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IndianCupid Review 2021

IndianCupid Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 26%
Reply rate 94%
Beauty 93%
Popular age 21-25
Profiles 2,300,000
About Site
Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • International network & standards of operating;
  • Large database of Indian singles;
  • Optimized registration process;
  • Low-cost membership packages.
  • The interaction tools require paid membership.

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What is IndianCupid?

Indian culture has interesting marriage traditions. IndianCupid is an alternative that changed the approach to dating, marriage, and relationships. Not only has the platform created a space to find a partner for life, but to find a friend. It is used by people who immigrate and look for a soulmate abroad. It is also useful for people who feel like they live in a small community where chances to find someone special are minimal. IndianCupid review goes into a detailed analysis of the strategy that the platform applies to match people and attract the attention of more and more users. The platform has a lot of benefits. It belongs to a famous network of niche dating sites that has been providing high-quality services. IndianCupid review gives tips on how to use the site to spend less time, money, and effort and receive the most precise matches possible.

IndianCupid belongs to the group of niche websites that aim at satisfying the needs of the international community of daters. Joining the site means becoming a part of a global community of daters and finding a soulmate in any part of the world based on personal preferences.

The company’s main principle is providing an excellent service to all customers without exceptions. With the customer in mind, the support team was hired. Every agent is working to maintain the needed level of comfort of the users on the site. Any issues regarding the site’s payment, features, or bugs can be referred to them.

What is IndianCupid?

Is IndianCupid legit or scam?

To start with, the site belongs to Cupid Media, which exists for more than two decades and proved to be a legit service. The niche site got its code of conduct and permission to function. IndianCupid review of policies shows a classic example of obligations the platform has. The users are also responsible for their actions on the site. To be specific, the site is obliged to provide the space for the user to socialize, find matches, and perform other actions the site advertises. In case of a bug, the site is responsible for fixing and compensating the users.

Since the site charges for membership, it is up to them to direct the user to a proper payment method. Although the site is not processing the payments, it cooperates with well-known and trusted online payment systems.

The user has a set of obligations and agrees to specific rules when signing up with the site. Note that you need to tick a box on the stage of registration. It contains the agreement with the code of conduct. In a nutshell, the users are not allowed to violate international communication rules. So, avoid pornographic content, do not engage in an online commerce venture via the site. It is created for communication specifically. The only purchase you can make on the website is related to virtual gifts or membership packages.

Is IndianCupid legit or scam?

What members on this site?

IndianCupid review of members shows a diversity of ethnicities. Although it is a site for Indians primarily, the admirers of Indian singles are a few. The main countries represented on the site are Canada, India, Malaysia, the USA, and the UK. These are just the major groups. Using the location filter enables you to find the singles nearby, whether you are in China or New Zealand. The surveys show that most users are ready to move to another country or have the partner moving with them as long as they are soulmates.

Sexual orientation

IndianCupid review of gender policies shows LGBT+ friendliness. However, the stats show that the straight male population prevails. About 55 % of users are straight men. A large number of users have membership in the Platinum type and come to find a partner for marriage.

Age Distribution

IndianCupid is a website for adults, so the user has to reach the legal age of 18 to join the site. In case you detect the user impersonating an adult, the account should be reported. IndianCupid review of popular age categories among the users shows the following: 21-25 y.o. – 30%, 25 – 30 y.o. – 30%, 35 – 45 y.o. – 20%. The rest belongs to diverse age categories.

Sign-Up Process & Login Info

IndianCupid review of the signing up process has not identified any complications. The process is simple and understandable. The user needs an email address, but the verification is not obligatory. Another way is to sign up with Facebook. If you are big on safety, better avoid tying the dating account to any social network. Your privacy settings in social networks might not be set right, and your friends might see it on their feed that you joined the site. No harm in that, unless you want to hide it.

During the registration process, the user needs to upload the photo, and it takes about 24 -32 hours to approve that photo, so hold on. On the other hand, it gives you ample time to fill in the profile appropriately.

IndianCupid What members on this site?

Profile creation

If you have any experience with dating sites, especially with those that belong to Cupid Media, you will recognize the profile layout. It is pretty standard and has sections that users fill in. The vital info that serves as data for matching the profiles is gender, age, preferences, and location. As a rule, the users look for people of a certain age and location. So, make sure to correct your residence in case you move.

From the IndianCupid review of profiles, we can conclude that users prefer to fill in a lot of text descriptions. There are extended descriptions of lifestyle and preferences in partners. To be fair, it simplifies the task for both you and your match. If you indicate the features that you cannot stand, you will be aware of your preferences, and you can avoid the awkward moment.

The other observation is related to photos. A lot of users of both genders, males and females, prefer to upload high-quality and resolution pictures. At times they are professional shots. So, if you are looking to find a match at the site, make sure to upload good images.

IndianCupid does not have a compulsory verification procedure, but to win a badge, you might upload your ID. As soon as the ID is checked, the profile gets the badge. The users tend to trust the verified profiles more for obvious reasons.


There are two ways to go after you register and set up the profile. One way is remaining a free member and enjoying the free-of-charge services that the site can offer. Another option is to get a paid membership and be able to use all the communication and interaction tools the site has to offer.

Upon registration, the user will receive a list of recommended matches. These will be people selected based on gender, age, and location filters. The user can use a basic search to find a more precise match, though. With the free account, the user can send a wink to a selected match and add it to favorites.

With a paid membership, the user can text others instantly and use all the free features. All the profiles you liked or added to favorites are saved in the activity tab. There is also a possibility to check out the previous matches that popped up in your previous searches.

Last but not least, there is an option to look through the most popular searches and search results. In this section, you can find members who registered recently, those who gained the most popularity or uploaded a fresh photo gallery.

IndianCupid Messaging

Platform for use

IndianCupid is a platform developed by Cupid Media, and it has particular symbolics of a brand as well as the overall design. It is a niche site, so it has specific visuals, but in general, the platform is easily recognizable.


The desktop version of the site is multifunctional and contains a lot of useful information. The information layout is effective. It is not overcrowded with irrelevant ads. Only service-related pieces of text are displayed on the main page. The site works under the protection of an SSL certificate.

The modern competition on the market forces all companies to have an application. The reality is that most people use the mobile app when they are on the way. IndianCupid attempted to be present in everyone’s device. However, the app is now available for Android only. It leaves iOS and Microsoft users out. They are offered to use the mobile version of the website, though. The mobile version has a little drawback. It does not have a thumbnail feature.

The interface of the mobile app is not sophisticated or unusual. It has a top bar menu with the options to chat, or search members, or look through the list of people you liked.

IndianCupid Platform for use

Design and Usability

The design of IndianCupid is classy, so is the design of every Cupid Media website. It has a well-structured layout of the information. It loads quickly, and navigation from one page to another happens smoothly.

All the functions on the site are clickable. The user needs a stable Internet connection to use all the features. The app works fine with the mobile Internet. The main features are located on the top and bottom of the screen. The top menu has the features used more often. The bottom menu contains sections that serve as informational windows.

IndianCupid Navigation site

IndianCupid Costs and Prices

IndianCupid review of prices shows three options. There is a free account option, Platinum and Gold. The paid memberships last one or three months or one year. The prices of the Platinum package are $39.99, $79.98, and $159.99 correspondingly. The Gold membership prices are $34.99, $69.98, and $139.99.

The signing up process comes for free as well as the profile setup. The other free features are basic search, profile review, and likes. The rest of the features require payment. These are:

  • All communication tools;
  • Anonymous mode of searching and viewing other profile;
  • Advanced search filters.

How to pay

First of all, the user needs to set up the billing process. You can have the automatic renewal of membership or a manual one. In case you forget to prolong the membership, the paid features, including messaging, will be blocked the minute your membership expires.

Payment systems

IndianCupid cooperates with many payment systems, so the users from any country in the world can easily pay for the services. All the payments are secured, and the site does not charge a commission for the services, in case some fees were withdrawn to address your banking institution. The users can opt for a convenient service, which is either bank transfer, credit, or debit card. Online payments are processed by Stripe. PayPal is also available.

IndianCupid How to pay

Safety & Security

Visit the section “Dating Safety” to find the extended description of potential scamming strategies. The site warns that scammers usually appeal to the emotions of users. The scam might have a perfectly tailored account with the real photos and descriptions and have a conversation with the user for ages. Eventually, the scammer might ask for money or any other favors. Avoid such accounts and report them right away. Asking for financial support or favors is forbidden on the site since it serves a different purpose. Since scammers get wiser with the time, the site recommends keeping your personal information private for as long as possible. Do not disclose your surname, address, and workplace. If you decide to arrange a live meeting, mind that the website will not be able to protect you in any way, so warn your relatives or friends about the occasion.


All users are encouraged but not forced to upload their credentials to get the verified account badge. Everyone should stick to the rules described in the agreement signed by users initially. No abusive or pornographic content is allowed on the site. In case the moderators notice the suspicious behavior, and if other users report so, the account will be terminated.

Special Features

Cupid Tags. IndianCupid has a feature that is pertinent to most Cupid Media sites. These are cupid tags that signify the personality or appearance characteristics and are used as keywords for searches.

Notes. The users can leave notes on the profiles of other users. The notes are visible to you only, and they may contain any written information you want to include, like the real name of the person or a pet’s name.

Searches. The members with the paid account get access to advanced filters of search. The basic search connects people based on gender, preference in age, and location. However, with the advanced filters, you can search for a person with a particular appearance.

IndianCupid Special Features


Undoubtedly, IndianCupid is an acknowledged platform that has been doing a good job matching singles from different corners of the globe, creating happy families and couples.

It is a place where singles do not feel pressured or watched. Expressing your needs, preferences, regardless of the worldview, is allowed. The person is not judged based on the preferences. Registering with IndianCupid does not mean a person is traditional. Indians live in almost every corner of the world, practice various religions, and preach various worldviews. The platform is there to connect with the like-minded Indian singles to create a strong bond and potentially a family.

The years of experience on the market polished the security and scam prevention strategies of the platform. IndianCupid has a rapid system of reaction to scam profiles, as well as users’ complaints. All users know that they can address the support, and it is an existent department that replies and sorts out the issues.

Creating a profile on the site is free. The members are offered a paid account as well. It has some enhanced features that come at a moderate price. So, visit IndianCupid if you ever feel lonely.

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