credible photo. Finally, select the section with a man who is eating fruit and start using the app.

Registering on the Grindr app is easy and free. After downloading the app, you can either link your Facebook profile or use a Facebook to sign up. Like Jack’d, you must photo verification is critical during registration. You must then submit details about your age, gender, birthday, and location for seamless pairing.

Jack’d vs Grindr: Profiles

Both apps have distinct profiles. On the Grindr app, you don’t have to complete your profile, but it will help make it comprehensive. This way, you attract other users. You can also edit most of your profile data. Your location determines the number of members you attract. Your profile has sections that feature your info and describes you better. The ‘Stats’ section says more about what you are looking for, your hobbies, and your networking interests.

Grindr vs Jackd: Interface Quality

Both interfaces are user-friendly and straightforward. They feature a modern layout that allows seamless navigation. Familiarizing yourself with each app’s function might be essential if you wish to utilize the apps conveniently. Both apps allow users to update some sections easily.

Hookup or Serious relationships

It could be conflicting choosing Jackd or Grindr if you want either hookup or meaningful connections. Both apps are perfect for instant hookups and lasting relationships. Since more than a half of Jack’d members are into long-term dates, it would be ideal to choose it over Grindr. You could also settle for the latter if you are into casual dating.

Jackd or Grindr: Best choice for man

Though both sites cater to curious men, you must find one that caters to your needs suitably. Your choice for either is subject to your needs. For instance, Jack’d is perfect for long-term hookups as a majority are interested in such. It is also suitable for queer and trans relationships. Grindr for gay guys is also perfect for short-term relationships and instant hookups. Whether you choose Jackd or Grindr, both are perfect and are geared to the same goal (hooking up curious men).


Jack’d, and Grindr have attractive features like common gay dating apps. Let’s see how the two stand out. Some of Jack’d features are:

  • Swipe to match: swiping right on a subscriber’s account implies interest. If the person swipes right, you become a pair and can hook up. Who viewed your section allows users to access a list of members who previously viewed them.
  • Insights: if you wish to find out the type of partners a member is interested in, this section could help. If you match the subscriber’s requirements, you can express interest.
  • Anonymity: you can browse without revealing your identity using this feature.

Grindr features include:

  • Gaymojis: these are LGBT-themed emoji that allow users to express themselves suggestively. You can spice up your conversations with your matches and go as wild as you can.
  • Tap: selecting the flame-like icon allows you to draw a potential partner’s attention without communicating. Note that the user will receive a notification any time you click the tap button.
  • Favorite: you can bookmark profiles and contact them later.
  • Discreet app icon: it is a security feature that allows users to customize the app’s settings and wish it to appear.
  • Explore: this feature allows searching for members in other countries. You will require a premium package to unlock it.

Dating Apps usabilities

The Grindr app is pretty simple and straightforward. Most of its features focus on increasing convenience for its users. Both iOS and Android users can access the app and download it at no cost with some in-app purchases that enhance usability. Besides, it has a modern layout that allows seamless navigation. Users prefer using the app as it offers higher chances of meeting an ideal hookup. At the app’s bottom page, you can locate the ‘Explore,’ ‘Matches,’ ‘Messages,’ and ‘Favorites.’

Equally, Jack’d has a user-friendly interface; you can download it from the Google Play Store or App Store. Free users might experience distraction from ads. The app has a modern design, making it convenient to use. One of the latest rules governing this app’s use is the screenshot disablement feature; users cannot screenshot anything on the app for security reasons. When everything is set, you can start using the app conveniently.

Jack’d or Grindr: Price Comparison

Both hookup sites have premium features that require upgrading. The following are the charges for Jack’d:

  • One week at $3.99
  • One month at $9.99
  • Three months at $21.99
  • One year at $57.99

Grindr has two types of premium plans; extra and unlimited charges.

Unlimited pricing plans are as follows:

  • One month at $41.11
  • Three months at $61.17
  • One year at $176.46
  • You could choose either of the following plans for Extra charges:
  • One month at $13.00
  • Three months at $28.20
  • One year at $62.20

Comparing Grindr vs Jack’d pricing plans, Grindr is quite expensive. However, their features are worth the price.

Overall impression and Final Thoughts about Jack’d vs Grindr

Grindr and Jack’d are quite reputable in meeting the needs of the gay community. Both have attracted a significant user base from different countries. With the in-app purchases, the experience can be incredible for queer personalities. Since finding like-minded individuals is easy, choosing Jack’d, and Grindr doesn’t have to be complicated. However, the Jack’d vs Grindr comparative review should help.

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