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Jackd Review: a Perfect Matchmaker or a Scam Site

Jackd Review: a Perfect Matchmaker or a Scam Site
About Boys
Date with older guy 12%
Reply rate 91%
Beauty 89%
Popular age 23-24
Profiles 2.000.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy and fast registration and profile creation.
  • Making your page for free.
  • Available app for Android and IOS.
  • Affordable paid membership.
  • Various features for communication and flirting.
  • You can reach the website from Facebook,
  • Highly aesthetic and fascinating design.
  • You can sign up for a short term and pay for just one-week subscription.
  • Your app can be blocked in the case of profile termination.
  • Some accounts are not relevant to the topic of the website.

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What is Jackd?

Jackd Review: a Perfect Matchmaker or a Scam Site

According to an average Jackd review, this is the largest internet community for men with unique sexual identity and preferences. It was made by Cornell University, which makes the platform a really credible and reputable website for those who want to find a gay or bi man for a long-term relationship or a one-night stand. Although the site has been claimed strictly for LGBT males, it is not prohibited for straight men and women to sign up and communicate with the broad audience. The site offers everyone to get rid of the homophobic bias and stereotypes regarding men who love men. Jackd has all the needed options for you to create your unique page and interact with people here. Moreover, a Jackd review notes the beautiful and up-to-date design, which is pleasant to look at.

Though Jackd is the platform for free and unlimited communication, the site has established quite strict limitations due to the increased violence and bias. Due to it, you cannot find any screenshots of the site, so there are a few opportunities to review the website without registering. Most men on the platform are 18-26 years old Americans, and the most significant part of the community is black and Hispanic people. The majority of female accounts are between 18 and 25 years old, while the quantity of women over 35 is slightly lower. The Jackd review also notes that there are people from 190 countries, communicating daily. So, you can find a person in Jackd for flirting and communication. In general, the platform has convenient options for best matches. For example, you can see if someone viewed your profile and liked you. The platform also shows if the user replies to the messages and what type of men he likes.

Jackd has the strictest privacy policy on the Internet, learn more at Jackd or Grindr comparison. This is a reputable and reliable site for online communication and dating, having all the needed options to protect the user’s privacy. The platform operates since 2011, so you can trust Jackd. Some of the user’s reviews may be negative Jackd reviews, while other people on the Internet share the better experience and happy story of romance started from registering for the website. Some users may note that fewer fake or suspicious accounts are looking too good to be true, and a significant part of the profiles has somewhat limited information about the owner. Hence, you have to decide to be yourself rather than sign up or to postpone your participation in online communication.

Therefore, you never know how things really go there until you try to use Jackd as your own. Until you try to use the site by yourself, you will not know! Besides, the platform offers various free options, as well as one weak subscription just for 4 USD. So, what are you waiting for? Feel free to sign up, create your new page, and join the largest LGBT dating community on the web!

Community Characteristics and Relevance

Jackd Review: a Perfect Matchmaker or a Scam Site

According to a credible Jackd review, most of the members of the website are rather young, as 67% of members of the community are men of 18-26 years. The larger part of the audience is people of African or Hispanic heritage living in the United States. So, the central public of the website is English speakers, although you can find other ethnicities and races here. Looking at the age distribution, one can suppose that most of the LGBT men are looking sexual experience with various hot gay, be, trans, and queer men. Therefore, theoretically, Jackd can be the most suitable platform for those who are seeking for the one-night stand and random dating with the hot stranger. Nevertheless, some users share that they are looking for more than just sexual intercourse, and there are many LGBT members who have found their permanent couple precisely on this platform.

Overall, you can note some interesting properties, skipped on the other relevant Jackd review. Namely, the site offers two languages to switch, English Japanese. Along with the catchy and glamorous design in warm pink and golden colors, the site contains various photos of beautiful and good-looking men of multiple races. Interestingly, the Caucasian type is underrepresented in visual content. So we can conclude that the site has a specific orientation. Nevertheless, the platform claims to be limitless and absolutely free of any racial and gender-related bias. Indeed, the options offered on the site provide you with all the necessary means for searching and matching with other LGBT men. For example, you can use the anonymous mode of search, so you can hide your personality while using the site to avoid outing. As a rule, users prefer to check who viewed their profile and break the ice in case of mutual sympathy. It is rather the best way for a young LGBT man to find the best partner without unwanted conversations or mocking. So, you can be safe and sound while looking for a partner.

Although the site has significant benefits for its users, there are some shortcomings, though. Namely, the platform operates only on the mobile app since there is no desktop version. However, Jackd has a modern and up-to-date architecture working on all devices. You can freely download it on your iPhone, Samsung, Siemens, and other accessories.

Sexual Preferences of Community

Jackd Review: a Perfect Matchmaker or a Scam Site

It is evident that most of the Jackd’s audience is LGBT representatives, preferring the same-sex people. Most of the members are gay men seeking other men for love and sex. Nevertheless, many straight men also have a curiosity in the conversation with LGBT members. Also, the part of the audience is bi’s who like both men and women. This suggests that some contingents of the platform may be women, interested in communication with men of the expanded sexuality. You can find different users on the platform, increasing your chances of meeting a fascinating and unusual person.

How Old the Users Are?

Jackd does not provide precise statistical information about the age of its members. There is wage data that most members are younger than 26 years. The exact age distribution is not described, so you have to reveal it by yourself when signing up for the platform. According to Jackd review, the least age category of the site is 18 years, which corresponds to the law of most countries. Instead of age, the platform disclosed the ethnic relevance of its users, revealing that 60% of the community are Blacks and Hispanics. And once again, the platform does not clarify how many Blacks and Latinos are there in ratio.

How to Sign Up and Make Up a Page?

Jackd Review: a Perfect Matchmaker or a Scam Site

Registration on Jackd requires a simplified procedure of registration. Namely, you have to have an active email to use it as a log-in. You are also required to generate a strong password to protect your future account of breaking in. Next, you have to enter standard credentials, such as name, birthday, ethnicity, location, etc. Your personal data will be present on your profile, so other members can see how old you are and where you are from. Next, you need to check the agreement of your personal data processing. After all required actions, you may upload some of your best photos, as Jackd members evaluate others by their appearance.

How to Make a New Page?

The simplest way to create your page is to use Facebook integration and to permit access to your account in social media. It is entirely enough to create a new profile on Jackd. By doing so, you can automatically add your photos to your profile. In the other case, you may want to hide your personality if you ought to reveal your sexual identity and avoid pouting. Due to it, you can create your new page using different visual content of yours. By adding a photo from your phone, you have to ensure that it does not include other people since, in contrast, it may cause outing and invasion of privacy.

Signing on for Jackd, you will see some specific options that help you to clarify your sexual and gender identity and allow other members to apply to you properly. For example, you can fill out the field of gender identity and point on which of the pronouns is relevant for your personality, selecting either he, they/them/theirs, etc. It is the site’s highest level of gender tolerance, so any transgender or queer can feel comfortable on the platform. For example, you can point out that you are a cis man, cis woman, non-binary, or the other type of sexual and gender identity.

How to Mail other Users

Jackd Review: a Perfect Matchmaker or a Scam Site

To set the contact on Jackd, you have to use the appropriate option on the other member’s profile. Open the new page of the attractive user and find the proper button to send a message. If you do not want to make the first step, you can show your interest in the non-verbal form in the users’ profile. For better communication, you can select the users according to their online status, as well as use various filters for a more precise search. Also, use the Favs section to add engaging users to the following list and come back to them lately.

Software Options

Jackd offers only a mobile application available on the App Store and Google Play. You may download it for free and install it on your device.

Version for the Standard Browser

This option is not available in Jack, so all you have to do is to find and download the mobile app and install it on your smartphone.

Jackd operates the only mobile application with the features described above. You can acquire the software for free and install it on your phone or tablet, working on Android or iOS. The design and navigation controls have an intuitive and convenient setting with a beautiful and rather girlish design. The main point of the app is the visual content so that you will see more users’ photos than textual content, and there is concise information about the users, including just the most relevant credentials, such as gender, age, location.

Design and Convenience

Jackd has a beautiful and catchy design in a vibrant and colorful mode. There are lots of handsome and sexy males of various races, standing alone or in pairs. Developers often use such a trick to attract the audience’s attention. In the rest, the platform is built on an effective and rapid algorithm.

What Can You Do With Your Profile?

Jackd Review: a Perfect Matchmaker or a Scam Site

You may navigate the Jackd app as the usual mobile interaction software. Nevertheless, you have to think twice before the termination of your account, as the platform will block your app for 30 days. You also can add, change and edit your personal information, and skip some areas you don’t want to fill out.

Jackd Fees and Paid Options

Jackd offers a rather cheap and consumer-orientated fee. For example, as a novice, you can start from a one-week subscription just for $3.99. There is also a one-month period for $9.99, a three-month subscription for $21.99, and a year-lasting membership for $57.99.

Jackd Review: a Perfect Matchmaker or a Scam Site

On Jackd, you can use the following options for free:

  • Sign-up
  • Messaging other users
  • Filters for searching and matchmaking
  • Favorites list
  • Viewing other profiles with several pics
  • 200 gays near you.

According to Jackd review, this is absolutely free of charge to text someone on the platform, so you can freely send messages, which distinguish the site from other dating platforms, requiring purchasing a subscription to start communication.

Paid options are as follows:

  • No ads
  • Looking who viewed your page.
  • Unlimited matching.
  • Anonymous mode.

Despite its good reputation and excellent performance, Jackd is not an expensive website, so you can afford it to try.

Payment and Financial Information

Jackd Review: a Perfect Matchmaker or a Scam Site

You can pay for your Jackd membership only on your mobile phone.

How to Pay for a Subscription?

Payment can be made through the standard payment options in the iTunes & App Store (for IOS devices) and Google Subscriptions and services (for Android devices).

Security & Privacy

Jackd is perhaps one of the safest and most reliable sites in terms of protecting user data. The platform states that it does not collect geolocation data for transfer to third parties so that you can be calm about your privacy. You can also block users from abusive behavior and also contact support for help with various problems with subscribing, editing and deleting data, and complaints about violators.

Scam and User’s Data Collection

Jackd the platform can collect neutral technical data, such as browser version, phone or tablet model, time of visits, and other data safe for your privacy.

Special Properties

Jackd Review: a Perfect Matchmaker or a Scam Site

Jackd has a lot of exciting and useful options for safe and satisfying communication. For example:

  • Swipe to match – you can indicate your sexual orientation without outing, and coincide with other relevant users in case of mutual interest.
  • View users who have expressed interest in your profile, and see how long they have been on your page.
  • Insights – View the user’s behavioral data, for example, how quickly and how often he answers messages, and what kind of guys he likes.
  • Anonymous mode – see other people’s profiles and flip through the photo, unnoticed.

According to many reviews, one of the most exciting options on Jackd is the ability to expand your gender identity to allow other users to communicate correctly with you according to your identity.


Jackd review shows that this is one of the safest, user-friendly, tolerant, and user-friendly dating sites for the LGBT community. You can safely make friends and partners of the same sex with you, even if you have not made a cumming out. Feel free to register and communicate securely on Jackd!

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