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Feabie Review 2021

Feabie Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 86%
Beauty 80%
Popular age 20-25
Profiles 1 200 000
About Site
Visit rate 8.2
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • Advanced search engine (which takes into account geological features) for finding partners and friends.
  • The availability of smartphone applications for both Android and iOS.
  • Member’s privacy and security are of primary importance for Feabie’s developers.
  • At Feabie, members can communicate as video chat rooms.
  • Registered members can comment on profile photos and receive comments on their ones.
  • Sometimes, ordinary things (such as to visit the gym or beauty salon) appear among the reasons for anger.
  • It is difficult to tag people you would like to see because of the absence of @ option.
  • You will not see who liked something that you have posted.
  • The server’s platform is sometimes weak and faces crashes.
  • It is impossible to respond to visitors’ comments under your photos as Feabie (only likes are acceptable).

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How Can Be Feabie Characterized

This Feabie review will not be an ordinary one because the target population of this dating service goes far beyond the accepted standards of beauty. Primarily, there was a Grover community for gay men looking for overweight couples. Then, the developers of this platform decided to organize a website for everyone fond of chubby faces, fat admirers among men and women. Some support body equity and do not pay attention to a person’s body mass index. Such words as thick, bellied, fat, plumpy, and much more similar are among the favorite of Feabie’s members.

The number of those who are among the website’s members is constantly growing. Nowadays, there are more than one hundred thousand visitors here. More than two thousands continue their communication every moment. New members join the community regularly. Such an interest derives from the changes in society and its democratization. Currently, people perceive more adequately those who are different. From the Feabie review, we can see that this website also functions as a social media. Here, people can message with their friends without the pressure of dating. However, if you are interested in one another, the relationships can grow in something more intimate. Also, there, it is difficult to insult here because of your appearance. Besides, you will receive here several features that will facilitate your communication with friends and potential partners.

How Can Be Feabie Characterized

Feabie is legit as it operates without any violations of someone’s rights. It gathers people who admire those with a high body mass index. This category of people often receive characteristics of obese people. But they do not violate the law. Moreover, they act according to the general human rights where each person receives respect despite his or her appearance. The legit status of the Feabie community is supported by the fact that it is closely related to a Facebook social media platform. The security system of Facebook is undeniable. That is why we can be calm about the safety of all the data at the Feabie community. From this Feabie review, we will see that the community’s members did not report scammers’ activity. The reason for it may be because the activity of Feabie social media does not relate to huge money or something like that.

Who Visit This Website the Most Frequently?

As compared to other dating websites, Feabie enjoys less popular because of its specific target population. The age of an average Feabie’s visitor is approximately 29 years old. Of course, there are younger and older subscribers. Those who are among the community members do not mind when others call them fat admirers, chubby chasers, BBW, BHM, and many other concepts related to overweight people.

Also, the visitor of Feabie must not be overweight. There can be males with normal body mass index who are fond of fat women and vice versa. Thus, everything depends on the preferences of the website’s visitors.

Is There Evident Distribution According to Sexual Orientation

The Feabie review demonstrates that the representatives of all genders and sexual preferences are active within the website’s visitors. We cannot say that only heterosexuals are present here. As was noted above, the Feabie website is a derivative from the other website for gay males who loved obese and overweight men. To the contrary, Feabie is a “home” for all genders and adherents of all sexual orientations, including the representatives of LGBTQ communities. However, the representatives of predominant sexual orientation are heterosexual.

Which Age Category Is the Most Active Here?

As we mentioned above, the medium age category at Feabie is 29 years old. It does not mean that all members of the community are among this age. But we may assume that those who actively use Feabie are predominantly youngsters from 24 to 35 years old. This age category is in constant search of their love when they are the most reproductive. However, not all of them are looking for their love. Some want only to speak with friends and find new interesting people with exciting fates and ways of thinking.

Which Age Category Is the Most Active Here?

How to Sign up and Which Data Is Required for Registration?

This Feabie review underlines that the sign-up process is quite simple here. It is not complicated with unnecessary steps and chaotic presses of buttons. The time of the sign-up process at Feabie depends on you. If you want to enter as much information as possible, then it will take approximately twenty minutes. In the other case, you may sign up for only one minute.

For signing up, it is necessary to enter your user name and develop a secure password. All the other things which indicate yourself, such as age, date of birth, height, hair color, education, and other you will enter the next page of the profile. Of course, it is possible to skip this step, but if you want your profile to look better, you should enter all these. Before filling all the lines, it will be necessary to verify your email address by answering the sent letter.

What Steps to Undertake for Profile Creation?

Before profile creation at Feabie, it is necessary to sign up. Also, you can postpone the procedure of profile creation to the time when it is convenient. Then, it will be necessary to sign in and continue. You will have to choose a profile photo. It is better to select your photo because if you post not your photo, you may receive a ban from the administration of the Feabie website. There are lots of lines to fill. We would advise filling all of them because it will facilitate your search among other members. Further, at this Feabie review, we will see that this platform has an advanced search tool. That is why it is better to tell you about your interests, hobbies, favorite places, and food. Food is an exceptional subject for discussions because it is not a secret that overweight people love to eat tasty food.

Primary Means of Communication Between Members

It is difficult to see that Feabie is only a dating website. Additionally, it is a social media platform that helps its members engage in various ways of communication. The most widespread is messaging between members. This opportunity is available to both free and fee-based members. A distinctive feature of Feabie is video chat rooms, which are not present in many dating websites. There, people can communicate with their friends or potential partners by seeing them. It contributes to a faster meeting in reality or stop of any further communication. The other means of communication is the possibility to comment on photos. Sometimes, the number of comments under one photo is difficult to count. In this case, people share their thoughts, likes, or hates concerning the profile. In such a way, Feabie is close to the majority of social media platforms where such a possibility is available.

Primary Means of Communication Between Members

On Which Platforms Is This Service Available

Further, at this Feabie review, we will look into detail that Feabie is available for its users as a desktop version and an application for smartphones. Such an approach of this service’s designers attracts more attention from external users and those interested in themes of feeding, obesity, and everything related.

Main Features of Desktop Version?

The most widely used version is the desktop one. Here, the quality of the photos is better. Also, more options are available on one page of the Feabie website. Thus, you do not need to list thousands of pages to find that you need.

Main Features of Smartphone Application

Fortunately, Feabie managed to develop its broader influence with the help of smartphone applications. All smartphone users can download this dating app either at Google Play Market or Apple App Store. Both software (Android and iOS) apply to the Feabie dating service. The applications repeat all the features which are present at the desktop version of the website. But for smartphones, the screen is adjusted to the size of the mobile device. In order not to miss communication with friends and partners, the application will send push notifications, informing them that new messages in the user’s inbox are waiting for the reply.

How Website’s Design Facilitates Its Usability?

The design of the Feabie website is quite easy and comfortable. Even those who see the website for the first time will find everything necessary without any troubles. All these facilitate the usability of the website and do not distract the members’ attention from the primary purposes of why they are here. It is not difficult to understand how to respond to questions and comment on someone’s photos in their profiles.

Main Options and Opportunities for Website Navigation?

When providing a thorough Feabie review, it is easy to notice all the advanced features suggested for community members. All the buttons are titled and help reach your aim: to write a message, read a message, launch a video chat, or see who liked your profiles. However, not all these features are available for free members. For more extended opportunities, the users have to pay additionally.

Main Options and Opportunities for Website Navigation?

Price for Fee-Based Membership at Feabie

Taking into account that Feabie is both a dating website and social media, it is one of the cheapest websites among the other websites of this kind. Thus, for a month of advanced membership, it will be necessary to pay 8 dollars USD. A year subscription will cost a little bit more than 60 dollars. On some websites, such a price is for the monthly subscription. However, there is a question of whether a fee-based membership is much better than free-based membership. This information we will disclose below.

What Additional Features Does Fee-Based Membership Have as Compared to Free Membership

At Feabie, free membership offers the following opportunities:

  • Only 25 photos of someone’s profile will open in full size.
  • Members can block other users, but for men, the number of blocks reaches a limit of ten.
  • You can write only to ten profiles a day.
  • There is an opportunity to comment on other’s statuses and continue unlimited conversation under photos.
  • Among those who visited your page, you will be able to see only the last 15 members.
  • You can provide a video chat communication

As an advanced member at Feabie, you will be able to do the following:

  • You can look through each unlimited number of photos.
  • You can write an unlimited number of times on someone’s walls.
  • The quantity of those to whom you can write exceeds ten users.
  • You can control someone’s weight history without any limitations.
  • Searching for other members is also unlimited.

As can be seen, the advanced subscription provides the same possibility but makes it unlimited. However, the number of opportunities under free membership is more than enough.

What Additional Features Does Fee-Based Membership Have as Compared to Free Membership

Ways to Pay for Services

At Feabie, premium or advanced membership can be paid with a credit card, mobile phone, or PayPal. Taking into account that the price is low, each subscriber may provide the payment without any troubles.

How Is Payment Operated by the System?

Feabie’s system operates each payment. An advanced membership starts from the day of payment and ends in a month or a year. Everything depends on the amount of paid money. When the payment period has expired, the member automatically obtains the conditions of free membership.

Main Safety and Security Principles at Feabie

All the users’ information remains within the walls of the Feabie community. No third person can reach any users’ data by Google search. All the confidential information remains secret. If you feel pressure from some of the users, you can block them. In such a way, only some users will not be able to see your profile. If you want to delete your profile, there is an option to do so. As a result, the Feabie administration will delete your profile without any questions.

Are Scammers Active Here?

As a rule, dating websites cannot exist without scamming activity. However, Feabie’s review demonstrates that there can be exceptions to the rule. If they are present here, their activity is not so vivid. There is no serious background for their activity because users do not have to pay big money for the subscription at Feabie. Thus, the activity of scammers is weak here. On the contrary, there are many rude people, for whom it is easy to offend you on the background of your weight of other body features.

Are Scammers Active Here?

The Unique Features Available at the Website

Feabie offers some features which make this website interesting for use. For example, it has an advanced search filter, which will facilitate in finding friends and mates. Also, it takes into attention your geolocation. It is beneficial if you would like to find someone for real-life meetings. For better knowledge of your friends and partners, you can talk with them with the help of video chats. All your data is under protection from unauthorized access. For this, the website involves SSL encryption. If you are on the road, you may use Feabie’s application on your smartphone.

Which Conclusion Will Be the Most Truthful

Many reviews of the Feabie website underline that it is one of the best dating websites for big beautiful women and big, handsome men looking for their love or simple friendship. It offers a pleasant social atmosphere if you are fond of big sizes. This website will be acceptable for those who can buy premium subscriptions and those who cannot. Both these sides will receive the same opportunities but in different quantities. In any case, Feabie is worth being visited. If you like big sizes, do not hesitate to visit Feabie.

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