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Instabang Review 2021

Instabang Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 7%
Reply rate 95%
Beauty 94%
Popular age 25-34
Profiles 2.100.000
About Site
Visit rate 9.5
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Easy hookups
  • Hot men and women
  • Engaging and flirtatious users
  • No censorship, explicit content
  • 1,200,000 clients from USA
  • Fairly young audience
  • More than 2,000,000 visitors worldwide
  • High activity
  • Kinky content
  • Worldwide website for all nations and races
  • Exclusivity
  • Easy signup
  • Many ways to contact other people
  • 24/7 support
  • Location-based search
  • Free likes and messages
  • Special features
  • Average price
  • Fake profiles happen
  • Viewing pages is a paid feature

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Briefly Introducing Instabang

This service has an 11-year-long history with its ups and downs. The infamous Global Personals company created it. According to the Instabang review data, the site is closely affiliated with the Uberhorny platform. Instabang suggests casual meetings, fun, and no complications in terms of relationships. Here you can take it easy and chat with other horny clients. In the Instabang review, you will get to know the site more, including its prices, members, and most efficient features.

What Are the Chances to Get Scammed on Instabang?

Like many similar dating sites where marriage is not the priority, Instabang has a real deal of scammer pages. Once you see a hot woman in a bikini, you cannot usually tell whether this person exists unless you have a chance to talk and get to know her. Well, many photos are stolen from other sources, so like with most hookup platforms, your discretion is advised. To combat this problem, the Instabang security team recommends that you verify your account to increase the possibility of interacting with real people. Additionally, the support team works 24/7 to ensure your safe experience. In case you see a spurious page with false information, a made-up user with weird suggestions, you are free to complain and get them removed. That is how most services work nowadays — by manually cleaning up the feed from malicious people.

However, the Instabang review statistics claim that there is a 60%-chance that you communicate with real members. Genuine profiles always prevail; try to stay cautious about who you share personal information with.

What Are the Chances to Get Scammed on Instabang?

Can You Make Acquaintance With Really Hot People?

Instabang has an incredible activity for a hookup dating site. On average, there are more than 19,700 daily logins. The overall number of registered users is about to exceed two million people. Members try to engage in different types of connections, talking, sexting, and watching videos every second. You can see most active users who post daily on a Trending Now page.

When it comes to location, the Instabang review states that over 1,200,000 visitors live in the USA. However, you can also meet people from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and European countries, such as Great Britain, Germany, France, and so on. Users of Instabang are scattered around the world, but you can find someone to talk to and hook up with almost instantly. The site uses the location search, showing in what proximity a particular person is.

Is This Site Equally Useful for Straight and Gay Users?

First of all, according to the Instabang review data, 76% of visitors are male. The target audience is straight males who are looking for a hookup. However, 24% of females are also quite active members, making up for that gap with their activity and desire to talk. Females love uploading explicit stuff, posting lewd content into a gallery, and sending provocative videos.

When it comes to Instabang, sexual orientation is straight. Here, men are searching for sexual pleasure with women, and girls are ready to respond. You won’t find many men seeking other men, transsexuals, pansexuals, and representatives of different sexual orientations. However, there is a same-sex search option; but mind that Instabang is not targeted for same-sex relationships.

You can register as a single man, woman, or couple. You can search for singles from other couples. Hypothetically, you can meet not only heterosexual couples on this website.

Instabang Is This Site Equally Useful for Straight and Gay Users?

How Old Are Men and Women Here?

Instabang has a fairly young audience, with more people being between 25 and 34 years old. It is the very age of peak sexual activity, so these numbers are standard for a hookup dating platform. Like the Instabang review admits, representatives of the older generation happen rarely, but you can successfully meet males over 40 and women slightly under 40. Each age bracket is represented on Instabang. Here, you can choose to hook up with people over 18 and up to 99 years old.

How to Sign-Up or Log in?

The signup process on Instabang is easier than easy. To join, you just need to visit the website and find a registration window. It will take less than five minutes and is completely free.

First, you need to state your sex (male, female, or both if you are a couple). Then, check the option you want to execute. Are you looking for a boy, a girl, or a couple? State your choice. Then, you need to provide an email to register on the platform, come up with a trusty password, and name the city you are currently living in. To find a zip-code, just use the pop-up Google prompt and select a city from the list. You can change zip codes as you travel. After that, you have to specify your age. If you agree with the policy terms and are ready to provide your email for verification, then you can use Instabang.

The login procedure takes even less time. To log in, simply type in your email and password, and you are good to go.

Instabang How to Sign-Up or Log in?

The Process of Creating a Profile

After completing the registration, you will see a gallery with at least 20 new people. To start, Instabang needs to understand your preferences. Once you see an attractive person on your feed, mark them as desirable, and the site will send winks to twenty members who caught your attention.

After making it to your page, you need to fill in your information. First, state your zip-code, upload the photo, and write something about yourself. Here you can share info on your kinks, sizes, style – whatever you want to display. Because it is an adult site, there is no censorship. The platform works a lot like Instagram — you are to add photos and share comments. The best pics are in the Hot Chart each week.

Is Contacting Users Straightforward Here?

On Instabang, talking to people is easy, but not free. You can add users to your Favorites list, send messages, like their photos. Moreover, you can’t miss an exciting individual since you’ll be notified once they are online. On the main news feed page, you can view other members’ uploads, share information, and comment on their pics.

To contact people and interact with them, you need to get Gold membership. Reading messages allows you to inform someone of your meeting or share mutual likes. You also cannot check who have seen your page, unless you have a Gold membership.

However, if it’s your trial period, don’t be sad. You can still interact with users. How? If you go to a “Trending Now” page, everyone can see any post with any status. All members can like and comment on those photos. If you are a sleek talker, you can go on a date straight out of the comments section.

Instabang has a comprehensive arsenal of search filters: gender, location, age, interests, appearance, kinks, and some more criteria. On this site, you can also see who is online and who is in your proximity.

Instabang Is Contacting Users Straightforward Here?

Is It Available Both for Computers and Mobile Phones?

Even though the functionality resembles Instagram — a viral mobile app, Instabang doesn’t offer its community a mobile counterpart. Let’s hope they will work on that and release something exciting very soon.

Computer Version

Instabang online is the standard version you can come across. It is easy to navigate through the site, using your computer or laptop without a rush. Instabang includes all necessary features so that clients can comfortably chat with strangers and even arrange a hookup. A desktop version is accessible because it is easy to use, quick, and has a decent design. Instabang dating happens in front of the screen, where both parties are looking for fun at home, watching user’s videos, and discussing naughty things.

Instabang Is It Available Both for Computers and Mobile Phones?

Is There Any App?

Unfortunately, Instabang mobile is not a thing. You would naturally expect from a hookup site to provide an app because it is easier to arrange meetings on the go or stream somewhere other than your office. But Instabang is yet to think this through and provide you with high-quality Instabang hookups for IOS and Android. Developers promise to add that feature. But for now, you can comfortably use the desktop version on your phone or tablet because it is optimized for that purpose. The mobile adaptation doesn’t differ from the original desktop one at all.

Instabang Is There Any App?

Will The Design and Usability Impress You?

To be honest in this Instabang review, the design is quite basic. It looks slightly outdated, resembling a 2012 Instagram interface. Generally, judging from the play of words, Instabang applied many techniques from Instagram. Here, the color palette is dark-blue with a white background. You can tell that developers tried to follow the infamous social media’s footsteps. You can find the gallery that looks like an Insta feed. Because it is based on hookups, there is not much-written information. All you can see is photos, and they look expectedly good. There is not much text going around, only in statuses and bios. You don’t have to bore yourself with lengthy questionnaires and read stories. Overall, the feed looks like an outdated Instagram interface, which is nostalgic, of course, in a certain way.

In terms of usability, Instabang’s developers have made it very understandable for every visitor from 20 to 90. There is nothing complicated because the options are limited to connections, watching photos, and hooking up. You will sure master this website in two seconds.

Instabang Will The Design and Usability Impress You?

What This Dating Site Offers to Its Members?

According to the Instabang review research, navigation is one of the favorite features of visitors. Here, you will not see annoying bars with additional text. On Instabang, you will come across the Home panel, a gallery where all women upload their photos. To the right, you can choose a Search option to start narrowing down your criteria. Here you can look for partners by sexual preference, gender, age, country, online status, as well as trigger an advanced search.

Additionally, you can see who is online at the moment. Finally, from your page, you can access the Video Chat, where people share their exclusive videos.

In the top right corner, there is a speech bubble icon, which means that here you can check your messages. It’s also possible here to tweak your profile to add or delete some details.

Instabang What This Dating Site Offers to Its Members?

How Much Is a Subscription at Instabang?

To avail of most features, you will need to purchase a Gold Membership subscription. How much does it cost? Well, it depends on the duration. Instabang offers you a 2- and 7-days, 1-, 6-, and 12-month packages. Like on many sites, the more you buy, the lower the price will be for one month.

For example, a 2-day trial will cost you $0,95, a seven-day one — $9,95. If you decide to subscribe for a month, it will cost you $ 34,95. Half a year will be $ 69,95, and, finally, a year membership is $80,04. These are average prices for a dating platform. The platform guarantees that you will receive another three months for free if you don’t find a lover during the first three months.

Instabang uses an auto-renewal system for its payment. You can cancel it in your account settings.

What Do Members Get From Free vs. Paid Access?

Just like you expected from a dating site, you can’t do much with a basic account. On Instabang, you can send likes, messages, add users to the Favorites list, post on Trending Now page, and use advanced search filters for free.

However, it is not enough if you want to commit fully and hook up with someone. To get a better version, you need to pay for a membership, and then you will be able to read messages, view profiles, invite and be invited to group chats, and private conversations. You will also see who liked or viewed your page and use an exclusive swipe game only for paid subscribers.

Instabang How Much Is a Subscription at Instabang?

How to Make the Payment?

To pay for an Instabang membership, you can click on the colorful banner with membership plans. The site notifies you about your options from time to time. After that, choose your pack and simply proceed to select a banking method. The platform accepts credit cards only. You will then be taken to a processing page and notified when the operation is successfully completed.

Instabang How to Make the Payment?

Safety & Security

Instabang has a decent amount of positive feedback. Judging from every other Instabang review, you need to use the site with caution. You will not be scammed out of your personal information unless you take every step towards the goal. To stay safe, do not click on advertisement banners of third-party sites and always protect your cookies. Instabang does not process much of your personal info other than billing history and your actions. The fact that you can verify the account enhances security and makes it more trustworthy.

Can a Member Come Across Scammers Here?

As stated previously in the Instabang review, you need to stay away from users who are sending unsolicited information, photos, or unwanted requests. No adult sites can entirely combat all the scammers, as is it easy for them to prosper on websites like Instabang. Take your information seriously and do not share it with anyone unless you see them in person and are ready to estimate your trust level.

Instabang Safety & Security

What Are Unique Perks of This Place?

  • Who Is Streaming

With this feature, you can see who is streaming the hottest videos right now.

  • Swipe Game

It is a paid tool that allows you to swipe left or right based on your likings. It works just like Tinder and is rather interactive.

  • Who’s Cute Game

It is similar to a Swipe Game, but you get to choose from fifty candidates. Based on your perception of their attractiveness, check a green checkmark if they are worth your attention, and a red cross if they are not your type.

  • Premium Content

It is an exclusive gallery with unique adult content. To watch it, you will need to pay extra credits.

  • Premium Live Cams

It is a helper that leads you to a different site with professional and experienced webcam models.

Rounding up

Instabang is a hookup platform for adults seeking a one-night stand. It is an easy-to-use and a quick website for all hookup lovers. Instabang includes free and paid functionality, has many unique perks, is inclusive and understandable. However, scammers can be the main disadvantage of this portal.

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