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Hater Review 2021

Hater Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 98%
Popular age 25-40
Beauty 50%
Profiles 2 200 000
About Site
Visit rate 7.3
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy To Use Website: This is an excellent swiping website with an application like Tinder, so it will be easy to use. One only has to swipe left and right based on what people hate, and the matchmaking will be incredibly easy.
  • Easy Registration And Offers Great Features: The making of the profile and the registration are going to be easy. The only exception is that there will be no photos, but the members have to choose like, dislike, love, and hate. Also, the members will not have to be anxious about writing a bio about themselves, and therefore there will be no time waste.
  • Messaging Service: There are a lot of multiple-choice questions to answer, which will enhance the messaging technique. Even if the member is shy, there will be no reason for regret.
  • The significant backlog on this website is that there is not much information about the members who can help other members to know about each other. While swiping, the person will not be able to see the other members' pictures as well as their age. The swiping will be on hate, dislike, love, and like options.
  • Sometimes the person can encounter technical problems, and it can happen, especially for Android users.

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What is Hater?

The hater dating website is one of the first websites that should come into our minds when one thinks about a unique way of online dating. The Hater online dating website is a unique and different website as compared to other dating websites on the net because it matches matchmaking based on what people hate. It is one of the most amazing sites of its kind, and there is no similarity with the other dating platform. The hater platform comprises a brilliant concept, which able its members to connect with other people on their platform, which has a similar mindset.

According to the Hater review, the website’s establishment was in 2016, and the internet was set on fire with its launch. It has a great swiping feature that is quite similar to Tinder, but it has been able to get a lot of success rates. Not only that, but people have been able to show a lot of curiosity regarding this website, and anyone can register on it. Talking about the competitors, it has breakneck rivals like Fling and Flirtster. The popularity went up to the peak, and it has a community of 750 thousand users worldwide.

This article will discuss the intricacy of this website and why it has gained a lot of popularity in the online dating world. Moreover, to give a brief overview of the Hater review, this article will encompass discussions on the special features, registration process, working style, and the pros and cons of the website.

Is Hater legit or scam?


According to the Hater review by the experts, this website is not a scam, and the legitimacy is something newbie members look forward to getting a potential partner. Moreover, there is a particular guarantee that one can meet their special friends in the website. However, it is only possible to happen if the profile pictures are excellent, as it introduces more chances to attract other people. The right kind of profile picture will be able to change lives for the better and bring out the potential match. There is proper registration of this website as well as the application, which is why a new member should not think regarding their authenticity.

What members on this site?

Hater is the most popular dating website that has been able to get 750 thousand active members worldwide. Most of the members are from the greater New York area. On this website, new members can engage with a lot of other members, by knowing more about in detail on what they love and hate. Moreover, users with different mental frequency and sexual preferences can engage in the matchmaking process. There is a responsive algorithm that helps with the matchmaking system, and also the swiping feature is amazing. There are thousands of logins daily, and the male-female proportion is almost equal. The website comes with a brilliant concept so that the matches can hate the same things and can also discuss it together.

Sexual orientation

Hater Sexual orientation

Sexual orientation is something to look forward to when someone is visiting this website. Indifferent to the sexual orientation of the individual, one can get the membership to the website. A person can be heterosexual, homosexual, or even bisexual, and there will be no restrictions in getting registration on this website. It is important to understand that even curious people can go for the matchmaking process based on their choices. According to the popular Hater review with other people is going to be easy because there is no sexual orientation restriction.

Age Distribution

It is important to understand the age distribution of any website, and Hater is no different. Most of the people on this website are teenagers and young people who like to have people of the same mental frequency. Here, one can get people from the age of 18 to 44, and very few people belong to the elder groups. The male-female distribution is quite equal, which is why the introduction is never going to be a problem. This is a smooth working forum with ideal age distribution so that the matchmaking becomes a cakewalk.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

Hater Sign-Up Process

The registration process is going to be very less time-taking, as well as easy. It is available in the mobile application version, which is compatible with a lot of platforms. One can easily log into the website using desktop as well as tablets. One can also register with the help of social media websites like Facebook and the phone number. There is also a verification system with the help of one-time SMS on the desktop website. There is a maximum allowance of five photo uploads, and the sign-up process is going to be easy.

Even if a member try to connect to Facebook, it will remain confidential. The two-step verification process ensures that the person is not a spam or a fake person. The Facebook registration method is going to be a speedy method, and all the fields like gender and birthday will be auto-filled. The members will also be allowed to tell whether you are interested in men, women, or even both.

Profile creation

Hater Profile creation

During the profile creation process, the presentability is based on the matching percentage. The research will not be available during the profile creation, and it should be inclusive of the location, name, age, and photos. One can also try to put as many love and hate options as possible, and the users should only have their first name visible. Every time the members visit the website, they will be able to see the potential match. In addition to that, the member will also be able to understand the percentage of the match and the similarities in between. One can also get a hold of their potential match based on the global scenario and local areas.


According to the special Hater review, the messaging service is going to be optimum. Members will not have to waste much time interacting with the potential match because of the instant messaging service. All the users will be able to see the first name of the members they are having a conversation with. Also, they will not have to be anxious because of the safe and secure texting methods. There will be a proper encryption to ensure that there is no privacy leakage.

Platform for use

Hater Platform for use

This is an excellent platform in which a single direct message will be sent every 12 hours. Also, the members will be able to send cards to each other, which will help break the ice. There is a fill-in-the-blank option, which is going to be fun and entertaining, and one can try to have a conversation with the local and international members. It is a very smooth working platform, and it is going to be easy to swipe right and left. Try to send a specific topic to any user, and you can start the conversation once you get a reply. It can be an initial platform for all the lively conversations that you will be able to have with your partner. The unique approach is very suitable for the introvert who doesn’t know how to build a relationship with a person.


The desktop version is going to be easy and comprises the big font and clear icons. It is good for beginners as well as the experts because it is easy to browse through. The website itself has a brilliant set of developers behind it so that there are regular updates, and it comes with a conventional design as well. It will not cause any lag on the device like desktop and laptops, and there is no need for added software. The look of the website is going to be very appealing, which is why it is something quite addictive for the youngsters.



Based on the Hater review, the application is completely free, and it is easily available on the Android and iOS platforms. It is quite light on the device and it has a very user-friendly interface. In addition to that, there is about 10,000 logins daily, which is a pure mark of popularity. It is effortless to use and before it was available in the United States only, but it went out on the global platform. After 2018 there was a proposal of bringing out a lot of advertisement and subscription policies, and the year 2020 has been able to see an increase in popularity as well.

Design and Usability

The Hater review explores that the website has the backup of a brilliant team which helps in the development as well as the up-gradation of the website. The design is quite conventional and has a fashionable outlook as well. Not only that, but the usability is top-notch, and the members like to be on this platform. It is quite easy to browse through the nook and corner of the platform, and the design is quite beautiful to the eyes. The color combination is very appealing, and it has better functionality as well.

Hater Navigation site

It will be easy and hassle-free to navigate through the website because of the easy site navigation system. Even if a person is having a hard time as a beginner, the customer support team will be there to help.

Hater Costs and Prices

It is an excellent thing that there is no question to ask for the price as far as Hater is involved as a dating app. This application, as well as the website, is completely free to use, so there is no mode of payment. There is no gold or premium membership, which is why all the members will be able to access the exclusive features of the website and the application.

There is no definite paid vs. free access because all the features will be available to all the members. Since there is no need for payment, all the members will be able to access features like blogs and topic discussions. This website has been able to get a rating of 4.5 out of 5. All the topics, likes, and dislikes will go under strict surveillance to understand that it is not hurting any specific community.

How to pay

Hater How to pay

There is no mode of payment because the website is free. Even the teenagers who cannot afford gold or premium membership can join on this platform.

Payment systems

There is no payment system for the website because the website does not require any monetary transactions.

Safety & Security

The safety and security of the website are top-notch, and it comprises an excellent safety policy. Even in the messaging system, there is going to be an end to end encryption which means there will be no privacy leakage. Every member will have to mention their likes and dislikes, but there will be strict surveillance on the confidentiality of the user details. Therefore, until and unless the member wants, the personal details will not be displayed on the website. If any member feels uncomfortable about another profile, they can just report to the customer support team. In case of any unfortunate occurrence, the customer support will be there at the assistance and can even ban the scamming profile.


Hater Scam

Many of the people have been asking whether the Hater website is a scam. However, according to the excellent Hater review, it is sure that the site is anything but a scam. It is a unique application as well as an interesting website, and one can easily undergo the verification using the social media account.

But one should always be careful about the fact that the conversations are going to be with a stranger. Therefore, while having the discussion, one should not give away on the private details so that there are no disputes later on.

Special Features

Hater Special Features

There are a lot of special features which all the members will be able to understand. The first feature is, of course, submission topics, and the people will be able to talk about the same topics as well as interact with like-minded people. That helps with the matchmaking process for the better, and a lot of members will be able to get successful results.

One can send a card if any member is going to be an introvert. For example, if you want to break the ice, it is going to be much easier if you send the card. It is quite similar to Tinder, and one has to swipe right and left to understand the mental matching. If you and other members have the same dislikes, the match finding will be more comfortable.


According to the final verdict of the Hater review, it is going to be an excellent website. The website is worth the visit, and even the introverts will be able to get the most out of it. It comes with brilliant design and usability, which makes it very appealing for every age group. It is quite a unique website with a different purpose, and since the day of its launch, there has been no looking back. Moreover, its unique features and an easy interface have made it quite easy for the newbie members who can take the best usage of this website. Get yourself register to this fantastic dating platform now!

Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
Pamela Cesar
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Pamela is a relationship expert and language analyst. Thanks to her Bachelor’s in Journalism, Master’s in Linguistics, and past encounters with heartbreak; she empathizes with her clients and helps them to understand and convey their emotions in an effective and optimistic way to their significant other.
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