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Jswipe Review 2021

Jswipe Review 2021
About Girls
Date with older guy 0%
Reply rate 74%
Popular age 28-35
Beauty 60%
Profiles 2 690 000
About Site
Visit rate 9.1
Fraud Very Rarely
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Pros and Cons

  • The best place for looking for a serious partner because there are millions of users.
  • A lot of highlight features available without essentially paying for a membership.
  • The cost to join premium membership is not that expensive beside its competitors.
  • The application support geo-area to find someone suitable for dates. It encourages users to meet nearby and universal Jewish.
  • The application is user friendly and easy to use.
  • Distance option is customizable and has an "around the world" swiping alternative.
  • Members are youthful, need a serious relationship, and have a purposeful life.
  • May not be the best alternative for those living in smaller towns. It is perfect for those who live in a big town because it has a large community there.
  • Messaging is restricted if both parties don't like each other.
  • There is only one way to join, which is Facebook. If you don't have a Facebook account, you can’t join this community.
  • A match has an expiry date and will lapse in 18 days.
  • This is not suitable for those looking for a casual relationship or just one night stand encounter.

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What is Jswipe?

An online dating platform has have gotten amazingly well known for years because they allow people worldwide to get a scope of fun things without even expecting to open their internet browsers. Another incredible thing about this application is the power to give us benefits as much as possible from cellphones and tablets such as cameras, touchscreens, and more. In April 2014, properly during Passover, a businessman, and Jewish American developer, David Yarus established a dating application known as Jswipe.

According to the Jswipe review, the app is under controlled by Smooch Labs Incorporation, and then under care by Spark Network in 2015. This platform has been is one of the biggest and the fastest developing Jewish dating applications in the market. Besides, the application has been marked as the “Jewish Tinder.”

For all this time, this application has more than 600,000 users across 70 nations as of now. This is the right place to discover a new love and relationship. Not only for jews, nowadays, this dating platform has made its ways for non-Koshers who want to know about Jewish culture, even more, considering to marry a Jew some time in the future.

The Jswipe review announces if you are searching for a young Jewish lady or Jewish person for long-term relationships, pure love, and somebody who can bring a joyful family, this is the right spot. But if you search for casual encounters or just a sex partner, this may not be the best place for you.

Is Jswipe legit or scam?


The site can be said legit because there are no fake members so far. However, if there are some, the team will fix this issue directly and it will be deleted by them. This site also doesn’t receive complaints from many users. It is proofed by its high rating in any mobile store.

Moreover, there is no significant virus breakdowns when using this application, even though many users are accessing it. This website also updates their email and address. Therefore, there is no reason to say this site is not legit.

What members on this site

Many members are found in the big cities of the US, such as New York, Los Angeles, and Tel Aviv. Some members come from smaller cities, but still, this community dominated in big towns.

Sexual orientation

It is evaluated that male users dominated about 78.1%, then female users evaluated with only 21.9%. Therefore, the male users are larger than the female.

Age Distribution

Based on a survey that took 60% of respondents from the US shows that the age range of the users is 26% from 18 and 24, 54% from 25 to 34, 18% from 35 to 54, and 2% from 55 to 64.

90% of the users are in their 20s, but there are 35 or older as well, and it is not possible to find someone interested.

Sign up process and login info

Jswipe Sign up process

The Jswipe review shows that the application is user friendly and easy to navigate. There is only a single method to register, Facebook. Therefore, this application can be used by someone who has a Facebook account. If you don’t have any Facebook account, you need to pursue this social networking platform.

After downloading the app, you will see “Login with Facebook.” Button, you need to tap on it, and the application will access your data on Facebook. This information will be matched up with your Jswipe account.

Even though your matches will be someone near you, but a worldwide swiping choice is available for those who are searching for a partner from another place.

Profile creation

Jswipe Profile creation

The signing up process won’t take for a long time. You have to fill some personal data, including your status as a Jewish, traditional, conservative, convert, or other. After that, you need to fill your age, gender, location, and your preferred partner.

After that, you have to describe yourself more in the “about me” area. In the final stage, you need to upload four photos to complete all the processes. The application works by utilizing personal data from your Facebook account. So, it doesn’t need a lot of personal information anymore.


There are some features to look for many users. A feature called “Explore” lets you peruse many users profiles without swipe. As a free member, generally, you can only send messages to the other users if only they liked you back.

This application is a match-based service. Therefore, the users who are recommended for you depend on the location. But this feature also allows you to decide whether you need to shorten or broaden your search. Moreover, it has an “around the world” option to make friends all over the world.

There is no swipe limit in the app, so you can simply swipe it throughout the day. At the point you get a match, try to leave them a message because the matching profile will expire within 18 days.

Platform for use

Jswipe Platform for use

Jswipe only has a mobile version. The desktop version is not available yet.


Unfortunately, there is no website version for this platform. Whereas, most of the dating site platform has a desktop version, this one doesn’t have it. The company may have several factors or another purpose for this issue.


According to the Jswipe review, this dating site only has a mobile application. Therefore, you can get the application via App store for iPhone and Google play store for android. Users give a rating of 4 out of 5 in the Play Store and 4.3 out of 5 in the App Store.

Design and usability

Jswipe Design and usability

The layout and design looks easy and user friendly. The design is basic. Even new users will be able to use it easily. The color itself dominated by blue. The fonts and the color look eyecatching and balance each other.

Therefore, it is famous and has a huge number of downloads, even from non-Jewish individuals.

This dating platform only available for mobile versions, but as said before, the design is easy to use. Therefore, as a result, many non-Jewish used this application to find their partner desire.

Jswipe Costs and Prices

Jswipe Costs and Prices

The cost begins from zero to hundreds of dollars, depending on which type of member you want to join. If you wish to join free membership, you don’t have to pay anything. But if you wish to upgrade your membership, you have to pay from $24.99 to $59.99.

When you try to join a free membership and see how it goes, you don’t need to worry about the fee. But it is important to know that a free member-only get several features such as viewing member profiles, uploading photos, and getting one daily super swipe. But one good thing is you can swipe as much as you like every day.

On the other hand, if you wish to join a paid membership, you will get all features like free members and many additional features. You can instantly start to like and send a message to the user who is interested in you. It doesn’t matter how many profiles you will like. It is all free for you.

There are also five extra super swipe and one free super note. As a premium member, your profile will be boosted and appear at the top. You can also see which photos of you get the most interest.

Premium membership divides into three options of offers, a month, three months and six months. You will be charged $24.99 for a monthly membership, $44.99 for three months of membership. This option might be more expensive at the beginning, but you will be charged $15 only for each month.

The last offer is $59.99 for six months membership. This option is the most expensive of all at the beginning, but you will be charged $10 only for each month.

How to pay

Jswipe How to pay

If you wish to join for a premium membership, Jswipe has various options for you.

Payment systems

The Jswipe review explores that there are some alternatives enrollment for this site. They support payments such as google pay, debit card, and prepaid card. You can find more information about debit and prepaid card by contacting their customer service.

Since the members might come from all over the world, some members are curious whether the site accepts another payment such as PayPal, apple pay, and amazon pay. But unfortunately, these methods of payment are not available yet.

Safety & Security

Jswipe How to pay

The application permits you to sign in just a Facebook account, which likewise draws your data from your Facebook profile. But don’t worry, they won’t post anything on your profile or inform your friends that you have joined the application.

This is the way to check and guarantee if the users are genuine. Your profile details and personal data will always be encrypted and protected.


In any case, you can always report someone who appears to be suspicious. You can contact the team service at info@jswipeapp.com to report the user. , you should report them quickly to the Jswipe group, who will make a move and expel them.

This will shield you and different profiles from future misleading. If you don’t want to communicate or get notification from them once more, you can erase matches.

There hasn’t been any grumbling about a fake account so far. But still, you have to be more careful and contact the team if you have any issues.

Special Features

Jswipe Special Features

There are some great features in Jswipe whether for free member or paid member:

  • SuperNote

The ‘Super Note’ is a feature for premium membership that lets you send messages even if the users haven’t swiped directly on you.

  • Passport

This is also a premium membership feature that has a function to change your location.

  • Optimize Profile Photo

This one is also for premium members only. With this feature, you will see which one of your photos gets you the most right swipes.

  • Super swipe

This feature is given to both free and premium membership. It works like Tinder, and you will get one Super Swipe for each day. If you are truly keen on somebody, send them this, and once they get the notice, they can decide whether to like you back or not.

  • Supernote

On the application, supernote is symbolized by the little purple envelope. It’s not the same as Tinder have, you don’t need to essentially match another user to send them a message if you have this feature.

  • Instagram linking

The application permits you to connect to your Instagram account. This will show other users a different side of you and get to know you more.

  • Boost

If you have joined premium membership, you can buy this feature to place your profile at the top results for around 30 minutes.

  • Geo-location

This application gives you potential matches that are close to your current location. You can change the location by changing the area settings. You can select the blue plane symbol on your profile and in the hunt bar to change a different area and type of the city you desire.

This feature also allows you to meet matches from everywhere throughout the world as you desire. But if you would prefer not to be discoverable on your profile, you can turn off this feature.

  • Jswipe events

The Jswipe review shows that sometimes, the Jewish community organizes several events such as happy hour, summer parties, Halloween parties, and others. As a part of the community, these events are a great place to find some singles.

Moreover, if you have found a match, these kinds of events can be a perfect date. Unfortunately, these events frequently held in big towns, as so many users live there. These events may not be ideal for you if you live in small cities.

  • Generally eligible

This area is designed for the most swiped member or popular members only. If your profile appears in this segment, you certainly have a better chance to meet more users or match each other.


Online dating application is well known for casual arrangements and short term relationship. But this application is different from other competitors. According to the Jswipe review, this application’s goal is to help single men and women find a serious partner and build a happy family.

Most of the members are Jewish, and therefore if you are a single Jewish guy or a single lady and need to find someone for your future, this place might be the right for you. Not only for the Jewish community, this application also opened to non-jewish or someone who wishes to have a serious relationship with a Jewish. The application has benefits to help you discover singles from different areas or even different countries.

Since the super fast-developing Jewish dating application around the globe has helped many Jewish singles discover their love partner. Many good reviews from the users that have been successful using this app. This is proven by the high rating in the play store and apple store.

The application has a lot of features for free and ‘premium membership. One of the most popular features is the idea of match-based service. This feature allows you to practically fly over the world to search for someone you interest. This shows that it doesn’t matter how far or close you will be; you can generally discover somebody who matches you well.

There are two types of membership, which is free and premium membership. Free members have a variety of features such as supernote and super swipe, even limited. You will get more if you upgrade your membership.

You don’t need to pay for a premium membership. First, you can try a free account or a trial once and see how it goes. Many people do a lot of things with free accounts before moving onto premium ones.

In the end, it is up to you whether you wish to join for free or premium membership. If you want to look for a serious partner, Jswipe may be the place where you can meet them to share and praise the Jewish tradition.

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